12.05.2024 I tried PLINKO BATTLES with $5,000! *NEW GAMEMODE*

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Yo what up guys welcome back to 500. Casino let's get into Plinko Battle. Royale. real quick for those that are new around. here this is my brand new sponsor family. Casino if you guys want to check it out. and try this game mode for yourself. click the link in the description down. below it's the link tree link and if you. go to the website if you haven't done. already go over to rewards down here and. type in my code which is Juicy or juicy. fruity with three wires with that said. here we go so plinker battles you can. either play with real life players or. you can play against bots I've been told. that playing with players is better just. because people can get crazy seeds. obviously if you're playing at times. where the site's not busy which is what. I'm doing right now it's quite late here. you can just make ones by yourself.

Against bots this is what it is let me. show you it looks a little confusing but. trust me you'll understand it pretty. quickly I want to do every round I want. to do 15 Plinko balls right and I want. to do higher risk 12 rows number around. 25 dude I want to do it against let's. just go let's let's go safely for now. we'll go low risk in terms of. participants so it's just me versus one. other bot gonna make the speed the. animation speed 50. 8 battle here we go alright so I can. either wait for a player to join or I. can just add a ball and I believe I'm a. casino yeah it's on the EOS blockchain. so it has to wait for a block to be. mined and then it plays this game mode I. am the Red Bull the bot is the yellow. obviously I want to go as far left or. right as possible this is the total. amounts here so obviously I want to be.

On the top because I want to be higher. than him and whoever gets oh my God that. was decent 2.1 x I'll take it dude uh is. there a way I can make this bigger. because it's quite a small screen no I. don't think there is okay well unless. that makes it a little bit cleaner I. guess. actually no probably my face comes in. the way right come on this is uh high. risk with 12 rows which I mean there's. you can go a lot riskier trust me I'll. show you guys the extreme risk what am I. I'm winning right now just oh by quite a. lot actually 145 to 48 but it cost me. 375 I'm only pretty much well just over. halfway come on 165x here dude is quite. literally like 2K right because I'm. doing 15 balls math did the pot so far. is less than what I paid for it first. one okay it's getting there though dude. four more rounds come on I think I'm.

Definitely winning this unless I get. really unlucky. which has happened before dude I've been. leading the entire way than the last one. the bot landed all the way to the left. and hit a big number and I lost which. was painful come on don't let me okay. nice nice that was huge ax right at the. end there means I actually technically. still made profit even though that was. not a very good blinker battle to start. off with now we're gonna go to the. complete opposite end of the spectrum so. now we're gonna do extreme risk against. four other Bots 25 rounds I'm gonna do. 25 Plinko balls how much is that gonna. cost okay let's do a little bit more. let's not be let's do 35 balls. how much is that. okay let's round up to 40. I think it's. a thousand dollars right yeah a thousand. dollars bang on animation speed 50 sure.

All right here we go 330x on a 40 ball guys I don't know what that is but it's a lot of money add Bots come on here we go please dude obviously I literally have a one in four chance of winning um all I want to see if I lose I at least want to see one of the Bots here like a 56x that could if bro if both of us hit a 56x that would be a huge part come on we're all hitting 0.1 X's remember this is Extreme risk so most of the time we're probably gonna hit a 0.1x or 0.3 eggs but every now and then dude out of 25 rounds with four people that's me in the lead at least right that's something the pot is uh 6 48.

Okay though the purple bots in front of. me it's close dude me and this purple. bottle going at it. come on come on nice 1.2 x I thought. it's gonna be a 6X come on come on come. on come on. this is too close I need I need to I. need to oh I need to hit a 56x or. another 6X to feel comfortable dude else. I Am pro oh my way wait green just came. out of nowhere where'd you come. from dude. please please please please please. please please please no no no no no I. need you to hit the six oh God the. yellow is coming back too bro this is. close whoever wins this is already. doubling the money obviously I want to. win because I'm the one with the soul. all these Bots are just a i dude come on. where am I now I'm second to last what. happened dude two rounds left please. Papa bless I think I'm I'm. pretty sure I've lost this guys I'm not.

Gonna lie I don't want to be uh last one. come on. you got assist dude the last boy has 6.2. eggs huge I just had a thousand into. 2.8k yeah dude a 4v1 wow okay. um this is good this is great obviously. let's go to the vote again and let's put. this back in because I want to secure. something for this video one two one two. three we'll do 2300 in the vault there. we go let's deposit to the Vault so what. does our vote at right now right in mind. we still got 5K we're at 27k pretty much. holy these last two videos have. been great okay uh let's make another. one I don't think there's anyone's on. right now that people have made so I can. join so let's just create something my. favorite game mode to play is medium. risk with 12 rows I don't know if it's. against two Bots or why wait wait wait. wait wait wait wait wait wait I didn't.

Know you could do 10 Bots hold on a. second I gotta try this I'm most likely. gonna lose hold on I want to do extreme. risk this is full extreme full torque. I'm just curious this I'm I'm not. expecting anything obviously this is me. basically chucking away 500 600 but I. mean you imagine the absolute scenes if. I somehow win this one to ten odds the. max multi I can get is a 2000 x which is. wait I can't remember the price of the. Bulls um you guys know long story. short it'll be along a lot of money here. we go I'm adding nine Bots I'm still the. color red guy so it's gonna be harder to. track it's gonna be a lot of balls. flying around Ah that's what she said. come on red I just want to see one of. the balls get as close to the 2000 x as. possible that would be a ridiculous one. of them's gotta hit it right surely okay.

