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Holy cow Gates of Olympus 1000 is back. and I wanted to spend a bunch of money. doing a bonus by ladder starting with 5. 6 7 8 10 12 24,000 buys you get how it. works by the end of the video we did a. delusional $48,000 bonus buy my most. expensive Gates spy of the year maybe of. my lifetime enjoy this video grab your. popcorn grab your Beverages and most. importantly have a good time ladies and. gentlemen welcome we have a Gates of. Olympus session in store for us and I'm. excited nervous all sorts of emotions. but I'm also super freaking hyped I just. deposited $100,000 worth of checks at. the bank feeling like a pimp and. hopefully we can acquire some more. checks today $55,000 spin it's time to. win we're doing Gates of Olympus 1,000. today listen I am a notorious Gates of. Olympus lover and hater this game is.

Just toxic as. balls but I think. today we're going to do a bonus buy. ladder where we just keep working our. bonus buy amount up and up and up before. next thing you know it we're at a. $20,000 bonus buy praying for Jesus to. come and bless us I had some viewers. really upset at me for talking about my. dog's digestion issues cuz they were. eating and stuff so I I would like to. make a formal apology but I would also. like to say that that's just juicy bro I. tell you guys about my day man I want it. to be interesting you know I don't want. to just be an NPC Gambler where I'm. like come. on Multi wait we actually haven't gotten. a multi yet that's okay there it is. there it is is but no there's too many. NPC gamblers bro we got to rein the. space tell people about the struggles we. go to like doggy diarrhea I'm not.

Mentioning anymore but I hope everyone's. doing good this session should be. lit sorry let me try that again. this session should be freaking amazing. Celestial Victory I don't know about. your jurisdiction but my jurisdiction. states that saying lit in 2024 will get. you lit up okay that is a nogo uh uh uh. six grand let's go. free spins free spins I'm excited man. I'm excited I haven't seen my parents in. Forever they're visiting tomorrow for. one day you know they got work down. where I live and they're like okay we'll. stop by instead of buying a hotel we'll. use we'll use our son but uh all jokes. aside man I can't wait to see them holy. you know drugs are fun but hanging. out with family and people that. genuinely love and care about you. nothing beats that absolutely bro that's. kind of what we have going on here a big.

Degener family okay a family full of. financially irresponsible decision. makers where are the multis this is. ridiculous we we can't beat 13 spins in. every bonus with no multi this is what. I'm saying bro Gates of Olympus doesn't. let white people in or some what's. going on here I'm trying to enter your. Gates come on big zap 100x has anyone. gotten that like final spin there's just. a 250X multi you know what I mean. wouldn't that be ridiculous okay we just. got I was going to say the r word but. that's a bit extreme juicy Seven Grand. seven bands goodbye my friend spins free. spins one of our beautiful fans had a. great idea for another bonus bu. tournament we're going to team up slots. so instead of slots going one versus one. we're going to have two versus two so. like Gates of Olympus 1000 and starlight.

Princess 1000 versus like two other. games that would be so sick and then you. just add the total value from both the. slots payout and then boom Bada Bing b. pow we got a. video here we go here we go here we go. here we go I'm me I'm M me I'm me come. on come on come on come on juice juice. juice there we go that's our first big. hit I swear isn't that that's. amazing nice 9x multiplier eight spins. left this has to be rigged there's no. way power clowns my. friendless. oh speaking this this the the the the. the the the gates of Olympus guy keeps. going Fearless bro everyone not everyone. a handful of viewers are like bro sounds. like Fearless this guy sounds like. Fearless I go check out Fearless bro. doesn't sound like me I'm like I don't. even think that dude's. white I just find that crazy that you. can hear something and it's a completely.

