12.05.2024 I Bought Every Dumbbell In The World

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I bought every type of dumbbell in the. world going from $0 all the way to. $1,000 dumbbell and the cheapest $0. option is making it yourself fill it up. with sand fill a second tub with sand. close the lids got a hole in them and. done and this is the stick that we have. to put into the hole oh oh I am not an. engineer guys let's fix it with duct. tape let's make it nice and tight come. on we went to the beach for this. dumbbell is it working it is working. let's tape. it and thebell someone just came by and. thought this was a rocket moment of. truth let's. go okay it works how heavy do you think. this is let me feel there is some decent. weight to it I think like five six kilog. if you really have zero to spend this is. going to be your Best Buy so let's check. out some of the other dumbbells so these. are the cheapest dumbbells I could find.

Most people have some of these laying. around somewhere in the house or your. mom or your grandma or your dad total of. 7 kg it's never out of stock never out. of stock 20 reviews 4.7 Stars let's buy. it them let's. go these are probably the lightest dumb. balls on the list and yeah they're pink. we actually bought these and we didn't. steal them from my grandma oh here we. go I mean I don't know what I was. expecting but I have never done a curl. with 0.5 kg you don't feel it no I. actually tried out doing as many curls. as possible with 1 kg I believe I did. 6969 reps nice I do see how using this. maybe even during walking cu actually. just make things it's small things a lot. of boxers warm up with this like they. they just grab some weights and then do. some shadow box if you buy this with a. very specific use case because you have.

Something in mind or you're injured then. yeah but for 99% of you guys watching. this is probably not a great investment. okay so these are probably the craziest. dumbbells in here water are dumbbells so. these were very popular during a certain. time frame where everyone was at home. all dumbbells were sold out people were. starting to just buy these and the. prices flew to like hundreds of bucks. now you can kind of buy them for 40. bucks look at these pictures I think. this might be a bit of trickery this is. a great picture as well why is it in. milk but luckily we got eight dumbbell. balls oh and eight nuts what water fil. versus Iron why are these dumbbells. better no odor versus her children or. other what is that soft and not easy to. hurt but we can hurt the dumbells we're. going to try to hurt the dumbbells they.

Have 280 reviews 3.3 Stars big problem I. had is they leak frequently are we going. to waste our money on this let's buy. them. water dumbbells years ago I used these. for the first time on this exact same. spot and they are weird this is how they. come right straight out of the box do. you get. inflatable weight plates fun thing about. these dumbbells that they always are. kind of sold by Shady companies we've. got one full dumbbell that has two ninja. stars and this one has no ninja stars. they just forgot to send it and now we. literally need to fill them up with. water you can also just blow them up. with air so you can literally fill these. up with tap water it's not ideal we're. going to use the big guns let's fill. fill them up with water ah jeez oh yes. that's one dumbbell you eat that's a. squashy dumbbell you decide to wait.

Seven more to. go now I remember we did a drop test. with these dumbbells and it's safe to. say you shouldn't drop them we will do. one today oh that goes pretty difficult. and that's how you make a water dumbbell. on the website it says they should be 25. kg in total no no way maybe maximum 2 K. per so that will be eight cuz this the. stick weighs nothing I think this is. like six seven yeah this took around an. hour to set up but now that we're. working out with it it it works it is a. dumbbell I do like the grip though I. think they're just too light to really. be useful long term you're spilling a. bit oh I'm it's work it's kind of making. outside doing my set and if I then drop. it but what if I do a shoulder press and. at the top of the position I'm. done oh I think something broke I think. one of the ninja stars broke luckily we.

Don't have any extra but we did find a. replacement dumbbell I actually think. this might be a better dumbbell the. water dumbbell show The Press. work enjoying life you ready no. dude oh no he's he's afraid he's gone. he's gone the the cat is gone I wasn't. expecting that I genuinely don't see. anyone seriously using these if you have. ever seriously use this let us know in. the comments down below and you will. probably get laughed at are these worth. the upgrade no there are way better. dumbbells coming up the dumbbell that. everyone buys when they just start. working out adjustable dumbbell set free. weight for men for men these will cost. you around 40 50 bucks 45 cm that's a. big one that's very big that's quite. impressive so the color is 20 kg what's. your favorite color 20 K 4.1 out of five. stars 49 ratings arrived in a box that.

