12.05.2024 Sequential Turn Signal DRL & LED Start Scan

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back with the tucon thanks for coming by. hanging out here behind the. headlight. and that's where I ended up so I'm just. uh working out the wiring here for the. sequential turn signals there's. something I wanted to show you. though about the. drls when you start your car. so I got the couple wires hooked up. here whenever you start your. car signal lights are working good. so I just got. to figure out the headlight. wiring and uh I'm going to let you know. how how I got this in here like that. and it was a bit of a pain in the ass to. install it so you got to sort. of rearrange a couple things let's say. all right. so look forward to seeing you guys soon. for the final install. video take care of your tucon see you. soon

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