12.05.2024 if you ever see this CREEPY PALE LADY in school, RUN AWAY FAST!! (SCARY)

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If you ever see the pale lady in your. dreams. you better listen to her warning. there was once a woman named lucy morgan. she was a painter staying in a small. town for one week. the next day she was going to head out. to a new town called. kingston that same night lucy has a. nightmare. about staying in a weird room and this. pale lady. with black guys tells her this place is. evil leave now she wakes up that morning. scared to go to kingston. and she tells the landlady and she. recommends going to a different town. called dorset. lucy agrees and when she gets to her new. room. she notices it's the same one from her. nightmares minutes later there's a loud. knock at the door. lucy turns and standing there is the. same. pale lady from her dreams lucy grabs. your bags and leaves. as fast as she can yo what's up you guys.

On today's. video we are going to talk about the. pale. lady and how if you ever see her in real. life. run away fast you guys and before we. watch any videos. about the pale lady we are giving away. amazon. gift cards guys we're picking up three. winners and all you have to do is three. things guys number one you have to like. this video let's try to get to 50 000. likes check out the numbers at 50 000. likes and if it's not then you make it. happen. also number two you have to comment. comment something nice about our channel. or something about the palette that we. don't know about. and that's how we're gonna choose you. and number three you have to be. subscribed subscribe right now guys it. means the world to us also. make sure to subscribe to our new. channel cranialx it is our new vlog. channel guys so be a part.

Of our new channel and be a part of the. amazon gift cards guys. and without further ado let's just watch. some pale lady videos that we found on. the internet. that will give you nightmares for the. rest of your entire lives. let's check it out okay and for the. first video that we found. it actually shows a reallife clip of. the pale lady and how does she attack. you nicole how does she kill you. she absorbs you yeah you guys because. she's like a freaking like a gray glob. that she can actually. suck you in and that's it you have no. time to escape. so once again like we say if you ever. see her in real life. run away fast don't risk it okay let's. check out this first video you guys. look at this pale lady look at this the. video oh my god. it's in a red room her hair isn't this. so. creepy oh my god what would you do.

What would you do you guys i wouldn't. let myself get absorbed i know that. imagine in a red hallway you see the. pale lady dude. you have to run so fast and get away. from her run. oh my god impossible though like where. do you think you end up if you get. absorbed by the. lady i don't know are you going to go to. hell or heaven i don't know you guys. comment down below do you believe in the. pale lady i actually do believe in her. you know it's everyone's opinions but i. actually do believe in her man yes. or creepy yeah so we're gonna keep. looking at more of these pale lady. videos and see if they're actually real. or not let's check it out what is this. is that herbie that's her. dude that is a really. really good costume that's is that a. costume. i think it might be but it's really. really good. you guys comment down below do you know.

What's a costume or a real life like. actual footage of the pale lady oh my. god. that was in a different setting like the. other one was in the hallway this one's. like outside with blue lights. yeah you guys i'm i'm just freaking out. about the pale lady i don't i don't like. your man. yeah let's check out some more videos oh. no more. of the pill ladies. wait what's that clay are they making. sculptures. oh my god the pale lady. and they're putting you in like a little. red tube like the red room. okay i'm not gonna lie that's pretty. cool though that is really cool. that's pretty cool though man but i. can't imagine having that in my room. though just staring at me. god dude imagine making a sculpture. lapel lady you guys comment down below. would you ever have this in your room. what is this. more more harder to the pale lady oh.

But it looks really like it looks really. good looks really good wait is there. actual fans of the pale lady i think so. honestly. i think there's actual fans of a pale. lady scary stories to tell in the dark. honestly it scared me. look at that she's scary oh my. god you guys there's a lot of fan base. of the pale lady. i guess the pale lady has a good. following man yeah i mean. doesn't she deserve it she does so much. for the world. what's going on here i don't know. come on why are you making more art oh. my god. more art summon the pale lady like what. are they doing it's like. they're like drawing it in a book right. now yeah maybe that is the way to summon. the freaking pink uh pale lady i'll give. a pink lady. i mean i would avoid doing this but you. know what a really good job though. we should all try to draw the pale lady.

At 3am and see if she comes to real life. that'll be so look at that that looks so. good insane. whoa dude that one looks actually pretty. good i'm not gonna lie. really good that one looked really good. man why is there a big fan base of the. pale lady man i just can't. wrap that around my head man you guys. see this. more i could turn this cute what turned. it cute. the cute pale lady she does look pretty. cute. she does oh my god guys what do you. think about that work. dude the cute pale lady see that's how. the palette should look like. i think everybody should try to make her. look more cute. oh my god little bow on top of her head. that made it that. that made it perfect get into a. relationship. or hug her in the hallway where are you. going. oh no get in the relationship. dummy you rather hungry. oh my god he literally danced his way to.

The pale lady i'd rather. dude i'd rather be in a relationship. than go hug the pale lady. yeah definitely i don't know you can. comment what you think about that down. below but. you guys once again comment down below. do you believe in the pale lady and do. you believe in her powers. and how she could like absorb you and. kill you like that. so creepy you guys man once again if we. get to like at least. 50 000 likes on this video we'll try to. go into a school at 3am and try to like. try to like uh um what's the word summon. the pale. lady the hubby that would be scary. i want to know you guys comment down. below if you guys wanted to summon the. pill lady at 3am inside of a school. hallway that would be insane all right. let's check out the last video that i. found on the internet. what is this the apparently in the.

Background oh what the heck. no we're making a voodoo doll. no way it. we should make a voodoo doll lapel lady. dude. what is going on the detail is just to. the. to the tip all the way to her fingers. dude wow i wonder how it's going to come. out. yo you guys don't do this guys at 3am. trying to make a pale lady. figurine no no no oh my oh they're. putting on the hair. why is the hair look so good on this. oh my god that's how you summon her dude. in the. in the basement. okay okay okay you guys i had enough of. the pale lady for tonight. uh our our security guards are freaking. scared right guys. okay they're never scared of hail lady i. am though man. she's really scary yeah you guys i think. i'm gonna have nightmares of the pale. lady. when i go to sleep i know i get. nightmares really hopefully i do that i. kind of want nightmares lapel lady well.

it's a little fun to have a nightmare. yeah. that was a scary scary freaking. experience right now looking at those. pale lady videos guys as for that thank. you guys for watching and. also join the amazon gift card giveaway. so you. can get an amazon gift card guys i'm. choosing winners every single day okay. but yeah thank you guys for watching and. we'll see you guys on the next video bye. guys. hey guys thank you guys for watching if. you enjoyed the video please click that. thumbs up button. it really does help push the video out. there also. comment and share this video and of. course. subscribe thank you guys

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