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Hello good day everyone I'm Tevz welcome back  to this channel this next repair is another  . Panasonic LED TV model LED 3266 it's turning on  the backlight lights up but no image appears on  . the screen I'll show you how to fix it if you  like electronics and want to learn to repair  . TVs and other electronic gadgets you came to  the right Channel so don't forget to like And  . subscribe you can also ring the notification  Bell to keep you updated so let's get started. foreign. the TV is no image so let's first  measure the vone or the vgh voltage. we have no voltage to the  vone is about 30 volts DC. let's measure the resistance of  all the ckv and ckv between them. it is about Mega ohms or open between them. we have a resistance of 326  ohms between ckb1 and ckbb1. all the rest is Mega ohm of resistance.

They had broken out of the hospital this is  the left side and this is the right side we  . don't know which side has a resistance of 326  ohms these holes are connected to the left side. and these holes are connected to the ckv generator. let's cut the right side we will cut here so the  right side ckvb1 will be the only be disconnected. the 326 ohms resistance between ckvb1 and  ckb1 is a leakage of a gates in the panel  . the DC to DC and the ckv generator have an over  current protection triggered by the 326 ohms  . resistance and the DC to DC turns off so the vone  also turns off to prevent the DC to DC from damage. so we will cut or disconnect the 326 ohm ckv  leakage so the DC to DC will be worked normally. the right ckvb1 is now disconnected let's try  it if we have cut the ckvb1 that has a leakage.

The v o n e still has no voltage foreign. let's cut here now so the left  side ckbv1 will be disconnected. the left side ckvb1 is now disconnected. now let's try it again. we have a v o n e now of 30.7 volts. and the image now appears but is not normal  because both left and right ckvb1 are disconnected. the left side ckvb1 has the 326 ohms leakage  so let's reconnect the right side ckvb1. the right ckvb1 now is reconnected. now let's try it again. it seems the image is okay now no no so  we have all I've already seen our sales  . of Battlefield rockets and Battlefield  missiles but the image has a fine lines. the Russian private military organization. because. we can remove those lines by disconnecting  all the ckv lines on the left side. few inches later and solder them  all like this then connect them all.

to the ground note not all will  be going to work on this method. a few moments later. the TV Now is working great the fine  lines are now removed thanks for watching  . I hope you have learned something from my  video you can help this channel by liking and  . subscribing you can also ring the notification  Bell to keep you updated once again I'm Tevz  . see you again next time bye  for now income countries

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