Different person maybe a completely. different ethnicity and you're just like. are they the same people they are the. same people it's also funny because. Fearless is like a way bigger YouTuber. than me he's like 3 million Subs bro is. basically in bed with Mr Beast and I'm. like you think this guy left his 3. million sub Channel behind literally. farming the fortnite kiddos to come and. just do the gambling. vids i' would be like it's possible that. would just be the funniest like life. story ever the funniest life progression. ever. play not funny Fearless stay the . away from gambling this is torturous. okay you're battling against half the. creators with fake sponsored balance. that's half the battle okay you got. viewers you got audience okay now you. have to actually win I'm going to try my. best not to complain though because we.

Deal with so much in our days man. the juicy videos need to be a nice detox. so we're hitting this $88,000 bonus by. how much are we negative juice Meister. $933 I actually like that number if I. were to jerk off to a number here we. go okay wait multi on the first spin. this might be a good win lock in man. lock in honestly no one's asking the. questions that need to be asked but how. much is Mr Gates of Olympus how many. inches is is he rocking down. there I feel like when he's dropping. 250X multis I'm going to stop talking I. I I don't want. to Let's lock in here $8,000 11 spins. left why are we getting twos he's. dropping twos the whole time okay two is. better than none though so let's get the. twos coming back trouble of the twos. drop the multis zap it mhm nice nice. nice okay. I can just imagine someone in the.

Pragmatic play Studio just screaming. elemental power I'm feeling the power of. the house Edge I'll tell you that much I. can't. win crowns one away y'all could have. made me a king no I'm just a . juice box or something zap it 2x multi. okay okay okay can we make a deal if I. don't make profit here can we just start. making. out. what this is a good spin we get Golds we. get purples we get greens tumble. Mega all right two spins we need profit. two. spins okay okay okay that's it though we. only get greens here I knew it oh my. tits M yes yes clap it up in this . we finally made some money guys $812. profit now shut up because we're still. negative 10 grand bro but I'm jumping. from 9 to 10 because I'm ready to. Gamble. you know this session's getting real. when you feel a little moisture under. your armpits I find it crazy that I'm.

Actually an. animal but all I'm. doing is freestyling in the mic while. gambling loads of money and just having. an absolute blast sometimes I. wonder if I should go back to humping. trees you know and just laying in the. wilderness no where bro this has been. all dead all dead most expensive bonus. bu and I'm dead I'm dead Fearless CPR me. feel the power okay bro honestly. he keeps saying feel the power I'm ready. bro I am ready to feel your power wait. what do you mean by that final spin 10K. to that's despicable you know we're. supposed to just naturally go up and up. and up and naturally progress kind of. like a ladder you know one leg at a time. but for me I'm tempted I'm tempted yo if. we can get 10,000 likes on today's video. I'll suffer for yall's entertainment. $60,000 bonus buy I don't think we've. ever came close to that maybe in the.

Bonus spy tournament if Gates of Olympus. went out but let's be honest Gates of. Olympus is their franchise scammer bro. they just ah I swear like the biggest. slots man they just get extra extra. schas as the years go. by I'm no guru I am a mere wait wait. this is huge wait we get purples we get. Light blues wait wait wait another multi. I feel it too as I was saying one multi. I was only feeling one 888 that's a. lucky number it's like 777 but if you. have Down syndrome that Shane Gillis. joke of how like down syndrome people. just have so much fun like they're full. of energy is like I don't know maybe. this is wrong I could be wrong here but. it's like ignorance is bliss dude when. you don't know all the that's going. on in the world bro you can just. blissfully live you know you're you're. you're happy you don't know what the.

Is going on you don't know that. Bill Gates is um making uh allegedly. mosquitoes that will molest you and your. sleep made that up by the way I don't. think that's actually a thing but we. never know never know you watch enough. rumble.com videos you might find. yourself believing Bill Gates has the. mosquitoes but no there there's a lot of. crazy man once you get a bunch of. money and power you're just like you sit. on it for a little bit I bet and then. eventually you're just like wait this. guy's not playing by the rules this. guy's not playing by the rules okay you. know and then you just start doing this. crazy man. pragmatic play I guarantee bro pragmatic. play have you has pragmatic play CEO. been to the Epstein Islands cuz the. amount of R wording that's going on. right now to me in front of all you guys.

