12.05.2024 💥CRAZY TIME GRIND💥- !mad €2000 in prizes (and voting for races) on MAD CARS!!!

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Luna tv let's go. you're gonna have the greatest time. you've ever had. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. have the greatest time you've ever had. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. you're gonna have the greatest time. you've ever had. we're gonna make you laugh and make you.

Smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now lucky luna tv let's go. lucky luna tv you're gonna have the. greatest time you've ever. had. we're gonna make you laugh and make you. smile we're gonna make sure you're. having a good good time so come follow. our adventure now. okay people okay okay hello i i made you. wait for. a long long time so. let's go. um. yes we are uh. some crazy time which only no it should. be on youtube as well. yeah it is on youtube so code i i don't. know what you're talking about over. there. but. hello people nice to see you here. how are you doing how are you feeling. and let's mute it.

And um. yeah it's been. quite a morning let me just put it that. way. um. yeah we have been working on the. on the. stream labs oh no. oh. no there we go. guess what. we dropped some frames. not too bad but um still. uh but yeah it has been um. quite uh quite a morning. the music is so so quiet. oh. there we go. let me lower the volume for you. uh but yeah uh i was i was a lot. on the. life support you know it was. just uh. but i'm here. so well done for getting it sorted bella. yeah i i didn't think i could manage it. but i did i see bella sorry to hear. about everything that has happened yeah. a lot a lot a lot of changes and. a lot of things they didn't go the way. we wanted them to. but um. yeah here we are. um. well. life is life you know. and um. thankfully thankfully we are here. is. her problem. relax bella it's okay i know i know it.

Is. uh it's just you know. yesterday you saw me and vlada and. everyone knows that. we have been quite stressed. we have not. been. that active that social. uh what's happened uh. so. where do i start. it's it's um. quite uh quite weird to even talk about. it um. it's it's not the most comfortable topic. obvious but. uh lara's uh not gonna be a part of the. stream anymore she's not gonna be. streaming with us. uh she has uh moved down to a different. position. so um. yes. yes it's gonna be. a two girl show. uh it's gonna be me and vlada. so um yes. that has happened um for the uh there is. exclamation mark clara. uh wow that's a 5x so uh. you. you can check that out uh we continue. our journey together and send our love. and. thank you thank you thank you for the. support and we did see all of your sweet. messages and. and. that really warmed our hearts.

Yesterday. and um. but yeah. that's that. uh yeah well me and a lot of yesterday. you saw us we were just nonstop like. nervous laughing and stuff like that. that was the reason so um. um. so yeah. but how how is your day going how are. you all doing. this morning i was just uh i tried to. start the stream you know. and as soon as i started. it just started dropping frames like. crazy like literally 60. and i'm like bro. and the stream dies. and i try to go live again. and it doesn't work i restart the. computer i restart the internet still. the same issue and i understand that. it's not because of the internet. so i got on the support. on the live chat with the customer. support. talk to them through all of it you know. and. um yeah. it's been. like that was the reason why we uh why. we did not continue the stream yesterday.

Because it would just nonstop. drop frames. so um. so yeah unfortunately i was not able to. put duct tape on it. but. i am a technician. uh do you think she would ever return or. probably not no. the answer is short and simple no. uh good morning brother hope you're well. and much love much much love bacon and. admiral. thank you for the follow lovely to see. you here i hope you're having a. wonderful day. very understandable bella we will get. there all together don't forget we are. here for you as much as uh you girls are. here for us much love much much love to. you koda i i do know that all of you are. here and uh i do love uh. the community we have created at this. point. and um. and yeah i'm super grateful for all of. that. so um. thank you thank you and um. uh but yeah. i i know it was very very sudden uh it. was for us as well.

