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Can they see this box yeah are you sure. shut up and these are the box they can't. see the elephant print bottom if you. guys didn't watch our air jordan 3 what. was it called unite unite review that. you probably don't get the joke. yeah what's good guys my name is Chris. welcome back to the official we're. testers calm YouTube channel today we. got a detailed look at these bad boys. right here look at the box look at it. it's not anything different from a. normal Jordan 3 box they changed the. color of the lid and for whatever reason. this little change does everything but. these guys right here. and I'ma wait in a minute for something. like this come out this feels like it's. like a few decades late these should. have came out like this back in like. what 2000 2001 but these my friends are. the Air Jordan 3 in the UN see that's.

Kind of like a PE but it's kind of not. because the PE version had the UNC. branding on the tongue these guys swap. that out for just the Jumpman logo which. some people are going to mind because. they want what they cannot have I. actually don't mind it because I like my. Jordans they have Jordan branding on I. always thought it was weird whenever. they swish it on this is done up just. like the UNC like apparel and stuff with. super layered stitching it's got the. border behind it I just really like the. way that it looks I don't know man these. are sexy something that I was also. worried about about these which was from. the unite review I was hoping that these. we're gonna look like those shapewise. that refined shape the refined toe box. to refine elephant print the slim. padding the tongue and I'm happy to say.

Man they do not disappoint the only. thing that some people might be pissed. off about is the nike air missing on the. back this is not an original colorway. and I know that the you tonight was not. an original colorway either but I think. that was supposed to be a flip like it's. like a reverse black cement and said. it's red cement so I think that that's. what they were going for with that I. just don't think that they really like. talked about it I think they just do. what they want when they want Jordan. brand is one of the brands were. everything that they do does have. meaning it's just that they're not. always great in telling you what the. meaning is behind things which is why a. lot of times you lose me with. storytelling because you're not telling. the right story or you're not telling. the story the right way or you're.

Leaving things out where I'm like what. about and so it's just easy for me just. to not care and on top of that it's also. cooler when you have your own story. attached to shoes like I have. he's attached to certain sneakers that. are my personal memories and I also have. memories that are attached to like what. I saw MJ or whatever athlete do it's. just one of those things but that's one. of the things that they've have been. doing with these is that they were. putting nike air braiding on OG. colorways and then not on the non. original colorways now as far as. materials go this guy right here is. pretty much all leather everything the. tongue is synthetic per usual on the. back it says heart and soul and these. little patches on there was cool and by. the way all of the dark color that you. see whether it's on the eyelets or these.

Eyelets it's all a deep Navy it's also. there on the sole the jump man and all. of that stuff so it's really just a. really great tiein to University of. North Carolina it uses all their colors. because if you don't know the the deep. Navy and the Carolina blue both part of. their thing plus white did you know that. she's sitting back there being like like. she doesn't give up ask her if she knows. that and she goes women anyways the. outsole right here super sexy that is. gorgeous I love love that would have. been cooler if I was Nike they're still. cool nonetheless especially since they. actually like took the time to border it. out it's not just a bunch of white right. there. super clean looking I dig this the. materials that I that I talked about the. materials and my bypass materials my bad. we're going back to the materials for a.

Second you talked about them all leather. everything okay well just to reiterate. real quick on the leather just to give a. little bit more detail because I. normally do that and I apologize that I. didn't you didn't talk about the quality. that's right that's what I'm gonna talk. about the quality of the leather it's. okay it's not anything crazy it's not. premium quality or anything like that. it's definitely better than the stuff. that's on the tongue because it's not. even leather it's nice and soft just. tumbled what I do like though is that. the rand right here is the same exact. material as the upper which is typically. not the case normally they do like this. weird flat looking Rand and all that and. it's usually synthetic it's got the. weird like little dimples in it and. stuff like little dots that's not what.

They did with these this is the same. exact material that they use on the. upper so it's again all leather. everything which I really like and. they're nice and soft in hand and all. that kind of good stuff so I really like. it they feel great on foot as well the. elephant print looks nice it's a little. bold in all of my panels but some panels. are gonna be thin it like actually. where am i I don't know how well you. guys can see that but right back here. it's nice and thin I really like the way. that that elephant print looks this is. really bold the lines are real bold. moving on up to the toe bold also so. it's just inconsistencies in the. patterns isn't he just got this big old. sheet there's cutting it all out so you. never know what you're gonna get one of. the things though is that the toe box on. these damn you're perfect same exact.

Thing the one thing though is that the. colorway of this is making me like I had. to like legit like match them up in me. like oh because I thought that this was. a little bit bigger than this guy right. here but I think it's just cuz it's all. white so it looks a little beefier but. they're the same there it's a drop down. look it's a nice sleek toe it's the same. exact newly remastered three that we got. in this guy on these guys right here . the the branding this is such a great. shoe and love threes man they're so easy. to wear they're so comfortable. oh speaking of comfort these have. polyurethane insoles and so do these to. which I say Jordan brand does what it. wants when it wants to look I'm cool. with that though at least it's an. upgrade like I was surprised that this. was in here I was like ocean we've had a.

