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Foreign. foreign. laughs. foreign. I'm sorry. it was an accident. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. foreign. so what we're here looks like it or. could you not meet him in the studio I. could have but he said he's had problems. with the students before he wants to. check me out first what kind of problems. stop worrying I did exactly the same. thing with you when we first met. remember yeah would you not think it's a. little bit dangerous look. this is a great opportunity for me this. sounds like the perfect teacher. he was at the Philharmonic he said he's. trained loads of students to the Royal. Academy plus he's local so he wants to. meet you in this car and if I'm okay. he's going to give me a free assessment. that's great isn't it. we're going to go through Bark's Cello. Suite number one Prelude. and if he thinks I'm good enough he's.

Going to take me on you know you're good. enough. I'm gonna be late wish me luck love you. good luck and you know I love you too. I'll see you later tonight okay. foreign. can I get you anything tea coffee I'm. just waiting for someone shout if you. need anything. hello. Miss Taylor there's a telephone call for. you. foreign. yes it is. oh yes I know exactly where is it's just. around the corner. yeah I'll be there in a minute. okay thanks bye. thanks. foreign. customers like these no wonder we're. going bust. foreign. hello is anyone here. hey. leave. hello. Eve can you hear me. Eve. foreign. you did it again. it's unbelievable. you are not concentrating are you. I know you can do it right. stop thinking about whatever dribble you. saw on TV last night or dreaming about. some dirty boy. your parents are paying me to turn you. into something resembling a cellist.

And I don't want to be accused of taking. money under false pretenses. so. we will try it again. and then again if necessary until you. get it right. understood. well. do I make myself perfectly clear. yes Miss. my story. foreign. hello. hello. someone help me. hello is anybody there. who is it. why am I hearing what you want. this is some kind of joke. let me go. let me go I want to go home. you can't keep me here I want I want to. go you have to let me go no one. coming to rescue you. let me go. open this door now because we can't. leave. behind. what the hell do you mean. what the hell are you talking about are. you insane. there we go. let me go. let me go. back please. there we go. you're cooking me so much. Jamie Harris yeah. I'm detective inspector Dobson you're. here to talk about your girlfriend Eve. Taylor. look I told the police yesterday that.

She went missing and you've done nothing. about it it's just procedure Mr Harris. we have to make sure we have all the. details I told him everything yesterday. I understand that Mr Harris but we do. have to go through this one more time. yes procedure right. I'll just get on with it when was the. last time you saw Miss Taylor yesterday. morning the Hobbs end calf why was she. there. she was meeting a new music teacher. male female name male I don't know his. name did you know him before did they. have some kind of friendship or anything. that you knew of what no. I know where you're going with this and. this has nothing to do with me it's not. like she left me for another man you're. absolutely sure there's no possibility. no no argument okay no other man all. right he's gone missing it's completely. unlike her and I just want you to do.

Your job and find her. I can assure you Mr Harris we've got our. best people on this. and the chance of finding it. no life. why not to worry most missing persons do. come home. now this music teacher she went to see. what instrument does she play cello. a cello teacher is that important. no not at all. I assure you I'm taking this straight to. our superintendent and his name Barn. Brook detective Chief superintendent. barnbrook. oh man. morning sir morning Sam what you got not. a lot of actual evidence sir but quite. an interesting Theory oh Christ all. right let's see it. well there's a lot of similarities. between this missing girl and the. holmeswood case no bodies no clues. that's why the papers called it the pie. Piper case well look what we're dealing. with here is one missing girl one of the. other common factors in the two cases is.

That this new missing girl was also. having cello lessons. thank you. who from Mr Corcoran sir. Charles Corcoran. sorry sir I realize this must be painful. for you. why would it be painful for me eh could. it be because it nearly derailed me. whole career you must know what happened. I was crucified. maybe if you haven't been quite so. visible. yeah you're quite right Sam. I've hadn't been on the Telly every. other night telling the old world how. confident I was and I'd soon NAB him. just needed the evidence. I was convinced he would slip up but no. he never did. if I do decide to pursue this line of. inquiry I want you to keep totally stung. I don't want the press to get a whiff of. it. so if I open my newspaper in the morning. and see headlines proclaiming the return. of the Pied Piper I will not be an happy. man. foreign.

