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Foreign. beasts I'm never killing animals like. when majif is finding a spider like. he's. going crazy screaming and stuff. and then I take my son then I take look. we're gonna save this little spider. take it up in paper and then put it. outside. kind of quick cares well 2x nice oh yeah. the clips I forgot about the clips. and then once I took a spider in paper. and then I put it outside and the leg. was up oh he hurt his leg he need. to rest a little bit I haven't thought. you're a good father bro yeah trying at. least. yeah that. can we keep going with the milk tea oh. decent win again here. spiders are good to kill flies and we. have so many flies now during the summer. man. hey we connected the 50x. can we get an hourglass this could be. insane. yellow or hourglass nice. still low a lot of spins left. let me put on something else here like.

Let's just grind some fruit party I. guess. actually. let's put this up on the big screen man. but absence. okay the problem now is that we need to. get another military to take part this. 72x. and that's usually the hard part. green hourglass now rings. sure. purple purple red red. purple purple purple purple. yo this is big come on. that's insane 5.3. let's go holy I'm [ __ ] crazy. dude. all right I don't know what to put on. there on the grind. let's just put it on seven here but. I can't focus on that right now six pins. left 700x already. can we get one more of those connections. we need that multi still. red green purple no now then nine. no then no no then your ring. yo and then green purple I guess. holy . holy what up smile good see bro. welcome to the channel. ah this is almost spouse and X now. oh. yeah yeah yeah.

let's go the crown the coronets. the Coronet happened holy . it's beautiful. I mean now I gotta shut down the the. football a little bit here on the side. and take a picture to the big. ring group instantly when I take over I. start printing. and this is the first big win we've had. in a while as well. geez. okay we're still at one spinoff for. this though. three thousand two hundred eggs can we. get one more connection

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