Beer is Ancient

Beer is Ancient

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A Look at the Ever-Popular Beverage that Inspired a Franchise

It’s what you drink with your buddies on a Friday night. It goes great with a baseball game or backyard barbeque. It’s beer, and it has been around much longer than both baseball and barbeques. Beer has a rich history that pre-dates modern society. It has the ultimate staying power. Beer is here for good.

The first actual beer dates back to 3400 B.C. Since then, we have developed new brewing techniques and added an important ingredient that makes today’s beer varieties possible – hops. While the first beers may have looked and tasted quite different, they laid the foundation for the lagers, pilsners and ales we know and love today. Beer is now the cornerstone of a flourishing industry in the modern economy in which concepts like Beerhead Bar & Eatery are thriving.

The First Beers

The first barley beer-like beverage was likely brewed in Mesopotamia in the 34th century B.C. Archeologists found evidence of recipes and primitive pottery with beer residue still inside. While these ancient people brewed and drank beer, it gained popularity and developed further around the 16th century B.C. in Egyptian civilizations. Everyone drank beer, from pharaohs to children; workers were often paid with sweet beer, made with fruit and spice flavors. This era introduced new ingredients and methods into the brewing method.

Ale was popular in the Middle Ages. It provided necessary nutritional content and another reason to socialize during free time, similar to today’s bar culture. What made ale into beerand created the modern recipe was the addition of hops. This added an enjoyable bitter taste to the beer and opened the door for more unique flavors and home brewers both then and now.

Advancements during the Industrial Revolution made brewing and distributing beer easier. The hydrometer and drum roaster allowed brewers to manipulate the malts and create new flavors. This era brought beer closer to our modern trends.

Evolution of Modern Beer

The Prohibition era (1920-1933) slowed the beer industry in the United States. Many brewers went out of business or began brewing other beverages. Bootleg beers were often watered down to stretch the product and increase profits. Additionally, once Prohibition was repealed, these lighter beers were easy to market to the temperance movement as a low-indulgent drink. This influenced the popular light beers of today.

Around the 1970s, the saturation of light beers on the shelves reignited the home-brewing trend. Immigrants weren’t able to find their traditional beers in the U.S., so they decided to create their own. This was the humble beginnings of American craft beer.  However, the attention to detail and quality that is characteristic of craft beer was evident in the rich Belgian and German brewing histories that spurred the American zeal for craft beers.  Imports were also rampant during this time, which inspired American craft beer brewers.

Today, craft beer makes up 22 percent of national beer sales. Brewing craft beer started as a trend, but is more mainstream today – another testament to beer’s staying power. Craft beer celebrates the differences between brewers and welcomes new flavors.

Influence of Modern Beer

The growing industry and variety of beers on the market are creating new business opportunities for bars and restaurants. Beerhead Bar & Eatery has nailed this concept by taking the popularity of American craft beer to new heights, celebrating the variety of styles with hundreds of beers on their curated beer list.

Beerhead’s knowledgeable staff helps create a true beer experience for guests, offering expert recommendations and creating a welcoming environment guests can’t wait to return to. With live music and local events, Beerhead serves as a meeting spot for friends, family, and beer enthusiasts of all types. At the same time, Beerhead has created a successful franchise concept for entrepreneur’s prepared to capitalize on the global popularity of beer.

The brand has grown to five states and is looking to continue the expansion of this popular concept. If you’re interested in franchising opportunities with an on-trend beer concept, get started with Beerhead’s franchising information.


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