Stop it stop it what are you doing stop. it. what did you do to my dog what did you. do to my dog. this is my last warning. if I catch that animal rooting around in. my garden once more you'll be able to. use it as a hearth rug. do I make myself clear. fix that fence woman oh that's an awful. thing to say. your daughter. cool man. foreign. it gets easier you know. you become. numb. before you. can you help me get me out of here how. can I do that. I'm not free myself. I'm not even supposed to talk to you. if we talk. we get punished look this guy's insane. we have to get out of here. forget it if you try he'll kill you. we work together we'll have a better. chance please. just stop it it's not possible. your name's Eve yes. it's not just us here. there's another girl here too. but she won't speak. oh my gosh you mean there are three of.

Us down here. sorry car isn't it you'll realize soon. enough. he hasn't told you the rules yet. rules. he will leave you alone for a bit he. always does. we can't speak anymore. if he catches us he will hurt us. how many days have you been here. days. I've been here about 14 years. I'm sorry. maybe I shouldn't have told you. foreign. you're the replacement for the last girl. Sarah. she wasn't here as long as us. about five years I think. Sarah Andrews. Sarah. what happened to her I can't tell you. what happened to her you don't. tell me. we can only talk when he's out. or when he's playing. he's coming. foreign. what are you staring at. you have to let me go. got a boyfriend to be worried sick. to me. I'm not doing anything you say. I'm quiet. never talk to the other girls. why should I obey you you don't want. someone like me around here I never do.

What I'm told it's not school. not touch it until I get back. oh. look at that. look. s. really good. you will die. ah. oh. my God. oh man. I forgot the upstate information you. wanted Mr corcorn Sir well done Sam that. was quick right well it seems he left. his last job at holmeswood a few months. after the last girl disappeared did you. know although he was never charged he. was always in the frame and the papers. weren't very kind for me either yeah. well they were only telling the truth. here's links to all three missing girls. was an inescapable fact bit of a nomad. it seems moved out of the immediate area. and he's renting in Waterbury the estate. agent say he's been there for about six. months. they also say he's used them about four. or five times in the last 10 years they. think he's used other firms to move to.

Other locations yeah it's past catching. up with him you see. yeah I'm not the only one who thinks. he's a Pied Piper you know what's he. been living on must be his music lessons. keeping him afloat although he teaches. cello and violin I can't imagine he gets. that many punters should have taken up. electric guitar. we did hear a rumor he's got some kind. of inheritance but with nothing firm on. that it seems to me Sam that every time. he chooses a new neighborhood someone. recognizes him and he has two Up Sticks. yeah amazing really after all this time. although his face was plastered all over. the papers he had it worse than you oh. the difference being I didn't kill. anyone I spent quite a lot of time with. that man there were three separate. investigations you know anyway we got to. know each other quite well and he knew.

That I knew he'd done it. would he let me know with his face and. his tone of voice and his super silliest. attitude laughing at me was. all right. you know I've done it let's see you. prove it typical of his type artifati. public school dropout exhippy probably. I know he had a conviction for. possession back in the 70s couldn't make. it as a musician ends up teaching fiddle. at some secondrate girls school we've. gone too far this time. getting a bit personal isn't it personal. personal. Sam someone snuffs out their lives a. poor beautiful promising young girls and. then laps in my face you tell me what. man wouldn't take that a bit personally. well. first thing tomorrow we're gonna have a. few words with that busted. ah. are you okay. just about. he would have died if you hadn't taken. the antidote. dishes out. and one way or the other.

