12.05.2024 BigXthaPlug - Mmhmm (Official Video)

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Heyo we're live on channel 600 outside. of rapper big X the Pug oh wait I'm. getting something I think he's coming. come on. follow. hey I just went B to watch with a whole. lot of diamonds to show the it's. my turn took a trip at the Cali to hang. with theis make a play and get high Z I. say RP Kobe so fly when I B. ass so much chicken on me could have. went by The Williams or Rudy a big ass. popey in the different bracket this life. is he if you hit me for B you know that. I'm tax keep buy got you still in the. packages if he say that he robed me he. ca me really no thr s like ca you. not blinding you see that we hav known. in my city so no I'm not aver came a. long way from doping the C know. that I st in the gang that I withon I. the for 600 on all. I full like Mech really having this. got off that stuff started rapping and 6.

Months later I'm rich m know I'm a. stepper I step with some Elance all the. I'm with is some fellas and stra. with a post so I hope that you ever if. they spin making wish they never spin. most of these is H they be. telling it man I'm F to take over I'm. stamping how you B thisit that sing a r. left your dog in that rain and. ain't help with it high you solid you. ain't never deal with it you see me I. come different I'm blessed with it we. got the Roll It Go with my neck 30 for. both you could die if you mess with it. can't do the show if it don't got a. check with the po I swear they. irelevant hating like I don't know. that's really jealousy knowing they made. they no longer n know that I st. in the gang that I rip with Solomon I. the T for 600 on all. I full like Mitch really having this. got out that stuff started rapping.

and 6 months later I'm. rich

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