12.05.2024 I SPUN in a $100,000 MAX BET BONUS on GATES of OLYMPUS 1000!!! (Bonus Buys)

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All right boys and girls welcome back to. a new video I have quite the surprise. for you guys today uh I actually didn't. plan to make this video to be fair with. you guys but I was doing a race Strat. earlier and uh you know what I'll let. you watch the. clip go. what. okay well we got a video for today. anyways boys we're back with that I'm. going to start the video off with. opening that but before we get into it. guys we're back on gam and if you guys. want to support me head over to rewards. use promo code wgtv or watch games TV. you get 15% rake back boom as well as a. bunch of other stuff while you're there. as well and if you use the code guys you. can head over to W rewards and check out. our leaderboard for wagering so if you. just wager you get prizes and yeah if. you guys want to qualify for the. complimentary ,000 prize as well all you.

Got to do is wager 25k for the whole. month of February but yeah that's pretty. much it guys let's get right into it and. yeah don't forget guys Advent calendar. live for February enter for that you can. win some prizes we're giving away 25 5K. again for this month every subscriber I. gain I'm going to add 50 cents to this. pot at the end of the month I will give. away the whole amount that we collect to. a random subscriber the total amount. will grow depending on how many. subscribers we gain so feel free to. subscribe and add. 50s all right so you guys saw in the. little intro what happened I don't know. what to expect from it guys every time I. get a bonus on this game it does not do. really that well but 100x would be money. for me and I'd be pretty happy about. that so let's get right into it guys I. know I have a bigger balance we kind of.

Left it here from last video and uh you. know sometimes with big balances you do. big dumb stuff and sometimes it pays off. and hopefully this is one of those times. guys Gates of Olympus $100,000 bonus. ladies and gentlemen we're kicking off. the video quite well and hopefully this. actually pays man here we go come on man. it took one spin too I got to this bed. size it was dropping so many scatters it. was. like the whole way up we get to Max bet. bonus dude what a oh all right here we. go here we go guys if this Max wins uh. I'm probably fired so uh and I'll. probably go on a long vacation you won't. see videos for me most likely here we. go okay starting off with good multis we. haven't hit him yet we see a 2X that's a. curse don't you dare scam me here gay. double hit is good we do another double. hit you have to zap this bro you didn't.

Zap that I don't have good news about. this guys I do not have good news about. this 100K bonus. bro I I can already tell I can already. tell it's one of those guys I can. already tell it's one of those and the. worst part is we're going to be playing. this game all day today basically unless. we get saved here right 2x really bro. Blues couldn't hit either greens didn't. hit of course guys I mean this is my. luck guys crowns could have hit there. would have been actually a good save. Char wow wow guys just uh just wow is. all I'm going to say that is. actually the the fifth time guys the. fifth time I've spun in a bonus on this. game the game has been updated please. restart there's absolutely no way they. updated the game as soon as. I there's absolutely no. way what do they update can someone. explain dude version 2.0 did the RT we.

Go even. lower ain't no oh that's actually okay. guys maybe this update's pretty good. $7,000 base game um yeah so we'll do. some spins like this wait they changed. the bed. sizes Max beted is. six we caught that live boys I swear bro. they don't want to see your boy winning. bro they don't want to see your boy. winning bro I swear they just Capp the. beted. sizes they. yeah Max bet is now 60k which I mean I. it's a lot of money I would never do. them I only spend them but bro mid. recording we got capped unbelievable. guys unbelievable bro I mean that is. going to be the last 100K Buy on Gates. of Olympus 1000 that anyone on gamdom. can do that is insane actually dude. imagine it paid 15 million bro they were. probably bricks boys I'm not even going. to lie dude they're probably bricks like. what no way he spun this.

In all right anyways regardless guys. um let's get it cooking man let's see if. we can get another bonus on this Max bet. that's crazy dude I got that bonus like. 5 minutes ago I I did a little intro. started my recording got my camera ready. opened the bonus up first of all I paid. dog I don't know why they're even scared. of changing the bed size but I mean $50. million is a lot to pay out you. know just some random dude in a room. bro that's crazy guys we actually saw. that happen live I'm sure they've like. requested this like prior I don't think. it happens instantly but like it's just. funny it's just funny. dude me to be fair all right I mean I'll. I'll give him that maybe we get a base. game Hit or a bonus here uh let's see. let's see if we can cook something on. these big beted sizes and then um and. then we'll do some Bonus Buys I think.

