12.05.2024 RJUHSD Board Meeting @ The District Office (March 12th, 2024)

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E. e. e. e. e. e. e. all. right welcome everyone to the March 12th. meeting of the rosille joint Union High. School District going to call this. meeting to order all of us are here do. we have a motion for the adoption of the. board agenda motion to ad AG I'm going. to take a first and a second all right. all in favor signify by saying I I. that's all of us no members of the. public here so um we are adjourning to. close. session. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. welcome. everybody sorry we ran a couple minutes. late at closed. session uh but I'd like to invite you. all to stand with me and for the Pledge. of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the. United States of America and to the. Republic for which it stands one nation.

Under God indivisible with liy and. justice for. all all right our first item is uh. report from closed session we have no. reportable action from closed. session. uh meeting protocols welcome all. everybody has an opportunity to speak. there's two different opportunities if. you have to speak on something or if. you'd like to speak on something that's. on the agenda we'll call for public. comment at each agenda item if you want. to speak on something that's not on the. agenda we do have open Forum where we'll. hear from members of the public then if. we have 10 or more people who would like. to speak the time will be 90 seconds. nine or less people it will be 3 minutes. we do encourage public participation but. we do request civility in the use of. ctis courteous language the board does. not condone the use of profanity vulgar.

Language gestures or any other. inappropriate behavior including. personal attacks or threats directed. towards any meeting participant Andor. District employee if you have a. complaint about a specific employee or. employees of the district those. complaints should be made to that. employees immediate supervisor or the. School site principal is outlined in our. board policies and administrative. regulation. there's forms if you want to speak fill. out a form uh and then as always our. meeting is being audio video recorded. and will be. archived our next item is moving into. reports and. Communications our board expectations. have changed slightly and I'll I'll. we'll report that out uh during our. board reports but I'm going to go ahead. and read our board. expectations uh the board. expects our district to prep prepare all.

Students for Life College and Career. with high quality academic opportunities. for all students and to support student. academic success to engage in. partnership with families in the. community the school is a welcoming safe. environment that serves as the center of. student learning activities Athletics. and Performing Arts and to promote a. sense of community in our schools and. the surrounding. areas we'll utilize effective governance. and business practices we will remain. open transparent and accountable to the. community and we will serve as an. employer of choice with the highest. quality teachers and. staff and now on to board reports I'm. going to go ahead and just start at this. end and we'll work our way. across all right well I think in the. last two weeks I was able to visit. analou high school and I asked for a.

Crash course in the English Learners um. Department because I think we we all. heard two weeks ago that we have over 70. different languages in our district so. um I was able to meet with Lindsay and. Taylor and I I remember Taylor's it was. Taylor correct yes okay thank you I I um. and I was just given an overview of how. they manage um all these kids and was. able to see an el3 class I'm I'm going. to sound really smart um that was the. equivalent of a cp9 English class um and. but small smaller number of kids in. there and they had Aid and I was just it. was just from my perspective it's all. very interesting as how you go about. what a huge challenge so I'm returning. soon maybe it's next week to see an el2. class um and see how they handle um a. different level of um students um who. can well eld1 anyway okay I know I I'm.

Like I'm just like acronyms but I really. appreciate the time and I look forward. to going back next week so. thanks so one of the things I was able. to do in the past couple of weeks was um. attend the Roseville joint Union High. School Corral Festival I think that's. what it was called and I loved it we had. um students from four of our schools. West Park analou Granite Bay and Wood. Creek and um they performed for us and. they had a um like a really high highend. professional and words are are failing. me right now but he came in from outside. and and did a little critiquing of them. up on the stage and worked with them and. it was fantastic it was amazing to see. the students and what their teachers had. done with them and to see the. participation a lot of zero um Zero Hour. students participating as well so um.

That was just one of the things I loved. and I was able to take my 12year-old. daughter too so as I I sent a little. email to um the teachers later and said. so often we say ignite Inspire and. prepare and sometimes we think of that. in terms of what we as adults can do for. the students but I really that night. completely saw that how the students did. that for my daughter and um inspired her. and ignited it excitement in her as she. moves into her teenage years and and. into high school so I really appreciated. that and I loved it. great all right I again a few things uh. after our last board meeting we had a. board retreat where uh the five of us. board members and the superintendent got. together and we had uh a lot of. discussions about primarily board. expectations and one of the things that. we Institute instituted probably about a.

Year year and a half ago was trying to. make a clear statement of what the board. expects from our schools um and our. staff and uh as we have had an evolution. on our board we thought it was really. important to make sure we got together. and got the new board members engaged in. the discussion and uh work their. viewpoints in with our viewpoints and. make sure that we all still own um these. expectations so that we can be really. clear and speak in one voice as a board. the result is a very slightly modified. set of board expectations I know. probably some people didn't even notice. the difference in the words as we um put. them out I will say there's a typo on. that one because we sent the wrong file. to get printed but it's it's just a. couple words different there but we'll. we'll have it printed right but what I.

Said was the correct one um and the only. difference is that says uh sense of. community in the school and it should be. in our schools because we have lots of. schools um so anyway we did that we had. our governance and Leadership consultant. with us we went through a number of. exercises to continue to develop oursel. as a board uh we know how important it. is for our teachers to have professional. development our administrative teams to. have professional development and we're. engaging then as well so that we can all. keep doing better as we go along um then. I had a great opportunity to meet with. all eight of the principles since the. last meeting so I thank you all for that. uh always uh fun having our. conversations both about our schools in. our district and about things that have. nothing to do with our schools in our.

District so I really appreciate that on. March 1st I know um a few of us went to. the Roseville Adult School um and adante. we met with members of the governor's. what's it called the office representing. the strong Workforce initiative I think. it was and the Department of Education. and we talked about our CTE programs in. addition to us and the folks from the. state we had people from Sierra College. including president um Willie Duncan we. um had a great presentation including. presentations from our students who have. been uhu enrolled and engaged in our CTE. programs then we toured anope I mean. adante and had an opportunity to um show. off the CT in action and then we all. went over to Sierra College but I ended. up getting sidetracked on a phone call. so I didn't continue that part but. everyone else went to Sierra College and.

Then saw sort of the how we take our. students from here and they get. pipelined right into their uh CT program. so I think that was a great day on March. 6 I had the opportunity to go to anope. anope was going through their. accreditation process through wask and. um I had an opportunity to sit down with. the panel of reviewers and talk to to. them and kind of answer their questions. that they had from um why our board does. what we do how we see our roles things. of that nature um so that was uh um. informative I'd never been through one. of those through from the high school. level before then on the eth um a few of. us went to the. Roseville um High School District local. scholarship program reception and that. was over at Roseville High School and. the Highlight for me was not only the. donors that were there picking up all.

The schol scholarship applications and. basically we have a large group of uh. people that donate on a regular basis uh. money for scholarships for our students. to pursue uh their academics After High. School um these were all of those. participants coming in to pick up the. scholarship applications to take them. evaluate them and make their. determination who they are going to. award those scholarships to but most. importantly The Culinary students from. uh the school made all the food and I'll. tell you it rivaled the the appetizers. they had rivaled any reception I've been. to at any hotel or any restaurant it was. good um those of you who know me know I. ate more than I should have uh but it. was a great opportunity and especially. talking to the kids and really seeing. the pride that they saw everybody. enjoying their stuff so um great job.

From those kids over there at Roseville. and then on the eth I got to keep going. I went to West Park for the stunt game. um partially to watch West Park but. quite FR L my daughter was there cuz. she's on the Oakmont team um we didn't. win well we did but we didn't so I. always get to leave as a winner for any. of our schools um but it was a great. time watching uh those female athletes. that I don't know how they do that it's. an incredible sport if you haven't seen. a stunt game you need to get out there. tomorrow at anope there's one tomorrow. at analou so you can get out there and. check it out it's uh pretty exciting so. for once I actually did a bunch between. board meetings that's you my report Sho. aren't that long. IDI all right well I will be brief. because my schedule mimicked Peet a. little bit we were all at the board.

Retreat and then at the CTE presentation. at Roseville Adult School where we got. to learn how to well we didn't learn how. we got to watch a demonstration of like. taping athletic injuries and some. Automotive work going on um so that was. that was interesting to see and then I. got a nice visit over at Wood Creek High. with principal Bell where we got to do. lots of dialoguing and solving the. world's problems and um I got to see the. is it construction engineering what. construction Tech Construction Tech. where they were having like a drywall. contest and building sheds and it was. very impressive like I wasn't learning. any of that when I was in high school I. feel like it was very Advanced and. impressive seeing what the students are. learning and then we popped into. Ceramics where again I feel like when I.

Was in high school I made lopsided. coffee mug and these kids are making. beautiful pieces of art you know so it's. just very impressive seeing what's. happening at all the school sites as old. folks we used to make ashtray to take. home to our parents but school have. changed over time schools schools have. changed over time that is definitely. true. I oh I mean every campus that I go to I. feel like it's much more like a college. than a high school compared to back when. you know I was there so thank you for. the. visit H so I think since our last board. meeting um we've been really busy I've. got a chance to visit analou and get to. know Lindsay and her programs and I'll. hear more about her community on the. site it's fantastic um we did have our. board retreat and that was very. enlighting to just work together and to.

