12.05.2024 SWIZZLE PAN TO THE RESCUE! - Sugar Rush (Ep.3)

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Hey everybody Rachel dinocraft here and. welcome to episode three of suar. Speedway uh let's go seen this before. Championship. presume okay going to be one of our new. players we Bloyd Jack Skellington I'm. just going to call him that and Swizzle. okay and we still have these. guys okay let's be. you cuz I like. rainbows got two levels left so let's do. this. one all right rainbow I'm going call you. that so I I already forgot your real. name what the. heck oh gosh. stupid computer wow she's free. okay oh wow thanks for missing snow. Wana snow snow get back here get back. here I want to race with you snow. Wana snow water come here snow water. listen to me listen to me snow. water come on girl I know you want snowa. I am not. kidding okay. taida jump let's go. w w oh your name is Swizzle it's okay. what your names are in the corner I'm.

Blind I like the. music ew chocolate ice cream yes I'm. sorry I like everything chocolate except. for chocolate ice. cream sorry. it's not rag my only friend I'm just. kidding I have. friends wait there three laps a all. right. Swizzle let get this over with. cherries. sprinkles let's go. girl ah I'm doing pretty well. oh I had the freaking jinx it didn't. I there's taida and the. corner but go speed what I'm in first. place I don't need. that the heck go. go. what stupid speed there we. go come on. Swizzle okay. cut the. corners there no no no no no half it. up come. on turn. music oh my gosh all I did was turn up. blood jump make the. jump make oh my gosh. if you were rainbow colored I'd be so. mad right now you're looky like. rainbows B ta I have a surprise I don't. know what it is yet but got a surprise. for you ta. up. oh did she guess turn.

Woman pixelated. woman I don't need this I'm going to. save. it epic jump epic. jump that did nothing wow what is that. blue ice. cream what is that supposed to be it's. blue what is that. like it's like SM tap it up the heck tap. it up get back back here you. what. oh I better not get sweet seeked if. that's a. word. boom Swizzles oh right behind me right. let's see how. snana you're doing pretty. bad and there's my wow it's all my past. lives in a row minty taffa and Swizzle. the Swizz. Malarkey. okay orange. War that's a weird name it's like I. don't know but it's just sounds non. American all. right let's step it up. spizzle crumina why are you cheering for. her she's a girl scout wo she's one of. my. people oh we're going into yeah we're. going to ro blue white is that. green it's not. cream. cool wa I just. like get on the right trat okay that tap.

It up how many times have I screamed. your name already. come on ta let's play tag I. me uh what Hey Girl Scout Swizzle is. awesome no it's schol notnot on. you that's not. funny I need to shut up with the puns. but it's like what the heck what. the wait why don't do this. again go I'm. holding the freak oh my God Swizzle. Swizzle. Swizzle a goat oh my gosh. go go there we go now you go oh my. gosh sweet sweet scker that that. yeah that child come on only on the. second lap let's. go I don't care W I'm like bouncing you. okay Swizzle eating too much sugar. seem a little bit. tipsy see a little bit. bouncy well it kind of broke into a song. there why is everybody glitching here I. played this before and the same thing. happened they make it and then they. glitch that's cool so are we going to. get. firstar I don't need.

This all right since we're definitely. going to win because these people keep. GL in like heck wait is that snana go. snana St Voice keeps. cracking wow I'm actually waiting for. snana this. time here I have some. snot okay final lap and then we have one. more round to go you better not miss. this or I'll get really. mad oh yeah there's snana go I don't. need that oh some people are like. getting out of it there's tafida and. Jack. Skellington I'm still really confused. about that blue ice cream what is it. like Smurf. flavored. what love the music though go. go whoa. whoa jeez who's that in front of me is. that cherry child Cherry child. huh. what you I tap your name's not ta. Swizzle swiz swizzy Swizzle the Swizz. Malarkey yeah that's right I called you. by your F full. name turn turn turn. straight straight what she's going.

Backwards no not again not again. no they get first. yeah all right F getting. better taas is in second snana come on. step up your. game kolina come on girl scout come on. show what what you got come on you're. like my sister but not my sister. all right let's try to get first. again Cherry Cherry ROM well those like. flowers like blooming as we ride that's. awesome sorry I'm starting to get a. little bit. sick no excuse for you Swizzle just cuzz. I'm sick doesn't mean you are can you. guys get sick cuz you're like kind of. programmed I don't need that but. thanks yeah they do bloom in front of. you go well you didn't even jump you. like flew you flew don't fall. over. please. T don't glitch again. no I didn't even press the. keys why is it so glitchy it's always. this this. course thanks. okay okay now you jump. normally okay.

Turn you son of a. glitch I'm. sorry. taid you. yet step in my cherry bomb step in my. cherry bomb yes you stepped in my cherry. bomb that's what you get past. life. oh that was awesome that's what you get. for being so mean to. vanelope Movie Spoiler if you haven't. seen record Ral that's a great. movie which is actually the game I'm. playing is from the. movie but. yeah love you see She Flies she doesn't. even go to the end of the rim she just. starts. flying going Peter Pan on me don't go. Peter Pan. Swizzle Swizzle pan that just sounds. weird call you Swizzle pan now come on. Swizzle pan show me some more flying. tricks Swizzle pan fly no. Swizzle pan. flying fly now you don't fly what you. are you not are you not entertained. Swizzle are you not entertained are they. glitching down there again wait okay. where's the.

Jump okay it's not for a while it's not. it's not the road. woo what was I singing oh yeah Swizzle. pan Swizzle pan Swizzle pan does. whatever a swizzle pan can can she. swing. from uh can't think of any candy. know. ew uh can't can't she swing from a candy. spider we no see I'm flying can't no she. can't cuz she's pan Swizzle. pan I really really descript. these Swizzle pan Swizzle pan does. whatever a swizzle pan can can she swing. on a candy spider no she can't cuz she. Swizzle Swizzle. pan yeah she swizzled what the. freak tap it up tap it up I hate. you why are you so mean. that's did you get I finally got. first like more than once snow water. come on you're doing so good the first. round come on. snana okay who did I get I got Mr the. what are they called Reus peanut butter. cups and Mrs icy pop you're kind of cool.

I like your hat and your car. little anime pose. yeah. okay swi yeah Swizzle the Swizz. Malarkey wow that went faster than I. thought okay. um well I have nothing clever to end. this episode with so I guess I'll just. see you guys tomorrow see you on the web

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