12.05.2024 Binance Futures | How Top Traders Trade

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All right traders back on the sentiment. streets let's roll. why did Bitcoin drop so much you tend to. ten tively ask though that is a hard. word try saying that out loud. well I have an answer my answer is top. trader accounts so recently by Nance for. some reason wanted to give us even more. data guys what they did is they're. telling us what the top twenty percent. traders are doing on their platform I do. not know why they want to release this. data but hey Merry Christmas happy. Kwanzaa happy Easter happy you know. birthday you know. toodaloo this is a this is a good time. for sentiment now what we see is top. trader longshore ratio in accounts what. this means is it takes the top 20. percent accounts by volume now what that. means is take the average of every. single financial trading account look at. how much tether that they have let's say.

Average is a thousand dollars a thousand. Tedder then let's see what is the top. 20% percentile look like in terms of how. much tether they have if the top 20%. have at least you know thirty thousand. tether than anyone above thirty thousand. how they will be called a top trader now. that the way that these defer is top. trader long short ratio and accounts. what it does is it looks at all of that. pool of traders in the top 20 accounts I. don't know how many not top 20 counts. top 20% of accounts I don't know how. many counts there are so I can't give. you a number what I can say is that each. account is kind of once what this means. if you own a million tether in your. account you will be counted the exact. same as someone with 40,000 tether that. just makes the threshold that is not the. case for positions what this tells us is.

Of the top 20% traders buy volumes the. biggest whales the guys the girls the. bots for the largest amounts of money. well what we see here is how many them. are long versus how many of them are. short you can see here it's 60% long. where it's 70% line here and it's 67%. long here this is this is typically. going to be the lowest why well right. now it's low is because running. why well the absolute largest accounts. are short and that is why yeah let's. deconstruct really what's going on here. guys to do that I'm going to beautifully. turn one of these two each to one hour. and we're going to take a mediumterm. look at what is going on to Bitcoin and. how on earth what I predicted it not I'd. like you because hopefully in the after. this video like oh I totally understand. sentiment I'm basically like super. trader at this point first of all what.

Are you doing retail oh my god this jump. from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on to 25 today. god they just bought so much what were. they doing what were these guys doing. okay what happened at 9 a.m. to 10. Oh price fell yep so price fell and. after price fell they were just everyone. was just like yeah I'm logging i'm. logging i'm longing i'm logging oh my. God look at this. okay this was so perfect thank thank you. finance future thank you which was so. much this was so good okay. why am i saying this is so perfect just. look at this what happened guys the long. short ratio for positions went from one. point five five to one point five one. that means that over in it went from. sixty point seven nine percent down to. sixty point one three percent over all. the larger traders when this move. happened we're going short and the luck.

In the smaller traders were going long. it's that simple and that is why price. is falling and will likely continue to. fall because the large traders know what. they're doing they will manipulate price. in a certain direction to make as much. money as possible. retail does not know what they're doing. and what's gonna end up happening is. they all keep trying to reversal trade. when price slightly goes above their. breakeven they exit the trade and in. exiting the trade it just continues the. downtrend ramped over slightly over and. then we could see it 9 to 10 is yes the. top trading accounts did become more. bullish but positions overall in that. top 20% pool we're a lot more bearish do. I give more stock in accounts or in. positions absolutely positions. 110 percent because this is this is not. segregating between a $1,000,000.

Onelane tether account in a fifty. thousand tether account this is. completely separated them as you can see. here so do I want to look at this in. isolation just by I mean in just cell no. you always need to look at what retail. is doing versus top traders now what we. see here is in this past hour we have. fallen from two point three four to two. point three one meaning that retail. Shushan beginning to short a bit more. but look at this one point five to one. point five three so basically the total. trader the top traders are becoming a. little bit more bullish so I'm not gonna. be surprised if I click the next tab and. prices risen and prices rising will you. look at that there she goes why is that. happening. well why that is happening ladies. gentlemen BOTS and aliens and if you. Turan did I pronounce that right if I.