Really hear a lot of the history of our. district too and kind of how we got to. these expectations and how hard all of. our uh cabinet members and our. principles are working to achieve that. um uh one of the insights I think I've. had is just as I've gotten to know all. our different cabinet members and you. know one principal after another I'm. just amazed by the people in this. District really I mean we are loaded. with talent talent and just special. people who come from great backgrounds. and just bring so much to the table for. our staff and our students um so I it. makes me really proud um to be sitting. here today um also I really enjoyed the. hearing more about the CTE programs I. thought that was really impressive how. much we've grown in that area and I. think it's so needed um and then today. we got to tour uh our new district.

Office building and I just love. construction uh and so it's amazing to. see what's going to happen there and the. facilities to bring everybody together. um I I think there's going to be a lot. of amazing things that happen in that. building that's going to bless our. entire community so I'm really excited. for. it thank you next up we have our student. representative reports Sarah and Carson. you GNA arm wrestle to see who goes. first or I'll go. first so um since um the last month. that's happened um we've had our ASB. election so we have our new ASB which is. our Associated student body so our. president vice president secretary and. treasure have been elected for next year. so that's exciting and today we had a. school assembly about um antibullying. and it was actually super cool we had. BMX bikers come out and they did a bunch.

Of tricks and they talked about cyber. bullying and the effects of it and it. was honestly it was cool and. informational so yeah they kept the. crowd engaged and I really like that and. coming up um we have Junior Prom this. weekend and we have our school bonfire. and we also have midterms this week. which you know is not so exciting. but yeah um that's it for coming up for. Roseville yeah take it away uh for. Roseville Pathways um we're still. working on getting our dance set up and. ready for May 10th um we are starting on. the Publications and we have our theme. it will be a night in Hollywood we're. super excited for that and then we've. also been able to have some College. trips one to the University of Pacific. and then one to UC Davis which was yes. yesterday and then we're also working on. our was was accreditations for both.

Campuses Independence and atalante and. then we're also looking forward to. spring break coming up. soon thank you very much now moving on. to superintendent and. cabinet yeah so um like uh a few people. have said analou had their was visit. last week and it was just really cool to. listen to of the team um Express their. gratitude and appreciation to Lindsay. and her leadership that spoke volumes as. we met with them and their preparation. um for the visit and so I just wanted to. congratulate Lindsay and her team for a. very successful was visit and I think a. few of the was members were actually. looking to apply for jobs there while. they were. visiting and so great job to them um. last Tuesday I had the opportunity to. attend the community leaders breakfast. with the Roseville Police Department um. and chief Bergstrom and was able to sit.

With other community leaders um and it. was just it was a great time just to. talk about what's going on in our. community and our interrelated. relationships and just the work the. chief's doing and our relationship with. Roseville Police Department um we're. very fortunate to have that even when I. was sitting there across from the U the. director from the Galleria same thing. it's like people are jealous around the. state because of their relationship with. the mall in Roseville Police and you. know if anybody ever sees noson doing. his overtime at the mall say hi um but. we have a tremendous relationship and it. it it's one that I value and so I was. glad to be a part of that and then last. but not least I just have a heartfelt. apology to Natalie because I was tardy. with some information to her that caused.

Her some stress over the last 72 hours. and a lot of emails and we're going to. work to make sure that doesn't happen. again so I apologize to you personally. Natalie it shouldn't have happened and. we're going to make sure it doesn't. happen again that's. it I am GNA go ahead and pass. tonight I'll be brief um I just want to. thank the principles this morning we had. a great so we had a principal meeting. this this morning and um all the. principles uh were heavily engaged in. our instructional leadership uh process. and protocol that that we will be. engaging going forward with the. intentions of of course improving our. academic outcomes of all of our students. and in particular we um learned uh. through Dr leid doll's work with 15. years worth of research um Dr leh hadal. was a longtime math instructor now a.

College professor researcher and author. and presenter now who speaks about high. leverage tasks and analyzing the tasks. that we assign students in our. classrooms as well as how we form. collaborative groups to get our students. to think and with intentionality and how. we um ask our students to work in a. thinking classroom and uh our principal. showed up showed strong and so thank you. to them and thank you to um ed services. for helping to facilitate that exercise. so we will continue to of course grow. and learn together as a professional. learning team of school leaders where we. prioritize. instruction so the last couple of days. um some of the HR staff and I have been. going around to school sites and. recognizing surprising our classified. employees of the year and so on April. 9th at the board meeting we'll be.

Recognizing them publicly we'll bring. them before you so we're looking forward. to that um in addition you know uh Mr. Hasty and I have been going to toach fut. job fairs we were at Sac State we were. at pccoe at the CV Center Chico State. this week Davis uh UC Davis this weekend. because we do have some hiring we've. we've posted some positions and and the. and the teacher shortage administrator. shortage is real we're not seeing as. many candidates as we've seen in the. past but. tonight items 610 6.10 and 6.11 the. board is going to make a very important. decision tonight and you're going to. really impact the lives of of doz dozens. of of employees so uh. 6.10 we have 37 certificated staff. members moving from Probe probationary. year one to probationary year 2 status. and even more importantly um in 6.11 we.

Have 50 um certificated staff members. administrators counselors and mainly. teachers moving from probationary year 2. and we're granting them tenure permanent. status with Roseville joint although we. have vacancies we continue to track the. very best we want to meet that board. expectation of being an employer of. choice in in this area um and other. districts frankly um are somewhat. envious of what we've done in Roseville. joint and a lot of it is because of our. relationships with our our labor. partners and that we value the people. that work in this district and we're. going to continue to do that and we're. going to continue to attract the very. best because like um Carrie like you. said it's the people that are working. with our kids that make this such a. great District. so thank. you thank you our next item is committee.

Reports but I don't believe any. committees have met have they. nope the Natalie report RCA come on. up don't forget to push the. button good evening and thank you for. this opportunity as always um Mr Beer. thank you so much for that apology uh. you have no idea how much that means. because it has been a long very few days. um and also it's going to change my. conversation again because I wrote this. 85 times I was like I'm not going to. write this out because it keeps shifting. because as things. happen news keeps changing and I decided. not to do a full script but kind of keep. my points because I wanted I like to. come up real and kind of just. communicate what we're feeling on our. end so perception is real and it's. dangerous and it's extremely misleading. and I we felt Hook Line and Sinker and I. will take a lot of the responsibility.

For this and a lot of things that we. communicated out which became I found. out later just because if hit very. quickly and I will say this as we seeing. is we're in we hearing tough times are. coming the belts are have to tighten and. next thing we know we saw this and there. was two two positions that being opened. and I we're at our sites and we're. feeling 10% budget cuts and we're seeing. the possibility that teachers going to. have the transfer and some involuntary. transfer and that hits hard because it. hurts morale and as much as we try not. to help hurt morale into the classrooms. it actually does affect the classrooms. and I'm not saying it's going to affect. the students because we're going all. professionals but when you're asked to. move to a different site that takes time. to build that community and it takes.

Time to build those relationships when. you're at a site over and over the kids. learn your face and you learn people and. it kind of takes that time to build and. so it takes a little bit of effort and. when these things hit it's just a little. was a little too raw at the moment so. when we saw this and it's even hard when. you pull up and you see a brand new. building that's being built and I know I. know funds are very not different it's. totally different funding but it's still. perception is very hard to take at. times I later found out that those. positions are being funded by elcap and. I'll come back to that in just a second. second but as I was going through this I. I remember looking at our actual your. your information chart at the very top. of the chart it says parents students. and. residents and I'm a teacher and I'm all.

About our students and when we see these. things we know that elcap stands for the. local control and accountability plan. and one of the biggest points in that is. to The Leverage resources to meet the. goals to improve student outcomes and we. sat through a 45 minute presentations. lab board meeting which is long but very. much needed. okay because it kind of shows the areas. in where you need. support my only question is if this. money is going to fund those how are we. going to be able to say those two. positions are then actually affecting. the student outcomes inside the. classroom is there a way to measure that. because you know you saw a lot of data. that says hey here's results from the. classroom but if this funding goes to. these positions how do we measure that I. sat for a year and a half at these elcat.

Meetings and I know that art the Buy in. the community I didn't want see that. they hey these are going to go to these. resources so when you make a decisions I. want you to ask that you think through. this is is is this something that we're. using these funds for because I will. tell you as students now we need as many. resources as we possibly can get I turn. I work at alternative Ed site by all. means I need resources that includes. wellness and other supports because we. have time we have 46 counselors we have. 10,600 plus students you do the ratio we. need the. support. Marl I'm not going to call you out and. Carrie I'm going to call you out but I. just did but it's not only in a good way. it's because you you're talking about is. as I sit back and listen I you're like. oh no. okay was like like yeah she Mara didn't.

