12.05.2024 EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Liverpool (3-1) | Saka, Martinelli, Trossard

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Ard is in there and sacka around his man. sacka has had a corner or a goal kick. looks like a goal. kick look a corner to me but good. pressure again from AR moving the ball. nice and quick odard with a little flick. inside to. sacka back to Gomez first time of the BL. threatened deep the ball but Ry with a. good take and he's seen the Run of. Martinelli excellent throw out from the. Arsenal goalkeeper now Martinelli he's. going to get past canata he's still. going here pulls it across Saka. oh I was expecting it to be an opening. goal it was a tremendous move from. Arsenal danger still not cleared but now. Liverpool Come Away with it but great. play by Ry and Martinelli yeah fantastic. there're so so quick for Reya it's a. great throw and you do feel when. Martinelli gets the ball he's got the. pace to go and he just cut him behind.

There was hoping sack will just get on. the end of that where great catch great. take good distribution and you always. fancy Martinelli there to be quick. enough to get by gets himself into a. good area see Saka breaking get in the. Box probably should have done a little. bit better for me so Liverpool coming. forwards mallus has a very good ball. gakpo could be in here shoots so it's. wide that was a tremendous pass from. mallister getting through the Arsenal. defense far too easy easily there but. gakpo was off. Target yeah I think the players play Ben. White kept him on. there yeah I think he slightly kept him. on I think Aral very lucky to get away. with that. one. CBA. georgino nice again from Arsenal. excellent football zenchenko. Ard this is excellent and Arsenal are in. here great opportunity Allison save Saka.

Scores for Arsenal MAA Saka on the. rebound and the Gunners have the. lead superb play there from AR that's. got to be one of the goals of the season. from Back to. Front fantastic finish from sapper as. well it was coming it was coming good. play was well worked out from the back. there to the left hand side. and this ball from odard Fantastic nice. delicate little touch it's a good save. to be honest sakur is on side he's took. a touch and it's a good finish a great. goal Nal deserve. it yeah Kai havitz was in here it was a. good save from Allison but sacker in the. right place to put the rebound. in in the right place payo saaka kept. his composure One Touch then second. touch goal. plenty of noise around you can probably. hear one excited fan in particular here. come Liverpool Diaz trying to get. through CA holding him off Diaz could be.

In oh it's an old. goal it's found a way in Diaz turns away. to celebrate Liverpool scarcely deserve. it but it's. 11. there's a bit of a mix up there. defensively from. Arsenal Liverpool always off of that. threat it's come out of nothing and what. a time for Liverpool to get that goal. Diaz celebrating it and I'm sure it came. off Gabrielle certainly an Arsenal. Defender let's take a look. again enough they just won the second. ball goes on to. Diaz liol getting a lot of Joy already. in the start of this second half oh that. was just flash. wide again it was danger it was Curtis. Jones this time cutting in and I have to. say AR still at the moment are second. best at the start of the second half. Liverpool have started really well. here ARS will go long this time and like. lets it run Martinelli trying to get in.

Behind him oh Martinelli must score a. Liverpool error P St by Gabrielle. Martinelli. 21 total confusion at the back urgen. klopp grimaces in frustration and. Martinelli couldn't. miss such an easy finish there for. Martin two experienced Liverpool players. as well big mixup almost a hopeful ball. forward but Marly switched on enough to. let the two guys mess up and just pick. up pick it up and just slide into the. goal Liverpool look Shell Shocked yeah. it was almost just a hopeful ball. forward whether it's miscommunication. I'm not too. sure such an easy. finish he's G A little nudge there. Alison's missed it. yeah you don't expect that at this level. especially from Liverpool but we'll take. it played in AR managed to get their. head to it Mesa come through a crowd of. players that wasn't far. away gets into good positions doesn't he.

He does yeah wasn't the cleanest of. strikes it's come a long. way. I think rare probably had it covered. though ball comes in good defending from. Arsenal. though fans fuming with that challenge. canate has already been booked don't. forget it's a red it's a second yellow. card and canate is sent. off no at least the right decision but. it's probably a little bit harsher than. him nor fairness I he said just collided. bodies but uh yeah just unfortunately. that one but so hav has been fantastic. at doing that holding the ball. up good skill by. Trad off he goes Leandro trassard at. speed oh it's in and that sails it for. Arsenal they lead 31 and is thard. goal absolutely wild seat on the touch. line Mel artetta celebrating with the. fans and Arsenal with a huge three. points crar getting away it took a. deflection I think went through the.

Keeper legs but it doesn't matter. Arsenal lead 31 in yeah super from TR. like there cre his own goal he's had a. lot to do when he first got that ball. but he's been direct and you know why he. just smashed it at the goal. unfortunately straight for the keeper. legs look where he's Pi the ball up from. he just flicked it just past Elliot and. he's off no one can catch he hasn't. really got anybody in the Box to pass to. so he's gone on his own took his time. smashed it it's gone through his legs. that's good work. that very very composed there very. composed nothing else on apart from the. strike at goal took it so. well just took the mirror is the flicks. of Virgil Van djk through Allison's legs. look at celebrations here that's what it. means nicoleta has never lacked passion. I tell you just waiting for the knee.

slide they need two goals to even get a. point now there's not enough time. probably to to get more than one tackle. comes in. and there is the final whistle and. Arsenal with a massive three points here. at the Emirates against the leaders. Liverpool M saaka put Arsenal in front a. Gabrielle L goal right on halftime made. it 11 both sides had chances in the. second half it was a mistake by Allison. that allowed Martinelli to score they. put the gun is back in front and then. trossard sealed it with a late third. goal and Arsenal closed the Gap to two. points behind Liverpool with a huge. three points here it's finished at the. Emirates Stadium Arsenal three Liverpool. One

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