12.05.2024 Rewriting an equation in slope intercept form to find the slope and y intercept

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Yes we have 3x plus 4y equals 12.. ladies and gentlemen all we're simply. going to do here is again isolate the y. so we see at this equation my y is being. multiplied by 4 and it's being added by. 3x. so the first thing you do is subtract a. 3x. and therefore we'll have. 4y equals negative 3x. plus 12.. and then we can just divide by 4. and divide by 4. now the important thing. that i wanted you guys to remember about. this is when you divide remember when we. like divided a. if we divide this quantity by a number. you got to make sure you multiply each. of these terms by number if you divide. the quantity by a number you have to. make sure that 4 divides into both of. those. so my final answer would be y equals a. negative. 3 4 x plus 3. because you've got to divide the 4 into. both of those therefore you can. determine m is a negative 3 4.

and b equals three or zero comma three. cool makes sense kind of no question

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