Is ridiculous this video has been kind. of boring in terms of content because. the wins have just let me just show you. what the hell are we doing here loss. loss loss oh we won 10% loss loss it's. time all I ask from you guys go fiddle. with that like button okay Papa. BL. oh my God yo if one of you guys are. eating something fun I actually need to. know all right if you're eating like a. sandwich keep your mouth shut. turkey s shut up if you're eating like a. squid pasta Linguini with like ink sauce. in in I don't know oh wait tits this is. sexy as I'm. bricked yes that's already like a three. grand win nice my math is atrocious I. think I it's cuz I'm standing up dude. all the blood flow is going to my. massive ball sack we'll see what we can. do here we have a 6X multi I don't love. scripts like this when we start off with.

A big hit sometimes it'll just. go dead and we don't have a big multi so. nothing's guaranteeing us a zesty ass. win yet zap here would be amazing but I. don't think we're going to get it I. don't think we get the zap I knew it man. you could kind of feel The Vibes I kamba. I don't feel good about this but come on. positivity juicy optimism here oh my. multi what are my. monties thank. you oh my God oh my God sorry about that. sorry about that I don't know man it. worked anytime I scream at them they. wake the up we're still 10 grand. away from home eight spins left oh my. God dead spin. Galore zap it yes yes we get Light blues. here we get perss probably let's go I. was. wrong if we can get profit the MLG horn. sounds that's just how it works so most. expensive by the video where are we we. just need to make money though we're not.

Making money yet holy. tits oh my. God got to make sure my audio is. recording yet what a. good oh no no no no no no no don't you. dare you Shameless Shameless Shameless. Shameless uh. he always says Celestial Bliss I I'm. convinced we're misunderstanding him. he's saying mesty oyss we're getting. absolutely molested by pragmatic play. right now my balance is not safe. nobody's safe hide you kids hide your. wife cuz they scam it everybody out here. man oh my god whoever made this. water needs a goddamn race 25. 24. $24,000 I'm not getting excited. I'm nothing right now except num I don't. give a right now I can't be fooled. I can't be teased unless I see 100x. multi I'm not doing my jumping. jacks oh my God bro seeing the $240 gold. connections on just a low or symbol. honestly honestly is concerning like how. much dope of me in my oh my that's.

Concerning $600 one connection. oh oh my God. Mega I hate this game I hate this game I. hate this game it just has full control. over me I swear $960 in triangles and I. just start screaming but then I. realize I snap back to reality like. Eminem and I'm like wait we're not going. to even make money here this is. ridiculous I don't get paid. enough I do I'm kidding I'm kidding way. too much actually as a matter of fact. yes yes yes more more more Red's here. Gold's here for for sure greens or Golds. I feel it neither I knew. that come. on just one more massive connection will. we get. it hourglasses for sure no zap. it oh my. God pragmatic play pragmatic play. pragmatic play ladies and gentlemen if. you're playing over on gamdom don't. forget to claim your special offer all. new signups have 6 hours only 6 hours. 360 minutes to claim that so just go.

Down here type in promo code juicy and. you'll get this instant rake back yeah. we lost a lot of money but we got 500. bucks yeah my daily rewards don't look. as big as the other creators but bro. it's because I'm on a raw balance deal. dude I I ain't I ain't getting billions. out here to gamble with bro it's more. chill this way it's more chill this way. we're negative $34,000 $217 right now. gamdom fills me $18,000 per video all. raw withdrawable balance but you know we. go crazy man 200,000 $300,000 videos. it's pretty hard to stretch an 18 Grand. balance so that's where you guys'. Affiliates really make these videos. special really make them absolutely. amazing and I don't know what to do from. here I really don't we're negative too. much money all right we'll slam a. $20,000 bonus using promo code juicy. unlocks a whole Fleet of rewards we give.

