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What's going on guys Tac tier and today. we are back on Treasure Island today I. am doing a new strategy that one of my. friends suggested came in he's in. Discord I'm about to unmute uh but he. said to go on the emerald and to go on. the game shows I have never done this. before so I hope it pays all right I. have never gone on the emerald in the. games but that's what we're going to be. doing today hit the emerald and it's one. away from an emerald that would I would. have lost money though I'm doing a $300. bet on the emerald we're doing 700 total. on all the games this game show bro I'm. going to be honest Treasure Island is so. hard to bet on because like you're gonna. have to do a big bet there's six game. shows so we're going to have to do a big. bet oh God we cannot go on a dry streak. this could be very bad I uh I went on.

The the bet you told me to do wait it. has a 5x this round that is not what I. wa wait 5x 5x 5x you told me on the. emerald stop stop oh my god oh c wait. but it's not what you told me to do huh. $1,800 win what did you tell me to do. then you told me to go on the aald in. the games okay but yeah but lower it I'm. still losing money this is normally a 2X. I know that's why you need to lower the. game shows if I lower the game shows. we're not going to win our money back. for the bet you will but you need to. chill out no we got to win this is about. to this is about to squirt a twox oh my. God God that's what it normally hits. that's why you have to remove 50 off of. who goes on the emerald I why are we. doing this this better I always go on. the emerald you always go on the emerald. yeah but not when have you when have you.

Ever played Treasure Island I've played. it I don't think I've ever seen you play. it and then we just lost $1,000 oh my. wait what's the max you can get a 20 oh. my God I thought it hit a 20x I thought. it was a. 20 22 okay what we should have just went. on the one it's hitting twos More Than. This is hitting anything else wait top. game show wait flin treasure though wait. I have Max bet on it and it's one away. never mind oh my God hit every round I. am taking off am wild collector please. God wild collector could be huge right. here come on it's coming around as well. it's coming right there Slow Down slow. down slow down it slowed down a second. ago and it's too fast John Silver. hold on let's go oh yes $100 betat on it. okay okay hold on I did not think that. was going to hit oh my God it's a one. two and a three a three Emerald is the.

Lowest okay yellow solid yellow oh solid. Red's good no black. balls okay why are you laughing green oh. my God the emerald okay we got a 5x just. no black oh my. god dude I think I'm going to lose money. we did a $1,000. bet oh oh no oh no I broke even we won. $1,000 back dude we hit our first game. show and we broke even our biggest win. is from the emerald why are we even. going on Emerald if this is a 2X I swear. please don't be a two a three okay we. still lose money if it hits oh my God I. don't think so yes what do you mean oh. does it pay our B back it might it might. 12200 not. sure where's the top game. show uh it's not going to hit Billy. Bones it's one away oh no where's the. emerald a five a 5x we hit we hit the 5x. last time when it when it had it come on. it's goingon to hit this time I hope so. oh there's double EMD they're they're.

Coming around there's a couple yeah. there's a couple are those fast enough I. think so no they're not wild collector. oh it's such bad it's so bad but it's. still be good 5x on it. nice yes wait wait wait so it hit it hit. a 5x Emerald does that hit the oh it. doesn't hit the double Emerald that. would have been nuts what is it it's a. 12x so we made money our first game show. we made money on for people that are on. code tact and are in my Discord I am now. giving away $220,000 each month in. prizes you can also use code tact 100 if. you want to deposit bonus join my. Discord for more information we're doing. $1,000 bets and our biggest win is a 199. $100 win that is not good two I'm taking. off Cayman I don't care a. twox it just hit the other round it what. five rounds ago yeah okay this round too. this round it's gonna hit if we if it.

Hits this round we lose. money oh then a game show it's not. hitting a game show either I'm taking. off I don't care we can't do this. strategy it's bad or or wait I could up. the bet on it listen listen this is how. we make money because if it hits a 3X. now wait you're going to profit right. and are you do no listen list this is. good 3x look at that okay I up the bet. on wild collector we up the bet on Ben's. lost marbles John Silver's loot let's. hit double Emerald here oh to top game. show wild collector Emerald wild. collector. Emerald wild collector boom 200 all. right that hits the Ruby been better. that wait would it have. been yeah oh my God I did I thought. there were more lights am I an. idiot wait we made. money you made it I thought we were. going to lose okay wait there's four. lights on the emerald it doesn't matter.