Looked like it had been punched all the. way there the weights look like they. were preowned by someone who hates. owning so rubbish one star let's buy. them let's buy them let's see I want to. see. now now we're getting into real. dumbbells and these are probably mostly. used in the bedroom it's basically. completely filled with plastic 0.5 kg. these feel quite premium yeah especially. for plastic dumbbells let's see who can. put them together the fastest let's go. oh no. yes. boom that was really fast that was. really fast that is a good amount of. weight right away it is a decent amount. of weight 30 kg in total 15 kig each I. do have to say that it does now feel a. bit thin here yes they feel a tiny bit. painful dumbbells are not supposed to be. painful I I guess or I've been using it. wrong press into your head and because.

They are filled with concrete or sand. they will always be pretty big but they. work yeah I really like them they they. feel solid they they stay together so. far these dumbbells seem to be the. perfect home dumbbells to have because. you can just sit down do some curls you. can do basically all the home exercises. and you can also just put them down. safely without destroying the floor. definitely leak some scend if you throw. them on the floor too hard we still have. our dumbbells from 10 years ago they. could last a lifetime I actually have. one way plate that is destroyed but I. just put some duct tape on it and then. it works again here's one frame of those. dumbbells you like them but are they. worth it yes when you're just starting. out I would definitely buy these we. actually bought them when we were. beginners and I would buy them again but.

Are there better dumbbells we'll find. out now we've also got iron weights and. these are more expensive same style of. dumbbell but then different material but. are they better these will cost you. around 70 bucks 4.6 Stars 18,000 reviews. what high quality endurable adjustable. dumbs that sounds like your friend just. gave you a review on your product like. can you please give me a five star. review great that's the other friend. that doesn't want to spend too much time. yeah so it's just great five stars let. buy iron weights you will find these in. any basement or garage but are they. worth it this is how you will get them. in the box you will get a freeway and. you will literally just get a a very big. stick to put it on and this is actually. weight itself as well obviously the. weight will vary depending on which one.

You buy but this is right now 10 kg you. can also put all the weights on one. dumbbell to make it 20 kg let's put the. stick in the hole so putting this. dumbbell together is not a lot of work. these feel good to grip pretty nice I. like them yeah this literally got loose. after two two reps we've worked out with. this a lot especially back in the day. and they work they're great grip is good. they have their Pros the in on is just. that they get loose which is not great. for safety but also not for sound the. more reps you do the more different it. feels and the more inconsistent the rep. get it's probably very hard to listen to. for you cuz there's a lot of sound if. you're looking for these make sure to. get a heavy enough weight cuz otherwise. your curls will not be feeling that. great anymore but the benefit of using.

These iron plates is that they're quite. compact so stuff like this is pretty. easy drop test here we. go almost broke the wall almost broke my. toe but the dumbbells didn't even get. close to Breaking these can handle. everything so are they worth it maybe. maybe no because I would go for the. plastic ones I would go for the plastic. ones as well but you may be really like. this form factor you may be really like. the feeling of having iron in your hands. instead of having plastic in your hands. these are more expensive most of the. time and they just make a ton of. sound I don't like the fact they move. around it's really preferences but these. are our thoughts Okay I lied this is the. weirdest dumbell on the list what are. those but it's literally twice 20 kg ooh. that's pretty decent it will not just. give you dumbbells it will also give you.

Dumbbells with this grip which then turn. into CLE Bell and a barbell that's. pretty crazy and that only for 100 bucks. but it has 4. three out of five stars. 3300 reviews and it's number one on. bestselling at the moment they are not. brand new stink of sweat and moho. disgusting I want to buy this I want to. smell. them okay so these kind of look like. toys but they might be the best. investment we've ever made or the worst. I have never bought something like this. but let's see if it lives up to the hype. we've got two dumbbells but the boxes. have two different sizes box one is open. all right at this get a whole program. it's not only for the family but also. for Joy who's Joy oh W it feels like. premium plastic you got to feel this bro. oh I think it's the attachment for the. barbell if I put it like this it sounds.

Like bricks what's in the other box oh. let's turn them into dumbbells it feels. pretty pretty good okay. that's big dumbbell oh this is 20 kg but. I feel manly oh big dumbbells so far. better than I expected okay so they're. very big yes I could work out with this. here your shoulder press okay okay okay. boom but these are not only dumbbells I. believe we literally get rid of the site. one it hurts you put it tight bro yeah. you you said tight is better the tighter. the better I think I have to adjust this. this one here then you roll the dumbbell. on there okay this is working pretty. smoothly oh it moved a bit can I hold it. here ah daddy oh squat oh wait I don't. fit I'm too big they're resting on my. shoulders that's a flex it hurts though. we going to really find a comfortable. exercise until hip thrusters boom boom.