One's already hit 7x okay. come on come on red I see my red there. we go there we go I'm not out of the. count yet dude where am I wait actually. you know apparently I am out there is. there a color that's close to mine there. is dude this bot here look he's so. similar to my color Bro I'm not. even in the near the star dude I'm I. think I'm dead last I'm second to last. well okay never mind never mind. never mind was that not me. apparently not okay uh dude I keep. thinking that that pink color wait what. dude I'm so confused I'm the red this is. more pinkish okay if you're a colorblind. guys you have no idea don't even worry. about it. all I know is the pot is already 2.2 k. disgraceful Behavior come on yes oh my. God please please I don't know which. one's me but please I'm not super this. is still winnable guys all I need is a.

280X and I'll be good. all I need did. I think the highest I've seen so far is. the 7X. oh come on come on. if I somehow choose a win here I'll be. very impressed I doubt it. three thousand dollar pot dude. one two three four five I'm in sixth. place right now was that me that just. hit that I'm in third place hold on. pause that pause that pause that how. many spins I got that five five this is. doable dude I am literally like what. fifty dollars behind the first place. doable please find a way find a. way I'm begging you. three spins please please. oh my god dude this is close I is that. me no that was it wasn't it oh this is. the last spin this last spin right here. oh the okay never mind unless I go all. the way to the left yeah no ggs that's a. 4.6 K pot though GG's to whichever what. was it bought the blue bot I guess um.

That was the extreme side of things. obviously I do not recommend you do that. I would literally myself this is what. I've been doing at least let's do a 50. medium risk 12 rows how many rounds is. that 1.25 against two so it's literally. a 50 50 chance I win let's try this this. is what I'm comfortable with a 34x on a. 50 ball it's a lot of money it's a lot. more than this uh right let me add the. bot come on man Papa Bless. please. okay yes 1.8x nice remember this is 50. dollar balls so this is huge every time. if I hit a 13x bro what is that's like. 650 dollars. that's a good portion towards the entire. battle cost come on nice no okay I'm. still wait the yellow's in the lead. never mind. sorry it's all right guys I'm not even. worried I'm not even worried dude look. at this oh yeah Forex. please dude find a way uh find a way red.

Find a way. this might be two hours in a row. oh no oh. come on yeah no it looked good for a. second God damn it I thought I was gonna. hit like a 13x or something come on 665.. I'm actually not super super far behind. but I can't be getting Point threes and. he's getting 0.5 so he's just getting a. little bit more than me. come on man come on. no. yeller's cheesing me literally cheesing. me I'm down by like 180.. with four rounds left come on come on I. need a 4X I need a 4X I need a 4X 4X 4X. no. no I don't think I'm gonna win this. unless unless unless unless unless no. I've lost I've lost last spin unless I. get really lucky which I don't. not bad pot though 2.3k all right okay. let's do another one let's do another. one 25 25 rounds at 100 right so 25. exact me versus one other bot 50 speed. if I win this and whatever it pays.

That's it I'm cashing out I ain't even. if I win it bro that's in mine America. at this rate medium risk 12 rows I'll. take it create battle Peppa . Bliss oh come on please please please. 34x would be literally three thousand. four hundred dollars come on come on. come on please. this would be three losses in a row if I. lose this. come on come on come on come on come on. yes 1.8x. no okay 1.2 x is still kind of good. though. find a way to get that 34x I double. triple there you please dude I need a. bigger lead than this this is not good. enough. not good enough dude. no. no he's winning bro. no. why am I going dead middle dude. not like this please nice okay there's. still hope yes please find a way. any way possible uh dude. I got five rounds left come on come on. come on. no what is this. I'm gonna lose I'm gonna lose.

The pot is only just passed. I thought that was it I really I'm I've. lost I've lost I've lost. unless. never mind the yellow hits of 4X on the. last spin I give up dude it is what it. is that was pretty much 4K back from 2.5. unfortunate voice it is what it is it. could have been better could have been. worse we did cash out something from. this video right I forget what it was. this will make me feel better let's look. at our vote our vault is at 27k that's a. lot better than what I hope and also our. rewards right now should be pretty high. what is it this isn't from this session. alone but dude look at this I'm nearly. gold so close to being gold uh and we've. got 500 and another nearly 300 in. rewards so that's pretty solid I'm gonna. keep these running I might even keep. these going for an entire month or for.

the next 10 videos whatever happens but. we've waged a lot if I go over to the. 50k uh October race I'm I'm pretty up. there right I've waged 229 million XP. points right is that what they're called. pretty sure so I'm not too far off this. is that's a 1600 prize right there but. it's still got another 26 days left so. if you guys want to get involved in that. feel free if you want to try and beat me. in the race feel free I'm gonna be. waging for the rest of the month so I'm. hoping to get at least second or third. maybe be this Squidward guy I don't know. we'll see if you guys enjoyed that video. and you want to see more Plinko battles. make sure to like the video I'll see you. guys next one it's been your boy juicy. fruity peace

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