He will take you should you even be. talking to me. don't try to move. the pain will go in time. are you a musician. yes. I'm a cellist. why. that was him earlier you know. he plays so beautifully. that's why I'm here. I thought we'd be teaching me. all that beauty. but when the Music Stops. and it hurts you. once you conform it's mostly not too bad. if you do everything he wants. who is he. he lives this double life. I've heard him talking to people and. guests upstairs. thank you. he's like a different person. there's voice changes when he's down. here with us. I don't know how to describe it. your personality. flat Jacqueline Hyde yeah he lives his. normal life and. then all this. I'm not sure if that's why he wears the. mask. or just to hide his identity in case one. of us ever escape. we've never seen his face. Alex. you mentioned a girl before me.

Yes. she ripped his mask off when she first. arrived he went crazy and started. beating her over and over. did she die then. no. but nearly. she was more like you. stubborn. but in the end she pretended to give in. I think she was biding her time. every now and then he would take us. upstairs. not very often but sometimes. and when he wasn't looking. Sarah stole the odd thing. paper pens spoons. I saw her taking a piece of rope once. why. I could hear a scraping. making something. writing the details down. she never told me what she was doing. maybe she thought I would tell him. I don't know. what do you think she was doing a weapon. I think she was making a makeshift. weapon. I think she hid it somewhere I was going. to try and kill him but. well. he killed her first. he seems different that day. I said he thought killing her was.

Something she wanted. I don't think he cares about death. how often does he go out. sometimes he leaves the house for days. he just leaves a pile of food for us. we think he's probably got another home. somewhere else. we don't want him here. but when he's away it's a bit scary as. well. we depend on him for our food and water. if something happened to him while he's. away. an accident or something. even if you just decided not to return. or the police caught him. well. if he doesn't come back. we're all dead. God. the hard fact is. we depend on the monster returning to. the lair. I just wonder if I could survive this. it's not about survival. it's about acceptance. once you realize that it will get easier. no. no I'm not like that. I'm scared but I'll keep on fighting. everyone does in the beginning. when I was a kid. they told me there was no such thing as.

Monsters. but there are. foreign. foreign. I wish she didn't beat her so. I can't take this. it makes me sick. you sure she'll be all right. sometimes the only comfort comes. knowing that it didn't happen to you how. can you live like this. don't you remember life outside. don't you want out of this. please Eve don't talk about it. I don't want to know. I don't understand. this is a living hell. please Eve. just. don't. know. foreign. Mr Cox Mr Robert Cox what do you want. I'm trying to find the identity of the. Pied Piper and I've been told you might. know something. it's my girlfriend. I'm trying to tracer. and if you do know anything. and I'd be really grateful for your help. you better come in. I'm certainly you feel about your. girlfriend. Eve did you say yeah. he played the cello. and she had this. she had this lesson with this music.

Teacher. I haven't seen her since no Christ I've. looked for all the Press coverage online. and I came across an article. that said you thought that George. Corcoran was the Pied Piper. piece of shaped Cork and all right you. know what makes you so sure three girls. all jealous all his pupils and he was. the last one to see him alive. I can't believe this is happening. that's super Cooper noise what do you. mean superintendent Barbara Barn Brook I. he's the one that named Cochran on TV. yeah that's still all over social media. I know she's still alive. how would he do anything. helpless. God I've gotta find her. there was one major problem here because. if he's keeping her locked up and the. police arrest him. if he doesn't tell them where she is she. could starve. foreign. Dobson it's urgent. Jamie Harris she knows about the case.

The adoption. it's Jamie Harris I need to speak to you. about Eve Taylor. I realize you're upset but we are taking. this seriously. Mr Harris I can assure you. we are looking into every possibility. it's James Harris he Taylor's boyfriend. you want to take it. I can tell you Mr Harris that no other. police department will be taking this. case as seriously as we are. the chief superintendent is giving this. his utmost attention but like I said eve. could walk through the door at any. moment the best thing you can do is just. wait by the phone and we'll let you know. as soon as we hear anything. pie Piper case gets out. no he's threatening to go to the papers. I can sympathize poor bugger. James Harris leave Taylor's boyfriend. sir. oh I hope for his sake she does just. walk through the door case closed yeah. well let's show up so.

