12.05.2024 e2v Imaging Subsystem Capabilities

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Scientists are looking for novel. detection solutions that allow them to. further discoveries about the origin and. evolution of our universe changes in our. planet and organic processes to improve. save and protect people's lives to. respond to the increasing need for. exceptional detection solutions e to V. has developed a series of imaging. subsystems for application in. groundbased astronomy space and photon. science e to V offers a wide range of. integration levels from detectors to. full camera subsystems to suit each. customer's specific need with e to V. camera subsystems customers benefit from. outstanding detection performance reduce. development integration efforts and. optimized overall cost of the camera. during its life. etv design subsystems with tight. optomechanical tolerances for optimum. alignment to the customers optics etv.

large focal planes remain flat at low. operating temperatures as well as room. temperature we integrate low noise. electronics to achieve high sensors. performance we offer an endto-end. solution we design manufacture assemble. integrate and test including doing low. temperature high accuracy metrology to. verify electro optical and mechanical. performance we offer integrated supply. chain and longterm post-delivery. support. you

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