Okay 900 not bad he can zap this he can. zap this it would be really nice. Zeus yo that you got it bro you got it. man oneoff chales as well. guys but anyways guys I hope you guys. are having a fantastic day uh I do want. to remind you guys we are doing a. clipping leaderboard in Discord if you. guys are in my Discord uh make sure you. guys do join that because it's just. posting clips that we've provided you. guys all across social media and you get. paid for the views it's it's actually. pretty cool and as well as uh you help. grow everybody. um and yeah it's pretty. cool you guys gabed them hey hey hey G. them change the bed size bro see what. happens dude I would have lost way more. money dude hey what's up Felix how are. you brother watch this man yo I'll be. invoicing you tonight bro I'll be. invoicing you tonight with this payout.

Right here boom 4X already I wish. yellow's hit there I wish the yellows. hit before we got the multi but hey we. ain't going to complain for a multi come. on man. okay that could have been. good what's happening oh no. element okay I mean our glasses would be. insane of course we don't hit it we got. a 6X multi with nine spins I mean on. this bed size doesn't really matter you. just need to get a good tumble and a zap. man that's all that matters really on. this bed size especially for spun in. bonuses that could have been an 11x guys. that could have been H could have would. have should have four spins left and. absolutely okay p maybe here guys greens. blues chales uh chales should be in. blues could be in um maybe another zap. Reds could hit rings can hit Top symbols. around here oh man it's not bad though. guys it's not bad little 20K juicer we.

Take that man literally so close. literally so one off. crowns okay one green anywhere I don't. know if you're going to do it nice okay. yellows are surely in yeah Reds maybe or. crown. guys if we hit crowns this is going to. be huge let's go get in then another. zap come on. man come on. man let's go boys that's what I'm. talking about like I said g you know you. guys can change the bed sizeing but. hey we still here man we still here. still dominating you. know ah yeah boys. got two spins with the 17x man two spins. with the 17x boys that's what I'm. talking about you know. like sometimes just works. out not bad can we get another hit like. that that was actually a really good. tumble guys oh this could this could. cook as well guys this zaps it's like 20. grand if this zaps is 20 grand bro Zeus. come on it's your last spin c not bad.

Oh feels good feels good man feels good. boys um yeah let's just run some more. spins and then maybe we'll drop it down. do do a few buys here for the boys you. know let's have a let's have a good. session here guys let's have a good. session we've been running kind of all. right lately guys I'm not going to lie. it's been it's been pretty good it has. been pretty. good dude we caught them changing bed. sizes literally at I mean I don't know. if it's like that for all prags or is. just this one because to be fair guys. this game has a 15,000 x max payout. right that's a lot of money dude on a. $1,000 bet you can win $15 million which. is you know it's. crazy the fact that back in the day dude. I swear like a few months ago gam had. like what is it like $1,400 bets oh wow. this could have been good for a zap man.

Let's get another bonus here bro that. would be sick or a zap right like screen. like yeah yeah yeah and then give me a. even bigger juicer with crowns ah two. crowns there would have been good bro 5K. though we take. it elemental. power okay it's a bit that's a bit tough. right crowns would have hit six grand. would have been uh quite a. bit. charging elemental. power get us the skin drop. two you got to talk to him in that in. that like you know that that way cuz. that's that's the only way he. understands you you got to be like bonus. please and then he like just drops it in. you know like see I got a scatter right. there cuz he heard me. Elemental it's all good man Hey listen. guys we're up on the session already we. had a. beautiful it's fine everything's fine. guys triple scatters by the way. come. on come on you've been dropping okay.