Oh by the way sir. Charles Corcoran he's coming into the. station tomorrow yep. do we know for certain it's him. Sarah Andrews Joanne Cox Alex Jones he. killed them I'll prove it. what's up. shut the door yeah sit down for a minute. is there a problem sir no no problem uh. it's just the end of the day and I. thought maybe we could we could have a. chat. uh would you mind having a drink with me. Sam. you're off duty. I'll keep this baby here for special. occasions and very bad luck. oh if you insists sir foreign. s and the worst of times. absolutely. I suppose all this might seem a. bit strange a bit out of character. it's a bit sir. I know you have your doubts about all. this. it seems to me there's a different breed. of copper out there now. where all this is. it's just another job to them like. working in the supermarket but for me.

All this. this has been my life. now I know taking this case off you. it can get you that kind of thing. and you look at me now I I used to have. a great marriage. I would go in places with me Korea or. Keen to get the job done and right the. wrongs. I wouldn't like to see you. get obsessed like that. how's your blog some. oh he's fine thanks sir. doesn't seem to mind the long hours. sometimes I think he can't wait to get. rid of me. well you look after it while you can. because one day you might just. turn around and find there's nothing. left but the job. don't you end up like me. I think I'm pretty practical sir. I don't take these cases too personally. don't mind me saying sir talk about the. girls being dead but. it sounds as if you really want to. believe they're still alive. I really hope they are. I don't know.

I love my job. but don't take it home with me. I'll just be going sir. don't expect to have another. conversation like this. I won't sir. Alex. uh. did she drop me. coming. please Eve. cause problems. it will be okay. but you must listen and be attentive. allow me to introduce these. foreign. foreign. all right. foreign. foreign. how dare you leave. your people so much better. foreign. next time it will be your head. hello Mr Cochran. I suppose I should say what a pleasant. surprise. that is not really a surprise. and it's not particularly Pleasant. why aren't you surprised to see me sir. oh I knew it wouldn't take you long to. discover my connection to poor little. Eve. and I knew you wouldn't pass up the. opportunity to try and pin something on. me. as Eve Taylor's disappeared you think. that I've killed her. or maybe I've got a locked away in a.

Shed or a basement somewhere. well what do you want to ask me about. Eve. well let's start with the last time you. saw her. about the middle of September. and this was at your home was it of. course. when was the next lesson scheduled. it wasn't. what does that mean. it means. detective Chief superintendent that Eve. Taylor is not my student that was her. one and only lesson. that's all I can tell you. I met her only the ones we had no other. contact. I know nothing at all about her. I seem to remember. I told you something similar the last. time we met. only you didn't believe me. a very sad State of Affairs Mr Corcoran. but really we just followed on where the. circumstances seem to indicate we should. go what else should I have done. or perhaps you could have spent more. time investigating the other suspects. see there's a thing.

Unfortunately there weren't any. and that's one of the things that makes. this case almost unique. the Eerie similarity between the victims. the manner of their disappearance the. musical link their connections to you. now I know that no concrete evidence was. found to link you to any of this but you. had the opportunity you had the means. and no alibi now I know that. coincidences do occur but my experience. tells me that they're not near as common. as people think. and my motive when it comes to The. Disappearance of attractive young. females we don't need to look for the. rational motive. I don't think we need to trouble you any. further today Mr Corcoran if we need to. speak to you again we'll be in touch but. in the meantime please don't leave the. area without letting us know. we need to eliminate you from our.

Inquiries to see. you're not planning to eliminate me from. your inquiries are you. intended you're insanely looking. infants that I am the Pied Piper. I'm dreadfully sorry. what's next sir. uh let's check out his neighbors see if. they've noticed anything I'm on it all. right. yes who is it what do you want. sorry to disturb you it's detective. Sergeant Dobson could I have a word. it's about your neighbor Mr Corcoran the. Dreadful man absolutely Dreadful really. it was so rude to me just because. Bathsheba got into his garden and dug a. little hole he doesn't let anyone. digging up his garden eh I don't know. why it's just a jungle we did try to be. friendly when he first moved in. um several of us went round and asked. him if he'd like to join our. neighborhood watch scheme and he told us. to. I don't like to use the words dear me.

