12.05.2024 17 Again - Zac Humilates Big Bully

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So how come we never met. my mom didn't want anyone to know she. had a kid been dead. that makes sense yeah so since we're. practically. family my dad says we should just. keep an eye on each other you know uh. yeah why not. next time you can get there before they. take me to the toilet. who's that uh nicole. yeah you two going out no no she's the. uh she's the head cheerleader. i should never go out you know alex when. i first met your mother i was so nervous. i met my mother. what you my mother yeah you just said. the first time i met your mother i was. saying. yeah oh that's weird is your mama hot. dude what. should we do joking dude. stan. i hate that guys. is that the guy who taped you to the. toilet yeah. i yesterday shoved me in the washing. machine in my own house what was that. jerk doing at your house. maggie's boyfriend maggie you have some.

Boyfriend. wow i'm very disappointed in your sister. he's looking don't make eye contact he's. kind of temperamental and he's. you're looking i'll look at it stop it. stop it. hey twinkle douche if i wanted you. in the cafeteria i would have taped you. to a lunch lady. punk you don't talk to him that way. okay. what are you gonna do. what am i gonna do. first i'm gonna call your father. give me my ball back . you know stan i feel sorry for you you. don't know me. oh but i do all too well. you're the man captain of the basketball. team. dates to pretty girls. high school is your kingdom. but people stan's a bully. why it'd be way too easy to say stan. prays in the weak simply because he's a. dick. no no no. stand here it's much more complex than. that. see according to leading psychiatrist. stan's a bully for one of three reasons.

one underneath all that male bravado. there's an insecure little girl just. banging on the closet door trying to get. out. two like a caveman. stan's brain is underdeveloped. therefore stan is unable to use. selfcontrol and so he acts out. aggressively. and the third reason stan has a small. wiener. don't hurt yourself big boy

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