12.05.2024 MrBeast and BBC stars used in deepfake scam videos - BBC News

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Well let's stay with technology because. artificial intelligence is fueling a. boom in cyber crime the cost is expected. to hit 8 trillion dollars this year more. than the economy of Japan according to. one estimate by cyber Security Experts. the world's biggest YouTuber is among. those who've had the video image. manipulated by AI to promote a scam and. even BBC presenters are not immune have. a look at this British residents no. longer need to work that's the. announcement made by Our Guest today. Elon Musk who will unveil a new. investment project while the connection. is going on I will tell you more this. project opens new opportunities for. British people to receive a return on. investment more than three billion. dollars were invested in the new project. and is already up and running at the. moment. strange isn't it looks like me sounds.

Like me you may say it's kind of you. know it's just hard isn't it to get your. head around this and so I spoke to. Stephanie hair she's an independent. technology expert I should there for. many it is so difficult to spot these. things. and you're not the first and I don't. think you're going to be the last. unfortunately because there's nothing. really to stop this from happening. there's no regulation really to either. hold anybody to account I'm not sure who. you would get any Joy from if you wanted. to sue for example now we we got onto. Facebook and said you need to take this. down it is fake and it has done they. have done that meta have done that since. however uh there are plenty more deep. deep fake videos out there pointing. viewers to scams and the worry is people. are actually parting with their own.

money because they believe they're. genuine and this is the worry how do. people tell between what is real and. what is not. honestly I'm not sure that trying to. tell from the sort of technical. limitations because we were able to see. even with your video that there were. certain things that were not quite right. I made it very clear that it wasn't. legit what you really want to be doing. is asking yourself if it sounds too good. to be true it probably is if it seems a. bit weird it probably is uh there is no. such thing as a free lunch. there certainly isn't and I've uh. tweeted or axed an article about this. written by the BBC that gives you top. tips on how to spot deep fake videos

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