Move she's like. okay I'm hearing what you sing Carri I. sat through your your um when you're. trying to get appointed to the board you. talked about bringing resources back to. the classroom and getting the the. results Mar you're talking about rigor. and Excellence rigor looks very. different for student should always. remember that but if we have this Lup. funding because we know we are. increasing from 25% to 40% of this ELC. cap funding how much of those resources. are going back to that we're maintaining. this Excellence now I know I'm Natalie. and I do not understand all lcap I I I. will honestly but a lot of us. don't however we have to trust that. we're making sure that we are having. things that are measurable and able to. go back to the students to get the. resources and the tools that we need so. what am I asking slow down communicate.

By all means be transparent because when. you weren't transparent and it seemed. very repulsive it hit hard and actually. hurt my feelings and I was really ticked. off Sorry Brad you got the backgr of it. as well he he was the one who broke the. news to me and I was just like I was hot. so I apologize to that Brad but not. really but I Al okay okay I. do and also I want you to think about is. this support if we are having 10% budget. cuts at at sites could that money be. allocated back to this to the actual. sites to be looked at because we we. talked about uh cast test and and. results last week and we talk you guys. were getting up ideas of like how to. present it I don't know if you know this. but we have a staff of like principles. over here and if you sat on their sites. to think about and have their teams that.

Were trying to build ways to increase. cast it would blow your mind I mean like. they lit they threw everything off the. table said let's go so there's a lot of. hard work are we actually doing the. right thing to allocate this money for. these positions or is it can it go back. to the classroom because those. unduplicated students the title one the. e the free and redor lunches the Foster. youth who's here to represent. them we are and I can't say enough is. please use your resources in the best. way to help support the students thank. you thank you. natal uh we're now into public comment I. have a few cards here but less than 10. so everyone will get up to three minutes. we're going to start off with uh Otto. and Joshua Coleman you can go in. whichever order you prefer. and you're Auto right yeah okay thanks. AO hello I'm OT Coleman and I'm a.

Student at Oakmont High School I came. here last month and spoke to the. district about a problem with the. parking area for people with. disabilities many people were parking in. those spaces without the appropriate. state issued placards which made it. difficult for people like me and others. who need those spaces for a variety of. reasons Reasons I'm happy to tell you. that the. efforts the efforts have been made by. the district and officer bug as El likes. to be called are helping the situation. dramatically many of the worst offenders. have stopped using those spaces and it's. become much easier to find a place to. park where I have space to load and. unload my. wheelchair I also saw an email from the. school that went out to parents asking. them not to park in those areas if they. didn't have the legal means to do so I.

Just want to say thank you your efforts. are not only very much appreciated but. working very well the situation has been. improving more and more week to week. thank you very much thank you Joshua. make sure you push the button that looks. like a person so we can hear. you hello I'm Joshua Coleman and I'm. here with my son Otto who uses a. wheelchair last month I spoke here. detailing five different incidents where. Otto was unable to access the Performing. Arts Theater at Oakmont to watch a. presentation pick up his school book. books completed an assignment for. yearbook class Etc I was told I would be. contacted by someone from the. superintendent's office to work on the. issue the only contact I received was an. email from the principal who said that. the district assured her that the. theater was ADA Compliant I again talked.

To the Ada Department of California who. said it's not up to current Ada. standards they said it was possible the. theater was ADA Compliant when it was. first built and it's currently. grandfathered in on outdated Ada. guidelines but she said even that seems. unlikely considering the fact that there. are no seats that can be accessed by a. person in a wheelchair I've submitted a. complaint with the Civil Rights. Department who have accepted the. complaint opened a case and are now. actively investigating the situation I'm. confident that we'll now get to the. bottom of whether that building truly is. ADA Compliant but regardless of whether. it is up to Legal standards or not that. does not negate the school's legal. obligation to treat all kids with equity. and equality so I want to be clear that. I'm not just looking for something to be.

Worked out for my son I'd like to see. permanent appropriate accommodations for. all kids who attend the school in. wheelchairs to be able to independently. access that theater to be able to sit. amongst their peers and participate with. everyone else so i' I've counted. something like seven or eight kids who. attend Oakmont in wheelchairs it's not a. lot but even though they're a minority. it doesn't mean they're not a priority. they deserve the same accessibility that. all the students have though if you. don't have someone in your immediate. family who uses a wheelchair you might. not understand how this typically Works. in a building like this theater there. would be an open space amongst the seats. for a wheelchair user to pull into with. two chairs beside it designated for. people with disabilities the first chair.

Is for the wheelchair user to transfer. into if they choose and usually the. armrest lifts up to make it easier to. transfer into the second chair is there. for a wheelchair uh user's companion if. they have one so this this theater. doesn't have anything like this there is. not one seat in the entire theater that. can be accessed by an individual in a. wheelchair so this is so uncommon I have. never in ot's lifetime been in a room. that had zero accommodations like this. so perhaps someone on the board could do. a walkthrough in that theater with an. adult who can't walk and uses a. wheelchair and then see for yourself. firsthand what it's like and also get. that person's input because this is. wildly unacceptable. at the very least I don't think it would. be that difficult to just maybe remove. some seats on the top level uh the only.

Area a person in a wheelchair can. independently access and designate that. open space and two seats next to it uh. for people with disabilities and there. should be at least four of these areas. like that considering there are seven or. eight kids at the school that need it. but something does need to be done thank. you thank you our next two speakers are. going to be Mike and then. Tim I guess it's on okay uh my name is. Mike Rell uh my daughter is a freshman. at Wood Creek High School and she uh is. a softball player and I'm not sure the. board is aware of the situation with. Wood Creek High School and the joint. agreement with the. city so I was on where until this year. that wood crink didn't have a softball. field and we used mahany through this. joint agreement the problem is is that. the city of. roseville's uh use policy is so strict.

We can't use the field if there's the. slightest amount of you know moisture on. the on the field that's going to cause. deformity in the grass or the the. soil um I know that my children as they. were growing up playing Rec Sports had. deal dealt with the same issue anytime. there was rain the city would come out. and evaluate the field and determine. whether they could play on it or not. usually wasn't for a safety reason but. it was because the field would be. damaged with all the kids running on it. and messing it up we're the only School. in Roseville that does not have a. softball. field the boys team has two fields to. practice on and play their. games they've had by count nearly 60. practices this year our girls have had. less than. 10 that includes Tri outs and some other. workouts that they've done outside of.

The campus because there's no place on. campus for them to do it with all the. other clubs and sports there's no no. place for. them there's no locker room facilities. for our daughters I pick my daughter up. at 3:30 when she walks across the street. I drive her over to the the softball. field and she jumps in the back of my. truck and changes her clothes and strips. down and puts on her softball uniform. does anyone want their daughter doing. that is that. appropriate I don't think. so let alone we have not had been able. to have a home game meanwhile every. other school in the region has had at. least one if not multiple home. games this is unacceptable there's a. ederal law as you know Title 9 that. cause that. states that girls teams have to have the. same facilities practice facilities game. facilities locker rooms workout.

Facilities sports medicine all those all. the access to those things that the boys. do and as you can see it's very uneven. there's no equity here and it's a. federal. law my daughter is a freshman this. gentleman's daughter is a senior she's. leaving this has been a problem for 30. years it needs to be. addressed for Equity thank you thank. you Tim followed by Meg thanks my. daughter's a sophomore I have a senior. and um it's funny it's weird how many. people I know on this board that's it's. kind of interesting um hi Melanie and. yes I have sophomore and the in addition. to what Mike said. um you know the boys are able to go to. the locker room change and go right to. their field this is not an unknown. problem um the the use agreement's been. 30 years and I would say yeah that made. sense right I mean let's get dual use.

You can do league softball you can do. baseball Little League you can do lots. of things on that field that makes sense. we're 30 years in and now if we look at. the the equality of what the boys have. 60 practices versus our five to 10. practices and the varsity girls have. really only had like three or four. themselves on that field and then I just. said okay it's time to do something. different I'm not I'm not saying hey. let's point the finger in the past it's. time to do something different it's time. to to to come up with a solution the. minimum solution we should have from. from Wood Creek is to say we get access. to that field primarily for us the city. doesn't have a say at all in how we use. that field we're not going to play in. mud we're going to play when it's a. apprpriate every other field seems to.

Find it appropriate I took a picture of. Mau Park after all those rains Mau. looked fine a little bit of help a. little bit of dry dirt probably get a. practice on there arfield no way Jose. there's a game on Wednesday that got. cancelled there's a game on Friday that. had to be moved to the uh to the. opponent's home field we're going to. have to do it again Monday our head. coach doesn't think we're not going to. be ready until April 1st on that field. based off of roseville's assess. assessment of that field. that we all know that's wrong we all can. agree come on that's that's wrong but. what I don't want to hear and what I I. wasn't at the meeting with Joe um and. you know we've had the same uh ad for a. while Grant we Su suan who's relatively. new so probably not as well versed in. the past 30 years um at the bare minimum.