That works this is comfortable this is. the most comfortable hip thrust I've. ever done I think the attachment is kind. of a gimmick so far okay so here we go. and in 30 seconds we had a totally. different the kettle bell and it's. actually feeling pretty solid okay I. like this this feels like a good kettle. bell so I've actually worked out with. kettle bells never in my life so for me. I wouldn't really spend extra money so I. can get this but if you'll like to work. with kettle bells sure then this is. actually pretty good it's good so you. now know it will work I actually like. the kettle bell the best of the whole. set in terms of setup time it was. actually fairly fast for the entire set. yes is it worth the upgrade probably not. no because there's also sets out there. that you can actually just buy a good.

Dumbbell out there and then also buy a. barbell together with it that's probably. going to be worth your money more for. the average Jim brro imagine a $1,000. dumbbell oh that's where we're going. soon one of the most bought dumbbells in. the world exercise and fitness hex. dumbbell these can vary like crazy in. price this a 45 lb 20 kg dumbbell 60. bucks so if you get two of them a pair. it will be 120 bucks 4.7 out of five. stars 44,000 ratings don't buy I just. did a workout for the first time with. these notice black all over my leggings. there is black there smell and stains. let's buy. them finally solid dumbbells and. probably everyone that goes to the Gym's. favorite but what's wrong with them oh. these feel really nice I haven't used. these in a very long time curls check. also there's nothing that can go loose.

Or anything that makes sound so yeah I. think these are my favorite so far the. weight is on there pretty massively and. you actually get a decent amount of. weight for a very compact size because. this is 25 kg and it's really manageable. all right let bench oh and check this. out it's easy to put them on your lap I. got you bro I got. you let's get it this is actually nice. yeah this is good range of motion is. also really nice oh and when I'm done. with my. set I can drop them not that you should. drop your Dom and gym but if it happens. you can and they don't roll away because. of obviously the name hexad dumbells the. hexagon shape paraly pushups yeah I'm. convinced these are actually just. secretly made for calisthenics athletes. to do pushups handstands handstand. pushups because they're all there you. can easily do drop sets when you want to.

Do them cuz he just finished and now. he's grabbing a lighter pair and he's. just wrapping them out works really nice. and the greatest things about these. dumbbells is also their biggest problem. because you can't just get rid of weight. and do a lighter set so is it worth the. upgrade no no for gyms they are perfect. they might be the best dumbbells out. there we're never going to buy these. maybe if we're El musk now the most fun. dumbbell the unliftable dumbbell or. circus dumbbells as they're also called. 20 k K all the way up to 78 kg this one. will cost you around 300 a bucks it cost. me like 1,000 bucks for all these. dumbbells and then another 6 700 bucks. for shipping only five star reviews but. I own these for some reason so let's. check them. out St Sam you're right are they heavy. grab one hey it's liftable huh it starts.

With 20 kg and it goes all the way up to. 78 kg they're called unliftable dumbells. because you have to lift them with one. arm and because they are so thick it's. almost impossible to lift him let's see. onto which level we can lift level one. 20 kg level. two and he did it boom level three 42. kg that looks pretty heavy that is heavy. this is where it's going to get pretty. hard level four 53 kg let's go let's go. let's go boom they survived the drop. test you can drop them on anything the. thing underneath this dbb will will just. be destroyed have you ever done level. four. no that was a lot of that was a lot of. crack I think it was just my hands just. being destroyed let's go. yes level five 64. kg come on come on come on yes yes yes. oh it came off the ground it came off. the ground gr we both failed yes we are.

Failures is it worth the upgrade no no. well if you want no now we're getting a. bit more hightech we got selector. dumbbells they're starting to look. pretty fancy now and these dumbbells are. not the cheapest 190 bucks per dumbbell. so if you want to have a pair it's going. to cost you around 3 to 400 bucks 4.1. stars out of five only five ratings scam. advertised as a set yes I received it. was only a single good and return it. also low quality misleading description. be aware this item is presented as a set. however Amazon sells it as a single. product is it as it said number of item. one I'm going bankrupt but let's. go okay so now the dumbbells are looking. a bit more advanced Hightech adjustable. dumbbells these are actually mine I've. had them for a few years but maybe after. today's video I will keep different ones.