Didn't pronounce that right I swear I'm. gonna get a lot of hate okay I think I. think it's better in okay I apologize. via like if I mispronounced your name. please mispronounce my name in turn the. corn Fred and Rollins or my real name. which I think like 90% of you guys know. my real name unfortunately. okay but what doesn't know my real name. is sentiment I at least I don't think it. does but I know it's real name one point. nine five two two you know we go from. one point five to one point five three. in this game we're bearish. this is just telling me that we might. actually get somewhere bullishness. coming so that's what you always want to. do when we're looking at top trading. accounts yes it's important the first. thing that I would recommend you do is. to probably go in the five minute. timeframe but if you want to go into one.

Hour and just zoom out a little bit. that's fine too and just really look at. the first thing we look at is value what. is the value here to that means for. everyone short in the top 20% there are. two Long's understood that by itself is. not helpful what is helpful is a. comparative analysis what we see here is. two point three one guys the retail. crowd is a lot more bullish than the top. twenty percent crowd that should tell. you something if this top twenty percent. accounts if this is. lower that means that it they're more. bearish and if it's if they're more. bearish than price will likely fall. right now what I do is when I look at. change what I'm gonna see is when this. moves in any direction any kind of. change I want to see how this changes in. response okay the more extreme that. changes the better you know if I see a.

Fall from one point five five to one. point five one is a very drastic change. this doesn't change much why because. it's positions it's it's already. millions probably actually dozens if not. hundreds of millions of dollars in these. top traders accounts this isn't gonna. probably change much but what we can. also see oh look at that. they were just fallin and these guys. were just rising is where is it well. that's good yeah so to illustrate why I. was saying that's good is because what. the top traders were doing is they were. buying around here yeah they were buying. they were buying they're buying retail. was actually selling its then price. spiked actually in the morning and. that's why I was looking at the morning. data at that little trend their price. spiked actually a fair amount from low. to high low to high we're talking a.

About a one point nine percent I think. around two percent I want absolute low. to high so that must have made the. whales a little bit happier and then the. whales began to get a little bit more. bearish when did they start to say ah. this doesn't look like you know a great. idea well they started to get a little. bit more bearish and around I think I. mean 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. they got really. bearish you really see that 4 or 5 a.m.. they were like I think that 9:00 to. 10:00 a.m. was the best time for. probably to sell I mean honestly if you. saw this happens go back to the 1 hour. and go look at that yeah so if you saw. this happen and then you see price go up. a little bit and you know for a fact. that retail is just crazy longing this. just reversal trade reversal reversal. trade and the top trading positions are.

All shorting that's a pretty good sign. that the markets gonna fall in you. should short not financial advice of. course but not okay you can't say not. financial advice but like that's like. that's like a oneway ticket to the SE. C's office it's not financial advice but. you should you should buy this down pay. on this home you should buy this stock. it's not. just saying if you want to get rich bit. connect bit connect I feel like I'm. gonna get like D monetize for saying a. bit connect I just had to say it though. yeah so we can see price does fall three. percent if you had shorted right when. you got that data right I don't know. where else to take this video I think. I've explained this and full and if you. want more information just contact the. finance team really all you're gonna. look at is where the top tier is doing.

Versus what is the total what are the. regular retail traders doing you see. massive disparity where all of retail is. just selling selling selling selling. selling uh it's all gonna go down and. then the top traders are buying buying. buying buying which we have data on. right here and you look at the positions. and you see that then you can be pretty. confident that price is probably gonna. rise open interest is rising people are. hopping into positions what are they. doing oh geez retail what are you doing. look at that jump just so many people. just went long and these guys just went. short okay that is gonna be a gruesome. murder of all these guys but that's what. you have to do do a comparative analysis. I was hoping that retail wasn't just. gonna go long like crazy and that the. top traders were gonna go a little bit.

more long but it looks like looks like. they're not ready yet so perhaps we see. consolidation we'll see I mean in the. very short term consolidation and then a. soft loss hunt that makes sense alright. guys that's the meat for this video if. you have any other sentiment trading. strategies that include hey how do you. look at top trading accounts how do you. look at table trading positions. how do you look at those measures. against retail positions and also how do. you look at all coins do you look at. what whales and what large scooters do. in all coins and do you find an edge. there any edge or advantage that you may. have comment film in the comments below. with that happy trading. happy looking at sentiments and be. awesome

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