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He is so polite. yeah trash boners. maybe not oh. hey hey. oh. oh. my God. oh my God oh my God. oh my God. hey. like that oh. oh. oh my God what is that what is that oh. yes yes I believed I [ __ ]. believed I believed is she. deniers will deny who would you want to. chill with. most definitely. Dave Chappelle I think we would have a. nice time having a pop together and just. talk and have a oh and have a good time. all this is good this is good hey look. at that. oh my God. oh my God. beautiful hits beautiful hit. bomb. hopefully to a Max win. all face do I'm actually now. gonna drop them. nice. oh drop multis nice damn is it gonna go. there. is he's going there. we're almost eight a thousand away from. Maximum. oh. but it can still be amazing all. right. all right that that will repair. but it's not gonna give oh wow wait hey.

Are you getting like that are you. getting like that. oh you see. you see. you see. oh. thank you ladies and gentlemen. this is what we will be waiting for all. day. thank you. come on. come on oh my God hey hey hey wait wait. wait wait wait wait wait I got two parts. here wait wait. oh my oh my oh my hey hey please please. please. oh oh oh. please oh my God. no oh. oh. holy one more one more clever or a. higher multiplier and that would have. been a mess. Subway no no Subway no no no no no bread. trying not to eat bread now at least. four four oh. hey. oh. shh. hey. child more than big mystery remember. that. without a big mystery. what the f oh my God. one more here. it's crazy . hey while we're here. holy it's building up one it 180. 000 is just that every spin so we needed. one more gift. box right there of course but anyway.

Just the reason this missile can just. cream out cream out milk out not cream. out but maybe cream out as well Works. cream out it cream the out of Daddy. come on. come on. 220. . hey I'll take it. hey. what the . oh my God 1.6. on hold on a second boys all we need oh. 20 20. okay listen all we need is real. three or two real two three or two and. it's huge don't be a to ruin it. give me some come on real two or three. and it's massive two or three please. make it where you're no okay. okay dogs please come on real two or. three in a two just real two or three. please oh oh God the hell does the. dog we need real two or three please. just real two or three and it's huge. real two or three please two or three. you stupid oh my God it's just. gonna please give us real two or three. please real two or three oh stupid.

Oh my God please look at Max's real two. or three no. please please last spin two spins left. give it to us so at least give us the. Hades come on give us Hades all the way. once just Hades Hades we're giving us. another whoa you you are such a. I'll take it over a little 1200 X we'll. take it. we'll take a little 1200 no it's nice oh. my God look at this. you did it. 50 million dollars. no 50 million dollars bro what am I. looking at right now. 50 million dollars hey Eddie by the way. there's no Eddie hold on Eddie there's. someone calling come on keep going. beautiful beautiful lines sir all right. gangster come on. yes another one. keep filling them good go bro. okay just fill it now filler fully yes. sir. I told you now fill the whole. screen yes wow. huge that's a mill that's a meal already. come on baby. don't die here real three us.

Us. Don't You Dare die on this don't you. dare die don't you dude. come on anything anything all the way. anything all the way good no Hades. threesome yeah so good huge there we go. guys. oh. my God oh my God. boom. boom. oh my God oh my God. oh my God. oh my god oh. it might be it might be it might be. what was that what. oh my God. right oh my God. um. let's go drop another one drop. another one. come on . full screening. rainbow rainbow rainbow. do it. oh my God. oh my God. we're gonna save it we're gonna say. we're gonna save it we get safety we can. safety mirror safety. no no it's safe to begin but. it's fine. 2.4 mil. boom let's cup. ship it to me. wait a second imagine if we get this one. four spins we have four spins. 8.6 damn this store's gonna carry. oh my God wait wait a second wait a. second wait a second. 160 000 oh my God we have two more spins.

We have two more spins. 134 oh what the is this. oh my God Stars. oh no we couldn't get it all the way. oh my God what a hit. 609 000 from Stars megaways holy . that just paid for the entire hunt. oh. oh we're up to six okay yo yo yo yo. oh. it's over there oh together. baby. damn boy. damn boy. I really don't want that would have been. snack dude Merlin how long would have. been friends. that's bad not bad. you speak this is massive awesome okay. no more. oh we barely started these guys. another one. but wait wait. Zeus now we take it oh but one more hit. anybody. 66 let's go what's up everybody peace. all the way again 80s all the way we. have so many sports. oh my God yes. big big. it's over here. let's go what the there we go can't. even get in. imagine this game is our first set of. points. Jack does a lot of jacks bro that's a.

lot of Thirteen hundred thirteen hundred. twenty seven hundred. oh whoa whoa whoa whoa. oh oh oh oh oh what what what. hi hi. Bob. baby. what the dude. what the hell whoa. I'm so like. shocked dude what the hell

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