12.05.2024 Stribog SP9A3G 9mm Carbine

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Always a good day to shoot a nine. millimeter PCC we got a stribog sp9 A3. here this is a Glock fed version let's. have some fun talk a little bit more as. we go all right. wow this thing is an absolute laser beam. did you pick up on those triple Taps on. those plates before they fell super fast. followup shots with this trigger. what a great setup welcome back. everybody Eric here with Iraq veteran. 888. oh yeah really cool setup now you know. that we do run a lot of sbrs and pistols. here on the channel but of course with. all these brace Shenanigans going on. this rifle is a really cool setup here. and our friends at Gun Zone deals are. nice enough to send this particular one. out for us to have a look at and to show. you a couple of things Rex arms makes. this really awesome folding stock. adapter. okay. so it does have a folding stock of.

Course you have an adjustable comb. height adjustable length of pool which. is really nice if you do want to pick. one up at Gun Zone deals just use the. code iv888 and you can get yourself a. nice little discount and a big thanks to. them for sending out this particular. setup for us to show off here for you. today and Rex arms of course doing a. great job with their folding stock. adapter on this particular gun it is. threaded half by 28 we're running a. griffin Armament rev9 big shout out to. them too really good folks there this. one is in the K configuration this is. our older rev9 that has been through the. ringer a little bit of course it's. running great those were some Remington. nine millimeter Subs that we ran there. in the intro to this video and those are. running quite well that's a 24 round OEM. Glock magazine this particular gun is of.

Course Glock fed a few of the SRI bogs. you notice that the early ones came in. with the straight mags then after a lot. of feedback from the community. grandpower fixed the straight mag issue. and offered the curved magazines and. then after much feedback from many many. people wanting a glockfed version they. then released their Glock fed sp9 this. one is the A3 which means it is is a. delayed blowback it uses rollers okay. very very cool setup I really do like. these guns a lot they do have backup. peep sights which with this particular. stock design is a little hard to get. behind the peep sights so we opted to. drop on a PA md25 this one has the acss. CQB reticle in it and of course very. easy red dot to shoot so we dropped this. red dot on there this one does have the. really nice extended rails so with the.

16 inch barrel you get an eightsided. rail which gives you m lock through and. through out and what's cool about this. rail too is you've got the M lock. accessory slots on the top of the rail. normally you would have a pick rail all. the way across the top but I kind of. like that that they kept it smooth. because it keeps it nice and light and. Compact and you only put the rail where. you need it and I do like having that. bit of an offset right that that kind of. a bit of cant where those in lock slots. are on these positions so if you're. running your light see your hand is. already going to kind of naturally find. that spot so if you had a light just. with a push button on the back and you. didn't want to run a pressure pad back. that would be a great way to put a light. up front so really cool stuff and. honestly this gun is not very heavy I.

Expected a 16 inch barrel to be a little. heavier but I find that this gun's. actually incredibly easy to maneuver. fast to operate fast cycling fast. shooting and soft shooting at that so. we're going to run a variety of. different ammo including some carry. rounds those were some subs let's try. some supers this is a Glock uh I'm sorry. a Magpul Glock magazine that holds 27. shots let's give it a try. the bolt stop is ambidextrous it's just. a little piece of form sheet metal you. can get to it from either side of the. gun you also have ambidextrous safety. and ambidextrous magazine release the. trigger on this gun is absolutely. fantastic so I'm going to shoot fast. okay let's go. all right this is some 124 grain Bell on. ball ammunition this is full NATO spec. ball ammo. thank you stupid accurate. mega mega mega accurate.

It just puts every round exactly where. I'm looking. and yes we do have some sodas we're. going to shoot the carry rounds at those. so those double Taps that I'm doing. there on those uh gongs those are only. four inch targets the head area and. those gongs they're not very big they're. like four by four so. on that long range Target back there. that's a 10 inch gong and I'm kind of. shooting pretty quick and I'm tagging. that gong and like putting all the. rounds in about the size of a fist so. the nice thing about that 16 inch barrel. one thing that would might be better. than a standard you know SBR or PCC with. a brace on it with a shorter Barrel or. in a k configuration like with a little. four or five inch barrel. you do get the extra velocity you get. better accuracy a little more velocity. so that might be one you know benefit to.