We should be able to say when we should. play on those fields at the bare minimum. and Joint use agreement or not I'm sorry. we that should be something that we have. control over Mike and I happy to go drop. some dryy dirt happy to rake we get our. girls on the field get all get the JV. girls on the field get get control of. this situation at least somewhat and in. the in the midterm I would say we should. at least get rid of the JB boys field. and transfer the girls varsity field. onto to campus that's the minimum I. think that the board could accept and. the city should be able to give to that. to to Wood Creek and then the the long. term I would say to have both fields on. the campus like Doro like fome like. Roseville like all these other schools. except for analou whoever the analou yep. but even their fields are right next.

Door to the boys baseball field right so. the boys baseball field doesn't have any. special consideration only Wood Creek. again made sense in the past it is time. to do something different we've had two. Fields two uh uh turf football fields. put in at Wood Creek two in the past 12. years roughly roughly get my math on. that okay fine we have new uh. concessions for all the football fields. I'm okay with all that I get it like. let's let's improve you're over time. okay and then I just want to say Sarah. is also on that team so if you'd like to. speak with someone on that team she's. sitting right there thank. you all right our next speaker is. Meg hi there board um I uh appreciated. um being able to attend your board. retreat again um I do um kind of take. issue with Pete describing the changes. to the board expectations as very minor.

Taking out the language supporting. students physical mental and emotional. health is a really big deal it's not a. very minor change it's huge as we can. see it's. huge. um I can't downplay the importance of. understanding excuse me I'm going to get. emotional that students come to they. they come to school with everything they. carry with them it's not just what's in. their backpack it's not just their books. or their Chromebook it's everything they. carry. around you cannot ignore their mental. and emotional health when they come to. school no teacher would do that because. they know that to be able to teach them. they have to be ready to. learn. um. and then so I'm going to move on to a. separate topic there was also some. discussion at the board retreat about um. there being twoway communication. between parents and the school and how.

Important that was and I just I was. sitting in the back of the room saying. somebody please say it somebody please. say it students these are almost adults. please make it threeway communication. the students also are so important to. this and you guys left them out of the. equation and that was a it was probably. a half hour conversation and you did not. say students as important contributors. to. education. um that's all I'm going to say tonight. thank you thank. you okay we're now going to move into. our consent agenda since I had a couple. of questions um from various folks about. the consent agenda I just want to make. sure I explain so everybody knows I know. I've already had the the discussion with. um my colleagues here the consent agenda. anybody can choose to pull anything off. the consent agenda at any time I know I.

Got a couple of emails from uh members. of the public that were concerned that. consent agenda items weren't items on. the agenda and that they were not. transparent I just want everyone to know. that every item on the consent agenda. has all the backup material attached to. it in our agenda packet any of us can. choose to pull agenda items or a member. of the public or one of our staff can. ask us to pull uh and I do have one. request so far from this the other thing. is. um what goes on the consent agenda is. typically um the basics are contained in. board policy in the bylaw section but. essentially anything that is considered. to be routine in nature or that doesn't. need any additional. explanation contracts that are under a. certain amount go on there things of. that nature um now who makes the. determination what goes on the consent.

Agenda primarily it's the superintendent. and his staff although the board. president generally previews the um. agenda and makes a determination if it's. ready for publication so you may. remember at the last meeting I said. there was an item that was on consent. that I had asked for a presentation on. because I thought it was really. important for the board to do so um one. of our items tonight 8.2 was on the. consent agenda and I felt that given um. the number of new board members that we. had it would be important to at least. have an explanation of why we do this so. there's some additional context to what. we're. doing um all board members have an. opportunity if they see something on the. consent agenda in draft form to ask the. superintendent to move it to action or. they can do as some board members have.

Done to me this time and say hey I would. like to pull an item they can do that in. advance or like right now when I call. the consent agenda I'll usually ask is. there anything that anyone likes to pull. so there's multiple opportunities for. things to come off the consent agenda if. anyone uh would like to do that so I do. have a request for 6.13 to come off the. agenda are there any other requests for. anything to come off the consent agenda. other than that ladies no nothing from. you okay uh with then I would ask for a. motion to approve the consent agenda um. absent number. 6.13 motion to approve the consent. agenda minus item 6.13 do we have a. second a second all right we are now. going to take our. vote yes yes yes yes yes yes yes all. right that passes. unanimously then what happens when we. take something off the consent agenda it.

Becomes our first action item we can. either take it immediately then or if we. have a public hearing we could do the. public hearing first and take it with. the action matters which are under. Section 8 but since we don't have any. public hearing items we'll take that. right now so we'll Now call Item 6.13. which is approval of new certificated. job. descriptions and we'll start with the. superintendent if there's anything or uh. Brad if there's anything you'd like to. lead us on with this and then we'll get. to questions and. discussion um normally what happens here. with with the consent agenda around job. descriptions oftentimes there are either. new job descriptions or their an update. to a job description um and we bring. them in It's relatively routine in this. case we have two positions that are. actually being.

Reclassified and so we updated the job. descriptions for those two positions I. think there wasn't enough Clarity and. and this is a great opportunity for us. to to share that uh the rationale behind. it answer any questions that you may. have that others may have so with that I. just wanted to let people know that this. was a reclassification of two current. positions they're not two brand new. positions it's a reclassification of. two and and then just for. clarification generally when it comes to. new. positions there's typically two board. actions one related to the job. description and Joe you want to explain. what the other action might be yeah so. um often a lot of new positions come um. sometimes separate but sometimes. including with the B the budget adoption. that we'd have coming up and so a lot of. times there's a lot of position changes.

We may be removing some positions or. adding different positions and it can. can get complicated because there are a. lot of different funding implications. like we have categorical funding as well. as general fund unrestricted funds so. okay so with that I know board members. have questions so we'll um I guess we'll. just start at this end and anybody has. questions we'll move to this end and. then we can have discussion if we'd. like. okay um first an easy question um in the. write up one of these positions is. vacant correct and I and I was unclear. about the other position actually one is. vacant effective um February 9th and the. second one will be vacated June 30th. because the current director is moving. into an executive director position um. you just approved that so. congratulations to miss Stanley. yes so then her current position will be.

Vacant effective July 1st okay so I had. um some questions yesterday and I'm not. quite sure what order I you always turn. to me and I I'm I'm trying to formulate. my strategy of the order of my questions. asking questions to stall no so. um first I'll maybe I'll just okay I'll. share with my first the first question I. had to Joe and really so John then got. toer to Joe was um I asked for the count. over the last five years of how many. district office employees we had. compared to our sites because I've been. let's say over the years you okay. especially see the big giant build and. you think how many more District. employees do we need you know I mean. mean I just hear from from parents and. and you just kind of smile like oh and. but I didn't know how many District. employees we had compared to overall and.

So I asked I asked for this last night I. got some data I've very very cursery. look but Joe helped me a little bit um. and and what and I don't know if you. want to speak you might speak better to. it but um I I started to I have a. breakdown here and I wasn't sure what I. was going to find um and Joe shared so. five years ago we had 40 fulltime. employees at the district office and and. one of the questions I had where I was. given was what's a district office. employee and so I asked for and and. there's going to be arguments about what. what qualifies as that but I I basically. asked for um well anyone in. administration but also the support stff. along with those people and and no I. didn't want C I didn't want someone in. working in cafeteria because they are. sometimes considered more of a district. employee but if there was a supervisor.

Over those people then that's would be. I'd want that counted so um so over the. last five years we have increased our. district office staff by by eight so we. now have 48 compared to 40 um but then. looking at the overall School. sites and and it's funny we were talking. about the district office numbers Joe. and when I went back to look at the. school site numbers that's grown. tremendously from 5 550 to. 938 over the last five years um and now. I'm just kind of the Gast at that growth. um in a good or bad way I know I know a. lot I know a little bit of. that I know only some of it so so I just. wanted so that was one of my first. questions was was are we just. overstaffing the district office and and. I only had a cursory look and my first. comment was like well no it doesn't seem. like it's that extreme um I asked for.

Budget numbers and um he didn't have. salary percentages but he had. expenditures and that had stayed. consistent for the last between the. district office and sites um over the. last five years so um I just kind kind. of came away with like. okay um there's growth but it doesn't. seem extreme so I'm just going to share. that and and I don't know if you want to. add anything to that if I've no actually. I think you summarized it pretty well um. and we're going to continue to work on. it so we can find tune some of the. numbers because it's hard to get an. actual report that gets you exactly what. you want but um but we've got some good. ideas uh and so once I have some more. time to to look through those numbers I. can probably provide that to the board. like in a weekly update just to to share. with the and I asked for all this last.

Night so this was it was very quick so I. appreciate that um so then my other. thought and maybe this is not so much a. question as a comment so hold off the. comment questions way okay all right I. won't get into Technic the last one was. a comment not a question but you know. I'm not keeping score well it was a. question to Joe and I'm just and I just. shared it any other questions before I. give everyone opportunity to question. any questions I do yes yeah I do have. questions and thank you so many of you. that have spent a lot of time on the. phone with not just me but a lot of. people up here and out there so it's. been a big few days so thank you so much. um I have several questions but I'll. just ask this for now and then let some. other board members and maybe will come. back to me if there's others so I.

