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Hey guys back here again with another. video on Dual bits today we have 600 in. the bell and sweet banana which is. pretty nice kick it off with a 200 bonus. buy hopefully we can see some nice bread. today we can see some good profits. that's where we want to see it move all. right into it bang first spin mid sweet. bananza usually connects around like six. spins anyway so can't really complain. I'm just gonna chill out and let this. ride out and now we start connecting. there we go okay this is right on six. pins as well and a big multi and a big. multi this would be really good if we. got a nice multi beautiful plums surely. we got a 4X but that was right on six. pins that's what I was saying I'll kick. back until there's six pins if it. connects early then there's something. dangerous coming there's a retreat nice.

Okay so we're pretty much right back to. 10 spins I think that was on the fifth. spin yeah brought back to 10 spins but. Batman under never connects on the ray. trig so I'll just let it go right back. to five I'm laid back about this as well. ain't nothing happened in the ray tricks. all right now we're back into the real. bonus this is all the real bonus from. here we've got three spins left what's. happening absolutely nothing that Ray. trig just killed the vibe and just just. sucked the life out of the party there. we go there's some bananas Blue's nice. we need well grapes and watermelons yup. and more Blues 12 dollar tumble man wow. okay that's made profit I think it's. profit yeah nice okay 3.20 profit we. have two spins left we would have loved. apples there uh let's get a big multi in. okay maybe not. we'll risk our 200 for 3.20 back it's.

Really no stress I'm gonna run another. 200.. um you know so we can actually win or. lose some money because we're gambling. here we're not here to get break evens. all day every day even though like a. break even after a long day is like a. like a win but we just missed 30X with a. multi saw 40x. okay now we start connecting sir we. don't need to care about that anyways. all right. Bonanza that is literally just the hack. to sweep and answer here we go plumps. nice beautiful uh we're gonna miss. grapes bar one no we're not okay uh big. multi. we'll take 50 bucks. for 47 or whatever it is nice okay 51 we. need 140 more to profit these bins at. crunch time man these last four spins. are always the crunch time they're. probably getting 100x I'm gonna get a 10. cent tumble or something like that. all right let's see how this moves come.

On now. okay nothing's connecting here ain't no. way all right let's see I hate it when. that happens you get like a 50 Cent. tumble for the 10x multi like what are. you doing man all right all right board. uh mid board 20x apples nice wow melons. I don't even know what's going on man. we're like one of the plums there but. that's gonna be pretty close to profit. another 20 loss like we have a three. dollar win in the 20 loss someone do the. maths bro that's like what we're. literally down 17 bucks not even we're. down 13 bucks. what are you doing sweet Bonanza come on. now all right let's see in 100x. preferably not in the first four spins. hey this is what I'm saying this when it. gets dangerous man holy big multi. big multi 13x this is a 28 tumble that. is huge that is massive profit already. bang okay that's 200x first spin that's.

Weird that is strange bro but banan's a. bit bugging uh maybe I didn't learn the. hack 50x you okay that's fine uh. let's get grapes in here okay welcome to. the party 8X um no one wants you here. anyways bro. okay okay okay okay good profit now. we're free rolling it I'm just chilling. we're just chilling we need to see. something come in like bananas beautiful. and then we need uh three plums we can't. get three plums like why would you put. an extra plum in that corner Man by. himself. weirdo bro all right with an. extra six dollars for 200x. we can't get the extra six bucks or we. got five yeah we do we do we're above. 200x range beautiful uh drop me two. plums up here okay drop me two plums. anywhere okay we'll take it we'll take. it it's gonna be like an extra like 70. bucks beautiful 475 from our third bonus.

Buy in we had two break evens and now. we're sitting here so that's the hack to. Sweet Bonanza we're up good what I tend. to do when we're up good it's absolutely. everything up and then turn this. into a terrible video and today we're. not doing that so we're gonna do a few. spins we get a 1K bonus look it's just. pretty normal from now look this spin. right here bang in. I'll just smell it okay maybe not maybe. not Maybe not maybe I'll just shut up. about that I played a lot of sweet. bananas around I know that there's. another scatter hiding up there that's. kind of depressing but what we are gonna. do yeah let's keep it interesting 400. bonus I wish there was a 300 bonus. option on here I really do but um once. you cranked out so many 200 Zero. profiting we can't be moving down in. this neck of the woods all right.

Let's help move nice nice board Blues. everywhere okay that's still big that's. 40x that's gonna be 160 bucks what. is that not 40x I'm tripping don't worry. about it okay quick maths bro grapes. nice nothing else will connect arms do. wow double melons no okay give me an. extra 50 bucks we're halfway there we're. halfway to profit okay and that was all. before six pins maybe my method doesn't. work. who knows maybe it works maybe it. doesn't but we'll see we'll see we'll. see we've got another 180 to make which. is not that much in a 400 buy and we're. gonna get spun out for the rest of it. wow okay. okay okay bro. remember that part where I said that I'm. gonna like you know whenever something. gets good I just it up like forget. about that because we definitely didn't. just rinse every last cent of our profit.