Rings no okay let's go um let's do a. bonus buy now let's do a bonus buy let's. go for maybe like a 10K buy something. like that let's go for like something a. little juicy like this still Max win. would be insane 1.5 million it would. still be my biggest win ever um on this. bed size even uh but let's see it let's. see it guys lately this game hasn't been. too bad I think this is much more. enjoyable than um gets Olympus regular. power. Char okay elemental power a lot of. talking here Zeus but no multis what's. happening bro right got a lot to say. here but nothing to show for. it now if you got real balls you would. hit a big multi here but you hit a two. it's just embarrassing at this point you. know what I mean it is just embarrassing. bro red. no crowns one off I thought that would. have hit bro I thought those hit that's.

A bad bonus but I mean I'm glad we only. did a 10K bu comparison to like what we. could have done you know just go next. bro what are you trying to do here rrig. no wow guys that was a real 2x. script we just got scammed bro what the. all right time for a race trap I almost. find it that this game is better. spinning like look at this this is. probably going to go crazy see and then. we get rings no we. don't okay we get greens here. no okay we're almost at Max. bet. okay Max BET right yeah can't go higher. than that man guys we got away with like. a Max 100K bonus right before they. nerfed us bro that's so crazy. actually damn bro that is hilarious all. right we'll go down to um 250 maybe we. do uh maybe we get zapped here actually. bro maybe he like actually wakes up you. know Blues are in maybe he actually. wakes up with 1,000 x bro another zap.

Here for the okay we take that we take. that another eight grand we take. that see if we can. um see if we can go down to 250 or get a. bonus one thing that they added to this. game that's really cool now is the turbo. spins guys they updated the turbo spins. it's it's so good look at this. watch when it hits it just doesn't waste. time it just goes next goes next goes. next you know and I actually prefer. playing the game like that oh my God a. 10x like I actually prefer this so much. more than what it was. before it goes through so quick and I'm. glad they updated it like. this all right let's not get ahead of. ourselves we're down 40 Grand from our. Peak um and um you know money means a. lot to me. so let's go back to another 10 of the K. of the. buy it's such a like weird way to start. today's video guys it really is if you.

Think about it we spin in 100K bonus. then the bet size goes down then we. spend in a Max bet on that what's next. Max win today that would be. sick oh I feel I feel like blue should. have hit there Am I Wrong element power. we also want to see like a good multi. like one of these has to be a good multi. right we can't just sit around here and. get paid $800 for $10,000 bonus. bines maybe this bedside is cooked. it just this is another. bonus okay maybe we get saved with a big. multi zap no not even dude what is. happening I got to tickle his feet dude. that's the only way I'm doing it. currently he's going to zap a big multi. watch look look look it's. happening no it's not. power I'm surprised guys usually the. bonuses on this game are all right. elal power another. $800. hello okay that's a bit strange I'm not.

Going to lie let's do um this could be. good this could actually be good. guys yeah this could be really good if. he zaps guys I hope he. zaps guys 20x on that 21. Grand drop two. scatters drop four. scatters I think when I tell it drop two. he thinks like oh yeah sure I got you. here's two greens nice zap. go I've yet to see a th000 x multi on. this game I've spun it a lot actually on. stream guys you yet to see. it maybe now maybe now dude if he zaps. now oh that would have been so. good okay this good bonus guys 20K bonus. in 1 2. three could have tumbled as well blues. and yellows could have hit there we got. to had a few more opportunities for that. bonus all right let's go down to um. 235 go down to 235 and maybe a bonus. along the. way wow wow where where's the zaps. man one off come on has to be. it so close every time boys all right.

We're going to get Ito guys I feel like. we're going to spend another crazy bonus. but after this bonus by cuz I am hella. do on this bed size I am hella do on. this 10K by dude we've gotten two 80 uh. not even 8xs 8 Xs and back to back we. are so due on. this yo Olympus listen boom Zap show. me okay okay we hit a premium maybe we. get a zap here right this could be our. biggest win yet on this 10K buys nice. again again the 4X blocks the. yellows from hitting. Char elemental power. okay. okay all. right little bit of a setback so far we. got only 4X but at least we're winning. more than the last two bonuses on this. bed. size. okay could be something good here guys. good zap okay it's really bad multis. what happened did they Nerf the game. live like while I'm playing is that what. happened. guys I feel like we got hella Nerf as we.