And you can press the button and twist. the wheel to change the weight and the. weight goes from 2.5 kg all the way to. 25 kg but does that actually work is it. not getting stuck the entire time well. no not really it actually works fairly. well there's like a million different. variations of these from 300 bucks to 5. 600 bucks but I really like these the. grip is amazing the grip is good how. fast does the switching. go. okay if you find the hole it's pretty. doable especially after like a long set. then this might take some time there's a. bit of a sound like the the plates move. a bit and also they are pretty secure. I've never had one falling on so it. clicks and then it locks the plates but. what if you spin it off way and you. don't hear the click. oh oh oh you hear the click what if you. twisted while it's.

Out okay okay that's the only only thing. you shouldn't do let's bench so these. are pretty comfortable here these are. nice the only thing you shouldn't really. think about is the plates falling down. on your face again I really like the. grip of these cuz if you look at the. shape the middle part is a bit thicker. than the outside the more moving parts. of Dumbo has the H to chance something. will break let's find. out. oh it definitely looks like it will. break if you do that too often and this. is what they look like after a few years. off a stand using it and I them up so. are they worth the upgrade yes because. they go from 2.5 kg to 25 kg all in one. dumb you can literally do everything. with this you could do with previous. dumbbells but they way more compact so. where do dumbbells go from here is more. expensive more worth it now we got.

Dumbbells that look like they've been. brought To Us by aliens what is this. this is a dumbo I call power blocks and. will cost you around 4 to 500 bucks. where's the handle this is where you can. grab it oh there's the handle okay that. looks like a decent handle ideal for the. home gym easy and quick to choose the. way 4.8 stars out of five wow three. ratings oh so the style is fixed but. they are adjustable right you know what. let's buy them and. see okay so at what point do they stop. being dumbbells uh these are actually. very popular though these dumbbells. we've never used ourselves or even seen. in real life let's unbox them we're. getting into pretty expensive territory. right now for. dumbbells so the first thing we got oh. it's still attached okay okay okay this. is looking pretty futuristic oh what.

What oh this is actually pretty heavy. already feels pretty good yeah let's get. this out it should be quite heavy it is. quite heavy you can't lose this that's. nice and I assume you have to stick this. in and then select the weight where do. you need to stick it in like that yeah. does that work. oh oh there you go it looks kind of. weird yes it looks very weird can you. hold this upside. down yeah it goes all the way up to 50. lb Bening this is going to be. interesting so let's choose a weight. let's see how fast that goes 30 whatever. 35 okay I really really suck it I really. suck at this boom boom it's flat so. feels good oh this feels good though. this feels really nice It looks. interesting it actually really feels. like I have very heavy hands that's. that's that's how it feels we did really. like the dumbbells while benching doing.

Shoulder presses and also curls I. actually thought from the pictures that. they might have been maybe a bit too big. but it's actually smaller in real life. which is good right now yes but changing. the weight is not the easiest thing in. the world I'm just. struggling I do feel some movement and I. don't think I like that he explodes up. and then the weight still moves even. though he already stopped you can really. hear it so are the dumbbells worth the. upgrade probably not we both like the. mechanism of the previous Dumbo more. with the spinning whe but that's us. we're used to that and they're very good. Dumbo still but because the price tends. to be a bit higher than the adjustable. dumbbells as well we wouldn't say. they're worth the upgrade and now the. most expensive dumbbell I could find and. probably most hightech dumbbells that.

Exist we got the select Tech 560. dumbbell these are called smart. dumbbells and they kind of look like the. ones we already had but these are. supposed to cter reps and they have an. app that sounds like something from the. future and they're very hard to get your. hands on but I found them on a website. 3.6 stars out of five 58 ratings a lot. of gimmicks but the app is rubbish that. looks pretty trash this looks like it's. made in word there are a lot of positive. ones best investment I've made in the. past 10 years there's a screen on it did. someone just do 55 reps is at the we oh. video there's a video features of the. number one selling the number one and. the 560 stand is there an iPad with the. stand I need the stand so just the. dumbbells are like 900 bucks and then. the stand is 200 bucks that's a very.

Expensive stand this in total will cost. you 1,000 bucks let's just do it here we. go let's see if the most expensive. dumbbell is also the. best this video is not sponsored by any. of the dumbbells by the way so we can. really give our honest opinion this. video is sponsored by mdam you CH out to. them for making this video possible we. spend thousands on dumbbells to test. them out and show you the best one I. mdam is one of the best casual clothing. out there for fit people like you and me. just fits nicely but it's still very. comfortable and it's affordable and they. have blue clothing so I like it the. clothing is fitted to casually show the. gains but still comfortable enough to. squat in them do a handstand in them. pushup handstand pushup or even unbo. dumballs and actually use them which we. will do right now these are one of her.