That. you can see here on the trigger assembly. the trigger group assembly you do have. this kind of textured area right here in. front of the mag well so if you're. wearing gloves you know you can get a. really good purchase on it you've also. got some wonderful texture here on the. pistol grip very easy to hold on to it's. a very sensible gun of course. I think that we will end up SBR in one. of these just because heck why why. wouldn't you right but for this. configuration I could see this as being. great for three gun like some people run. nine millimeter uh pccs and three gun. competition you could totally clear a. plate rack with this sucker in short. order and the nice thing about the. stride bogs as well is that they do come. in at a very fair price point they are. probably inheritedly a little bit more.

Expensive than a CZ scorpion but then. probably of course cheaper than like a. Sig MPX or something like that so it's. kind of in the middle in terms of price. but I think it does have a lot to offer. and if you're a person that's already. running a ton of Glock mags anyway this. is a great way to add a Glock fed. carbine into your setup and really cool. these are made in in Slovakia so this is. a Slovakian you know a variant of their. Slovakian service. um you know carbine that's in the pistol. caliber carbine all right we're going to. try some uh defensive ammunition out we. got some Remington Ultimate Defense. that's 124 grain plus P I believe yeah. that is plus P hollow point. and this is a Glock OEM 17 round Model. 17 magazine of course this thing is. eaten everything we can throw in it in. terms of ammunition and it's working.

From every type of magazine that we've. tried so let's try some hollow points. and we're going to take out our sodas. here. and see how it is going to go and of. course our Griffin rev9 is getting nice. and hot we can uh see a nice Mirage. coming off of that and we're definitely. putting a lot of rounds through this. thing we'll shoot our hollow point ammo. and then we will uh try a couple of Subs. out we got a few more mags of Subs to. try. okay. let's get it. I'm gonna try shooting this these things. really accurate I'm going to try. shooting the cap off of that one bottle. I've got this thing dialed in really. nice I'm gonna just graze the cap and. see if we can make some soda geysers. it's not enough to just shoot the soda. we might put one right into the body of. the soda but the first one I'm going to. shoot the cap off and then shoot the.

Soda directly next to it that way. hopefully in the slowmo clip you'll see. both sodas kind of going nuts at one. time if if that one shoots a geyser and. stays there and I don't knock it over we. should in theory have a geyser with a. soda exploding next to it that's what. I'm going for okay. you ready. I'm gonna shoot the I'm gonna shoot the. one on the left and then quickly tag the. one right next to it. I shot the cap off but it wasn't it. didn't send the Fizz up like I wanted it. to. that's accurate though. interesting all right let's try again. look at that I shot the cap right off of. it but maybe we should have shook them. up first. I'll tell you what I got a few of these. rounds left let me stop for a second let. me grab a couple of sodas let's try that. shot again I think we can do it okay. we're going to reset this we've got the.

Soda on the left to shook up really good. I'm going to try shooting the cap off. and see if we get a geyser and then I'm. going to immediately hit the soda right. next to it. all right let's see if we get the. desired result. all right gopher. wow. it's accurate. we have one stoppage there with the. golden sabers. failure to feed. two failures to feed out of that. magazine. that's a Glock OEM 17 round magazine. interesting. all right let's try some subs. now these Subs are nice and quiet we're. going to go through and uh take out some. targets here. I have to do a little bit more. experimentation to see what what the. hollow points are doing but that could. just be the particular ogive of that. projectile or the shape of that. projectile or the magazine lots of. things could be at fault. look how ridiculously accurate this.

Thing is. it's a little gassy but with the delayed. blowback it is certainly a very soft. shooting gun especially with the 16 inch. barrel. beautiful. thing's actually quite nice. okay. a couple more rounds. all right beautiful. really cool stuff. it is never a bad day to shoot a PCC I. love shooting nine millimeter it's just. soft recoil the ammo is cheaper you can. definitely you know suppress it a lot. easier so you know pccs have some really. interesting benefits to them this is a. really cool setup and a big thanks to. Gun Zone deals for sending this. particular gun out for us to have a look. at and show off for you here on the. channel we got many more videos on the. way and don't forget. if you want to go to Gun Zone deals get. yourself a little discount use the code. iv88 save yourself some money which is. always a good thing so stay on the.

lookout in the future we're probably. going to do a video on an SBR version of. this particular gun so stay tuned for. that have yourselves a wonderful day. many more videos on the way we'll see. you soon. foreign

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