Were playing. dude Char. okay that's crazy. guys I think they nerfed the game as I. was playing this is unreal live Nerf. caught caught in action you. know all right let's see if we can get. drop in another one. here we're still still doing good guys. right we're still profitable but it. would be nice to see like one bonus buy. do something right if it does something. I can send bigger buys but at the moment. I'm not comfortable doing like 20K or. 30k buys because clearly none of them. are paying right the base game has been. good we've gotten into a few bonuses one. bonus paid really well. but the the the bonuses buys are not it. today nice look at that we're just in. just like. that it's going to be like a mixture. video I guess guys some spins and some. buys and I'm hoping some of them pay. right elemental power okay 3x is showing.

Up Good Start we hit with the chalises. usually zaps after that double hits. always. zaps okay sure please man dude such a. good tum there as. well yeah he's just not zapping. anymore he's lost it RP RTP set to. zero not that we we I mean we owed the. lot of money at this point but. still I feel like one of these bonuses. has to do something right come on man. okay a 5x good one more. now okay not bad that's five grand boys. that's five grand we take that yeah we. got a decent multi9 spins back to back m. hourglass should have hit. there a lot of one offs oneoffs on this. game I feel. like okay yellows should be in might be. one off though no we're good and then. chalice hourglasses are in our please. stop oh man guys even a even a 1x zap. there would have been 12 Grand I think. or more right zap now it's the the same.

Bro another two grand tumble. bro elemental. power 20 guys that would have been 45 no. like 50 Grand if it Zapped on the two. grand. tumbles oh my God you. Shameless you Shameless old fart all. right it's all good it's all. good come on. get me back. in we'll do some turbos see if we can. just drop it right back in cuz that last. bonus was Shameless to say the. least that would have cost us 20 grand. at least it paid better than the 10K. bu I'm sensing a little bit of a lag all. right okay let's do a bonus buy it's a. sign guys it's giving me a sign to go. for. um go for a 12K mod. maybe the 10ks are just rigged right. just think of that way we up the BET one. 2K difference we've been hitting 2K. tumbles it's a. sign Fearless good screen beautiful. screen if you Z one more time I'll suck. you wait. what never. mind. okay my power Red's surely right okay.

Red's and ring sh this is a good bonus. this is a good one 20 30X guys with 10. spins left the thing's on fire man look. at this sh. Flames yo I swear bro if you want to be. become my friend Zeus drop that th000 X. right now and hit bro that's 38x right. now guys Blues Reds nothing hits don't. worry about it we got that multi up guys. we have seven spins if we get a rri I. swear to God I'm pulling my pants. down. power Charing okay don't throw don't. throw don't throw. bro there ain't no way guys El there. ain't you. dumbass there is no way guys that just. happened we had a 38x multi and Nine. Dead. spins there is absolutely no way that. just happened dude they nerfed this game. live they nerfed this game live dude we. got lucky and got our last wi ever on. this game unbelievable dude they nerfed. it live right in front of my face dude I.

Strongly believe oh my God almost got a. Bonus that is. unbelievable all right this could zap. never mind never mind just go next. dude all right all right all right all. right it's fine guys let's go back to. the 10K right hear me out 10K boom. actually we're due we are do bro we've. had multis on this one this is like our. fourth buy now 40 Grand going into this. 10K buys and we've yet to get anything. higher than a $1,000. win okay come. on okay good. we just got to get those zaps in bro. right like like okay not a 2X though. like we got to got to try a little. harder bro right like uh what do you. want me to do with this H 240. Nice it's a 2X scrip it's a. scrip okay I think guys I don't want to. be that guy but I think Max. $100 is rigged. them never mind I take it all. back we actually are getting multis now.

We're running out of spins but at least. we're getting some damage. control okay hourglass could have hit. there okay could tumble here if we hit. yellows one yellow anywhere cool let's. go go. next all right. um I do sense a little bit of a lag I'm. going to refresh this guys cuz even my. balance took a second there for it to uh. Celestial yeah it was a little bit of. lag. there still there. hm okay a different plan bought a whole. new PC for this and it's still lagging. dude okay it feels a bit better feels a. bit smoother maybe he zaps now cuz he's. not lagging anymore his brain can. think yeah yeah yeah this is guys if. that hits as well. no one. off okay let's go um let's do like a few. of these spins. here Max v. 60k he's thinking guys he's thinking is. he going to give me a bonus I don't. know. damn it bro come on.

