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Foreign. Gates Olympus today starting off with a. 10 000 bonus buy and later in this video. we're gonna be doing some Max bet one. thousand dollar spins so like a thousand. dollar for each spin which is gonna be. crazy but and rumor has it it's. currently 11 or 111 PM so it's a good. sign that we are going to get it on a. Max spin so it's a you know music I. should stick around for the entire video. instead of skipping yeah Maltese agreed. Blues nice uh count chalice chalice cup. cats cats. it's like. two like like it suppresses my voice so. I can't hear myself talking and then you. know how to fix it. yeah. no I can turn in the monitor thing up in. my little interface this is a nice green. little yellow connect yeah nice uh board. if we get reds here more Maltese would. be sick if this stuff cleared off at the. bottom it would have been good but.

It did not. for sure right. okay. now multi or Blues yeah. well. uh. what do you want to do after this 10K. dude uh Max bet one thousand dollar. spins I thought right away. I guess we could wait but yeah if we get. a multi here oh nope nope. as soon as I started paying attention to. that spin it just died right. so you can just run to the next five. I saw this McLaren the other day at this. restaurant that I usually go to and park. next to it adore the McLaren. next we'll actually let me include this. too as I'm looking to McLaren one of the. workers at the restaurant came over and. just like started watching me and I was. like okay that's weird so I got my car. and left next day I see the same McLaren. at night at a red light roll down my. window it's an older guy and I gave him. a thumbs up and he kind of just like.

Looks at me and puts his head back. straight and I was like no smile or. anything or you didn't want to like. like say like thanks or whatever. I don't know so it rubbed me the wrong. way and I was like all right let's see. if he does anything cool with this red. light because we're both sitting there. waiting for the light to turn green I. was expecting them to speed off yeah and. no bro this guy's a loser doesn't do. so now it kind of just like killed. my respect for this guy because one he. didn't give me like a thumbs up after I. was just like yo or you know anything. like that and you just like this guy put. his head back yeah I was like come on. dude what the like I was in a way I. was like looking up to this guy because. the day before I was like damn dude this. is like this looks nice like I can. get this one day type and then like.

The next shirt was the same guy positive. yeah same exact car it was when I sent. you a picture of the other day remember. that was a nice car that's a really nice. one we could pop up a picture if you. want yeah we could this bonus is so dead. better than watching this bonus that's. what I was about to say all right if we. get rings though but we we weren't even. close we needed two more. wow. two dead bonuses. all right should we just should we go. for these Max bet spins right now or. should we yeah I guess but they're gonna. go buy so quick bro because we only have. 27k so that's oh I know only but I know. 77 spins maybe like call it like 16k I. don't know and then do a bonus if it. dies if it's like completely dead okay. God they're already going I know they're. not doing anything okay there's 250 back. so it's a little rebate yeah.

Wow these are just completely dead hold. on do a 500 and then jump it back up to. a thousand see if the 500 hits or. anything okay see if we can switch up. the luck a little bit all right yeah now. we'll go back up. wow okay one more and then we I say we. turn them down to 500. yeah because this. is getting duked I know there goes Seven. Grand okay well we can't get a multi now. because this scatters here. you know I didn't one one we were in one. more and we were in. I didn't think it was gonna be this bad. like we haven't seen a single multi like. slots 50k 16k bonus buy to be honest I. think I would do the same after we get a. multi on here and all of our money back. all of them perfect Gates raise your. hand that was the first spin the. paid profit though I think which is. really sad for how many spins we've done.

It's embarrassing Gates gonna be times. I've called him embarrassing probably. more times than we can count. one more Spin and we gotta jump in oh no. we could just do a 500 yeah. you know you know I know this is such an. awkward board it's all over the place. like that that was weird all right well. I guess the 16k buy is what we can do. here right we're really banking on this. 16k for the video right now yep if you. haven't already if you haven't already. make sure you're subscribed and liked. the video and commented as well yes. appreciate that. all right here we go please give us a. little bit of a comeback here. I want the balance. um greens. no and join the Discord server if you're. down there it's linked in the. description I haven't said that one in a. while. can we get a connect God. damn it dude. okay 6X please keep going this isn't.

Good yet okay it can it can get good. it's 3K. um if we can at least get 10 back it'll. be worth you know doing another buy you. know I don't know what I did like 20. minutes ago before we started recording. after my workout what did you did 20. minutes ago I made chocolates I made. chocolate chocolate covered chocolate. covered strawberries I had chocolate. covered strawberries last night it was a. chocolate fondue yeah there was this uh. we had some friends over last night for. dinner and one of them uh someone. brought a fondue machine and then it was. super nice nice dude yeah what is what. is the difference between fondue it's. more like runny like it's not like um. should I have done that then dude. because my was so hard to spread on. the strawberries bro yeah yeah try that. next time but seven okay what this last.

Spin this last spin has to do it for us. it has to. 15x isn't bad but Gates is for I can't. even say that word ridiculous I know. before we get to this next part in the. video if you want to gamble for yourself. you should sign up here on stake and. then click the little guy in the top. right corner from there go down to. settings offers and use code Fork that. gives you money back on every single bet. you place now let's get back to the. video 7K yeah because we can't do. anything I didn't think it was gonna. delete 40K that that was we brought 40. here too I honestly would have rather. put the 7K onto limbo for a 5x and just. see if we could oh Max win no there it. is there it is Hey There It Is What. the Fox. okay. another game no way we just said. all this . it happened Oh Daddy what are the odds. that happens again what's the max One on.

US 400 oh it's gonna be 400k no yeah. shut the up it's gonna be because. shut yeah. I swear it is. how there's not it's 400k how though. there's only eight spins I don't think. we can get to 800 no we have a 505x so. look okay look it's got it I'm hitting. though there it is that's it that's. that's it right there so yeah this is it. no this is it I told you no way I told. you I have to Vlog two two Max wins on. Gates of 250 again bro this is a. thousand eggs. this is a thousand eggs oh my God oh my. God what is going on look at this look. at this that's Maxway. dude after after the video I. know I know I know after the what. are the uh I think it's like I think. it's like one in two million chance you. hit this Max win I'm winning this like a. month ago we hit it like two months ago. we hit it in April and then we deleted.

That Max win in the next month but this. is. I know it was in nine spins nine spins. and we got. that's that's old what the bro I. know I know I don't know I just want to. say everyone we have a few more videos. to record so we will show the withdraw. after the session like we'll show it at. the end of this video whatever we end up. withdrawing from after we record the. rest of these videos it is all real. money this is insane. 350k in the back like as soon as we saw. that drop in oh it literally just. I was like what no I don't know. there's no way. that was the last thing I was expecting. I know yes I know 300 like I don't even. know what to say I think we just took it. there we need to be real we gotta just. leave it there though we're not we can't. do another buy here we just we gotta go. no that's so it's unbelievable very very.

unbelievable. but I ain't sleeping

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