Away 60 Grand per month to people using. my promo code and I'll go into detail. more about that later but for now let me. take a. selfie dude just Dro me three scatters. power oh my God bro I don't I'm not. really an aggressor I don't really like. to fight much but holy Gates of. Olympus makes me want to go train MMA. and absolutely put a on the. canvas oh my God speaking of I lost. $20,000 on the UFC and I'm not proud of. it okay but what I did after that may. shock you imagine we just talking criid. ass headlines will shock you I lost 20K. on the UFC it was pretty I. thought this lady it was the comain. event dude she had the fight should have. been over it should not have gone the. distance I would have won my initial 10K. back cuz I did two parlays and then I. just did a twole parlay like a really. small one to win 27k to win my original.

10K back and bro the lady should have. had her out she was like choking her she. was out and then they called The Bell. like Saved by the Bell literally but. here's where it gets crazy the Cs Grand. Final I think it was wait let's just. focus on this real fast we only have a. 13x multi but if we get a premium symbol. we could easily easily reel this back in. like we're in element come on bro this. is ridiculous literally disgusting I'm. not get a $46,000 bro now if your. favorite gambling YouTuber is winning. billions of dollars and he's. consistently winning week over week bro. call [ __ ] listen we post. all of our wins and losses here and it's. no surprise we lose more than we win wow. who would have thought I thought these. games were developed to give poor people. money no that's why I always say every. video win or lose please gamble.

Responsibly yes yes you could easily win. some money dude you could just buy a. bonus win 1,000 bucks oh my God sorry we. can't speak while it's loading it's. disrespectful to the gambling. Gods like you absolutely can win money. but that's why I always say take your. profits when you're ahead and go buy an. experience you know like I personally. bought the pounder Blaster Omega. Pocket okay I come instantly bro. all it took was a retro tapes bonus buy. I bought the $4,000 come Contraption and. now I'm the happiest man ever bro I. literally just bust loads 24/7 bro all. that no fat propaganda is a lie bro to. find your inner male spiritual energy. you literally just have to bust at least. three to four nuts a day all right dick. feeling raw good you're on the right. track keep on beating it dude why do you. think Andrew Tate is constantly.

Constantly fueling all this Alpha Mar. dude he's trying to. deter everyone you must FB sorry that. was a joke I've been seeing those Tik. toks of people that do like fake. motivational speeches and it's just like. the opposite of what you should do. they're like take adero and just be the. crusher you don't need sleep stay up for. 24 hours so I just I lost a I went a. little crazy there obviously I I don't. think fapping no B obviously anything. within reason okay you're not going to. die buting a n element. power guys I'm actually depressed right. now I how the are [ __ ]. getting Max wins every freaking year. four times a year this is not ah we're. good we're good we're good we'll get. there juicy. we'll get that will We Will We Will We I. spent. $123,000 and I've won $69,000 that is. piss piss piss pathetic 53 Grand we've.

Lost right now I think it's time all the. money we lost today we can make it back. we either win big or lose big that's. obvious I don't even know what the . I'm saying yeah duh but quickly before I. risk three video payments on one bonus. buy bet juicy.com one of the most. rewarding Creator sites when you use. promo code juicy you're instantly. entered in the wager competition the. highest wager takes home $17.6 th000 in. cash filled directly to your balance. every single month then if you don't. have money to wager I can't wager a. million I understand that's what the. raffle leader board is for no other. creator has this guarantee it's going to. be stolen but every single dollar wager. under promo code you you'll earn a. ticket so even a $100 wager. theoretically could bring you home one. of the eight prizes $110,000 to the.

