12.05.2024 I HIT A 1000X MAX WIN ON PLINKO! (STAKE)

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All right boys what's up welcome to the. video today we've got ten thousand. dollars in our account to play with we. got a new camera a new mic let me know. what you guys think and yeah with that. said let's get into the video. all right so the whole purpose of this. is just to wager as much as possible. obviously if we can end with profit then. even better this is what i've been doing. for the last two and a half hours so i. thought you know what why not just do it. on a bigger scale for a video i'm going. to be doing 30 or 25 or 30 i haven't. decided yet but roughly around that. amount plinko balls for as long as i can. we're gonna wager a ton for the. whole month of september i'm not. claiming right back so we're trying to. beef it up as much as possible right now. we're pretty much 900 so use that as a. reference point because hopefully at the.

End of the video it should hopefully be. a little bit more than that if you guys. don't know every single time you level. up on stake you get a little bonus and. obviously for this it's a pretty big one. it should be i'm hoping around ten. thousand dollars roughly give or take. we'll see we are doing the maximum risk. so high risk with the maximum amount of. rows a thousand x is in play so 1 000 x. here and that's profit already because i. think i'm gonna do 25 spins so 1 000. extra 25k back from 10 000. obviously. the odds of us actually hitting that are. so low i've been doing this for two. hours on three dollar spins and i'm. still yet to get a thousand x uh i hit. so many 130 x's so many 26 x's but. nothing else so let's whack up this this. was a little scuffed for me um so. hopefully this works now auto bet.

Infinite amount of spins we don't even. press anything just 25 all right so as. you guys can see i've zoomed in just a. little bit just so you guys can see a. little bit better of what's going on you. can see our stats right there on the. left our profit is minus nearly a. hundred dollars there you go minus 100. for the most part our balance will be. going up and down up and down up and. down so it's just something you gotta. get used to there you go 26x right like. that we're in 250 dollars profit already. it's now we've got 450 profit it's it's. gonna be a wild ride so yeah i'll speed. all this up until we get our next big. hit. okay right just like that now we're. technically up 500 it says we're up 800. but i see 600 pure profit we've already. wagered just well now. we've just wagered two thousand dollars. nice that was.

Oh my god i thought i was gonna be 1000x. wow that was such a bait oh my goodness. gotta get used to that it's gonna be a. few baits. our rank in the race is rapidly gonna go. down right now we're 32nd we should be. i'm hoping at least top 20 by the end of. this i hope as long as our luck isn't. too bad. um oh my atlanta see that one on the. bottom right there just sort of bounce. around so what you baited your boy into. thinking it might just hit 130x. ah yellow blinker man. officially down three thousand dollars. wage at 15k nearly. oh my god that was a bait jesus christ. that one was so volatile i think we had. a 9x in the end but that should have. been a 26 exit at least oh it's so. brutal. come on. dude. we're down nearly half our balance. help a brother out oh this one on the. right this one on the right. no. there's so much potential but we're.

Getting cucked there we go 9x helps. this one this one no 26x that helps back. up to 6k nice bro where's my 130x out. seriously. my rtp could get 25k right oh this one. on the right this one on the right nice. 26x good. i would like to go back above 6k though. hopefully we'll do 130x anytime now 130x. right here would put a smack bang pretty. much i think at our original balance. which would be. we've done over 1300 bets right now. minus 3k oh. mylanta 35k wagered. back down. oh my god dude stop it that's so that's. what like two or three bad baits for the. 330x oh my goodness please stop i really. thought that was it i really did the. good news is that's like our fifth or. sixth 26x so. we should be due 130x really soon. we are now top 20 already after 20. minutes. the price is starting to go up a little. bit 125 dollars but you know your boy is.

Down literally 3 000. there we go we. finally got it let's go as i was about. to say we're down like 2500 we are now. back in profit by 500 let's go. dude. all right now we've hit everything but. the thousand x so. 2000x. so. yes. um. uh. we've been filming uh for one hour now. and we have wagered 150k all right so. for the last 1500 since this has gone. sideways we might as well i'm literally. gonna go afk for this fifty dollar balls. if we get one thousand x then we're. vibing fifty thousand dollars um boys i. gotta go i've got something. i've got somewhere to be you guys enjoy. i'll whack up the wages god speed man. godspeed. do. make me proud please. nice 500 for that 50. oh my god oh my. god oh my god what a save we had a 130x. with a 5k let's go dude. oh my god. honestly i might honestly call that dude. we've wagered a ton.

Um maybe i'll do 5k bottom line wow the. fact that uh we're still going is kind. of insane. uh yeah 5k bottom line 5k bottom line. then we'll start doing maybe 100 balls. just for fun. okay i gotta watch my balance we're very. quickly approaching 5 000.. oh . oh . come on. i thought i hit 1000x i'm covering it. okay stop. no way i literally spoke it into. existence what the . just. let's go we just had a thousand. eggs on our 50 dollar ball. oh. my. finally after two hours of multiple. hours of spinning. literally over ten thousand bets bruh. we actually hit it let's 50. thousand dollars oh it looks so good it. looks so good. wow i didn't even envision 50 k. oh my god 16 ethereum what a day okay. well. guys if you want to test out this wager. distract it's volatile trust me. but um yeah we've waged it a lot today. we've made.

50k or 45k. pure profit one thing i haven't checked. yet is where we are on the race total i. think this is bugged by the way so it. says we've only wagered 200k that is a. lie there's no shot i have only. wagered 193k unless i'm just an idiot i. guess maybe i am i don't know anyways. we're in 10th position we did this for. pretty much an hour. maybe an hour and a half. um let's see. let's see what our rake back is remember. it was pretty much 900 when we started. this video we've gone up a whole. percentage one percent on my uh my rank. up that just goes to show how big the. diamond rank is. hey you know what. 172 right back i mean for the amount we. wagered that's actually not a lot but. still i'll take a thousand dollars in. right back we are just over 11 days into. september as i'm filming this so. yeah wow and we've made 50k so to be.

fair the rake back is irrelevant we make. 45 000 profit. what the . that was insane anyways hopefully you. guys enjoyed that video and make sure

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