12.05.2024 pin up tactics for the game / mega win with Pin-Up / promo code for bonus - VIP2023

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Um let's try another 1200 where we're. back at break even which is amazing. looking like a three scatter again. that was a great build up see the hit I. had on stream was actually I had an even. better build up than that. good starts okay see that's the thing if. you like I got Wilds in the same spots I. wish it like multiplied the multiplier. if you get Wilds in the same spots. okay so this first one's really bad but. what I love about this too is it gives. you that second chance that next um. since the multipliers go higher in the. second one. wow three Wilds in the first spin keep. up this pacing we're good just give me. Wilds all around here. okay that's at least a line that's. guaranteed line I really want a wild. here. okay here we go we need premiums this. could be good multis aren't that good. here but if we get premiums it doesn't.

Matter. is that good. it's superb not bad not bad. this game's addicting honestly like I I. really really like the concept of this. game I guess let's go for 1800 now I. don't know how many we're gonna do. because this is a really volatile game. it seems three scattered again I really. want to get a full scatter the four. scatter is like pretty much guaranteed. to go crazy you could get a flop on the. final five spins which I did have. happening tonight I had two four. scatters the the first day I played this. and I had one pay really well the other. one did. Wild's in the same spot so like this. one's already chalked unless we get like. three Wilds yeah this one. this one's bad. 228 I mean at least something all right. we need Wilds here multis are already. looking good. mild spots it's not a line but I like. that they're in the same area because if.

We get more Wilds like in this area it's. good or even maybe a wild hero would. make a line. last spin I I need a really good hit. here it's looking rough oh damn. 1500 loss on that one. this is one volatile game I guess let's. try for another 1800. for two reels with. scatters. come on give me a third here so we have. a shot at the fourth. fourth please it's an 1800 buy no come. on. that's okay it's okay it still could be. good even just give me another like. clean double up. okay so look at that that's perfect we. need these these multis to build up. because we have a wild one right here. perfectly I would really like to get. Wilds right here though. I wonder if there's like a zigzag line. there all right premiums premiums no. premiums that sucks I mean the multis. weren't good. no Wilds oh this is not looking good.

It's a nice little something up there. this is not good we need a wild here and. then we could get a decent hit. oh this is so bad if we somehow got. premiums no no no. 1400 loss okay let's go for a 2K now we. need one of these to hit oh please Force. scatter me on this one three scatter. right here three scatter three scatter. come on give me a shot at the four I'm. not there this is not good this is not. good it's such a volatile game. oh this is looking dead. it's not a line that's crazy. oh this is so. multis are really high though look at. this these multis are already very high. which they're really good spots to get. if we get Wilds here and like build up a. wild line in the middle. just trying to do something here we do. have a 9x wow this is if we get a wild. in this area I need to like two Wilds in. this area.

Oh no we would need a really good line. somehow no. that might be good. okay we broke even I think it's because. the Emojis were so either a 10x on that. that's crazy okay we somehow broke even. on that we actually made money really. scattered come on I just want one floor. scatter in this video please one force. do this. so much fun like it's such a it's a. refreshing concept there's not a single. game they made like this. and uh I am enjoying it I'm enjoying it. thoroughly. even though I've only had two like. decent hits on it you know. me give me some more Wilds up here wow. you know this would be good if we got if. we somehow got a line going I am look at. that. okay holy that's crazy nice we have. a wild dead center to start it off on. the second tier getting another one hell. that's brutal so we're already in the.

Profit you need Wilds in the front here. okay that's not bad that's not bad if we. get wild from the front it could be good. still. okay this is this is not looking good we. still could get a wild right here oh we. did that's probably pretty good honestly. wow that's 1K again maybe the 2K biomon. is perfect it's 5.5 K just give me a. four scatter. three then four. we have a shot. no the scatters look pretty cool in this. too. okay wild down south so yeah basically I. mean if you haven't figured it out yet. you just want the Maltese to build up. and then you won as many wilds as. possible and that's how you're gonna get. a good hit on this. this one's not looking good this is not. looking good we do have some good multi. Zone you you definitely want the Maltese. to build up oh that's probably pretty. wow it it just emulated my sound.

I'm glad the bigger buys for once are. actually paying out more It's usually. the opposite. I also am counting my own filling my. chickens before they hatch though you. still could get on here I really. need a wild right here and I think it. makes a zigzag line. good hit here give me Wilds down here no. there's no. no 490.. let's try one more 2K and then I think. we're gonna drop it all in

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