12.05.2024 Face ID Lock On Instagram in iOS | How to Lock Instagram app with Face ID on iPhone (2023)

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Hi everyone welcome back another new. brand video in this video I'm gonna show. you how to lock Instagram application. with face ID in iPhone and iPad and iPod. Touch This method is 100 working guys. you don't need any thirdparty. application so just follow our. instruction and after watching this. video you will easily log your Instagram. app with face ID in iPhone so let's get. started without wasting any time now. guys first of all open the shortcut. application and your iPhone here is the. interface now you will get three option. first option is shortcut second option. is Automation and third is Gallery so. you just type on animations and again. type on create personal automation now. you need to scroll down go to apps and. choose your application which you want. to lock with face ID so we want to lock. Instagram after selecting your.

Application type 1 done. now type on next. so you will get this interface create a. shortcut to action you do in your app. every day so add action press here now. simply you just get this one shortcut. name is lock screen simply presser and. after get lock screen shortcut type on. next now disable this toggle don't ask. and after you can do this guys type on. done now open this automation. again type on done now once you can. create your automation now let me show. you how it's work when we are open our. Instagram as you can see our Instagram. is locked with face ID. so we will easily unlock through our. face ID so this method is 100 working on. any iOS device again let me show you. when our open Instagram app Instagram is. locked now let me show you. so that's mean this trick is 100 working. so if you want to remove face ID log.

from your Instagram application simply. go to again your shortcut application go. to automations and slide to left to. delete this here shortcut from your. device that's it now you can see your. lock removed from your Instagram. hopefully guys this tutorial is very. helpful for you if you have any problems. so please let me know in the comment box. thanks for watching see you in the next. video

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