But you know. sometimes like literally we were talking. about it a couple of days ago. that the sometimes things just don't. work out. now people. do want to try different things people. do want to. be as happy as possible. so uh you know. i'm confused that she was always saying. she loves streaming yeah yeah she does. love streaming. but uh. but you know there are just things that. don't work. so um yeah. that is. but. we are wishing her all of the best and. uh. hopefully everything works out. and that doesn't change anything to our. friendship in no way. we are. literally the girls came here. we have been next to each other this. whole time you know. very thick and thin so. you know we will still go out we will. still. um like we are friends. we were friends before and this doesn't. change them so. i'm just getting it out of the way.

Uh so that there are no questions. don't think that there are any heartbeat. um so yeah. um but. yeah as i said it's not the most. comfortable topic. to discuss. and i. like i i don't feel. really. really good. but. um. so let's just uh leave it that way. uh i understand you may have many. questions regarding clara but if we. could please try and avoid talking about. it on the stream it's still very rough. yeah yeah uh messaging on this chord. would be the best. and yes clara is staying in malta yes. i'm glad to hear that there ain't any. bad blood between you guys because you. had such an amazing chemistry altogether. we're happy that you and bladder will. still continue streaming we love. it bachelor is that belgium from discord. uh yes i am the. tech support today. uh but yes as kodak said it is. very very raw so um. let's just try to keep it to discord you.

Know. or instagram messages something like. that yeah. and jesse and paulo super nice to see. you here how are you doing. did you miss me of course of course i. miss all of you all the time. whenever we're not here whenever you're. not here i miss. you you remember uh yesterday we shorted. we had a shorter stream because you know. technical difficulties. and uh afterwards i was like i'm so sad. like i want i just wanted to keep on. screening. uh even me lol. well. nice. uh even got that message saved so we'll. pop it in chat every now and then okay. thank you thank you. i've had a great holiday and now i'm. back enjoying the stream still some days. off so chilling this week thank you. enjoy enjoy it as much as you can. and um. is the music too loud yes or no. uh can i just ask one more question is. her new job for another stream no.

No. uh so yeah. that is uh. i i guess that is kind of the end of uh. q a at this point. uh. let's let's just try to. um. be understanding toward towards each. other. and uh you know. you. i think everyone can see at this point. that i'm just. quite awkward. music is fine thank you thank you thank. you. uh hey you look so pretty today good. luck thank you very much thank you. uh but what about yesterday did i not. look pretty yesterday. bella saved the stream. um. i actually did say this. vlada was already like hey. if if we're not. if we're not going uh live. then um. oh i could have actually. i don't think i have oh no i haven't. moved. this. so i i will. adjust this quickly. we did have one pachinko. uh so bear with me while i deal with. this. i will just um. oh no that was a 5x. and then i will get back to you. but. dominion you asked what did i eat today.

I actually haven't had any food. i i wanted to at one point but then i. uh then i. didn't want any food again and now i. kind of do again it's it's weird you. know. bella bean bell. um. you're handling this really well respect. you don't want to say any more about it. thank you thank you thank you for that. uh no like obviously eventually. uh we will feel. much easier ourselves. when talking about it so. it's just you know it's fresh now and it. kind of feels weird. uh surreal. but um. but yeah you always look pretty it's. just saying you know. uh i buy myself a new ipad this morning. so yesterday it was the uh. electric scooter and today it's an ipad. oh. wow. nice that way my health. usually when i order subway i want. something spicy but. me and vlada actually had a conversation. today. uh. so i i had a very weird tummy issue.

A very weird tummy ache. today. and uh leon hello nice to see you here. how are you doing. so i uh basically i had this sharp pain. in my tummy. and. i i just thought to myself like. what if it is something more serious. based on my previous experiences you. know for example. if i do. um. for example. uh. then. like it's not just now it's overall. so if i do drink alcohol for example or. too much coffee or. oh no. oh no we are. yes yes. yeah refresh. um. oh my goodness. it's it's. first in the chat. we have a crazy time the lag helped uh. but as i was saying. um basically uh. basically. whenever. there's more pressure on my. uh on my. gastro. intestinal. system. like you know too much coffee red bulls. yadda yadda uh yellow. uh. jesse you threw me off. uh. i literally. i do get a weird feeling in my tummy and. then it's the. tummy aches.

