12.05.2024 You'll Want This Phone With 3 Insane Cameras... But There's a Catch!

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Foreign. X6 Pro I haven't been this excited to. review a phone in a very long time this. phone not only packs all the highend. specs it looks beautiful charges. insanely fast and best of all has one of. the best cameras on a smartphone today. that I'm getting ahead of myself hi I'm. Michael Josh your Gadget Matchmaker and. over the last decade I've made it my job. to show people around the world that. Tech can be easy fun and exciting on. this channel I give you special access. to the products I review the events I. attend and all the exciting people I get. to meet along the way so if this is the. kind of content that you enjoy give this. channel a like And subscribe and I'll. help you find the right Gadget to match. your needs this is our Oppo Find X6 Pro. review. thank you. let's start with an unboxing so excited.

Standard Black Box love this metallic. bit and how it almost glows over here on. the right side there is a Hasselblad. logo denoting its camera partnership. okay all we got to do is pull on this. tab. it didn't come off so let's rip the rest. off. great now lift first up a welcome packet. what's in here spoiler a case a very. nice one at that and because I've. already shown you what the phone looks. like well yeah it looks like this. although for this model that I'm. unboxing I don't think I need one. there's some paperwork all in Chinese. because this isn't a global release. and a SIM card tray ejector next up is. the phone and if you can see under this. wrapper the case resembles the phone. we'll unwrap it later but first also in. this box a 10A USB c2a cable and a 100. watt super vook charger I guess the time.

For Dilly dallying is over let's peel. off this wrapper. this is such a beautiful phone and I. fell in love with it when I first saw it. or when it was shown to me a month ago. but this is my phone now and I can't. wait to move into it and use it as my. daily driver I have so much more to say. but let's wait till the rest of this. video in the meantime let's power it on. and set it up. foreign. phones at least the ones that do not. fold are a bit boring and for someone. who reviews many different phones each. month I'm always on the lookout for. something that's pretty obviously pretty. is objective Beauty after all is in the. eyes of the beholder but of all these. phones I've reviewed recently I think. only the pixel 7 Pro in Hazel is pretty. everything else feels a bit one of the. mill expected and sure I understand some.

Of that has to do with color but I'm. also looking for new shapes new textures. some uniqueness and that's why I love. the design of the new Oppo Find X6 Pro. well at least this new faux leather. model that is both silver and brown the. camera bump on this phone is huge but. that's acceptable considering how much. it has to offer photography wise Oppo. has leaned in and designed find this. phone with classic cameras as an. inspiration if you're not as old as I am. take a look at some of these examples a. blast from the past this faux leather. back is giving and the stainless steel. bezel around the camera module is. reminiscent of a camera ring I would. have loved a nether faux leather model. with a black back and a space gray. accent but I'm also happy to have this. model it's definitely a head turner the. phone is Built Tough with an aluminum.

Frame Gorilla Glass victus 2 up front. and an ip68 rating I use this phone. around San Francisco all week and I just. loved pulling it out of my pocket. because of its faux leather back I also. didn't feel the need to use its bundled. case it was nice and grippy and never. picked up any smudges before we continue. a brief message from this video's. sponsor the dbot T10 Omni from ecovax. the dbot T10 Omni is a robot vacuum that. can do everything for that allin-one. handsfree cleaning with strong suction. power and dual sided brushes for those. hard to reach areas like the corners of. your living room it's got the osmo turbo. 2.0 rotating mop system so the Dual mop. pads spin 180 times per minute removing. floor stains you would normally have to. scrub by hand when it's done vacuuming. and mopping it goes home to the Omni.

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Furniture and other common household. obstacles instead of bumping into them. lastly it's got multiple cleaning modes. that you can set depending on your floor. type if you're looking for an allin-one. handsfree cleaning the ecovax dbot T10. Omni retails for. 1199. I'll put all the details in the. description box below. foreign. to be considered a flagship a phone. needs to have it all and on paper the. find X6 Pro is a superstar a highres. vibrant AMOLED display with a dynamic. refresh rate from 1 to 820 Hertz one. that's also brighter than its. competitors it's powered by the latest. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm it's. got super fast RAM and storage up to 16. gigabytes of ddr5x and up to 512. gigabytes of ufs 4.0 it's got dual. speakers not the kind with one built. into the earpiece but actual speakers on. both its top and bottom a large battery.

With super fast wired and wireless. charging and under display fingerprint. scanner that is fast and responsive. Provisions for two nano SIM cards it's. even got that rare IR blaster up top. with all that being said when it comes. to Performance and top of the line specs. most Flagship phones these days are. pretty much even so in my book camera. performance is where winners are made. you know how smartphones these days have. three cameras usually the main camera is. really good while the ultra wide and the. telephoto cameras are not so good or not. as good well Oppo hopes to change that. this year with the find X6 Pro they're. saying this phone has three main cameras. instead of one and while that doesn't. mean all three cameras have the same. sensor and specs compared to its. competitors this camera phones three.

