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The multis to build up like crazy in in. good spots too you want them to build up. in the center. there's a wild. okay they are kind of building up in the. center here give me a wild right here. right here. right here right here right here the. SE okay so like I said. um okay that's not a good hit that there. literally wasn't a hit these multis are. already crazy like really really good. we just need good Wilds on this one. I. really hope that's a line come on give. me a premium hit here premiums it's not. premiums. there's only 140. okay look at these. we have another round of five spins here. multiser higher than ever before. we just need some Wilds down here it's. looking good but we really need a. complete wild line right here we need a. bottom dead center oh no this could fly. this could flop right here. wow this is a 48 spin right now come on.

Gotta do it Oh I thought that was it. no it just went by how dare they. I wonder if you can get why oh it does. do that you can you get wild in the. basement. so like we'll get that wild maybe I. don't know. spins too wild oh no okay okay it gives. you the multiplier after those spins. okay we'll just do a 2400 all in give me. a five scatter oh it's three scattered. okay we really need this to pay. truthfully though the multis weren't. really that good on that one. like this already has really high multis. you want the most it's basically high. risk High reward you want the multis to. stack in the same spot because that's. how you're gonna get paid. this is looking really bad though we. don't have any money yet we need a bunch. of Wilds here we need a bunch of Wilds. there's one you just need them in the. center now please come on why open the.

Center. no we're losing everything right here. unless we get like three Wilds yeah I. mean if we get a wild up here it still. could hit but we didn't even get a. line. wow. um. that was interesting wow. kind of want to do one more should we. pull. I feel like we should do one more. imagine I just like hit it and after. like I'm gonna pull a little bit more. out and we'll do one more all right I. pulled out 11k because I'm about to. record another video that I figured. before we did we drop another buy 3K buy. biggest one in the session could have. been a poor scatter maybe this game is. more volatile than I think Max win so. far has been a 2500 x. kind of reminds me of Cleo capture on a. way too it's like a twotier cleocatra. I mean decent Wilds if we somehow keep. it going wow they're just all spread out. yeah there's no way this is gonna be a.

Good hit we need it to show out on the. second one. is there a line I mean it's not a good. one what that's gotta be maximum oh it. is 2400 back on that wild off the start. in a terrible spot. that is the max symbol okay. but we somehow made 3K profit we'll take. it we'll take it. um. wow that is amazing so if you guys want. to see more of this slot in the future. please do let me know because I actually. do really enjoy it it's cool slot New. Concept it's fun to play I'll definitely. play more in the future as long as you. guys enjoy it are we about to spin into. a 3 000 bonus buy. that would be amazing. no but uh yeah I'll show you guys. I'll show you guys the the true. potential of it in the future as long as. you guys enjoy this video make sure you. subscribe to the channel if you haven't. already. um I would show the cash out but I'm.

about to record more videos so I'm just. gonna volunteer since I pull out more. anyway I need to figure out what the. wild look like is that oh it puts it. there okay well that's kind of bad. um yeah I'll see you guys on the next. video

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