And. i i never. like really understood. why. and today. like yesterday we did have some. red bulls we did have some proseccos oh. no. oh no. hi. well it is what it is. uh. basically. yesterday we had some red boots we had. some prosecco as well afterwards. and. and today i wake up with a sharp pain. here my tummy. in my upper tongue. and i i couldn't really figure out like. what is the issue where is this coming. from. how can i solve this. and um. i realized that. it could be. that i have. arrived. it could be. because like all of the symptoms are. literally there. uh. and uh as discussed please do the honors. there's no going back. you're welcome. uh but yeah this is fixed. uh but basically yeah uh all of the. symptoms are there. to. me having. just tried it. and i i don't know i'm not sure. obviously i'm not a doctor myself no. tests have been done.

But. it might be the issue. so. you know i might have to cut down on a. lot of things a lot of things. and i'm not really complaining about. that you know. not so. not drinking alcohol or not eating. anything. fried or stuff like that i can do that. uh i can at least try cutting down on. coffee. i can do that as well especially in. malta. like it's easier today i woke up i. haven't had a coffee i woke up. went out for a walk and then i'm just. like i'm tired but i don't want coffee. because it's warm. and. so i i might be able to cut down on that. but yeah were you an evolution dealer. yeah. yes yes yes. thank you thank you thank you thank you. uh. but um. yeah i might have to go and see a doctor. about it honestly. because. it's no fun. it's no fun and as long as i know. there's no medicine but at least i would. know and i could adjust the diet to.

That as well. for now it's just a wild guess. um but yeah i i have had this thought in. my head already for a couple of years. so. i i just don't want to face the truth. but we'll see we'll see. um but yeah. oh paulo. oh i said i wait a second did i say hi. to. i think i did. this is. stress. uh stress slash anxiety it. influences a lot of other things in my. body. uh if it's potentially a problem you. should look at it it is it is a problem. it has been a problem for a while so. i know i should have seen a doctor. already a while ago i just did not want. to. face the truth as i said. uh but now it's just getting a little. out of hand if i start getting tummy. aches like this. literally me and vladawi were just. sitting here talking you know everything. is normal and. then and then it just hits a sharp pain. you know like if i can't even laugh then.

There has to be something done about it. hello bellita how is it going hello. hello happy bee nice to see you here. uh it's going well. um. somehow. how are you. when are you streaming. like do you have a set schedule for that. hi good luck for you crazy time thank. you. being a girl is so hard damn. uh. i mean. there are pros and cons. just like for being a guy there's there. are pros and cons. so you can't say that. specifically being a girl is so freaking. difficult no. ah. i just think that. we all have these things. uh. you know. that. makes. our lives more. difficult. for everyone. so. uh not really a schedule right now. tomorrow definitely i'll stream okay. okay. uh if it's in the evening i'll tell. vlada to. trade you out. uh. that's why i've been asking. you know i want to support. a homie. a good friend. a very good friend.

How's it going with the tech uh it. happened a couple of lags but uh. it doesn't go down anymore. um. so. i would say it's very very good. comparing to how it was when i started. the stream. it was no. no. no frame drops. what was the multi. you distracted me. i don't see the difference in the. balance i guess it was a five. um. yeah. so yeah i would say that um. the tech is. doing behaving very well. because previously i literally just. press the button go live and two dropped. frames. like 50 60 percent enough. sure. as if my day can't start any better. i don't know it's fine. uh and voucher nice to see you here. compared to men you get much more. beating but yeah we balance through. other things yeah as i said like. pros and cons. no matter what. and i posted a video on discord last. night it's still fun and relaxing yeah i.

