12.05.2024 Buying Free Spins on Gates of Olympus

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How's the panthers welcome to best. sports betting. and today i'm gonna be buying a free. spin feature on gates of olympus over on. super bits. super let's have pragmatic play games. lots of slots to choose from and there. have been a few painters that have asked. what's it like to buy free spins i don't. quite recommend it. i'm not all that familiar with the. pragmatic games yet i have been playing. through them but so what i thought i. would do is i put the bed size down to a. minimum which is three rand which means. buying free spins is going to cost me. 300 bucks i don't expect to gain much. from this uh. little exercise but we're going to see. what happens i'm also curious myself to. see what happens. let's uh. click buy 300 free spins i've set that. down to the minimum amount as i. mentioned here we go yeah is uh free.

Spins at 300 bucks bye so we get a nice. confirmation screen over here do we want. to buy these 300 uh 300 round worth of. free spins yes. the bonus act of. four scatters very nice. we won 50 increasements. that's what we get from our. 10 left. not looking all that great. i'd much rather try and hit these. features in the game rather than. buying features. i think that's different. there's a nice little pickup over here. though. but it's not getting us anywhere close. to that. 300 rand. investment only five pistons left. four. three. some luck over here. seven times nine times 24 rounds. 2x in that one and we get nothing last. we spin coming up six round there can we. get a nice multipliers we've got two x. 11 66 grand. so not a great return. what was our totally. 150 ram. with our last respect. it's 152 ram. south. cost us 300 rand we ended up losing 170.

Rand on that not the worst but not great i think what i'm going to do is i'm going to put the bed size up a little bit let's make it uh let's make it 400 rand we don't need to put that on we're buying free spins we should make it 500 rounds can we do can we get that nice uh no we can't wait maybe we can no okay so we're gonna stick with the 400 round and we're gonna try that again we're gonna buy those three spins we're gonna buy these four scatters and at least then we have given it two chances the last one that we lost a bit on so maybe we can pick up a bit of profit on this one go we bought x multiplier there that's not too bad he gets 36 bucks back so far we've spent 400 rounds on these i've got 12 left yeah nothing comes 50 bucks so far so down 350.

Six times multiply but nothing there. there we go that's that's nice let me. get a multiplier on this that's. five free spins left six six on that one. 20 bucks not great. uh that's all right i guess but we need. some more symbols here. that's what we're offering. we'll get 10x on that. 14x okay 64 rand nice you say nice. ran so no luck there with wow. brisbane so that's why i'm not the. biggest fan of buying these you're not. really guaranteed to pick up that much. money although those multipliers are. very very nice it is something that i. think is going to be there for the. punters are gonna spend that extra bit. of cash but. for me i'd rather just uh go for some. manual spins. let's uh have a couple of manual spins. over here. just to bring my balance. down to about 5k i'm going to put that. bonus feature on we're going to go with.

uh. let's go with. should we say like. yeah that'll bring us close to that 5k. mark so i'm going to put this auto play. on for 10 rounds. that's a nice 22 round. it spins quite a bit so we're gonna see. what happens. there's the 450 pickup over there not. that great either went up to five. thousand times. that would be fantastic but. it is. it is what it is. oh almost uh. earning some free spins there. well that's it guys it hasn't been a. very successful session but i did manage. to show you guys what it's like to buy. these free spins what happens what you. can expect to happen once you've bought. them. if you guys are a fan of buying the free. spins let me know in the comments below. otherwise i'll catch you in the next. video have a good one guys cheers

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