Man so many two scatters right it's like. two two two. two we can't get zaps when the scatter. shows up either so they're not only. they're taking up space but they're also. stopping him from putting his hand up. which he rarely does anyways to be. fair all right last spin we do some more. buys like the good news is it's a very. profitable session for me I started this. off. not bad you know like we're up like 80. grand I think at the moment thanks to. that one. bonus would have been nicer to be up. more but let's go for a h go for another. 12K that's the one that kind of cooked. got a good multi on it as well free. spins free. spins all right boys come. on I also don't want to lose too much so. might be a little bit of a shorter video. for you guys today. but we'll. see I really wanted the Reds to hit. there but hey we got a multi guys it's a.

2X yay yes wait a minute please zap good. okay I think the 12K buys are actually. alive guys I think the 12K buys are. actually. alive I think the 12K buys might. actually be a little alive you. know we got like tumbles happening good. symbols hitting lots of them as well. none of this minimum both. Fearless that would have been good 10x. but unfortunate feel power I I feel your. power is just you're kind of just slow. dude you're kind of slow we got to get a. hit for Zeus then. zap thank you I guess we have no spins. left I don't know what you're going to. do with this 11x multi with one Spin and. a dream boys can we get profit power. actually doable here yellows Reds Blues. none I'll go SC just cry in a corner. dude nice okay okay damage control. though see like I don't I don't. understand why the the 10K buys don't.

Act like this super. strange all right let's go come on wake. the up Good Start adex Rings a man if. Rings hit too that would have been. juicer and then he Zapped again oh my. crowns almost hit I like like the look. of this bonus so far but knowing him he. might just dead spin the rest of these. spins so hourglass I I was. dreaming okay potential here at least. the multi increase chance. nope reig would be cool actually I just. wasted a bunch of spins. Zeus again wasting space bro they just. waste. space come on man. got to see something from you Reds maybe. hourglasses we actually get a zap Purple. hit can I get hourglass or reds man how. did you Dro so many yellows not bad. though another 5K five spins with 20x. almost power okay Reds. no all right 21x three spins it can. bring us into profit here this is a good.

Screen kind of nice there we go purples. now and then Rings nice Rings now we're. in surely hourglass as well right after. that bro one hourglass. anywhere nice okay it's a good tumble. guys one more zap here for the boys oh. this is good profit guys this is a very. good profit it's like 20 grand yeah nice. man there we go okay and then Rings oh. bro I it it looked like he was going for. Max Rings there with his zap not bad not. bad not bad 29k boys that brings us back. a little bit let's send it back one more. time I think this is like the only bet. size that's done something for. us F an 100K buy nothing 60k bu. paid 10K buys just don't even do them. ever and then 20K we spun in and paid. like 11. Grand that screen there if we just got. those rings to Tumble in would have been. in. insane okay very good multi 12x 11 spins.

We have more multi than spins remaining. which is different you know we're not. used to. that he's got his like hand cooking we. just need one of them to be a little bit. of a better multi guys every multi is. kind of like mid we have a good multi. now 18x seven. spins every spin he's zapping though. which is interesting. we just need him to zap on that one. tumble screen 21x now five or six. spins zap no hits zap again oh no he. didn't zap that. time okay maybe here purples yellows. nice yellows maybe and then. zap nice okay and then just tumble bro. tumble whatever you oh one off hourglass. two off chalice I think or three off. chalice not a bad win though not a bad. win 27 X and we have what two spins left. last spin here maybe maybe he zaps we. get profit he does nice okay I mean is. that. profit yes sir 120 bucks guys that is.

Called stuns in my eyes because we just. paid 12 Grand to make $120 don't at me. that is. insane power huh. feel the. power wow. wow that is awk that is that is a weird. tumble couldn't do anything with it but. 3x okay good 5x and then zap again I. want to see one time where like he hits. the screen like that and then out of. nowhere he just zaps like seven times. like all across just everywhere like. that would be. cool elemental power. powerless guys this is a good bonus. again this bed size is cooking. bro it's another very nice hit and I. might actually be profit almost 15x with. 10 spins. left okay Reds Rings greens ah okay I. see what you did there at least we take. a multi I guess multi increase my. brother's lucky number 17 on seven spins. maybe this goes crazy can can do it here. yellows nice zap zap it's already good.