Understand that the um these positions. are going to be funded through lcap. through the lcap funds so it's not. touching the general fund. um but if um the lcap funds were not. used for these positions where would. they be used within the L under the lcap. umbrella and are these positions a. greater benefit to the district than the. than the other places where these funds. may have been. used talk. about um I'll talk about the program and. then Joel will talk about the funding. because these positions will be funded. out of more than lcap the categorical. funds and we have uh many categorical. funds and Joe was much more well vers at. that so he'll speak to that uh so as you. will recall two weeks ago when we gave. you a mid year report in the lcap lcff. dollars which is associated with the. funds that we get for unduplicated.

Student counts we get those dollars as. according to the number of el the number. of students who qualify for free reduced. meals and the number who are um. considered Foster youth we get those. dollars as equivalent to those students. that enter our school district and um as. we shared two weeks ago that percentage. has increased dramatically from 25% to. 40% part of receiving those funds from. the. state is the accountability and the. obligations to meeting those students. needs and so um I know Carrie and I have. had extensive conversations as well as. Natalie and I you know English Learners. in particular newcomers we are seeing a. huge influx of newcomer ref refuges. particularly from the Ukraine um we've. seen previously newcomers from. Afghanistan um and newcomers means they. really don't speak any English so the.

Research around eel particularly in the. California e framework speaks to the. different typographies of our English. Learners particularly in the grades 9. through 12 newcomers are part of that. typography we also have longterm. English Learners who are are classified. as having not mastered the English. competency so they've been categorized. as an English learner for seven years or. more which is awful because when you're. classified for that long you don't get. access to the typical classrooms that. Carson Sarah my daughter would get. you're essentially what Mara saw you're. um forced to take el1 el2 el3 instead of. the regular classrooms and regular. opportunities that other students who. are not categorized as El's would get. and so it is our absolute obligation to. meet the needs of our English Learners.

And more importantly redesignate our. English Learners so they have access to. the full plethora of our master schedule. and our course offerings additionally we. are um we're held accountable so on the. California school dashboard if we are. not moving the needle on particularly. this year I think you will remember we. shared last week or two weeks ago. longterm English Learners are now going. to be a specific category of student. group that the state will be tracking. for every school district and the reason. being is because High School Districts. school districts in general are not. doing a good job of moving our longterm. English Learners out reclassified so. they can get access to all of the. classes I I and say that my daughter. does um so uh what would we be doing if. not these two positions we would still.

Have to attend to longterm Els to Els. to Foster Youth and to students who. receive free and reduce or who are. eligible for free reduced meals we just. have to because they are the reasons why. our lcff funds have increased now the. research also says when you attend to. your most needy students all all. students in the classroom benefits so in. other words when we build the capacity. in our teachers to teaching English. Learners all students benefits I'm going. to take my daughter into uh and as as an. example here if she's in the care of a. teacher who has all the competencies of. teaching an English learner it will only. support her that much more as a as an AP. student as an English only student so. all the research is there that says. school districts Educators you need to. attend to these student groups that are.

The neediest because every student. benefits when your teachers are that. more much more capable and I'll turn. over the funding to. Joe yeah that was good uh summary and I. don't have a ton to add other than um. one of the big changes we had with the. lcap is the number of students that um. are qualified for those different. categories going from 20 to. 40% and it's going to be interesting. because one of the conversations later. today when I do my budget update is I'm. going to talk about some of the. reductions in the general fund. budget that's actually opposite when you. look at our lcap budget because of that. increase from 25 to 40% we're looking at. an increase of whereas last year we had. about $5.5 million in lcap funds we're. expecting about close to $10 million. next year in outc cap funds so while one.

Pot of money is looking tight another PO. is kind of growing quite a bit and so we. have an obligation to to provide. additional Services because we have more. students and more needs as to is. mentioning so there are a lot of. different Avenues of where that funding. could be spent but currently we do spend. a lot of our lcap dollars in direct. classroom Services through our we have. uh English language classes where we. provide sections we have intervention. sections we have like AVID program and. we pay a portion of our counselor. salaries at l cap and so while these. position re classes is a percentage it's. a very very small percentage of the. total lcap. budget and let me just clarify too I. understand that it needs to be used. under the elap umbrella If These funds. weren't being used well for the one. particular well both of them a little.

Bit but would they would These funds. being go into the classroom or do you. how do you feel like having the director. is going to translate to a benefit in. the classroom how are you seeing that. happening so in the job description. you'll see the um qualifications is. elevated they must have a graduate. degree they must have the uh training. and the experience having worked with. multilingual um. settings additionally um our vision with. this position is literally to be in. classrooms to provide the support. support and uh training for our teachers. who are I was at a school site with a an. ELD teacher and she said too we need. help we have such a huge growth of. English Learners who are not just. newcomers but who aren't being. classified and we need help and then I. got to talking to her with the current. research around um shadowing.

Multilingual learnings and the. observations and learning that we as. adults see when you Shadow a student all. day um you. you literally. see how much they get to speak or not. how much they get to practice language. or not and you get to see um what I. would call um the inability to access or. not or or so um as an example when Jen. and I conducted student focus groups as. part of our elap and preparation for. writing the lcap and presenting it to. the board uh and of course as in the. those focus groups we intentionally made. sure we had English Learners Foster. Youth and students who um qualify for. free and reduce lunch meals and. particularly the English learner. students said you know we can't access. instruction so we're using our devices. to translate what the teacher's teaching. so we even understand and our kids are.

So so empathetic right and so kind and. and model for us every day on how to be. better humans and their peers. immediately said and we've seen them do. that it's not okay that they have to use. their own device to figuring out the app. to translating the instruction so they. can access um so I would say um that if. we didn't have the Investments of the. these directors again we would still. have to meet the obligations but having. the director who has the qualifications. to supporting our teachers and building. the capacity in our teachers and more. importantly um is up toate on the. research around a growing population in. our area would only help I would say. would it's that is direct supports that. that is direct supports to our classroom. teachers to supporting them with our. students. you questions on this end of the table.

Um no questions only comments when we. get there there questions are we only. Thea director position or it could be. either one just questions related to. either one okay um so I no comments. right now turn your turn your mic on. please okay um when it comes to the. state and federal programs um I know one. of our board expectations is to utilize. effective business practices and so when. we look at categorical F funding I know. um keeping track of that can be. tedious um almost next to Impossible and. I know uh site level administrators look. to the district office for a lot of. support there's a lot of um details in. order to maximize and monitor uh that. specific funding and I just can't even. imagine being a principal trying to. figure all of that out as well as. supervising and taking care of student. issues and you know making sure that we.

Just attach everything that we have to. do like there's so much to do so I'm. wondering what what will this do like. what will this program allow us to do to. support our sites and to help out the. district what more is it going to do for. us yeah I'll I'll start and two maybe. would want to jump in but um I think and. you hit it right on as far as the. support and what's needed um you know. you go back 10 15 years ago we didn't. have as many of these students we didn't. have as many of these requirements and. so you know we may do with the staff. that we had but we found out as the. numbers have gone up as the funding has. gone up that we've um you know and these. are being audited by federal and state. agencies that we've you know found out. we've made some mistakes along the way. and that we need someone else who can.

Help really be an expert in this and. manage it so I have my accounting. director she does a lot of work with. this and uh is really trying to work. with the sites and it it's confusing. what you can spend the money on what you. can't spend the money on and so that's. where it's really important to have. someone who's well vers of that has. great ideas who knows what other. districts are using with the funds and. can provide ideas thoughts feedback and. sometimes no you can't spend it on this. so and has to correct the behavior and. so I think that's what a lot of is make. sure we're in compliance and make sure. that we're utilizing those funds. effectively I would only um also just. add that um every this director of state. and federal categorical programs has to. be a prized and um a reader a consumer. of uh most current research with regards.

To those unduplicated student body. counts because while Joe's office. provides supports for the use of funds. it's my office and I will expect this of. this person to be able to connect. specifically the investments into. student outcomes because if we can't. show our parents that we're moving the. needle on our most marginalized most. neediest student body populations that. our teachers are also saying to us we. really need support then we're not doing. a good job so my expectation in. Education Services is to have someone. who understands the research and the. literature about what works for students. who qualify for free reduced meals what. works for foster youth who don't have a. stable home what works for English. Learners and all the different. typographies that we see in our school. buildings and of course speak spoke.

About his. department so if I can just further on. that one a little bit so will this. person also kind of help bridge the gap. in terms of building those Community. relationships because I mean again. principles already have so much to do. like we're always we get bombarded you. know or they get bombarded with. information will will this person be. able to kind of help bridge that Gap to. figure out what those specific. communities need because the analou Comm. Community is a little different than the. Wood Creek than the Roseville than the. bont so yeah absolutely so in my former. systems this person attended School site. Council meetings we know where many of. the principles or their designate admin. um assistant principles are facilitating. and are bringing the research strategies. so often the the I think one of the.