Cameras are better all three main. cameras whether that be wide Ultra wide. or telephoto are all 50 megapixel. Shooters all all have large sensors and. all have wide apertures let's first take. a look at the difference these three. main cameras actually make let's start. with the wide lens it has a one inch. sensor the largest we've seen on a. smartphone one that's similar in size to. what you'll find on fancy. pointand-shoots like Sony's RX100 this. should mean insanely creamy depth of. field and much better low light. performance I'm not sure if you remember. this but when I interviewed my buddy. David kogindi and Locker after the. launch of the Galaxy s23 Ultra we were. talking about that phone's 200 megapixel. sensor and the consensus between the two. of us I don't think 200 megapixels is. important I'd rather a bigger sensor now.

Here's what the sensor sizes on the wide. cameras of the s23 ultra the pixel 7 Pro. the xiaomi 13 Pro and the find X6 Pro. are like notice how much bigger the. sensor on the find X6 Pro is xiaomi also. released a phone with a oneinch sensor. this year but its aperture isn't as wide. now let's take a look at some. comparisons can you believe these photos. were not taken using portrait mode. that's all natural bokeh and a testament. to how far phone cameras have come let's. zoom in and take a look at how much. softer the focus on my face on the find. XX Pro's photo that's definitely thanks. to its larger sensor and wider aperture. here's another photo of a bowl of. truffle fries zoom in on the background. and you'll notice how much more light. the find X6 Pro let in so much so that. the color of the backdrop is preserved.

On some photos it almost looks just. black second let's take a look at the. ultra wide camera notice compared to the. others its sensor is larger too now. while it does better in low light my. only complaint is that it's not as Ultra. wide as I want it to be outdoors during. the day all phones shoot excellent Ultra. wide shots however you'll notice that. while able to produce the more vibrant. photos its camera isn't as wide as the. others which is a bit of a bummer for. example in this shot the reflections. would have looked much more dramatic in. low light chai's Ginger cocktail looked. more color accurate in this photo and if. you zoom in on the bottles of liquor. behind it the bokeh is creamier thanks. to the larger sensor of the find X6 Pro. with a human subject the ability of the. find X6 Pro's Ultra wide angle camera to.

Capture more detail in low light is even. more obvious while I love the color of. the Galaxy s23 Ultras photo if you zoom. in on my face notice how much more. detail versus mush is present my dimples. the crack on my bottom lip or if you pan. down the embroidered Fox on my Meson. Kitsune sweater is also clearer finally. and spoiler alert this was my favorite. camera on the find X6 Pro the telephoto. camera again and its image sensor is. much larger than anything currently on. offer by its competition it's worth. pointing out that the pixel 7 Pro offers. 5x optical zoom while Samsung's Galaxy. s23 Ultra also offers a 10x optical zoom. lens to compensate for that Oppo is. offering 6X hybrid Zoom so we zoomed in. a little bit further to 10x and this is. how it fared versus the pixel and s23. Ultra let's start with a daytime shot.

Consistent with the other two cameras. its tele lens also produces vibrant yet. color accurate photos I took this one to. demonstrate the larger image sensor. notice how much creamier the bokeh on. the two boats in the background This. indoor shot of some flowers is the same. the flowers are tack sharp yet the. background is nice and soft and dreamy. this one of the Bay Bridge could go. either way but there's less noise when. you zoom in here's an excellent example. I love rows of lights they make the best. bokeh now look at a photo of the s23. ultra the lights are almost all in Focus. but notice the find X6 Pros photo not. only is it much more color accurate the. balls of bokeh are so delicious like a. Halo above her here's another taken. inside a very dimly lit Lobby of our. hotel when zoomed out it's not so.

Obvious but when you zoom in look how. sharp the photo excellent camera this 3x. tele on the find X6 Pro is okay now for. some 10x comparisons here's a seagull. and Fisherman's Wharf in 3x now let's. zoom into 6X using oppo's hybrid Zoom. feature and compare that to Samsung's. 10x optical zoom lens this shot was. taken on a gloomy day with half of the. Transamerica Pyramid hidden behind. clouds zoomed in 10x digitally the find. X is able to hold its own versus the s23. ultra albeit with softer details and one. final shot taken from my hotel window. obviously the optical zoom lens of the. s23 ultra will produce a Sharper Image. if you zoom in on the text on the. billboard the text is fuzzy and the only. word I can make out is importante. earlier this month I went on a photo. trip with Oppo to Malaga and Grenada in.

