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Foreign. welcome back to another video today. we're back on stake with balance of 1. 000 bucks that's nonsponsored there's. all my funds if you guys do want to. shout out to site and get access to a 10. rakeback go to the account menu go to. settings and under settings there'll be. an offers tab and you type in Quang on. the left side ku-n-g and you get your. 10 rakeback or if you want a dollar a. day for a week when you make a new. account type in Quang as the code you. have to give me your stake username in. the comments below we're gonna do a. thousand dollar on kids Olympus and. we're gonna try to at least three times. three four times our funds what. you can't we'll see 1 000 bucks here we. go come on. I'm still yet to see a hundred X. on the slot my highest multiplier was. 59x. see if we can beat 59x today that'll be.

Nice. okay 4X. foreign. oh that multi would have been nice. 2X. 162 we got six fins left come on. maybe Richard. ah. four spins left. nothing connects. nothing connects. nothing connects. oh you can't do that oh you just. that's just bullying. what that's it okay all right. all right we lost like half basically. 17x was our house. let's go. 400 here we go. okay 8x. nice one off yellows though. nice 3x. 11x so far. spins another 2x right here greens. okay 8X another one. okay okay. higher highest multi so far but 23x. I'll take that we'll take that. we got 10 spins left. nine spins we're at 180. we're looking. for something big. okay guaranteed hit all right keep her. going. all right. 27x is our multiplier so far we got six. bins. to try and beat 59x. oh maybe these. oh one off if. that two wasn't there. all right let's profit 29x.

Got five spins though um retrigger would be so nice okay okay ah on a dollar am I 45x we're 14 away from our 59x record yellows greens purples greens no last spin okay Blues hit drop a multi now yeah okay that's good that's profit this is huge there we go yeah 1K 48x The Show Must Go On Here We Go our goal is 3x all right so 3K Blues green Maybe all right 12x to start us off that's good okay 15x why not 97 got 13 spin three trick no it is quite late at night so my voice sounds different yeah you understand k5x here not too hot so far so far for a 10K but I mean not 10K 1K Buy purple two purples nice uh cereals oh one off no hits hey Blues Maybe nice yeah not really big hits so far okay 15 bucks that's 300 right there guaranteed okay 400 guaranteed nice we got four spins and we're at 642.

Okay all right this is good this is good. we're so close let's go up. 1K again. we got two spins left. oh that could have been hot. all right oh guess what. we're back at another 1K bye. all right come on. nothing on the first spin this time. okay. okay and nothing there. ah. this might be the Dead one that kills us. here. Blues greens. greens nice. I don't know what else. a multi would have been nice. multi here would be nice. no okay. no Maltese. no Maltese at all. this is the rip that we're waiting for. or hoping to not get but we got it. lose. big multi. I mean. it's a little save I guess. our last spin. usually when it does that that means. it's done nothing hits. 2x is a Miss 2x is a hit. all right. and we hit the purples the Rings would. hit. a little 3x. we got 10 spins still we got 5x though. oh. I'm just gonna. click it.

Okay 5x again. nothing crazy though. yeah nothing crazy. oh maybe the purples two purples no. we got four spins left. yellows. purples. purple snow. ah why not. come in. all it takes is one really good buy and. we're done. two spins left. yellows. Reds. all right. last spin. yeah all right exactly enough for 240.. oh this one's mmm. okay yeah this. I know you guys don't like skipping but. can I say. all right spins. a multi would be nice. yeah. I mean we can do another bite. foreign. so the highest multi we got so far was. 48x. interesting. one off Blues. miss miss. oh 3x. okay nine spins. seven spins oh that looks good. yeah. big multi now. lots of two eggs. a lot of two x's all right. 61 bucks so far six pins. uh this might be the end here please. it's looking like it's the end. magically beat our record of multipliers. there's no way.

On off one off foreign I mean I just say below 200 we spin it and we got 200 so technically we can still win 10K from this buy Here We Get Lucky with multipliers oh okay nice 15x okay 21x nice that's good more of those please 10 spins left oh maybe greens yep purples maybe Blues at both of them greens premiums nice multi drop a multi nice okay yeah that's good 682 there we go holy this is gonna be a long video six spins left one off greens nah that looks so good too oh one of the Rings I could have paid a lot 774 though this is really nice two spins left one spin left okay I can't do 700 but we can't do 600.

This is a really long video we might. have to drop it to 2K instead. we'll see. 13 spins left and so far no multis. okay. ah. 37 bucks eight spins left not looking. the greatest. one on green no. no. lose. it's not looking good this should be the. end. very close though. I would say. from making comebacks here is close. pretty close. 189 I guess we got another buy still. yeah I'm getting tired. laughs. Reds red so Reds. crowds. that's not bad. 432. technically we're allowed to do another. 600 Buy. yeah they have enough for another 600. Buy. I think we're just gonna settle for 2K. if we get to 2K with cash. okay okay okay I mean I can't complain. that's okay okay yeah yeah okay. I'll take that retrick plus a multiplier. I'll take that. we got 20 spoons I believe. yeah close to 20 spins. let's make these extra spins count here. we got 2X.

Yeah make these extra spins count come. on now purple's hit. drop another multi would be hot. yeah. yeah. still got two more extra spins before we. fully count our buy spins if you get. what I mean I guess not because I'm. tired. all right here we go these are our buy. spins now. on the Green. nice. nothing. okay blues. oh greens blues anything oh nothing. that's still good though that's still. good with. 602 guess what we can do another 600 dog. bye. unless we get 2K then we're done because. yeah I'm tired. okay okay yeah okay yeah we're done all. right. yep we're done that's a comeback that's. a comeback all right yep we're at 2.2k. yep we're done yep we're done we're done. we're done yep. I did not expect to make a comeback. holy . Blues. oh my God we actually made a comeback. that's insane. that is nuts we might even hit our goal.

3K. we just need one more really good. connect we're done. oh. I'll take it I'll take it I'll take it. I'll take it okay we're done we're done. all right we're done. oh. and boom thank you guys for watching we. made it come back oh my God we had 200. left and we managed to get 2.7 K back. thank you guys for watching and I'll see. you guys all in the next one peace. foreign

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