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Yo what up guys welcome back to fire and. casino I've got 74 044 in the balance. let's get into some Plinko. money. all right so first things first I've got. some good news and I've got some bad. news and I've got good news and I've got. good news I'm gonna start with the good. news good news is I really did hit the. max win on Plinko three times bad news. is I didn't get it recorded what I'll do. now is I'll throw up some images these. are screenshots that I posted on Twitter. when I won the first one was a five. dollar ball gave out ten thousand. dollars because it's a 2000 x max win. the other two times was a 25 ball which. made me win fifty thousand dollars twice. now the good good news is there will be. a 5 000 giveaway on this video. celebrating the fact that I got that. 100K win as well as which leads me on to.

The other good news I have recently just. confirmed the loan that I need to secure. in order to get my first ever house so. it's a mixture of celebrating the. hundred thousand dollar win on Plinko. and me getting my first ever house with. that said we do have 74 000 balance. which I'm sure you guys are curious. about that is the remnants of the 100K I. I have cashed out 25k myself straight to. the bank we are going to be trying to. get the max win again on this video. maxman is Extreme risk with the maximum. amount of rows possible which is a 2000x. the second biggest win is 280X the. screenshots that you guys just saw that. was two 2000 x's in a row I didn't hit a. single 280X and the difference of. winning a 280X to a 2000 x is almost 10. times rarer to hit a 2000 x than it is. to hit at 280X but somehow I got two.

2000 x's in a row the odds of me hitting. the odds of me hitting one two thousand. X is. 0.015 so some math whiz out there what. were the odds of me hitting two of them. in a single night within five minutes of. each other I need to know I'm not. spending 34 000 so what I just wanted to. show you guys that I actually did get a. win I've cashed out 25 000 of it the. majority of it I am going to be sending. to the Vault today we'll be spending. probably six or seven thousand dollars. on this video just going for the same. win which is a 25 ball what I will do is. I will speed up the footage this might. be a very quick video so for those that. are used to quick intros I know you guys. don't appreciate long intros on videos. which I also don't appreciate so this. one is gonna be a little bit of a Enigma. normally I don't have this longer intros.

It's more of a catch up video so if you. guys aren't about that what I'll do is. if there is any crazy moments in the. video I'll put the times down just over. here to my right for those who are true. fans I appreciate you guys first and. foremost deposit 67 000 to the Vault. boom there we go perfect the rest of. this at seven thousand dollars balance. which I don't intend on spending all of. it but I will try and wager as much as I. can we're going to be trying to get. another 2000 x hit I won't do endless. rounds because I'm kind of curious to. see how many spins I will do so let's go. for 4. 000 bets let's see if I get a single. 2000 X from that here we go start. speeding up the footage. foreign. lasted this is going to be a massive L. we've already taken 100k from this. blinko game so you should have really. expected it unless it wouldn't have come.

In clutch last second maybe I don't know. the last 400 oh God bro our balance is. very quickly depleting this might be the. end this is probably the end 5x there. thank you something 7x thank you come on. come on come on please dude it's about. to be it this is the end boys unless. unless. that's it we're done right we're done. I think that's it we may not hit it. today but I've hit it three times on. this game mode which is ridiculous we're. currently third place two on the plinka. Royale which is 50k our current prize is. 3750. on the December Royale though. we're a little bit lower with fifth. place our current price is 1400 it's a. lot to catch up to I don't think I'm. gonna be able to do 2 billion XP so it. is what it is sorry if this was a. shorter video or a lot more talk in than. normal this was mainly like an updated.

on the channel in general good things. are happening though good things. hopefully you guys enjoyed that video. make sure to leave a like if you did. I'll see you guys next one it's been. your boy juicy fruity peace

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