12.05.2024 I bought one $10,000 bonus on GATES OF OLYMPUS.. (STAKE)

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What's going on guys welcome back to. steak we've got 13 000. in our account to play with you guys. already know what's gonna happen we're. gonna do a ten thousand dollar. gates of olympus bonus buy obviously i'm. gonna start off by warming up a little. bit with a couple 1k buys maybe one 2k. but we'll see how the first 1k buy goes. though yeah let's get straight in. to the video. all right let's go let's take double. chance off let's go straight into a. thousand. dollar buy i'm sure you guys have seen. my videos already on this slot this. slide is pretty hype but i haven't done. a uh bonus buy this size yet the ten. thousand dollars obviously i've done one. thousand dollar bonus buy. but hey who knows this one thousand. dollar buy could get like a 35 x and it. could pay for the ten thousand dollar. buy i've seen happen before.

Not to me but to other youtubers so you. know here's hoping for that we're like. what. two three spin that's top symbol that's. top symbol. hey yo zeus boy. if i had any multi or if i got that on. the last spin that would have been mega. money but hey that's besides the point. we are where we are. zeus boy um it would be nice if you. could drop. a multi because i have seven spins to my. name. with no multi and i've already 156 bucks. with no multi this could have been so. much more but that's you know the way. the road sometimes sushi boy. likes to throw his arms when i'm not. getting connections. maybe throw your arms up here now nice. there we go first connection of the. entire body okay. i mean how does that not hit other. colors i don't know but you know it is. what it is greens. right greens no okay we've got another.

2x though. i got two spins to make back pretty much. 800. slash spin all right. i'm just happy that that wasn't the 10k. buy because that would have been toxic. let's do another 1k buy if this pays at. least. evens then i'll do another 2k buy just. to see how it goes. and then we'll do the final 1k oh sorry. 10k buy let's hope the second buy goes. better than the first one because that. was pretty. uh terrible to say the least i mean we. could get another crown's hit. not likely but it could happen. wow that's getting a lot of crowns just. didn't hit that time i mean. we're still slacking on the maltese i. will say that. is looking a little dry to say the least. i'm halfway through pretty much no. maltese again. i'm a little concerned what's going on. here then. uhhuh right i i uh. hello hello. oh no why am i so scared this 10k i can.

Just. i don't know i got a feeling it might. just flop dude 41 dollars back from a. thousand dollars that's not. a good sign it's the final 1k buy and. then no matter what this pays i'm doing. the 10k by after this. come on then maybe we get our highest. multi drop in the 10k. buy the highest i've got so far i. believe that actually hit was a 10x or. 12x. um i've seen 25 x's drop i've seen 50. x's drop but um. none of them have actually connected to. multis that's a good multi though. 7x right off the bat this actually um. i mean how many spins we got left 12. spins this actually could be our money. back. this might make back for the uh the. first two buys. greens nice i mean nothing else though. wow was not expecting yellows to hit. that's pretty decent for what it started. off with. i mean you know 400 bucks back still not.

Good uh. a good ratio there's the 15x it didn't. connect. it always happens man to me as well big. multis drop they just don't connect so. it's just like a bait. i mean 415 are gonna die here right. i mean reds okay never mind this is. actually really good here never mind i. wasn't even paying attention 14x oh no. sorry 17x. all right seven spins left still too. i mean yo if we get a crown hit with. this multi. we're definitely making profit from this. might even pay us back for um. one of the buyers or do the retrigger. here would be huge. 10x again ah it's so painful it just. flies by like that. that's a good hit i don't think it's. gonna hit anything else okay. that's wow that's another really good. hit though 400 hit we've actually made a. profit for the first time in the video. wow. okay last spin i mean. i thought it was gonna be crowns but you.

Know american dream it's not a bad fight. i mean multiwise you know what is that. a 29x disrespectable dude i can respect. it good payout too. obviously we're still down like i said. no matter what we're not going all in. we're doing a clean. ten thousand dollar buy because you know. i like round numbers so here we go let's. round it up all the way. to five figures there we go this is so. stupid dude oh this is literally so. stupid. there we go free buy ten thousand. dollars in a single click. please don't be dead please do be proud. like i said my biggest win ever has been. 23 000. this has more than enough chance to. surpass. that good start give me that 3x we. talking oh it's 43x right. yeah yeah this is good okay you know. starting off with a three x could be a. lot worse. could have been five dead spins nice. i mean chalices there could be money.

Chalices could still be money. nice can we get a multi there juicy boy. no okay that's fine thank you for your. service. what uh i mean yeah nothing. of any substance there really i mean. maybe chalice isn't rings but. there's a wishful thinking nice i mean. 7x so far and we've got 11 spins this. zeus if there's ever a time. that was the time that was a time to. raise your hand brother. i mean good hit still five hundred. dollars right. oh nine spins please nice another three. six x sorry i don't even see the other. three x. this is good this is good something to. build off of we're on a 16x with eight. spins still. definitely potential to hopefully. beat my world record bro all we need is. some really good hits in a row and we're. just vibing this is already a good win. nice 65 times 18 what is that another. thousand dollars nice dude.

Come on beat my alltime record somehow. some way just do it for the boys i mean. crowns and we're in the money. crowns are in the money. please hit oh my god please any multi. here that's huge. bro if he raises hands that's literally. 20 grand and we got a retreat again it. doesn't matter. we got a retrigger five spins i mean. dude that had so much potential that. would have been my alltime biggest win. right there and then. that's what i'm talking about with the. crown hits jesus dude. come on please oh this is i feel like. it's gonna be a little toxic but. come on man this is a good boat to. build off of no. come on come on come on come on come on. come on. oh i'm so nervous yellows i mean yellow. still. no last spin. bro bro if that crown hit do you know. that would have been that would have. been my. alltime newest biggest record newest.

biggest record nice english. i mean listen we got back half our money. but that is a big old l that's half our. balance we're walking away with it's the. way it goes that is. gambling uh yeah i'm definitely. gonna do this again not in the same slot. though i probably will do it again on. this slot but it's further down the line. but i'm gonna do it on i think i'm gonna. do a 10k buy on fire in the hole a. little worried about it but yeah i'm. gonna do that party right now so yeah if. you guys enjoyed that video. make sure to leave a like support the. content because this is very expensive. especially when it flops like that it's. been your boy juicy fruity i'll see you. guys in the next video. peace. you

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