Singular strategy or not strategy. responsibility of School site councils. is to discuss the Investments of their. funds of the site fund and where they. wish to allocate it to improving student. outcomes um director of state and. federal programs should be the person to. be invited and to attend the School site. Council meetings or their English. learner advisory committee meetings the. elac meetings and be able to report out. on the current research and be able to. be that advisory body of whether this. investment or this proposed allocation. is good for that particular Community or. not so kind of an expert an expert in. the movie or in that meeting working. with the principal to help facilitate. yeah excellent okay any. other questions before we get to. discussion let me ask one okay if I can. yeah think how to formulate this.

Um. so the. overall change to our general. fund will be what I think I had talked. to Joe about this earlier and just I. can't remember I've talked to a lot of. people I don't know who it. was whoever it was I I I know there was. you know we talked a lot about what. where the funding was coming from and um. anyway so I think if if you know what. I'm talking about would you yeah sure um. so because these are being paid for out. of the categorical programs when we look. at the general fund or the unrestricted. general fund these reclassifications. have uh well they zero impact to the. negative but they're actually with some. of these changes we're doing we're. finding ways to lessen the impact of the. general fund so we are going to actually. have some savings for instance um Lisa. Stanley's former position was 50% paid.

Out of the general fund and 50% out of. lcap this new position would be 100%. funded out of the lcap and so it. actually provides a savings to the. general fund does that make answer your. question thank. you thank you um so as we go around with. our comments I just want to say I gave a. little extra leeway in the budget. questions so we have to be really. careful that we only talk about what's. agendized then the job descriptions are. agendized not the budget allocations but. I think it's important for us to. understand the budget impacts for us to. make this decision so I let it go a. little further probably than we should. have but I'll just remind you that uh. everything we do in relation to job. descriptions is always subject to budget. allocations when we do the budget so. they're they're. related they have impacts but it's not.

The same agenda item um now that being. said I'll just say that uh I had a lot. of questions too so I asked my questions. um poor staff you got all these. questions from all of us in different. areas I I will say that as I went. through um I think it's page. four the end of three four going into. four the duties and responsibilities. I think when you read through this I. could clearly see the linkage to the. classroom and how this is going to. provide um support. expertise U. training a a bunch of things directly to. the classroom it is actually support for. the teachers that are providing the. instruction to the targeted um. communities I also think it's really one. of the key points that is not directly. budget related but is. that doubling of our population that our. lcap funds is is a real critical thing. for us to be considering so with.

That okay far away all right so my so my. first comment and my thought when I when. I saw this. is I realized I think maybe part of the. problem the hesitation especially even. with the teachers is is we haven't seen. the whole lcap plan you know we haven't. seen the whole the whole plan for how to. help the English Learners we're just. seeing this job. description and and so so it's hard to. do a little part without seeing the. strategy you know because and so I think. I think that's what made me pause and. and maybe others also because I I don't. want to put assumpt I don't want to. throw out assumptions but um because my. when I was touring analou I think one of. the things that came up with with all. the influx of kids is is they just have. really large classroom sizes now. especially for the El el1 and. el2 so if in this plan we also saw what.

Was changing in the classroom to help. the students and we have this new. position does that make sense I think if. we saw it all together I think there. might have been a bit more of just like. okay this is our strategy and it looks. good so I think that's what was missing. that's what's missing for me is is and. maybe even with your questions is and. then how do we help students it's like. well we're going to learn about that. next month does that make sense um and. so maybe I need reassurance that there's. a bigger. plan um that fits that and this fits in. with it I think speaking for staff the. lead times on all these different things. are different sure and they need to have. the job description to hire the new. staff and but so I think that's what. Pete can I make a comment real quick on. that of course so just to give you an.

Idea based on transferring what we have. done we pay. $976,000 for teachers for ELD and then. we pay over $900,000 for intervention. teachers out of lcap those just two. categories there's a whole bunch more. learning support Specialists and so on. and so forth so that's just two examples. of what that is there's close to $9. million in Staffing from lcap. so so and and and you know we have other. we have potentially three or four other. l cap goals and so I think it was just. missing the bigger picture because we. have we have about math needs also right. and so. um that's what's missing for me and so I. think and maybe so when when Natalie. said Slow Down okay that was my one of. my first thoughts also is I just needed. to see the big picture and and I. appreciate that some things need to go. quicker to get the approved um positions.

So that's just my thoughts um and then I. just have to share also just with. perception um I agree when I hear we're. asking the school sites to tighten the. belts and let's work smarter with little. bit less and. then you you want to you want to see the. district office also tightening up and. and I so and and I'm not saying you Wen. you're not but again it's the the. perception um and I don't know if the. other trustees know this and I am not. saying that this is there's Pro I'm not. I'm not no. mismanagement um um accusations coming. out of this but as a parent I'm seeing. notes from teachers talking about paper. shortage Grant Bay and so even yesterday. uh um my child's being told to put to. print out things at home and bring it to. school because there's no pay for at. Grant Bay High School um and I. understand that the the Departments are.

Now being tasked to um to pay for all. that themselves um but it's it's the. struggle of and and. and I'm sure paper's gone up my husband. buys our paper so that's the one thing I. don't know how much inflation's hit so. um so again the perception. of we're spending all this money here. bunch of grandbay parents are being told. there's no paper Grant Bay High School. so it's it's that that's what's that was. also a struggle of mine um and I think. that leads to you know one of our. expectations of transparency and Natalie. brought that up it's it's our. responsibility when I say our I mean all. of us here it's our responsibility to um. make sure that when we're talking about. different buckets of money and that. we're clear about that because we the. big we were not always good about that. you know every to the average parent.

It's all one big budget all being spent. in disproportionate ways but when you. look at what we have in general fund. versus Capital funds versus lcap funds. versus this vers cafeteria funds you. have we have all these different things. and they're all moving at different. speeds and in different directions and. um I think that's where that. transparency part is um because I'll. tell you when I first read it I didn't. catch the part about the categorical. funds because it was there I just didn't. read it as detailed as I probably should. have um so I think we can do a better. job all of us in making sure as we're. talking about these these things we're. reinforc it reinforcing the bucket of. funds ideas you know that we acknowledge. that we're constrained here but we have. funds here and I think it's incumbent.

Upon us to also explain why we have. funds here so we and you did a little. bit of that tonight we have more um lcff. funds because our number have doubled. and so it's on all of us as a group as. sort of the leaders of this organization. to make sure that we're understanding it. and we're communicating it so the. message gets out um I think we we we. need to do that to meet our own. expectations but also as parents we want. to know that. information. comments. microphone again I just really. appreciate all the time that has been. spent um with each one of us. individually and. um. I I. think I can see the need for these and. feel maybe I shouldn't be saying how I. feel right now you can we're in comment. time so this is but this generally is. the time where we're talking to each. other so our comments should be directed.

To US versus directed to them oh so this. is our conversation time okay yeah but. go ahead okay I I just I'm feel that as. we've heard there is a lot of different. buckets of money and different funds. that we're using from and to keep track. of all of them I'm just thinking about. all the conversations I've had in the. past couple of. days that our cabinet has had to have. with each of us and to have somebody who. it's just a tremendous amount of work. and so I can see the need and a correct. and knowledgeable management of for the. the state um the state and federal um. programs accountability I can see the. need for that and also um the director. it's it's a different one but the. English Learners with the the great. increase so we need somebody overseeing. it I can see the need for that at the. top of keeping it organized and and not.

Running our staff at District um into a. just frazzle because they're trying to. do all of it and there's I feel like. there's enough need there to justify a. specialist in that one. thing all right you earlier said you had. comments sure um you don't have to but. yeah um I'm going to be vague um. to keep someone confidential but I just. will say that I've had a Teacher Reach. Out on behalf of other teachers. greatly expressing the need for um the. eel. coordinator and so I do think it's a. direct benefit to students because it's. a direct benefit to the teachers of. those students that make sense and I. totally get your question and I think. part I think and I could be wrong but I. think part of this person's job is to. answer some of those questions of the. what is the greater plan and how what is. the curriculum and what is the plan and.

So I think part of the need for this. role is your to the lcap overall sure I. was referring to the l cap overall but. yes then their job would also be did. perhaps yeah and. so. I totally agree with Miss Natalie. and feel like we need to make sure that. it's all things that are a direct. benefit to the students and in the. classroom and I guess when I initially. saw it I thought oh this is fantastic. because this is what this other teacher. was telling me that they need and so. then I was. confused because maybe some teachers. don't feel that way and. so I think my persp perspective is based. on a mix of what some teachers have. shared with me but then we have other. teachers sharing something different and. I'm going by what you all are. recommending so I do feel and see the. need for both of them um but also. appreciate the sentiment of the Natalie.

Report um. trademark that right I like. that um and. just want it to feel comfortable for. everyone. so I I think this is an example of the. drawback of not being part of all the. lcap discussions because we haven't. heard a thing about all of our um I'll. hold you off because Carrie's been. holding off on Sor oh sorry sorry car. okay Carri. so I wanted to start off with um Natalie. everything you said in the beginning um. it was exactly my sentiment when I read. it I mean I just I just went into like. instant mode of like teacher hat and all. the things um that teachers go through. every single day to support our kids and. where that perception is and um as I. kind of dug in a little bit and I. reached out with my uh email of many. very specific questions and got to sit. down and um have great conversations I. can say that I have the utmost.

