12.05.2024 GREEDY WOLF BIG WIN 🎅🏻🐠🔮 many bounces 1xbet

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Hello my friends today we will play. Greedy wolf slot our subject versus. eighty thousand dollars and let's start. by activating 500 Turbo streams also. please don't forget to hit the like And. subscribe button and wish me good luck. we need five hats or more to get the. bonus what do you think are we going to. hit the bonus in the first hundreds. since or not let's find out and these. are some Wilds. somewhere else here. how much. 1400 good. or 2300 great. how much. 100 also good. we had the bonus. come on hats from the first place. come on hats. nope. now. also know how about now. oh come on really. more. more for accessing. yes more. more one more. ah. two more exercise. yes yes more more. more one more. yes. two more exercise. yes yes yes yes yes. come on. more. two more. oh three more. four extra spins. four extra twins. great.

Come on more more. okay. oh come on more. that's okay one exercise. yes yes yes yes. come on more. now. that's okay. ah something. oh come on hearts. last thing give us any hats. yes more. when accessing. this is good last spin again. okay okay this is good this is good this. is good. this is good this is good this is. Sensational one this is the huge. Sensational one there's bonus amazing. one. foreign. almost fifty thousand dollars great. can we get second bonus in the same 100. things. hopefully we do. oh. Jesus. we passed 100 spins. with one one off. and this is 2200 Gray. oh second bonus in the second hand. distance. come on hats from the first bit. pass from the first spin. never get us on the president. ah First Hat more. oh come on. terrible. oh come on three more oh four more. things. four more strings great. come on. more hats.

Come on. and last thing at least one hat here. last minute. is that very it's an average I think. average one. because of this one four thousand. dollars here. the huge win. 7400 great. can we get another Walnut in the same. 100 things. let's find out. hopefully we do. come on third bonus. foreign. with two bonuses can we get third bonus. in the third hundred. come on quickly. because. you don't want to use the money. yes. another bonus. can we get this time pass from the first. since let's see. no no never get such person. ah come on hearts. oh really. wow terrible bonus. only two that's fine. no really no really no really no. really terrible. uh 2300. come on this is not a bonus we need a. compensation. so far we got three bonuses. can we get the fourth one. or when you will get the fourth one. we'll pass 300 spins with three bonuses.

Can we get the fourth bonus in the. fourth I understand. let's see. okay four thousand dollars that one was. good. yes another bonus we are up four. thousand dollars. come on. please give us Hearts from the first. speed. s. why not one give us more yes more please. more for accessing more now now yes. for extra speed. that's good. yes more. more please. now. how about now here. come on. not one we need more than one. really. yes more more more more more more here. here. uh. that's okay it's I think it's kind of. good. kinda good. 5500.. okay I think I will end it here. okay my friends we start with eighty. thousand dollars I will end it with. ninety thousand dollars so our net. profit is ten thousand dollars thank you. very much for watching please don't. forget to hit the like And subscribe. button and I'll see you in the next.

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