12.05.2024 TXT Sugar Rush Ride - First Listen

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Hey everybody hello and welcome in. today's video I'm going to be checking. out the brand new one from txt called. Sugar Rush ride yeah this video just. dropped about 18 hours ago it's already. amassed millions of views and uh the. internet is a buzz about this one so I. figured I'd sit down today and uh check. it out you know my understanding is. there's also a brand new album to. accompany this single and I'll be diving. into that is as soon as I get some time. so stick around if you want to check out. the Deep dive into the album reaction. but what do you say we pull this up and. we get right on into it. all right. get back. it's got kind of a disco vibe. a little Gekko. together. isn't this visually stunning this seems. very very well done recently I've been. learning about cameras and lightings and. all that fun stuff yeah this is visually.

Stunning for sure it's got kind of a. disco Vibe sonically uh music is. interesting so far there's a lot of like. whisper singing going on which is you. know A Creative Cadence I guess but I I. guess the first thing I'm noticing is. the Disco Vibe and also just how. beautiful this video is. oh this part here too it feels like um. like the dude I wanted to go to do but. it doesn't it goes off of every fifth. note of what I just did. um it's got like um I don't know it kind. of feels like a nursery rhyme Almost. Doesn't it I don't know there's. something oddly familiar about it I want. to like add more. I want to add more notes to this this. phrasing. stay with they just do it better than I. was doing it. I didn't notice. interesting okay all right let's leave. it to the professionals Jim they know. what they're doing.

They just to stay in those notes. the devil said. the devil said. what the hell was that. that's an interesting I'm gonna call it. obviously it's a breakdown there I was. expecting to go into some kind of Swing. course but I'm not sure how I feel about. this one it really feels like you know. sonically everything's just been kind of. like you know ripped from underneath our. feet and we're literally just dropped. with this whistle noise in this uh. sporadic beat mapping you know mix that. together with like the sultry vocals a. lot of breathing uh the production. changes where the vocals are actually. closer to your ear it feels a little. less atmospheric and now that's just. some creative textures and some you know. creative Productions by making. everything else seem more atmospheric. and just bring everything closer to um.

You know your ear which is kind of cool. I guess but yeah it's definitely sultry. kind of seductive I think is what. they're going for I'm not sure what this. move is here I don't know what that. means that's kind of an interesting. dance move. I've seen it all uh but yeah visually. this is again absolutely stunning I mean. just like the the camera angles going to. like you know this the hair on the arms. standing up and everything it just kind. of like almost sends shivers down your. spine mix that together with them. looking like kind of like seductive or. Model S like leaning against trees and. whatever. um and it paints a very Vivid image for. you I'm not sure how I feel about it. though I don't know if I like this or. not. give me more. there's so much breathing. and glitter. it's super atmospheric. fell vibrating off itself.

All right we're morphing back into disco. thing here. so much glitter. foreign. Touch of acoustic. all right we're back to this. Eerie breakdown. oh my God. the base is heavier. it's got more girth. sticky. the imagery is just it's really getting. me like a song is it's definitely catchy. for sure I'm unsure about this breakdown. part so far but the imagery is what's. really sucking me into it this is just I. don't care who you are this is just an. absolutely stunning Beautiful video and. just like the little the little like I. don't know like Zoom frames into him. like touching sensitive spots on his. skin and the hair raising and the. glitter and like what looks like honey. dripping from his fingers and everything. it's just like paints this kind of like. uneasy feeling in your mind but also. kind of like a sense that you're also.

Very familiar with like you know what. this feels like this makes you feel a. certain way you know and you know what. it's like to be sticky. I don't know that's the imagery this is. just really is really getting me but uh. let's talk about this breakdown here for. just one second because there are some. subtle differences uh production wise I. just want to touch on real quick and uh. one of them is yeah the bass just seems. a little bit girthier it feels a little. bit heavier there's more emphasis on the. vocals like it's still whisper vocals. but it just seems like there's a little. bit more rasp behind it so it feels a. little bit harder and heavier like very. minute very very minute but it is there. and also I I truly feel like the base. base is just a little bit more girthy. like it's less less of a bass drop or.

It's like and it widens out and more of. actually just having some crunch behind. it the choreography is interesting too I. like this kind of like the symbiotic. movement thing they're doing. it's beautiful the Cadence is beautiful. I love this bridge dude. and then the touch you can kind of hear. it ever so slightly in the mix I know. I'm sorry I keep pausing here but just. the touch of like that like strumming. electric I'm sorry acoustic guitar is. really just kind of like I don't know. bring it home home and adding like a. almost a certain kind of like warmth to. this like very very atmospheric sound. is that I said. yeah it's heavier. what is the glitter budget what is the. glitter Budget on this music video these. guys are gonna be finding glitter in. their ass cheeks for weeks I'm telling. you guys I don't know if you've ever had.

Glitter on you but that should just does. not go away good luck guys they're. playing with honey and glitter uh that. is a recipe for disaster but even this. like I can I can pause on any frame here. and it's just absolutely stunning the. imagery too it doesn't seem like random. like everything they're showing you like. makes you feel a certain way like it's. just this video is done right guys. gorgeous. I even hear the Cadence is different. it's just subtle inflections. a little bit of raft you know. is it over oh no okay. okay they're all going on to see so I. wonder if this is kind of like a sneak. peek into the next video we're gonna get. I know a lot of times these videos tie. together and they tell a story. listen to the distance all right there. it is Sugar Rush ride let's talk about. that for a second hang on guys all right.

Sugar Rush ride huh interesting stuff. I'm not sure exactly what to call this. song it's some sort of atmospheric disco. pop song I guess I don't know I'm just. gonna enjoy the ride with this one and. not really try and pigeonhole what it is. it morphs into multiple different things. it Blends Organics and electronics. together in a sultry almost kind of. creepy way at times the glitter budget. must have been huge I don't know what. their glitter budget is but it probably. I don't know skyrocketed on this one but. uh all jokes with size seriously I mean. beautiful cinematography I'll create a. song Beautiful vocals really vocals were. awesome I love that bridge and even. towards the end of the song I really. started to appreciate that breakdown. with just the whistle and like the bass. and just like a couple hits of the drums.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about. that once it swung back around to it I. was pleased that it was actually there. and um yeah I like how the song. progresses I like how it kind of morphs. and evolves into something a little bit. more harder towards the end where it. starts off with almost a whisper by the. end it's just fullon vocals I think. it's kind of a cool progression yeah I'm. I was excited by txt I like their work I. think they're creative and I think. they're unique and I'm always excited to. check out you know where their career is. going and apparently this is brand new. album and I'm going to be doing an album. reaction to it fairly soon I would. assume so uh be sure to stick around if. you want to check that out but thanks. for watching thanks for hanging out with. me and let me uh ramble on about um some.

new Kpop anyway you guys have a. wonderful night and I'll see on the next. one bye now

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