PU insole and a nan og colorway sick and. in case you're wondering it's got this. little stitch patch right there instead. of a typical jump man or nike air. branding this is the same exact patch. that we saw on the Michigan v so that's. something that they used to put on their. team apparel what it really reminds me. of though is something that was on the. shoe that's right behind me and that's. the Jordan team one they don't say the. same exact things or anything like that. but it's just one of those visual things. where that patch was kind of like. started way back then and that was back. in 99 2000 somewhere around there and. because 98 ton was that 97 but we used. to see that patch on a lot of the. college apparel and all of that stuff. because it was like the Jordan team now. one thing that I wish that had changed.

On these guys right here is just this. internal lining it's all white on there. and then it's got the deep Navy behind. the tongue I wish it was deep Navy. throughout just because that's gonna. show a lot of nastiness now as far as. sizing is concerned they fit just like. every other three that means go true to. size the toe box doesn't feel like too. constricting or anything now that it's. you know nice and refined in fact it. just feels good. like this is the way that I like my. shoes to fit the previous Air Jordan 3's. did have kind of a boxy or toe and all. of that stuff and you can tell. especially when you start to walk it in. them and they would flex it would like. bubble in a weird ways this one I should. say this one moves. well with the foot which I really like. and then having that padding really. sculpted down and just like real thin.

The way that they originally worked back. in 1988 is not a comfort issue. whatsoever anything these feel just like. every other three except that my ankles. have a little bit more breathing room. which I appreciate because they need it. now for anybody curious tech specs on. the Air Jordan 3 include a polyurethane. midsole and encapsulated air salt in the. forefoot and then a visible air soil. unit in the heel I'm not super. comfortable but I think that they're. comfortable because they're neutral well. sure you used to them oh yeah it's like. a these also the the polyurethane I. don't know if they did something man. these do feel way more comfortable than. like the last round these and these. these red ones like they feel hella. comfortable in comparison it's not like. boost level comfort or you know full. length a or zoom or anything react it's.

Not like that this is what I like to. call a neutral comfort it's when your. ligaments are getting a little bit old. and tired and so when I'm wearing. certain shoes and they're super cushy. shoes and stuff which I would have loved. as a kid but for whatever reason that. stresses my damn legs out man I don't. know why and it really hurts and so I. have to wear these harder shoes which. sounds weird but it makes it so that. this is comfort for me all day it's so. strange I don't understand it so you. don't think in your foundation think of. a house are you being sarcastic though. because you've got you got that look on. your face right now like you just. talking no because you still like cushy. shoes and boots and stuff like that like. you were that's that regularly Wow she. had she she had a okay face on that one.

I kind of felt that like right here. alright are you ready for this because I. do have something to say what I mean am. I ready for this are you ready for this. yeah I was I'm always ready what's. chochmah I wish they were in here I'm. pretty sure they're upstairs because. they're in your current rotation but. those new women's Jordan ones I like. those a lot. they're called the North Carolina you. say it I feel weird since PNC I yes. that blue is so piercing and then we. have this blue where it's more of like. almost like a periwinkle or something no. this to me is more powder blue. isn't it supposed to be like the same. school they don't have like four shades. of baby blue they're rocking that's. where I think putting them on different. things like if this had a black upper it. would look a lot brighter you think I.

Think so much because I swear the blue. is almost like this tape this is like a. Nightwing blue I don't know that's what. that shoe color is almost like no and if. you're talking about the animated series. Nightwing then yes because that was a. North Carolina Blue no the Nightwing. back there is wearing royal blue yeah no. because that blue is almost like the. LeBron seven All Stars as well. no that's a weird kind of blue I think. our eyes are saying Blues differently. maybe and neither of those Blues are. this blue I think that this is super. sexy no this works and it's tastefully. done it's not a ridiculous amount of. baby blue cuz I can't know that's the. thing like do you remember maybe twenty. thirteen I can't remember 2014 something. like that remember that all blue ones. they were like the Smurfs ones those had.

Some great materials on them though but. like it's one of those shoes that just. didn't age well I must have only seen. you from the ankle up we've got a review. on them too like it was a long time ago. I'll go find that man yeah we can put it. up somewhere but um like this should. have come out so long ago yeah no this. is tastefully done it's almost elegant. oh these are gorgeous you're wearing. them now on yes yes I am. as soon as we're done with this video. these are coming off and these are. coming off good because my stomachs. growling mmhmm hello loud man I swear. she I thought she got a fart in there. but she was like nah man I'm just hungry. okay ladies don't fart I'm so sorry but. you do this is getting taken out videos. get taken out of the video look if you. did that you can do all right. are you sign enough so with that being.

Said tune in next time we'll see y'all. later peace out. that was not a what am I gonna do in the. comment section they're gonna comment. below on whether or not they like these. when do they come out oh yeah I don't. know. you come out March 7th retails 190 let. us know what you guys think about these. down below in the comments section $11. cheaper than those yeah cuz he's got the. nike air on the man I know that's what. they do. Jordan Brand does that's what she said. yeah I'm gonna make her merch you gotta. have the face though as soon as you can. make gifts on shirts if this shirt can. move Jordan Brand does because that's. how I like probably probably the silk. anyways that pretty much takes care of. it thank you so much for watching thanks. for all the support let us know what you. think about these down below in the.

comment section or you complan are you. not and thank you guys once again so. until next time y'all have a good one. you

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