Great scavenger God I've never seen a. wild with two lights wild collector two. lights wait double Emerald oh good b l. marbles Ben L marbles Ben last marbles. Ben L marbles Slow Down slow down yes. 150 on it oh my god oh but this is bad. it's a. 2X I I think it'll it'll redraw or. whatever though I need 33 three I have. never had 333 until now literally until. now we got a red oh we need a better. yellow please change the yellow no way. it doesn't change. yellow oh. no this is bad three two two three three. would have been so good I think that. gives an extra one though it does we. have an extra one but it's on the right. side oh my God we need a five hit a five. hit a five we got one five nice one more. red one more red one more red the one. X's don't even matter we need the five. five nice one more five again again we.

Have the the lot of balls now five again. in the red no resed dude that's a pretty. good hit dude that's like the most hits. I've ever seen that's that's not going. to pay a lot of money though we needed. better numbers or multipliers but profit. again we've hit what three game shows. the last four rounds y c I hate to be. like the bear of bad news but I feel. like if we weren't going on Emerald we'd. be up a lot more money right now that is. true wow collector please a saver that. would be nice wait wait wait wait wait a. saver it's hit one time well it's a. saver of a game well we've been hitting. game shows we don't need the saver wait. no it's not going to hit oh my God we're. literally on everything there one two. three 4 five and it hits the one we're. not on do I change it to Ruby do I do it. 500 you told me you told me to change it.

To Ruby did he not just say change it I. don't think I got to record it but he. did say change it D not okay it doesn't. matter it doesn't matter though it's a. two it's a two we're g to hit back. toback Ruby right here God that's so. crazy there is that many greens wild. collector great scavenger it hits the. only. Ruby oh my God now it's going to hit a. double. Green Oh My no it missed we lost either. way 14 $1,400 we just lost nice okay. yeah yeah we taken off of the game and. we're we're putting it all on the. game show what you doing what do you. mean this is this it's a lower size bet. actually the bet is lowered like and. you're complaining we're doing less of a. bet oh my God oh my God now there's a 3X. on it it really doesn't matter bro it. just pays money back and we've hit it. once just hit me a game show we've hit.

More game shows than emeralds going on. anything other than game shows on this. game is terrible. wait we need benel please I just upped. the bet I just upped it I just upped it. I just upped it oh my God 250 on this 13. three wait this is good change the 1X. though please change the 1X till I a two. or a three we need 3 three three oh my. God this pay a lot of money 250 on It. come on oh my God that's awful it's. changing all. right two I'll take it I'll take it so. every time it hits it it's $500 every. time it hits two. one oh so. awful oh my God every time it hits it's. $500 can we just get a couple of. hits we got one there's. 500 come on. dude come on how did that not go in oh. wow that's another one there's more oh. oh one more one more nice that's profit. that's profit 27 that's our biggest win. so far I told you just screw going on.

Emerald let's just go on the games. you're going to hit a top slot a top. slot top how the hell am I going to hit. a top slot on this. game what does that even mean I 10 oh my. God we should be on. Ruby you should wait wild collector. would be okay I guess I don't even know. what I want great. scavenger yeah Ben lost marbles oh wait. great scavenger great scavenger please. yes yes yep yes yep no way. no way AC all right let's. go dude how are we down so much money oh. my God bro you guys were asking me why I. haven't recorded this in a while I think. I know why this game's not that good. anymore Lo marbles lost marbles please. guys we need a hit we need a hit we need. a hit we need a hit God please hit for. Conor's. sake. pleas 135 oh my God wild collector. please God dude I've never wanted to hit. it so. much it's s of one away isn't it.