It's already. good okay top symbol zap. GG's okay we tried we. tried I think this will be profit guys. our multi is super high we got four. spins left we're at 22x we need like one. grand okay we like it would be better to. make more than a grand but it's looking. all. right see we have two spins to just get. a crazy tumble. man okay definitely profit but it's. really. profit okay this could go crazy actually. if he zaps nice zap come on purples are. in on the last spin no shot we're going. to get saved like this that is huge. that's I don't know how much nice bro. come. on we found the best size boys we're. back up to 250,000 man let's get it. let's get it. to be fair guys um we did start with a. higher balance today but in total right. now as of now we're up 100 Grand not. including this buy 10 like 12 Grand if. we include this B.

Roughly okay double hits. zap okay zap. please my understanding between this. game is like if you're getting a lot of. tumbles and he hasn't Zapped already. he's not going to zap that's what I. think at. least bu my power. okay this is the first buy guys I mean. we can't really complain can we it's the. first buy where it's dog unless we hit. hourglasses here in a crazy multiplier. nope we just go next on this one you. know okay kind of kind of ass I'm not. going to lie but all right do some B. let's do some spins. here. spins are a bit laggy. today two rings and a. zap good bonus here if he drops a few. scatters. here how has this one hourglass not. dropped yet it's crazy to me dude. okay I really wanted go try out uh. Starlight princess 1000 as well just to. see like did they add the same uh. limitation for it or is it all prags as.

Well I wouldn't think it's all prags but. okay could have went. crazy. greens wow that's a good screen actually. so many of the same colors uh but none. of them connected. we'll go down to 230 here guys and then. I'll switch games for a little bit and. we'll probably call it here cuz I don't. want to lose too much uh but I do want. to do a few more buys and a few more uh. race strats on a different. slot okay let me go check regular gates. gates of Olympus original I just want to. see because I feel like maybe it's uh. it's going to be three games that I can. think of gates of Olympus 1000 Starlight. princess 1000 and I think Zeus Ze vers. Hades 1,000 maybe or not 1,000 sorry. Zeus vers Hades um that the bed size are. going to be capped unless all of the. pragmatics are cap now at. 600 no yeah it's of course okay it's the.

Ones that pay 15,000 x let's give it. like a few spins. here imagine he just zaps here like just. like a 200 x right now dude that could. be a crazy zap. bro ah okay not bad though that pays for. like five spins. okay drop three. imagine he like feels weaker in this. game for some. reason like he kind of feels like a beta. male in this one like look he's smaller. there's no 1,000 above his head. like a barely. bonus. okay last spin here and I'm going to. switch. oh I'm depressed dude one more one more. guys it was going to be last spin don't. get me wrong I don't want to do these. spins but that was just bull right like. three scatters maybe he zaps here to. save. us nah bro this guy fell off I feel like. I feel like the the gates 1000 is much. much more enjoyable like uh I know it's. kind of the same game but okay let's try.

Starlite. Starlight 1,000 I actually never played. this one I don't I didn't really enjoy. it too much I think I did one video on. it and then it just wasn't my thing I I. I feel like maybe even on this game they. they nerfed up beted. size cuz it is kind of similar to Gates. of Olympus 1000 yeah so okay so these. ones are nerfed to 750 per spin okay. interesting let's do like two spins here. and then we'll do a bonus. buy I find this one a little bit hard to. like follow anyone else watching this. video like the symbols look too. alike I don't know it's a little like a. little hard to see like what's going to. hit he's got this big ass like sword. it's intimidating you know or whatever. it is like a spear or staff one off of. one off potentially a Max wi you never. know there that bonus that might have. given it to.