Confidence in um the thoughtfulness of. the leadership um with our cabinet. members I think that their their plan. for leadership of how we're going to. improve student instruction their plan. for leadership of how they're going to. support teachers and administrators um. to improve student scores is phenomenal. I I support them 100% um I feel very. confident with both of these positions. also the accountability measures that. are put into into effect here especially. with our um what is it the categorical. our state and federal funding program is. so needed um to kind of keep us out of. hot water and to make sure we are. maximizing um those dollars and and. helping out our site administrators so. um I'm I'm was just blown away by the. thought put into this and so I'm I'm. very pleased with what this can do for.

Our district and moving us forward in. this next year about my favorite two. board members do you guys have anything. to add. or no. okay I know I'm holding. back um anything else before we. entertain a. motion do we have a motion on this. item I will I'll make a motion to. approve um item 6.13 okay we have a. motion do we have a second I second have. a Motion in a second do we have any. discussion specific to the. motion all right we'll do this by Voice. vote all in favor signify by saying. I any oppos none all right now we're g. to get we just got out of our consent. agenda um we're going to get to our. action matters but we have two. presentations that might take a little. while and I need a break so we are going. to take a 4minute break on my clock at. 7:56 we're going to reconvene at 8. o'clock. for. e. e. e. e. e. e.

E. e. e. all right I'm going to call this meeting. meeting back to. order uh thank you for that break we are. going to get into item. 8.1. almost yeah he didn't hear the one. minute. warning. um there he is all right. um now we will call Item 8 point one Joe. it's all yours Al. righty so this is the second interim. whoops jumped ahead There For You Second. interim budget review just as a recap we. this is one of our last budget updates. for the current year and then we'll be. really working at June and July at. closing the books for 23 24 but it's a. kind of time where we're really shifting. to focus on. 2425 that's when we're having a lot of. budget discussions with sites and. departments and working on that but for. right now this is the latest update to. the 2324. budget all right and right at the. beginning I'm not doing good because I.

Had an error I found out so I know only. in the PowerPoint not in our actual. Financial so when we adopted our budget. and I I'll explain that this a little. bit we adopted expecting a deficit of$. 13.3 million for the current year which. sounds like a lot of money it's a lot of. accounting issues when uh the reason it. looks so bad is we had about 10 plus. million million dollar of. expenses that we got carried over to. this current year because of the way. accounting and all these uh categorical. monies we received from Esser and ELO. and all these funds we recorded the. revenue in years prior but we have the. expenses don't get recorded until like. the current year or next year or the. prior year so there's some other items. as well as we made a a contribution a. pretty large contribution $1.2 million. into our pension trust fund this year.

That shows up as an expense but really. that's moving the fund to our pension. trust fund so all that to say don't get. too worried about the high dollar amount. that's all part of a multiyear plan. which I'll show you later the error is. that $1.9 million is not supposed to be. a negative but a positive so the changes. this year are if you do 13.3 negative at. first interm we had another negative. 3.7 million now at this budget our. update I'm providing 1.9 million back. that equates to our net decrease for the. current year of $15 million. deficit so when I look at revenues these. are some of the large fluctuation. changes I'm going to be uh and I won't. go over them in detail but I'll go over. like one or two I'll highlight so for. revenues the positive number is a. positive thing and it's a benefit to the. to the general fund so you notice the.

Biggest one is special ed contribution. of 600,000 and I've talked to the board. many times where special ed will look. like a really big number one in them to. the positive and look really negative. one uh a different time to the negative. so special ed changes quite a bit based. on the number of students we have how. much money we get but also the number of. special education students we have. across the county because we're part of. a Consortium it's called the selpa and. there's a really complex formula that. determines how much money we get as well. as our expenditures changed quite a bit. so I'm dropping stuff but um so that. number can change quite a bit but this. was a positive of $600,000 and increase. in special ed one other item I'll just. point out it's not a huge number but our. interest Revenue we're projecting an.

Increase of. 90,000 as interest rates have been. increasing we don't get very high. interest rates you know we're very. designated what we can put our money in. investment wise so the county treasure. manages that for us but we've been. seeing a continued growth and increased. interest rates and so we're projecting. some higher revenues just from the cash. we have on. hand on the these are the changes and. VAR is on the expense side so what. you'll see here is a negative in expense. is actually a good thing because we're. reducing the amount of expenditures in. our budget one of the biggest changes. you'll see is in salary and benefit. adjustments of about $1.2 million. savings so we have a lot of uh salary. and benefit adjustments that continue as. we have vacancies people who um are. unfilled positions one of the biggest.

Changes that caused this fluctuation was. our unduplicated percentage changing. from 25 to 40% because the largest. percentage of our counselors we have 25%. of our counselor. charges in the past were charged to lcap. with that going up to 40% now 40% of our. counselor charges go to lcap because we. have that additional resource so what. that does is that frees up the cost in. the general fund so it gets a little. confusing so sorry about that but um. overall on the expense side we have more. negatives than positive which is a good. thing and that's where you see that. combined instead of a uh $13 million. increase that we thought of in the. budget we're now looking at $15 million. decrease but it was $17 million at first. interim so we've gotten a little bit. better so I won't go over all this in. detail but just one of the things I like.

To point out especially for people who. are the first time looking at this is. the majority of our budget is in. salaries and benefits so if you look at. expenditures lines 1 2 and three you'll. see $80 million $26 million $43 million. when when you look at any normal school. district you typically see about 80 to. 85% of total expenditures is in People. kind of what Carri is mentioning it's. all about our people and we are a people. business and so you'll see a lot of that. and so that'll change if we have salary. increases or increased positions that'll. change a lot in our. budget all right so this is my favorite. document I bring to the board a lot and. I'll bring it to you every single time. and it's our multiyear projection. because things get a little weird when. we have these one time and it makes one. year look a little funny so we really.

Focus on a multiyear projection do what. do our numbers look like over the next. couple years this was the multiyear I. presented to you at the first inome and. uh it only went through 25 26 so I'm. about to show you the updated one which. includes. 2627 but what you'll notice is some of. the highlighted numbers are the numbers. I like to focus on uh the yellow. highlighted that first one for the. current year we're expecting a $17. million deficit but as you go forward. the two years and we finish spending out. some of those uh categorical programs. we're expecting a a surplus in 2526 of. 630,000 and when you look at the bottom. those show you our reserves and we want. to make sure that those are in the. positive and so at the first interim. they were barely in the positive in some. of those future years but if you fast.

Forward to now we're looking a little. bit better as far as unappropriated. unassigned balances plus as we add that. 26 27 year you'll see we've got a. surplus of about $3.4 million now caveat. those are still further in the future. the further in the future we go the less. certain we are that that's actually. going to happen right now the state is. projecting some small colas in both 256. and. 2627 about 3% on average and there's a. possibility we won't get 3% we could get. a smaller amount and so that can change. things but these are our best guesses. now what the state's projecting our. colas are going to be in the future. years so you can see on that very bottom. yellow line not only can we meet all our. reserves but we have some additional. funds on top of those reserves one other. key Point um and I I think Pete would.

Ask me if I didn't mention it but one of. the requirements the state has it's. called The Reserve cap we're not allowed. to M have reserves Beyond 10% in a given. year and so we can have a projection of. having more than 10% but we can't adopt. a budget. with less or with more than 10% in. reserves and so one of the Avenues we Ed. to help us is we put set aside money in. our pension Reserve trust which I'll. show you a little bit and that's a way. of setting aside money for pension cost. as well as um just being budgeted. conservatively but realistic so as you. can see the percentages when you look. across in 23 24 we're project projecting. a 99.63% ending fund balance and so that. numberers not supposed to be above 10%. so we're below the 10% but not by much. and actually as you look out those next. couple years we're projecting to be just.

Below 10% as of. now so all that talk was mostly all. about the general fund but we also have. a lot of other funds Beyond just the. categorical funds we talked about. earlier but other funds that are outside. the general fund which include our adult. education program Our Food Services. Program and another big one is our. Capital our facility programs. and so this is a quick update I won't go. through all of these but all of our. funds look to have uh adequate balances. that we're projecting at year end um. this last one are our facility funds. particularly fund 25 is our developer. fee fund which is being used to pay for. the district office we talked about as. well as the upcoming Big projects like. at Roseville High School and you could. see we're projecting to still retain $16. million at the end of this year in our.

Fund 25. so our next steps kind of like what I. said earlier our real Focus now is on. 2425 budget development we've been. working with our sites and our. departments we've done a lot of our. initial budget meetings we'll be working. a lot with ed services elap you see that. that's a big part of our budget and it's. a big piece that goes into our budget. and we mentioned earlier the May Revis. that's something that's coming up May. 14th is when the governor governor. updates his budget right now we keep. hearing that the budget's not looking. good at the state level and so we'll get. a better idea of what that actually. means one of the key parts for the state. is the April tax revenues come in so. that's when everybody pays their taxes. and so the big question will be is that. going to be better or worse than they're.

