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I don't know what to do we try now the. bouncer is there you see. that Al that makes such a. difference. and now it's. gone when we [ __ ] [ __ ] turn red. now they're back maybe make it because. of. that. yeah look at those bouncers they are. everything. the bouncers are. key okay no bouncers now F send on the. balls feel up yeah not you 16 now. guys this is very and. bouncers. yes that's 32 balls and some money on. top of. that as a bouncer. man and this was with really bad start. right o I did an oooo on stream not so. long ago that can't be real please click. no n it's not bounc for Every Second. Spin we didn't have it before for a. whole. bonus but maybe when you have it it's. Every Second Spin I don't. know yeah for this round it's been but. it's not set to. be okay 32 balls here we go bouncer. still there we have a.

chance see there we add back to back. bouncer us oh my God oh my God it's. paying okay we need the bouncers to stay. now chat this bonus we started with a. very low amount of spins but let's be. real if you think about it starting with. more balls is only going to help you in. the beginning because that progress that. makes is almost irrelevant now in the. end. right. no they disappear the bouncers okay here. we go 640 balls straight. out that's a lot of money what the . what the. I that's a very sick win that should be. a highlight I. guess

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