12.05.2024 €2000 Meltdown! and then..? (Football Studio)

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All right let's give it a spin. all right i'm going to beat him i'm not. 100. i'm 80 60 50. this time i'm forty percent sure another. fifty percent this is going to wake. three away. oh we gotta clean uh let's do. uh do you wanna do one more or not i. wanna do one more yes. so you say 15 you beat the ball maybe. maybe a dealer no deal was my game and. this is your game okay let me see this. one i'm gonna wait i'm gonna wait. are you sure yes at first. now i'm in a terrible position yes you. are i need to wait i need to wait. no if this is the way again okay what. the am i doing now make up your. mind. i'm putting myself in the worst. situation possible. another fun. a little bit home now thousand this is. the absolutely worst that it could. happen. if i'm better away now then let's go let. go come on high court for home.

high car ace king queen jack 10 ice. cream queen jack 10. oh oh no. all right it's in a great stream i'm. going to save you i'm going to save you. money. i'm going to beat the ball jack baby. look her look her lover look her yeah. so good with numbers but i'm not so good. with randomness. home home it's going to be home home. it's going to be home home it's going to. be home. it's going to be home. oh you're playing all right this is this. is this is the. a way away away but. oh no no no no no no no it's going to be. disconnected come on low low. low two three four two three four two. three four four two three four two three. four two three four. two three four two three four. you

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