Said he hated snoopers huh well you. would wouldn't you if you had something. to hide does he have something to hide. surely you know know what. that man. that the one with the three young girls. who disappeared. ah that case they never found the bodies. did they you know he was never charged. oh he never found the proof. does he have many visitors there's quite. a few uh he teaches cello and violin and. I'm always asking him to keep the noise. down but of course he ignores me. mainly young girls and it treats them. like dirt pillows at them when they. don't come up for Scratch and I've seen. several. several tears. sometimes he stays out overnight several. times a week. any idea where he goes. no I'm afraid not. I think it's somewhere in the country. because when he gets back his car is. covered with mud. he doesn't clean it for days.

Well you'd be most helpful Mrs Miss. Caldwell Miss Caldwell thank you very. much. foreign. Cochrane. what the hell are you doing in my bloody. Garden. Eve Taylor. where is she I want answers do you. you're very tough young girls well how. about grown man tell me. where is she. where is she. unless you get out of my garden right. now you're about to find out. your choice. you get away with this do you hear me if. you've heard her I'm gonna kill you you. understand I'm gonna kill you. foreign. yes Sam as long as you can tell me you. got something we can nail this bastard. with afraid not Sir James Harris is here. again. threatening to sue the police. oh just what we need. we've got another bit of bad news as. well I'm afraid. someone's linked it to the press that it. could be the Pied Piper back again. Jesus in Christ did I or did I not make.

It clear just sort it out for me Sam all. right just sort it very good sir I will. do. did you speak to the neighbors the woman. next door remembers several girls coming. out in tears did they oh there's. something else sir what I spoke to the. landlord at the pub when he first moved. to the area he used to go in there every. night drank like a fish used to shout. his mouth off anyway one night he. started boasting about this Cottage he. had in Wales. well that could be significant couldn't. it. yeah tell me this Sam. if you're a villain and you want to get. rid of a body somewhere where you can. almost guarantee it would never be found. where in the UK would you go. and some of those remote areas is miles. after mile after mile of absolutely. subtle whereabouts in Wales is it well. we think it might have been left by his.

Mother so I checked the inheritance. records under the name Cochrane and. bingo there it was complete with a dress. bloody good work Sam do you know what I. reckon we might have him here and then. the moment he goes anywhere near the M5. will straighten the place out. yeah next time he visits the land of our. fathers we're going to be waiting for. him. to Harris you all right no no I'm really. worried about Eve I know you are. look. I went to see Joanne Cox's uncle. and he told me corcoran's the Pied Piper. he told me it's him. I mean he kidnapped his niece. so there's every possibility he's got in. you can't just accuse someone not yet. not without proof well I went to see. Corcoran I was human. I was just about ready to do some damage. climbed over his fence into his garden. to see what I could find and he. threatened me.

It sympathize with your position I. really do. but that could be construed as. threatening behavior on your part so he. kidnapped my girlfriend and you're gonna. arrest me. let's go home and get some rest. superintendent is looking into this. person I know about him. he thinks corcoran's the Pied Piper as. well superintendent Bambrook is making. this one of his priorities although I've. had enough okay Robert Cox was right. Corcoran is the Pied Piper and you and. Barbara need to pull your finger out I. mean she could be trapped somewhere. we're doing everything we can. I'm going to the papers and I'm going to. go find her myself Mr Harris that's not. a good idea well I really don't care Mr. Harris please calm down I've given you. every opportunity to go and find her and. what have you done tell me what have you. done nothing so now it's up to me isn't.

It I'm done with this. dude Taylor detective superintendent. farmer. Barbara told the news conference today. that he had no information linking The. Institute. of a decade ago. Eve should you be talking to me. can I ask you something of course. why do you fight him so much. I have a life outside. I'm a boyfriend Jamie he loves me. I love him. give up. but it will hurt you I can't live here. for 14 years and I'd rather die than be. poured over by that sick creep he will. break you Eve. he breaks everyone in the end. one way or the other. no. no he'll never break me not yet but when. you feel his hands all over you touching. you. your body goes numb your mind switches. off. over hard it is. I won't let him own me he's having a. party for us tonight. he will probably come for you. I'm not letting him touch me. if you try and stop him he will just.