Favorite outfits more of her favorites. in the description below as well as the. link to IC Can Am and makees you do not. forget to use code 10 for an extra 20%. off you don't want to miss that this is. what it looks like in the. boxo I don't know what I'm looking at. dumbbells on. batteries what is oh this is the stand. oh the stand this feels a bit cheap it. does does feel a bit cheap right it's. just plastic oh we got the dumbbell it's. a good amount of weight 27.2 kg or 60 lb. okay this looks a bit better this looks. better the screen so this should be the. screen of the dumb dumbbell for the. weade but also it might be a tracker for. the Reps for the EP that comes with the. dumbbell all right this is the stand. there's a lot of stuff in here this is. the stand for the iPad I believe these. are all the parts for the dumbbells.

Let's build them this is it it feels. pretty steady and also pretty high. quality especially compared to this. cheaper plastic it did take a decent. amount of time to put this together as. usual things like these but normally you. only put it together once so let's see. if it was worth it so actually only one. of the dumbbells has this let's see how. they connect. yes all right I think it's in I mean if. your dumbbells need an instruction you. probably know it's either Overkill or. it's just really epic step one push the. play button to power up the. sensor it's counting down it makes sound. it works it works I guess open the app. step three your device will pair to the. sensor and display the Bluetooth icon. when synced what looking for machines oh. no machines in reach can't seem to find. it so after trying everything possible.

For an hour trade we we came to the set. conclusion that the app doesn't work you. were supposed to track your form on this. but uh if you do want a working app make. sure to check out the 9A challenge app. you can make some pretty sick gains kind. of sucks that the app doesn't work but. let's properly test them out these. dumbbells don't have any Wheels to. change the weight so I guess turn the. handles to select desired weight oh it. works oh look at this I can actually see. the weight on the screen as well 6.8 kg. 7.9 so specific this is definitely made. for pounds can see the lb 25 lb 30 lb. the steps are 5 lb I can only see four. plates here how does that work lowest. weight 5 lb 2.3 kg all right empty 7.5. lb 3.4. kg oh there smaller weights in there. that's smart I have to say first thing. it is really smooth this is way smoother.

Than I thought it would be yes that. works really really well we do have to. be very critical of these dumbbells and. have to realize that these dumbbells are. like 30 times the prize of regular. when I press play it starts counting up. from 5 4 3 2 sort of measuring right now. now it gives another beep go and now it. has set the starting point it just now. measured okay he's doing probably a Bice. of curl okay yes let's go half a. rep no okay it's it's quite straight so. but I think if I now go higher it. doesn't count this is set is done it. decides for me that the set is done. there's literal tracking in these. dumbbells so it noticed that I wasn't. doing the exercise that I was trying to. do anymore and it just said all right. that means that you're done with this. set then when you put the dumbbells back. in you can see the total amount of reps.

You've done you could also start the set. here okay now you can go boom one I I. like the sort of confirmation of your. rep and I don't have to count you don't. have to count well I'm just going all. out can you see the screen right now. though oh no there's no way wait there's. no way you're going to see the screen by. the way you can turn off the sound okay. so let's bench I feel a bit pressured. right now cuz it's counting. down by the way clothing is also still. hauling up very nicely let's see how. long I have in between. reps okay that's still. good that was a decent amount of time. it's pretty long let's go all the way up. to 60 lb or 27.2 kg these are the. heaviest adjustable dumbbells I have. seen this should probably be decent. amount of weight and enough for most. exercises except for bench maybe so are.

They worth it no not really the. dumbbells itself are great the changing. of the weight is epic the 3D trkking. seems to be working pretty well also the. Reps but it's a bit Overkill in general. for everyone the rep counting is a bit. of a gimmick most people will not really. use it and if the app doesn't work. especially it seems like these dumbbells. are good but just wait too pricey but. what is the real winner and what is our. recommendation the adjustable dumbbell. this is our winner because it's. basically a lot of dumbbells in one you. can easily adjust the weight and it's. actually a decent amount of weight as. well definitely an investment at first. you can just choose the cheapest one. that you can find or the one that you're. comfortable with but if you have a bit. of a smaller budget the best bank for.

your buck is the play loaded plastic. dumbbell you can also change the weight. and you don't need an entire dumbbell. wack it's a bit big but it does the job. I know thank you let us know what you. want to see as test next you out to ion. mm again make sure you check him out and. also in description you can find all the. dumbbells make sure to subscribe smash. link and hit that Bell and I'll see you. in the next episode oh that's heavy

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