Expecting if it is better and more money. comes in then things look a little bit. better potentially for us and conversely. if it looks worse so we'll I'll provide. an update in May of what the May Revis. looks like and then both May and June. you'll see both two and I two will be. going over the lcap and her team and. then I will after the lcap bring the. budget we'll be doing a public hearing. which is our first first draft an. opportunity for the public to comment. and then we're projecting in June 11 to. adopt our budget and our. elcap very good uh questions. first you guys understand it fully okay. experts good job any uh comments. all right with no questions and no. comments do we have a motion to approve. 8.1 I will just make a tiny comment that. I always love how much you love this. Joe doesn't everybody right and with.

That I will make a motion to approve so. we have a motion do I have a second. second we have a motion a second any. discussion on the. motion all right all in favor signify by. saying I I I any opposed that passes. unanimously now. 8.2 this is our school plans for student. achievement or Sia I think is how you. guys say it. uh um many people talked with that. acronym before and I had no idea what. they were talking about um but one of. the reasons this normally annually is on. the consent agenda because uh and she's. going to tell you why be all the wise. behind it but I just thought given uh. the newness of the board it'd be. important for us to kind of hear the why. we do this what's in them what the. implications are so perfect you just all. your int for me so speaking of. categorical talk about site level. management I'm not going to go into the.

Numbers it is very high level like what. is the Sia what is the single School. plan forent achievement because we all. need more acronyms in our lives I know. who writes it why do they write it and. where are we in the process right now so. just a really high. level. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. forgot turn your mic on I just figured. out oh I pushed. you oh okay so going back oh okay. oops they can because I'm sure like ton. of people are watching this tonight so. all of that said tonight what I'm. bringing for you. is are the plans that you already. approved last year but we're saying hey. we had to adjust we have to account for. every dollar it's all got to add up to. the numbers that we were given so that's. why we're. here and again these were based on the. 21 through 24 lcap goals college career. and life Readiness academic achievement.

Equity inclusion student and parent. engagement we're looking toward only. three goals for next year that's a. little sneak preview spoiler alert um. but right now these that you're looking. at are based on the last LC. cap okay so analou high school has our. highest number of underrepresented. students unduplicated we've been using. those words sort of interchangeably so I. asked linday if she'd just come up and. talk a little bit about what that. process looks like at her school oh you. don't need that hi everybody um so Jen. asked me to talk us a little bit about. the community engagement part of our. sipsa at analo high school because we do. have the highest number of unduplicated. students um so she already talked about. site Council and that's definitely the. most direct way that we get our. community involved because that's pretty.

Much what we do every month as we talk. about our SI our sipet um what the goals. are are we meeting our metrics how are. we spending the money what are the. changes that are happening with that. budget um so that's the main thing that. we do and it is great like Jen said to. see how much people want to be involved. I remember um eight years ago when I. started at antalope high school being on. the the site Council team and we had to. bribe people with pizza to come and even. before that at Roseville like it was. like please just come and so now it's. just so great to see so many people want. to get involved um I would say the. second biggest group that is involved is. our elac group so that's our English. langu language advisory committee so. it's parents of English Learners um and. so they meet at analou they meet.

Quarterly um and one of the big things. that they talk about is student needs. right so it's A needs assessment for our. ELD students um and our e coordinator. who Marla got to meet Taylor she was. also our teacher of the year we didn't. get to be here that night but um she has. done a phenomenal job getting students. and parents involved in elac and so. we're like 10 and 15 parents English. learner parents which is just incredible. um come and share their stories and. share their needs and what their. students need to be successful and so. that's been a huge area of input so. through like those discussions at elac. we actually added positions so we hired. parent ambassadors uh two parent. ambassadors both graduates of the. district who are bilingual in English. and Russian to really help with our like. our increasing Slavic population um and.

Then we also decided um we need more. people right we need more people in. classrooms because you can't you cannot. replace people in a classroom um and so. we hired a a fulltime learning support. specialist just for our El classes and. that's been a huge Improvement and we've. seen so much from that so that's. directly from that elac meeting we made. those changes to our sips and added. those those positions um the lcap survey. that we do every year hopefully as as. parents in the district you guys take it. every year Pete I'm just kidding um um. we use that data in every single sipa so. we're constantly looking at what are the. needs that we're seeing because it's the. best way for us to get so so many voices. for our Comm from our community um in. one place so instead of hearing just. from a couple we're hearing from the I.

Mean that's the most that we get as far. as feedback from our parents um so one. of some of the things that came from at. analou anyway the lcap survey um was uh. we saw a many parents said you know the. safety was safety is always a concern on. campuses especially walking to and from. school safety on campus and so because. of that we asked for another campus. Monitor and we were granted a campus. monitor because we saw that that was a. need on our campus um and then we also. saw that students really wanted they. were missing the connection coming back. from Co right they were forgetting how. to treat each other with respect and. with caring um and so last year we. brought Breaking Down the Walls I don't. know if you guys have been able to do. that um but it's a great program for. students to really yeah really really.

Wonderful for students to hear each. other's stories right and get to know. each other and that came directly from. that survey and so we put it in our sipu. from last. year um and then the the one that we're. going to add for next year that we got. on the lcap survey data is that parents. really want to be on campus again um but. it's harder because now parents have to. go through a lot of Hoops right to be. volunteers and so for next year's sips. so we're budgeting money to pay for. lives scan services so that parents can. go get fingerprinted and then volunteer. on our campuses so that's not a hurdle. at our Title One school um and then the. last two um areas at analou anyway that. we indirectly focus on the sipsa is that. last year I did parent forums right so. that was some a way that we could hear. from parents have them come to school I.

Think I was sharing with was it Carrie. the first parent Forum was like 35. parents I was like this is so great and. the last one there was one so I'm like I. need to do better but it was still a way. to hear from parents what they needed um. and the big thing that we heard from. them that I took and implemented into. our sipsa is that the transition from. 8th grade to nth grade is so hard and. student struggle we see it in our dnf. rates we see it in connection on campus. we see it in discipline um and so we are. implementing or we implemented this year. an academic culture coordinator that's. really trying to work on that transition. for freshmen outside of just freshman. orientation really focusing on the. academics um and the last one is a. student Forum so we call it popcorn with. the principal I just really wanted to.

Buy a popcorn machine um and so I do um. about monthly these student Forum groups. um and just pull random selections of. students in and ask them how things are. going so the two main questions there. are what do you hope never changes about. analou high school and if you had a. million dollars and could change one. thing what which a million isn't even. that much as show um what would I should. change it to. 10 um what would you do if you could. change one thing and that that big one. is how much students love our elective. and CTE offerings and want more of those. and so that actually went into our was. growth areas um which directly ties now. to the sipsa anyone who hasn't done was. lately it's all tied together now um. which is really nice um so that's that's. shown something that we really need to. keep working on is finding those.

Relevant elective and CTE options so at. at analou anyway that's some of the ways. that we try and Outreach and get the. community involved in the sipa both. directly and. indirectly thank you was my microphone. on yes yes it was a big shout out to our. online Super Fan who goes by the. initials RN who texted me and said to. turn the microphone off I do check my. text messages during the. meeting so um J Jen do you have any more. for us I really don't um I was just. going to tell you that the next steps. okay well so I guess I kind of do goad. this is my last one so based upon your. approval I will call DTS tomorrow which. is another acronym for you document. tracking services and I will tell them. archive these because now we're going to. work from these but we're going to work. on next year's and tomorrow morning this.

Lovely crowd right here is working with. um Lisa stanle and I and we're going to. start work on our new Sipes and. alignment with our new lcap work and. everybody has all their pyramids all. ready to go to show me the alignment yep. we are ready homework's done okay and. then I'm going to meet with them. individually just for a little bit more. of alignment we sort of started like. this a couple years ago and we're. starting to get there so that's the goal. and then they're going to work with. their School site councils and then I'll. be back in May thank you very much so do. we have any. questions all right any comments or. concerns or maybe a. motion I'm just going to comment that I. love when you present because it's just. so School. teachery. are you calling me a school M Heidi or. what no I just like it like you still.

Got it I can't not smile when you. present cuz I feel like I'm in a. classroom and like there's animation a. little bit of pizzazz love it even when. I get harassment from Joe while I'm. presenting yeah no I just right it's. just I love it yes um and with that I. will make a motion to approve okay so we. have a motion to approve do we have a. second second have a motion to Second. any discussion on the. motion all in favor signify by saying. I yes any opposed none. opposed our next item do we have any. additional staff. comments nope I think we should do a. popcorn with Pete. event um our next uh item on the agenda. is a horizon report if you take a look. at that you will see what we have. planned for the next oh a whole bunch of. meetings there um and our final item. oh I guess I guess we have no meeting on. the 26 so I'll clear that off my.

calendar for Spring Break um only thing. left is a motion to adjourn would anyone. like to make that motion to adjourn. anyone like to second that I'll second. all in. favor all right thank you. everybody. e. e. e. for

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