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What's up gang and welcome back to. another episode. of favorite Caribbean boy X7 Dave 2:45. in the crank we're going to H roll the. out of. stream let's get it into juicer. man hope you all are. ready this is the week hand vience and. we've been doing some dumb on. streams yall probably saw and it's been. a lot ofun fun that's a bit. load well that was okay that's fine. fine I'm looking forward I'm not sure am. I getting am I getting trolled when Z. was talking about sweet banan 1 th. coming out. I. know am I getting hard trolled like that. is the save of a tumble but still way. off where it needs to be how do we lose. $22,000 and feel like that was a save. wow. okay this wewe one that wasn't the thing. and if it's a thing is it going to have. nice. things can we figure that. out let me know in the comments. oh this is not what you're trying to see.

Right now big. man okay. I. mean watermelon. Spees I'm not sure how I feel about. sweets. today it's a classic game we love to. love it we love to hate. it something as simple as a Max win fix. on the game would instantly make it 10. times more enjoyable I'll move that cuz. that's just going to tell you that I'm. playing sweet of Christmas the. whole time going. on. okay that goal is to show you how. enjoyable the game is but it's still the. most played game even though nobody's. Max spining it like there's. nobody out here Max spining. it guys this is going to be a Savage. video. either I'm going to. say welcome to the Premier or. it's going to feel. terrible that could have. cooked that could have cooked. cooked SC go hate that hate that hate. that I'm done that in a. minute you can't stra mother big man you. think your bird can just just.

Live a free. life AC you're wrong. bro blues and bananas. nothing what. feels that we are smashing. B and slowly bleeding out so what I'm. saying is we're do we're do we're. actually du that's not even copium we're. actually. do green du. all that would have been instantly. nice one here. nice cool. could you not pleas. beit I mean if it goes like this this. will be the last. time not even smash the S this will be. the last time that I I really try and. just like raw highroll sweet bananas if. it doesn't chill. I thought was. in one off greens there that would have. been a really good win if we hit. that it feels like I'm trying to extract. rri water from Stone at the. moment. yuck. yuck okay wow this is just an. apocalyptic. fall thus far I'm hoping that just one. of these have to do something I like. that for us as a start would you mind.

Bringing another bomb nice okay really. good start let's keep. going let's see how this. goes a decent win and the rrig and it's. not dead spinning it I like that I. mean feel a little B dead. spin. go. go bombs. B Cy. screen oh. man okay okay it's cooking keep going. eight spins left. is it still not going to be Break Even. we haven't had a single break even by. yet come. on go. on nice go. on. finally. finally thank you. still way off where we need to be but. it's. something guys we are close to the 50k. Mark have you all noticed that have you. liked and sub have you been watching the. channel the whole time and you're just. like bro I just don't want to log in. just log in do it thank you so much it. means a lot just click the button boom. leave a comment you X thank you. oh this is no. bueno this is no. buo if it Max one it would feel like the.

Lows would be. justified hard to it's hard to describe. but it feels like even games that are ha. like like retro tapes right more. Shameless than how much ribs but it Max. wins a lot too so the highs are highs. the lows are lows but this it feels like. the lows are lows but the highs are. mid you rarely see a thousand X in this. game pleas do something I'd rather not. have the worst video I've ever had. thanks guys I'm sorry if I look like I'm. getting beat up I am I am getting beat. up I might need a brave from sweep as a. lose. Beaches come on. peaches into grapes. what is this what is this. okay this is not this is not feeling. good at all man I don't even have enough. for another. one okay we're all in fingers crossed. man this has been just a experience. so far um. hopefully it can turn around maybe give. us a little bit of life back so we can.

Have some type of comeback. here which it can do in one spin which. is why the game is so. fun oh man. today. thankfully I think it's been going well. because video like today are just like. the the abysmal reality of of what the. the side of this game really can do. when the memes and the jokes are. aside cuz that's not fun at all that. that wasn't fun at all there's nothing. about that experience that was. fun at. all what the. hell see we can spend something in and. save here. one one. no sweats. yet one more one. more even giving us the. bits okay tumbles but. Oh I thought that was it bro I saw. Hearts I saw three lollipops I thought. that was. in come on let's not give up until it's. done we've had videos where we make. comebacks from this position like. actually please bro. please real bait we. had oh man. it's not even spinning.

well. on guys I am so sorry. unfortunately good. save it's. in I thought it was in there I thought. it was going to give us the heart script. and come in there but really good save. we have some more spins at least maybe. do something. this game just feels so. dead. wow it feels crazy dead man hard to. describe I guess I don't have to you can. see it right today's just just. not a day for sweets. man it saved us from like the brink. there just to the. bed guys Unfortunately today was uh just. an abysmal L. um yeah today was just a horrible video. I'm sorry you had to go through that um. I'm going to take a little break from. sweet Bonanza that was not a fun a fun. experience at all I'll see you in the. next one

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