Nuts where is it oh my God wait hold on. it's coming around. please oh don't you dare oh my god. dude oh way and it hits an emerald I had. $400 on that that would have paid oh my. God that would have paid so much money. though it was halfway across the board. it was halfway across the. board I just I can't can't hit those I. just can't hit those oh my God now look. at it two. lights two lights bro two. lights. okay. way. yeah double Emerald I didn't even get my. beted in because I'm actually I'm upset. bro I don't have enough to repeat we we. were doing stupid bets but man this game. has actually got me pissed. off I like it makes it makes me want to. redeposit and then that's just not going. to be good it's not going to be good at. all oh my God in the one round Noah. there's just not a chance dude I I hate. gambling sometimes I literally hate.

Gambling if you guys watch all my. videos like does this happen to anyone. else bro I swear if I if I'm not in on. one round and I'm here it hits I don't. think it ever misses I just took the. money out of my Vault I am going for a. braak Break Even or a profit no no if FS. or butts we're doing Max bets boom boom. there we go $2,000 bets on Treasure. Island. please wild collector would be insane. great scavenger would be insane BS lost. marbles would be. insane come on wild collector would be. good not a ton of lights but it's a good. amount of. lights come. on Max bets on Treasure Island I've done. to be before we're doing it. again Billy Bones map it's too slow oh. my God it's one away from Wild collector. come on Treasure Island baby I need you. right now one two three that's so. bad that's so bad that's literally I.

Think minimum multipliers no one two. three we need Ben lost marbles that's. probably best case scenario it's coming. around as well okay no we need great. scavenger great scavenger please $500 on. It come on dude there's no way you're. that close I have done two $2,000 bets. both times they have been one away I. know this game show is there's a lot of. one aways I mean look at all the games. but they've been so I thought they were. going over both. times damn it we need a. hit this is. bad give me a hit wild collector wild. collector Slow Down slow down slow down. nice we hit it $500 on wild collector 5x. we hit a 5x. Ruby I mean how much is that I don't. even know it's a 9x we hit a 9x oh my. God that's a $5,000 win I mean I'm just. a degenerate bro oh my God a 9x is 5K oh. my God I couldn't even imagine what we.

Would have hit a second ago when all the. lights were lit up that was literally I. I can't believe I just said we need to. back to back it come on bro we had we. had three game shows in four rounds. earlier we do that right now we get the. hell. out we need Ben lost marbles right here. Slow Down slow down slow down slow down. slow. down Jesus Christ I can't believe that. went over one25 wild collector yet again. would be good probably like a 20x this. time with all those lights especially. with the 5x Ruby on there wild collector. great. scavenger oh this is bad Billy bone. please get over please get. over I don't think there's been one time. where I've done a 2K bet and we haven't. been one away God this is this is this. is bad all it takes is one bro all it. takes is a 20x a 50x a 100x all it takes. is one one freaking round right here.

This could be it there's so much. potential on just every game on on here. bro just have to get it at the right. time come on man Ben lost marbles right. here right here right. here no way it's the second. time the same damn spot bro it has hit. double Ruby. twice twice in the same spot and baited. us the same. way God dude I just well just ripped all. the money we need to hit something man I. get back to 10K I'm calling it I don't. care I don't care. care well there goes another loss I'm. all in God this is annoying I can't play. this game anymore I can't play this game. anymore if I would have went on Emerald. or kept kept it on Emerald I would have. lost all my money no matter what uh if I. would have kept it on. Ruby I think we'd actually probably be. right around break even right now it hit. a 10x Ruby earlier six six and a three.

it's hit so many rubies bro all right. last bet I rip so much money on this. video a 6X on Emerald great scavenger. would be good here we hit a great. scavenger I might I I need to just get. the hell out do a rep repeat bet and get. out oh my God if this does it again. there's not a . chance I'm done bro I'm done I just I. wasted so much money I hope you guys. enjoyed the. video uh. damn that is insane my friends asked me. why haven't you played Treasure Island. in a while I guess I should have just. told him because the game is terrible I. used to love it man I used to I had a. lot of fun on this game but it has. rinsed me dry and it just it sucks

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