12.05.2024 Explained: Miele Boost CX1 Vacuum Cleaner

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How are you doing everybody it's robert. from the aaronics today we're in the. mila gallery i'm here with marissa who's. the national trainer for melee and she's. going to bring us through this fantastic. new vacuum cleaner what is it or what's. it called or yes so this is the brand. new miele boost cx1 it is. only recently launched and it has some. amazing features that customers are. going to absolutely love and we have a. great range to suit all the different. types of vacuuming needs that customers. have at a fantastic entry level price. point so this is of course part of our. miele bagless vacuum cleaner range and. what you're getting with this new. product is it's compact it's agile and. of course it is powerful as well. size wise very easy for the customer to. have in their home super easy storage. for them as well and of course agile new.

Innovation by mele on the side here what. we have is called truck drive. and these very easily move around. thereby avoiding hitting into furniture. protecting your floors and also. protecting your door frames as well so. no scratches no scratches which is. extremely handy for the customer we are. of course still you know showcasing our. threestage filtration system so we have. our filter on the inside here. on the bag we do have our fine dust. filter here as well which is very easily. removable and then of course we also. have. our last question is that washable or. replaceable so it's two things. the. filters need to be replaced every two. years. then you can remove this and this here. can be washed and let it dry for 24. hours and we do recommend using we have. a little brush that comes with the unit. we do recommend using that just to brush.

Down anything everybody's going to ask. what that brush is yes. everyone's going to want to know about. the brush and that just slots back in. like here yep. and then you can slot that back in to. the unish then as well so really really. easy for the customer and that just. clips in. another filter on the front exactly we. do of course have our third filter which. is located at the front here. and this is our exhaust filter so this. also comes up just by pulling it out and. up like this and we have two different. types we have a hepa which is of course. brilliant for people who have allergies. asthma hay fever and we do also have a. hygiene filter which. nice little fact is 100 percent made. from uh recycled materials as well. as sustainable back to the meal of. sustainability so that just starts back. in like this.

In terms of life expecting that one is. the same in the other um so with the. hygiene one you have to replace it once. a year and with the hepa you can see. here the little. white line this turns red and the word. replace then comes up and that is when. you know you need to replace it and this. simply just slots back on like this. and then in terms of the machine you've. got a huge flex on a 10 meter flex yes. absolutely you have your 10 meter. cleaning radius so you can reach nearly. every single part on in your home. without having to. unplug and plug in and do all those. kinds of unnecessary things. it's an 890 watt motor so it is very. very powerful you can obviously change. the different settings in terms of how. powerful you want the suction from min. to max just by simply turning the dial. here as well and in terms of the machine.

it's typical miele quality you can see. the stainless steel tubes exactly you. can see the stainless steel tubes you're. getting your meal equality the boost is. also built to last the cost for an. average of 20 years and then of course. you also get your quality floor heads. it's an exceptional product it really as. always absolutely. so marissa thanks very much that's our. miele boost the boost vacuum cleaner is. now available in your local aaronic. store or you can visit online at your. ronix.edu to have a quick look and. remember there's also a whole other. range of melee vacuum cleaners from your. cordless hx1 to your bag vacuum cleaners. all available at your local uronics. store. marissa thank you very much for your. time today no problem at all. you

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