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Hello guys. this is your english and i'm back with. another. i'm so happy to see you guys this. afternoon or. whatever time it is from where you're. watching me from it's afternoon here so. hi. today we're going to be reviewing a. popular perfume by the title of the. video you already know but seriously. this perfume i think he needs no. introduction it's quite popular a lot of. people rave about it that is just so. nice it's so good it is this is that i. bought into the hype and i went ahead. and bought my bottle so if you want to. know what my thoughts are on it please. watch the video to the end now what. perfume are we talking about we are. talking about la tafa. adward yeah. look at that. first thing i was very impressed with is. the presentation i mean like what. sometimes you buy perfumes that are so. expensive i don't they don't have half.

This kind of presentation i mean look at. the box. look at that. oh come on if nothing if nothing at all. the presentation is amazing look at how. it opens. ah. come on. come on. i love the presentation it's really good. i've never tried this box away it's. really nice oh i think we are matching. so you take the bottle out like this the. cup is not very well secured so when you. try to take the bottle out it only takes. out to the bottom not the cup. got it. so guys. this is la tafa. i think it is marketed feminine. but like i said you can wear whatever. perfume you like whether you're male or. female whether it's winter or someone if. you like it go ahead and do your thing. girl or guy. so the cap doesn't actually key very. well. and it is a 60 ml bottle it is not a. normal 100 me perfumes that we normally. get from la tafa this one is a 60 ml per.

Because it's a sophisticated fragrance. it's complicated. it's nice it's rich it's delicious and i. don't think it's cloning anything it's. an original creative fragrance of its. own. so when you spray this. look at that look at that atomizer look. at. look. god i hope i don't choke myself in. perfume. okay okay okay we're getting it we're. getting it we're getting it. personally when i spray this perfume. the first thing that hits me. is jasmine. jasmine and roses. now personally i don't like jasmine. notes in perfumes i don't like jasmine. notes at all. like i have jasmine perfumes that i. somehow managed to go through but it's. not my favorite notes in a perfume and. when you spray this the jasmine is what. comes right at me is what screams right. at me. so for that reason. um i'm not going to rate this at 10 over. 10 personally for me because i don't.

Like jasmine. so i get jasmine notes i get. roses when you spread first. the initial spray. i don't really like. because of the jasmine i don't really. like the jasmine i don't like it at all. so but when it dries down okay just give. this perfume time even if you don't like. it at the initial spray just give it. time so when it dries down. when it dries down to about let's say an. hour an hour and a half you start. catching. another kind of smell. developing you get woody notes. you get fruity nose it's funny because. fruity notes are actually at the top. notes but i don't catch that i don't. catch the fruity notes at the top i only. catch them after a while after the. jasmine has sort of like settled down is. when i get fruity notes okay i don't cut. it in the opening so after a while he. settles down he started getting some.

Woody notes some said a wood they start. getting some fruity nose some rich. delicious creamy. fruity notes then eventually it lasts. long. that is what i know then eventually you. start getting amber. towards the base start getting it after. about two hours. so it lasts so long that when you. straight in the morning. you can see smelt on you late at night. it is that strong so i'll say on skin. give it it complete it how was quite. easily. on your skin you might have a dry skin. so i don't know probably that. contributes on your skin you might get. about 10 hours or 12 hours it's that. strong maybe that's why is in 16 meals. because it's concentrated adword. so i personally get eight hours. comfortably on my skin and on my clothes. i get way longer than that i get a full. day. 24 hours and more. yeah eduard is concentrated as for the.

Notes. uh at the top notes you have fruity. notes with lychee and bergamot then the. heart note is where you get the jasmine. the roses and the cinnamon then the. business you have amber vanilla musk. cedarwood and sanderwood so those woody. knows that i was talking about is the. sandalwood and the cedarwood so you. definitely get that. well like i said after a initial bust of. jasmine and then when it comes down. after about an hour you get the fruity. note you get the masks. you get the whole uh the bergamot thing. going on you get that and the jasmine. would have come down a little bit then. you can tolerate it better with the. roses. but to me it smells like an expensive. perfume. like it's giving rich anti vibes. like when you wear this perfume. nobody thinks of you as a cheap person. or that you're wearing a chip perfume.

Absolutely not. it smells very expensive it's now. sophisticated in fact if your nose is. not. experienced. if you don't have like a a. uh how do i say this a white. kind of if you have not smelled a white. kind of a wide range of smells you might. not be able to actually identify the. notes in here it's that complex and well. blended around it. so you can just pick notes like right. off the top like okay i smell this i. can't they are also blended very well. and they develop it is not a linear. perfume that you just spray tons and it. goes like that for 10 hours once no you. keep getting different things developing. on your skin. okay so that's why i say you spray. perfume on your skin you see how it. feels then it's sprayed on your clothes. and you see how it feels then you know. which one to go with. also don't spray perfume on your i don't.

Know your face or sensitive part of your. body just i stick to my arms if i want. to spray your skin i don't spray on any. other part of my body aside from my. hands and my eyes because they irritate. me so this is really nice and. sophisticated and well blended you will. smell rich. wearing this perfume forget we smell. rich and cappy. like it's dope it's dope it's very. blended personally like i said i'm not. such a big fan i don't wear this often i. only wear it once in a while when i want. to smell different because it smells. like nothing i have in my collection and. trust me i have a very good collection. so it smells like nothing at all that. i've ever smelled before i know this i. only wear it once in a while. like i'm going to somewhere different. somewhere especially i want to smell a. little bit. than the ordinary then i spray this only.

Wait once in a while i'm not a very big. fan like i don't like the jasmine so. much. but for the fact that it is a very. sophisticated perfume i like it and i. wear it once in a while it's probably. going to stay it's going to last very. long because i'm only going to be using. it small small. coupled with the fact that i'm not a big. fan of the jasmine but this is a good. perfume and i don't like the jasmine but. you might so you need to give it a try. it is it is intoxicating and addicting. like. men can wait too women can wear it too. ball whichever one you link towards just. try it. try it and see if you'd like it first. then you decide but for me. it is an. it is a seven of a ten. it is a seven over ten for me. seven over ten because i don't like jazz. me at all. but. perfume is rich. and nice and sophisticated so you should.

buy it although the cup doesn't like i. said boy you should try this you're. getting this perfume seven eight nine. ten thousand era people sell it for. so high. five because it's that good. you can try it out and see if you would. like it and if you watch up on this up. until this level like what are you still. waiting for what are you waiting for. click on the subscribe button click on. the bell notification button next to the. subscribe button so that you get. notified every time i post a new video. and you never miss a video and until. next time ciao

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