Us is zap here would be good come on do. something he just just keeps laughing. dude. dude dude laugh one more time I swear to. God every time. dude all right let's do it guys let's. send a 12K buy see if it's hot on here. as well obviously if it pays profit I'll. do a few more buys but I think 200k in. my eyes was my bottom line um and we. will stop there you know still very good. profit for the for the session today. honestly I didn't even expect to to. record this video. today didn't even expect to record this. video today. so. bright to the. Stars okay okay it's actually not bad I. was going to start talking very that's a. lot of multis guys that's like four. multipliers in one spin man and none of. them are blue or higher good hit. though come. on I like her pose so bright like turns. right away like so bright you know there.

A little. twist of course not when I have a hit. oh. no oh. no. guys star. power to be. fair to be fair right even if we hit. that our our hit would have been like 11. Grand there okay. oh okay didn't zap there to be fair guys. even if we hit that multi it would have. it wouldn't have been that good of a win. right we would have had 10 and something. X yes it would have looked cool but oh. man that is just sad to see guys you. know like you dream for those multis to. show up during a bonus but not for them. to not. hit all right hopefully this pays guys. hopefully this pays like n grand um so. we can do another one let's go Shield. BL okay. 3x wow that is uh unfortunate. man now you dream for those multis to. show up man and when they do they have. to hit they have to. hit right. moons star kiss star. kiss 2x multi can we uh do something.

Here sir. Miss Cosmic riches star power okay our. first. hit. magnificent I don't know if that's. magnificent to each its own I guess 12x. multi. wow I'll just go myself dude what the is. this are you going to Tumble and give me. nine grand here or. what it's actually not too bad. definitely better than what it could. have done when it died but let me check. how much rakeback we have guys and then. um. and then we'll go from there we got 1K. and rake back so we're at about eight. grand H surely if we buy one for 12. grind is going to pay 4K but even this. was hard to get 4k out. of I don't want to go below 200 is the. thing guys I'm trying to do the math. we'll go for a 10K buy to end it off. with guys I hope you guys enjoyed. today's video it's quite the roller. coaster I didn't expect to record this. honestly I was just kind of being bored.

And um doing some spins you know let's. go. star. k to the Stars want to see that 100x. again bro you know or okay give me a. better multi right I want to see the big. 1,000. okay a lot of nice man zap again please. please zap. again oo that is like Ma I feel like. that was Max moons that's already profit. I feel like that's that was like Max. Moon's. guys that was like a $1,500 tumble man. okay she's kind of cooking maybe we can. stick around for a little bit. longer okay Red's surely right one red. no. glorious did you imagine you see Max. stars or sorry moons or no it's a star. yeah max top symbol. just boom boom boom full screen of them. you know com. BL okay heart hit here not bad not bad. good right Light blues yellows are in. after that maybe greens drop in while. we're at it but 20K win on a 10K by is. not too.

Bad top symbol one0 okay not bad. H Allin. challenge surely it'll pay 2K right. come on come on Focus the up lady Focus. the up you warmed up now on the last. bonus let's see. it uh uh uh uh uh uh okay 7x missed good. zap here hopefully yes good okay. starting off with the Forex I almost. feel like she drops better multis but. it's much harder to get tumbles Zeus on. the other hand gives you tumbles but. it's hard to get multis it's like two. separate games almost. that do the exact same stuff but they. both suck at one thing Blues surely are. in moons would be. huge oh man how did I not hit man good. multi though guys six spins only though. okay moons now please two two one here. and yeah perfect literally called it bro. I even showed it with the mouse uh. Hearts no surely not oh maybe. now one off one off guys but that is.

Good 13 Grand for that. okay that 100x is haunting me guys in. the back of my mind right. now Divine Divine four spins left 16x. like one good tumble we're. profitable could have tumble there. actually okay congratulations. congratulations you lost two grand. thanks thanks thanks lady all right boys. I'm going to call it here I'll do like. uh three or four spins like this maybe. we get a zap base game maybe she has. something more maybe she puts a 100x now. cuz she feels bad no star power 8X wow. 16x wow okay cool cool cool didn't. hit all right boys I'm going to call it. here I actually like my profits today. I'm I'm going to uh dude can we stop. logging me out gam I'm like what are you. doing dude anyways guys that was it for. me. 215k um I am going to be probably. recording another video after this but I. just want to say thank you guys for.

watching I hope you guys did enjoy. today's video and um yeah honestly we'll. go from here peace guys love you all. roll the outro and papa. bless

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