I did see that you posted i didn't have. necessarily the time to watch it so i. haven't seen it. uh but i i. do you have my suspicion what exactly is. in the video. hey what's up bella how's it going you. look tan hello nice to see you here and. i am tan. i actually am very very tame. uh i saw my legs i noticed how tense my. legs are i'm like bro when did when did. i get the time. and i realized that like honestly if you. do. wait. dropping frames currently. dropping frames. um i'm gonna try to. write it out. at least right. but if it keeps happening then. yeah yeah yeah. um. yeah we're lagging big time. yes. hello. uh hi uh go here. as as we discussed. hello. uh. i am trying to. youtube. hello. back now. it would um fine. yeah should be fine now. and the delay is not that bad. uh still i am um. gonna. try to. like i i don't understand what all of.

Those numbers mean. like i literally. sent them screenshots yeah just. when the problem is actually happening. oh i mean that um. the opportunity and just um. um. i i don't think i actually. hey again hi hello. you guys can hear us see yes. give me a stack. this. one. yes this one. but where is it. yeah. i i will. right hello jim hello guys uh yeah sorry. sorry we just want to run the test. while we see that the problem is. actually there. yeah so that we would have something to. show to. like all the tests were smooth when we. were running them on the test streams. and now we're actually facing some. difficulty. it would just make sense. again heavy lag exactly. hello vlad i hope you're well hello. bacon hi sweetheart. i'm okay. hope you're doing good. uh. uh bear with us. uh. i have perfect sink we keep dropping. frames like.

That's crazy we are dropping a lot of. frames a lot. and um. in no way. so um. i i will run the test and. then we will see. uh. how it goes yeah guys we will keep you. updated on uh discord so for now. exclamation mark discord. yes join our discord it's gonna be all. there on instagram we'll update as well. if nothing with the stream says. i'm up tonight. yeah. either gonna come up with something. update you yeah all over there uh why. are you both evolution dealers yes yeah. yes yes yes. been there done that spoon the wheel. dealt the cards. all the stuff. hey girls love the new layout hope it. will work out good luck thank you so. much thank you. thank you sweetheart. much love and. nevigo thank you so much for the follow. how are you doing today how are you. feeling. marry me merry christmas. we wish you a merry christmas we wish.

You. there's another orbs. those are the words guys. yeah. um. keep dreaming. exclamation mark discord go in there. guys yeah it's a huge pain in the ass. for all of us. yes it is uh for you as much as us. i feel like i recognize the girl on the. left uh well she's the face of. crazy time. this is that's a fake one because. there's makeup. uh. still running the test dan hello polo. hello. she always had 10.. i go again good. luck. i mean now as we're running the test. lags are. because. and xax thank you for the fellow. i know everyone again we know we know. we know sweethearts we know. we're sorry but. we can literally do nothing about it. it's so unwatchable with lags. we understand. what's up. this main thing is so that everyone. would understand that we don't control. the lags. yeah. no i understand it's not watchable like.

It's not. i we know we are well aware of that and. uh trust me usually we would go offline. immediately but. uh i need to collect data to show to. customer support. when the issue is actually happening. because otherwise i keep sending them. these results and that are they're like. yeah they're perfect so. you know i'd rather catch this but yeah. the stream is over like i i think we all. can agree to that um. but yeah most probably we will uh do. something anyways not. on uh not on twitch and youtube but. um you know discord instagram something. like that something yeah we will come up. with something. so uh just stay tuned. uh exclamation mark social. exclamation like this chord cord. yes and uh most likely we will just get. on a call with you and. we'll do something together anyways so. today is not over okay. okay.

oh okay but it it is what it is. um would be so nice yeah yeah i i think. so as well like just. chilling with all of you. you know in in the living room or. whatever. i think that would be cool. yeah. sit down yeah grab a coffee. so. uh okay. this is. um okay. perfect. uh okay people uh so with this we're. gonna end i love you a load. and. we will see you a little

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