The south of Spain here are some samples. I shot using the find X6 Pro. thank you. foreign. X6 Pro can shoot up to 4K footage at 60. frames per second but instead of me. telling you let me show you here's a. little video diary of my trip to the. south of Spain with Oppo montage. foreign. you're running late. they're holding back the group hey we. made it sorry we didn't make it so we've. made it here to Caminito Del Rey and. we're about to uh go on an awesome photo. walk to test out the find X6 Pro. so we're testing out the Dual. video capture using both the front and. the back cameras at the same time. what do you guys think. okay we're about to cross the bridge. let's do this hola. many unbearable hours later. yes so good. pretend that you're enjoying it again. I mate stop where you're at. so after taking a break for lunch we.

Found ourselves at the mariposario de. penal Modena which is a butterfly farm. there are tons of butterflies everywhere. which is a great opportunity for us to. take a lot of photos maybe some macros. maybe some telephoto maybe some slowmos. I can't wait to show you guys because. it's pretty awesome. thank you. day two. day two in Malaga we've made it to. Alhambra. and I'm with the boys what are we about. to do. food. as hard as I know take a look at that. tummy right there. we're ready for more. thank you thank you very much. foreign. happy birthday. several song filled hours later. anyone you want. today was incredible from that walk. through the palace grounds to an actual. Flamenco show to this awesome Sunset. it's been an incredible last few days. with Oppo personally I loved filming. with the find X6 Pro I particularly.

Loved the 3x zoom lens even for video. and normally when I'm using another. phone I will hesitate to use the zoom. lens when shooting video unless I'm in a. bind but because of how large this phone. sensor is the quality of my shots were. coming out really great so I tend to use. it quite frequently actually my only. complaint as a content creator is that. it doesn't allow me to shoot 4K video. using the selfie camera that would have. made this phone the killer phone for. video selfie video on this phone is. capped at 1080p 30 frames per second. here's another sample of what the video. quality is like using the selfie camera. on the find X6 Pro obviously if you're. watching on a mobile phone you'll need. to switch to 4K to be able to tell the. difference but if you're watching on a. big screen like a TV then this shouldn't.

Look as good as the rest of this video. let me know if this is enough for you or. if you want more sound off below. speaking of selfies here are some selfie. samples I shot using the find X6 Pro. foreign. X6 Pro is packed with a 5 000 milliamp. hour battery with support for supervook. charging it ships with a 100 watt. supervook charger and a 10A USB a to c. cable Oppo promises a 45 charge in 10. minutes and a full charge in 30. so you. know what that means it's time for a. charge test. I'm here in the U.S so I used a 110 volt. socket no Transformer this time I. plugged it in at 10 30 am 10 minutes. later the phone was already at 41 almost. as quick as promised 20 minutes in we. were already at 79 and a full charge. took 30 minutes just as promised good. job Oppo now 30 minutes for a full. charge seems to be the new gold standard.

When it comes to super fast charging. smartphones we've seen that from the. likes of realme Vivo xiaomi and OnePlus. but you won't find it on more popular. phone brands Samsung maxes out at 45. Watts while Google and apple max out at. about 30 Watts the find X6 Pro also. supports 50 watt air boot charging which. is their wireless charging Tech with a. compatible Air vook charger you'll get a. 50 charge in 22 minutes and a full. charge in 51 minutes there's also. reverse wireless charging for charging. something like wireless earbuds so is. the Oppo Find X6 Pro your Gadget match. after I was briefed on the find X6 Pro a. month ago I was super excited to review. it why because on paper it looked like. it could potentially be the best Android. smartphone today and after having used. it for a week. I'm pretty convinced it is from its.

Excellent design topnotch cameras to. its super fast charging this is an. Android phone I'd happily use as my. daily driver my only two wishlist items. is that it had a wider Ultra wide angle. camera and support for 4K selfie video. but now here comes the bad news this. phone is only available in China Blanche. took place today in Beijing the phone. starts at just under 6 000 renmin B. which converts to about 900 us this top. of the line model with 16 gigabytes of. RAM and a 512 gigabytes of storage is. just under 7 000 Yuan which is just over. a thousand US dollars that would be a. killer price for everything that this. phone offers Oppo hasn't yet said if the. find X6 Pro is set for Global release. but if I were you I'd spam them on. social media telling them I want want. this phone get me this phone and while.

you're at it tell them Gadget match sent. you and that was our Oppo Find X6 Pro. review if you'd like to see more videos. like this one you know the drill folks. subscribe to this YouTube channel and. hit that Bell icon so that you get. notified as soon as we post new videos. follow me on social media for all the. behind the scenes fun stuff and for news. and updates makegadgetmatch.com your. daily habit until the next video I'm. Michael Josh. thanks for dropping by. foreign

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