Drug you there's no choice. if that happens I'll kill myself. that's what we all thought. he's coming. tonight is a celebration Eve. why would I care. I Can Make You Care. leave me alone you pervert. y. you disgust me. you'll be nice. please. please you can't do that. don't touch her. no no. no. you okay. no. go away we're not allowed to talk. if you want to talk. just leave her. so bad for her. don't. be you next. foreign. can I help you sir I'm looking for this. girl. okay. have you seen her. yeah the police have already shown that. to me. all I can remember is she didn't even. buy a cup of tea well that's it that's. it. are you sure look I'm really worried. about her and the police are doing. absolutely nothing to find her so if you. know anything then please just tell me. she was on the telephone and she said. where she was going wasn't very far.

Wait what'd you say she was on the. telephone and she said where she was. going wasn't very far and you told the. police this year I did tell them I. didn't seem that interested. although I did buy a couple of jam. Donuts yeah typical. all right look thanks for your help. it's okay. tea coffee donut. and that's why I'm going bankrupt. I'm so sorry Alex. you're okay. we've been here a long time. we feel nothing now. nothing. you just learn to live with your pain. we have to try and Escape. we work together it's our only way. I don't want to die. I'll live like a slave of the choices. between life and death. what's wrong with her it's where he hit. her I made her pregnant. and he's beating her to get rid of the. baby Joe I'm so sorry. you have to be quiet he hears you. tonight then. you have to be quiet. he will kill you if he hears you again.

Quiet for God's sake. foreign. it was me I made the sound. you have to be punished Eve. thank you. foreign. Brook. I've been trying to speak to somebody in. charge but I just keep getting palmed. off with Dr Dobson. Cardiff please have a lead. all right okay I'll speak to di Dobson. I can be at the police station in 15. minutes. thank you. I was beginning to think the police had. pretty much given up on me. laughs. I want control of my life back. I despise you. how does it feel to be so hated. let me go you monster. keep quiet. foreign. how dare you speak to me like that. don't you know what I can do I've. whatever happens it's your 48. he almost already. yes you're right. foreign. foreign. I love you. foreign. I'm sorry I'm sorry. there you are sir I've been trying to. reach you all day. a bit of personal business Sam well he's.

From the trap. headed for Wales alerted Cardiff they. State the place out anyway they slipped. up and he spotted them oh Christ. yeah and he's on the run now. is he. well that must mean that there's. something that he doesn't want us to. find wasn't it I think we probably got. him Sam. foreign. well Mr Corcoran we didn't expect that. you're under arrest. Corcoran you're under arrest for. possession and intent to supply. hello Barn Brook. he what. you're joking. right. we all understood. no no no no send him straight back here. if you can. all right yeah thanks bye. what did they say sir. well that was right he didn't get far. they soon caught up with him and fetched. him back to his cottage which apparently. he doesn't own anymore only the bar this. is now so they made him open it up and. what did they find but roll upon row of.

Cannabis plants. no it seems Giles corporate and there's. some kind of job dealer. well Mr Corcoran. violinists music teacher. horticulturalists you're full of. surprises. want to tell us about it. I inherited the farm I knew of course. the drugs were profitable. and well. where are those girls. your delusional. where have you buried those girls bodies. I really think you should seek. professional help Chief superintendent. your endless attempts to try to link me. to the Pied Piper will end up by. destroying what's left of your brain. listen to me you. you're super silliest little bastard. yes you are molest in them and when they. called a halt to it you had to get rid. of them in case they decided to talk if. not now then maybe further down the line. because you'd always be looking over. your shoulder wouldn't you I know how.

