12.05.2024 Aviator Game - Double Site Strategy?

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Howo players welcome back to BSB Za and. today I'm trying something a little bit. different I thought that I would try to. play the avat game on two different. bedding sites at the same time which. means we might get two different seeds. and we are able to get four bits on at. once I'm quite interested to see what's. going to happen it's more of an. experiment than anything else and yeah. let's get straight into it okay so I'm. on Hollywood bets and Lotto star and it. does look like they are using two. different seeds they aren't using the. same seed and what I mean by the seed is. they they're not sharing the same kind. of algorithm for the actual Aviator. flight so you could pick up bigger winds. on the one side I'm going to catch this. one out of 10 times on the left there um. and yeah it it could be quite a a good.

Strategy to play kind of like four boxes. on The Aviator this one on Hollywood. bets is going into quite a nice pink. stage I'm going to take that first cash. out over there let's get those bets on. lar again this one's going far into the. pink we're up to 20 times already wow uh. we're going to keep that one going we're. going to see how Lotto star does this is. a little bit crazy for for my. tastes um do I take it at 50 times geez. I'm being really greedy now I'm taking. that one I'm taking that one 6 63 times. it's flying on it's going over 100 I. could have left that one oh my gosh I. really could have left that one look at. this one flying 167 times but I cashed. out quite nicely and I think what might. be quite an interesting thing to do here. I think I need to turn the sound off on. one of these there we go let's keep the.

Sound on what might be an interesting. thing to do here is to chase pink with. these two different sits at the same. time now when I was talking about seeds. what I mean is if everyone logs into. Hollywood bets at the same time everyone. is going to get the same Aviator seat. everyone's going to see the same thing. and I was often under the impression or. I was under the impression for a long. time that if you logged into say. Hollywood bets and then Lotto star you. would be getting the same seed but it. does seem like you are getting a. different seed on each of them there's. another pink loading up on Hollywood. bets I'm going to take that first cach. out there and I think this is pretty. cool which potentially means every. single betting site has got a different. oh I was going to take the cash out. every single betting site has a.

Different. seed so if you're chasing those big ones. you might rather want to go to a few. different beding sites and play at the. same time obviously this is not. something that everyone can do cuz you. do need to do this on computer I don't. know if this is even viable to do on. mobile I forgot to get my bets on. Hollywood bets we're going to take that. one cash out on Lotto star but I think. this has got some great potential for. some big wins obviously it's going to be. a little chaotic to do and you should be. using the auto cash out feature we've. got a 30 times a lot ofar I'm going to. take that cash out I'm not being too. greedy in these but it does look like. I'm already in a little bit of profit. this one's going on and on and on I took. that cash out. and here has another big one oh my word. another big one over on Lotto star so.

You're going to get those big ones much. more often let's take a quick look at. the history of some of these there was. 167 times this one's now up to 150 times. can you believe it 200 times on Lotto. star man if I just left that 10 R to fly. 300 271 times incredible stuff wow but. this is a very cool way to play avat. obviously you're going to need to have. the bank to do it you're going to need. to be incredibly Brave as well uh I I do. apologize that this video hasn't been. all that uh kind of what should I say. structured because it's a little bit. crazy going and playing on two sites at. the same time here we go we got two. loading up at the same time let's see. which one goes the. furthest this is a perfect start yeah we. we managed to get the timing just right. obviously when one flies away the timing. is going to be reset so Hollywood bets.

Flew away there what's lotar going to go. on to they just had that 270 OD time. it's surely not going to go go too. far but I think this is a great way to. play Aviator if you have a computer you. open up two different tabs two different. betting sites and you can have an insane. session over on The. Aviator wow uh but anyway we're ending. up this one with some profit I started. with about 500 Rand in each of these. accounts my Hollywood bets account is. now up to 1,200 Rand and my lot star. counts up to 762 Rand so that's like a. what 700 odd Rand profit I'm pretty. impressed with that and I think I'm. going to be doing more of these in the. future playing Aviator on two sides at. the same time chasing those big pinks. man if I'd been chasing really big pinks. and and uh play some bigger bets I think. I would have had a very very healthy.

balance would have picked up a big one. maybe would maybe I would have gone for. that 100 times but these ones are going. neck and neck that one flies away and. that one flies away just after but. anyway guys this has been checking out. Aviator playing on two different betting. signs at the same time let me know if. this is something that you guys enjoy I. I know The Aviator fans are going to go. a little bit crazy for this one but I. hope you guys enjoyed it and I will. catch you guys in the next video have a. good one cheers

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