12.05.2024 How to Use Microsoft Authenticator App - Easy Setup & Usage Tutorial (2024)

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In this video we will learn to use the. Microsoft authenticator app so let's get. into it first download the app from the. store and open it let's allow the. notifications also we must accept the. privacy policy you can send usage data. to Microsoft here if you want on this. screen you can either sign in with your. account or click the skip or scan QR. code buttons to use the app for other. websites if you sign in your Microsoft. account will be linked automatically and. you can backup your codes to the cloud. however this won't enable the twofactor. authentication for your Microsoft. account we'll do that in a few seconds I. will sign in with my account lastly it. will ask if you want to enable autofill. this will save your passwords and fill. them on websites you can enable it here. but I'll leave it to Google.

All right we are all set now. you signed in with your Microsoft. account you would have this account here. you can always add your Microsoft. account in this menu to enable the. twofactor authentication for your. Microsoft account will open our account. in a browser then we'll go to this. security option next we'll click on this. third option here it will ask me to. approve from the app this is because I'm. signed in if you are not you must put in. a code you received on your mobile phone. let's approve it on the top the. twofactor authentication is turned off. let's click on manage and click on next. save this backup code to use when you. don't have access to the app follow this. quick setup here. notice it did not ask for a code because. I'm already signed in okay that's done. from now on it will ask you to verify.

Every time you log in next we'll add. another website I will enable twofactor. authentication for my account on this. website first I'll go to account. settings where twofactor authentication. is available I'll click on this setup. button then we'll choose the. authenticator app option you will see a. QR code in the app click the plus sign. and choose the third option. let's allow the camera permission. if you are using the same mobile you can. click here and insert the key shown here. I will scan this QR code with my phone. then we'll see the account added we must. open this account in the app and insert. this code in this option here once. that's done the setup is complete now. every time I sign in I must insert this. code from the app the code refreshes. every 30 seconds which is great. Microsoft authenticator can save your.

Passwords all these passwords are. imported from another app but you can. tap here to add new generate a secure. password and check your history when you. generate a password you can set the. password strength and add a note to help. you remember click on an account to see. the password information. you can also edit it by clicking here. next you can save your payment cards. let's quickly add one you can come back. to see the car details at any time. we can also add addresses the address. field has options including the name. address and phone you can come here to. copy addresses and use them in other. apps lastly Microsoft authenticator has. the verified IDs feature some websites. ask you to verify your identity. so you can scan the barcode and provide. your documents through this app this. will ensure that your documents are safe.

and secure before we go let's enable the. backup in the settings you will find. this option this option will backup your. account codes online so if you lose your. phone or the app you can still access. websites however you must save the. backup code somewhere Save which will. help you log into your Microsoft account. if you lose this app there are some. other options here you can import. passwords from chrome and other places. if you use Microsoft's autofill you can. check this to provide a pin every time. it autofills so that's pretty much it. thanks for watching please share your. feedback about the video below and take. care

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