To be exactly break even on the video. again we just didn't look come on now. what are you guys talking about I wish. you could just buy the bonus and it was. just a six pin bonus but you were like. getting connections every spin this is a. great board holy 22 tumble why couldn't. this happen on the 400. drop me Blues. drop me Blues drop me Blues surely nice. okay plums and a big multi wow okay. that's another nice win that's a really. nice win that's gonna be like 400 nice. okay. another 200x really we're finding out. the hack to sweep Bonanza today bro this. is perfect hmm. the 200x on the head this is literally. like what else could you ask for nothing. else is really connecting though two. spins left last two spins are pretty. dead usually as well so technically you. only have like four spins to shine but. I'll take it and this is the part where.

I did 400 bonus by last time you cannot. catch me like it like that we're. knocking down another 200. cool bits if. you're watching this bro you gotta add a. 300 bonus buy and a 240 like I swear. that's just they're the good balance. buys like what are you doing out here. force me to do 400 buyers and throw my. balance man. what are you doing out here all right. let's get some gripes let's get some. melons nice let's get two gripes in nice. three welcome to the party plums can't. get it we got a 6X 20 bucks okay. let me push this up let's get another. 200x let's just I'm easy this is where. we start connecting as well funny X we. miss 25x really wow okay I'm feeling the. love I'm really feeling a lot of bananas. everywhere nice Blues you okay. okay. oh grapes surely okay okay okay. I'm gonna do some 15 Dollar spins that's.

Not smelling so what I wanted to ask is. do you guys want to see me start live. streaming again because if I know a few. of you still watch the videos this. Bounce has gone down asked but yeah I've. been thinking about live streaming on. Kick again which is pretty solid I feel. like that's a good idea for me right now. my internet is actually really mid um. you would have seen from the funky time. versus crazy Time video but I gotta get. my internet picks before like I do any. streaming stuff like that you know you. know how I feel I'm gonna do one more. 200 and that will actually we're. actually down 100 bucks on the video now. after the craziest like events we've had. two 200 X's two breakevens and we're. somehow down wow let's get a 250X or. 150x and then we may call it a day let's. get some bananas in there grapes nice.

Let's get one banana banana wow it's. like um. it's like there's a shortage in the. supermarket bro wow six pins though so. we've got plenty of time we've got. plenty of room to move we need some. watermelons in there like swimwear and. we can't get it. okay that's um. not happy let's get one Plum nice okay. then 100x. or not we've seen a 50x's video we. haven't seen it we haven't seen 100x yet. so let's just move it up let's dial it. up a little bit let's just get like Max. hearts in the 100x and we'll be happy. for the day all right I think that's. pretty simple like it's just numbers on. a screen bro that's all it is just. numbers on the screen all right we have. two spins left all right. okay hang on bananas surely yep grapes. surely okay Blues then grapes nice and. then two plums. pretty close to Broken I'm gonna do 40.

Worth of spins I'm gonna do an allin I. just think that we can't be here to win. a little or lose a little we've had too. many breakevens we either lose or you. win out here. stupid of me but if we get a 200x then. we win 200 but if we take it take call. it a day we lose 200 like I'm here to. lose the full six or win off the six. like come on now all right let's see it. all right these first few spins don't. matter they don't matter they don't. matter let's go put that in my head that. don't matter at all Retreat I don't like. that they kill bonuses Ray tricks kill. bonuses if I get a shirt that says that. it's got like no lollipop and it says. Retreats kill bonuses that's all I do. bro like we're gonna get no connections. for the next five spins okay that's two. okay put it on to three. and then there's four. yup and then there's five oh wow we.

Missed every single one let's get right. back into it all right and then we have. two more dead spins yup we got one blue. here no we don't okay. this is um okay plums surely come on man. yeah four spins to do something it's not. looking good. well we uh kind of it oh please. clutch up one spin balance everywhere no. ah. um I shouldn't have done that oh I. thought I had it bro I thought I had let. me damn okay well I guess we're calling. it a day there. get a 7.50 spinning. oh man double drop me please oh No. Bananas yeah and then double drop this. is where it happens but the magic. happens do it damn man we got two 15s in. there we get some bananas oh this is a. great board got me in it's a great ball. to drop me in bro. damn sweet I actually thought we had. something going there I thought we had a. connection and then if an answer broke.

Up with me. 50 bucks tumble though. just dinner you know we don't have to be. eating um eating noodle tonight creams. man like oh and there's a triple drop. like I just get teased I literally just. all the time it's kind of um. bit mid. at the end of the day it's the end of. the day Lads and you can't do much about. it all right that was the last spin so. if you didn't enjoy the video make sure. to smash that like and sub button I. appreciate it so much it helps me out so. much if you do want to check out dual. bits for yourself make sure when you. sign up to go to this thing in the top. left then scroll down and then use code. txl or why what this does is helps me. out to make more videos like this and. supports the channel you also get. instant rakeback which is aces rewards. you get money back on every single bet.

that you place and it also puts you in. the draw for all the wager tournaments. that I have thank you so much for. watching I love you all appreciate you. all GG have everybody

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