12.05.2024 GOLD PARTY SLOT 🥇🥇🥇 many bounces 1xbet

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Hello my friends and today we will play. new slot the slot name is gold party our. starting balance is eighty eight. thousand dollars our bet is 125 dollars. and let's start by buying bonus. for twelve thousand and five hundred. dollars but please don't forget to hit. the like and subscribe buttons and let's. see our luck here. gold party. come on give us extra spins. not nothing. looks like this is a bad bonus. nothing here so far. come on give us big numbers. come on extra spins please. three access pins. all these small numbers. yeah for assessments that's good. now we need big numbers. more access pins. one more here and we get the grand. checkpoint. i think this is a bad bonus. how much we made let's see. wow we lost about eight thousand five. hundred dollars. we start with 88. now. we are. hey we lost eight thousand dollars so.

Let's try. activating some turbo spins here. and let's get bonus this way i think we. need. six of these gold. pots. all those balls. to get the bonus. so the mini is 2500. the miner is 62. 100. major is twenty five thousand dollars. and grand jackpot is six hundred twenty. five thousand dollar. we got the bonus we got the bonus. let's see our luck here. big numbers please. do. oh. two thousand five hundred dollars here. and nothing here so far. more big numbers. we have chance to get the minor jackpot. 1250 dollars. multiplied by ten. we have a chance to get the grand. jackpot. and miner jar for two. come on extra spins. bonuses ended how much we conducted. i think this is a good bonus. since we didn't buy it we get it by. normal spins. pop the champagne 6850. let's hope we get another bonus soon. yep we got another bonus. so soon.

Let's wish me luck wish me we this bonus. would be better than the last one. and we have extra spin here and this one. multiplied by 10. this fairy. multiply by 10 by five. 3120. that was good one. i am optimistic about this bonus. what we need more extra spins and we. need big numbers. come on my friends and hit the like and. subscribe buttons. so i can make more videos like this one. oh seven thousand five hundred dollars. here wow this is really big. this is really big. come on more extra spins. oh multiply by 10. where she will go. multiply by much how much. multiply by three. oh this is small one. come on multiply by 10. multiply by 2. to the small number. we have chance to get the mini jackpot. we got the mini jackpot. come on access pins. give us excess wins. that's okay. this is a good bonus. sixteen thousand seven hundred seventy.

Five dollar. so we are up four thousand dollars now. we start at eighty eight thousand. dollars. let's hope we get another bonus soon. what's this what this means. i think this is wild. wow. two thousand one hundred dollar. it was a good hit. come on bonus. come on bonus. how much. 1700. goods. this is not wild i thought it's wild but. i think it's the highest simple not wild. come on bonus. i think this tree is. as the wild. we are down like fourteen thousand. dollars now. yeah finally we got the bonus. finally we get the bonus. so 500 here. this is the best one. come on give us big numbers and extra. spins we are down now twenty thousand. dollars. can we make can we make twenty thousand. dollars in this bonus. multiply by 10 and go to 500. multiply by three. not a good one. multiply by two two small number. do. we have a chance to get the mini jackpot.

we need more assessments. come on multiply by 10 and we got the. many jackpots. multiply by two to a small number. more access pins. we have chance to get the major jackpot. if we get the major jackpot we made we. will make a profit. come on major jackpot. and come on extra spins. come on accesspence or major. we have chance to get the miner too. ah. okay let's see how much we collected. uh it's not that big not big actually. small bonus. okay my friends as you saw we started. with 88 000 we ended with 74. 000 so our net loss is 14 000. i hope you enjoyed watching this video. please don't forget to hit the like and. subscribe buttons and i'll see you in. the next one

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