Maggots operate like you now where are. those bodies. you sad little man you are. sick of this gentlemanly fencing so now. we're going to try the oldfashioned. approach we're all going to go down to. that farm and you're gonna show us where. every one of those bodies is buried Oh. by God I'll put my fish through your. stove. would you agree. that the same person is responsible for. all three disappearances yes absolutely. so I have an alibi you add no Alibis we. established that at the time I produced. no alibi. not quite the same thing. why the would you hide in Alibi I. now have a man who is prepared to. testify that he was with me at the time. of the girl's disappearances check. mate. if that's all the evidence you have that. I'm the Pied Piper. and frankly you're wasting my time. I imagine I'd only get a suspended.

Sentence for my spot of gardening. especially when I tell the court how. I've been persecuted. I think that might make the papers. yes. wouldn't that be splendid. you and I. all over the news again. just like old times. as they say watch this space. goodbye superintendent. get him out of here. he's done this Sam I know he has I've. spent years on this case well we'll know. when we check his Alibis aren't we ah. now hold back on that will you. just for a day I've applied for a search. warrant on corcoran's place we're. looking for drugs aren't we if it goes. wrong I'll take full responsibility. ah do you remember the woman next door. said he didn't like her dog digging in. her garden I think we'll find Eve there. oh. Logan. can I do for you now sorry to disturb. you again miss Caldwell but we're trying. to get into Mr corcoran's Garden but.

He's not home at the moment we didn't. want to disturb the neighbors by forced. entry would it be okay if we came in and. climbed over your wall. supposed to oh great thanks very much. why do you want to get into his garden. would think something is buried there no. no it's just preliminary investigations. at the moment no need for concern okay. if we go through. yes of course thanks excuse us. I think we found something. foreign. Brook. Sam how'd it go we found one of the. girls sir I think it's Sarah Andrews the. third girl to go missing in the homes. with case. she's buried in corcoran's garden. how long has she been dead days we're. not sure yet days. are you sure that's not Eve trailer. definitely not sir yeah have you got. Corcoran. there's one more thing sir. Corcoran had post and it's not for this. address. Sam can you send that to me.

I just want to have a look around you. know have a sniff about. all right yeah thanks oh Sam. great job yeah. all right bye. you haven't put in a request for a. handgun for a while have you sir I. haven't felt the need for one in a while. I show up I don't have to use it. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. I thought we had an intruder. wasn't you. wasn't it. I told you. not to make a sound. thank you. did you think someone would hear you. that's bad. that is bad. foreign. I'm not scared of you anymore. and thanks to my dear friend. Charles. no one is coming to rescue you Eve. it's the police. Mr Corcoran please open up. tonight. you will play for me. I pray you to our final Act. I'm not playing for you again. or maybe. your mother will take the place of your. boyfriend. you have disappointed me yet I can't. leave.

Laughs. okay. so that it is. your fate decided. Eve. I'm so sorry. don't worry about me. foreign. thank you. whoever finds this. if you are reading this and I am. probably dead. I've been a prisoner here for five years. below this building runs a sewer. I've made some tools and hidden them in. the brickwork I'm using them to escape. and break through the brick but it will. take some time please use them to get. out of this madhouse and bring this. monster to Justice yours forever Sarah. Andrews. thank you. sorry Miss Taylor. you went to a neighbor's house and you. called us from there yeah. and you have no idea who he is. but you are sure he's got a gun. peace. stop him we will do miss. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. they once was a time. when I looked in your eyes. to feel the dreams that could come true. but something was lost.

in this big circus show. the juggles and clowns are all that's. left. when I look into your eyes. it feels so cold when there's no one. left to hold on to your heart. am I just fool. there's a circus in jail. fun for the night. the best show in town. am I just you fool but when the curtain. goes down. I want you to know. I'm still your clown like. the words were the time. when your kiss made me smile. and a little laughter made us cry. the circus is gone. but the clouds carry on. but there's no laughter. in their eyes. sometimes I wish I could find. something in me to make you smile. my heart's so cold when there's no one. left. I'll hold you in their arms. am I just fall. on this Big Picture Show. when everything's gone. you have something to show. and imagine. goes down. I want you to know. I'm still your. ground

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