First place winner it's freaking insane. we also have a bonus section on the. website and in our Discord server the. juicy Hub thank you guys for listening. to my sellout my goal of the juicy slot. channel is to be the most honest and. integral gambling Creator okay I'm not. sitting here saying I'm gambling. millions of my own money okay majority. of this is sponsored and from Affiliates. but it's still money that I can take out. so I still greatly freaking care about. it okay I just lost 50 Grand that I. could have actually taken out or. invested in another video so obviously. it still breaks my heart people. act like oh yeah someone gave you 18K. for free so you don't care if you lose. it said who who who like yeah dude yes I. got it I still want to keep it $48,000. that's ball and there's a lot of. and shadiness going on in this.

Community and every freaking business. ever let's be real but it's important to. critically think if what you're watching. is realistic on the streaming things. there's a lot of viewbots there it's. it's actually pretty insane like a lot. of websites will have embedded streams. so if I go to bet juicy.com and you're. there it'll be running someone's stream. and then that's a viewer but then also a. lot of these streamers pay for you to. watch them so like you earn points. watching them which I that's good. business it's good business but it's. boosting them to the highest viewers I. don't know I don't know all I'm saying. is I don't buy a lot of this that I. see in this community and I appreciate. you guys for putting trust in me and I. love telling you guys everything about. my deal this is an insane start I don't.

Want to jump the gun at all I really. don't because I have before and whenever. I jump the gun it fires at me holy tits. I I hope this is the best . Immaculate win dude I hope it's a win. what everyone accuses me of rigging and. faking I hope it's that [ __ ]. orgasmic Char okay. okay okay um. hello. kich does that mean Hello kicha kicha I. think so Reds Golds come on there we go. there we go now we get reds here for. sure Reds for sure yes no way we get. anything. else M oh we have one we have one how. much how much jumping jacks jumping. jacks jumping yes man let's [ __ ]. go oh my God heart beating out of my. chest we did that man holy [ __ ]. this is why gambling is so sick and. twisted bro we literally were losing all. video the worst thing the worst idea. let's bet 48 Grand uh and it worked. Jesus Christ man this is sick and twist.

And I love it $993,000 $4 $1,000 total. win and we still have a chance at at at. at at getting more that's been holy tits. holy tits dude I have to like shake it. out I can't sit still right now my body. feels like it's going to explode. dude dude I just want a multi one more. multi and one big hit dude all the. connections pay like five grand minimum. even if it's low tier stop give me a. freaking hit give me a hit give me a hit. nice nice multi zap. Reds power oh yes Rings here I would or. I would oh okay we're good we're good. we're good we're good calm down holy. Breather Breather Breather Breather. $166,000. win I love you guys you guys are. the absolute best absolute best absolute. best holy tits man that's insane you. know what I'm going to be a man on my. freaking word and do a withdraw on this. video and if it gets denied or if.

Something happens I'm going to. tell you guys okay cuz what happens is. like if I win $5 million right from a. Max wi somehow there's no chance that. happens and I try to withdraw it there's. a chance game's like um we can't afford. that you don't make us that much money. you know and then that's what I. explor but I'll tell you guys as well. okay a lot of other creators have like. Max withdrawal deals so yeah they're. winning huge but they can only withdraw. 100 to 200k of that my deal should be. all my money is my money anything you. see I can take out so we're going to go. ahead and withdraw I think 150 Grand a. lot of websites don't keep that much. money in their wallets either so we'll. see we'll see I'm actually genuinely. very interested to show you guys and. show myself two Factor authenticator if. you don't have this on all your.

Important accounts you're actually. trolling natural selection at its finest. boom all right we requested the. withdrawal I'll let you guys know how. fast we get it 24 hours later good. morning it is 10:40 p.m. and I am re. withdrawing my withdrawal because for. some reason they denied it so we wait. some more and uh yeah we'll figure how. long it takes to get this freaking. withdrawal I'm assuming if we did. Bitcoin or ethereum or a more popular. cryptocurrency maybe we would have. gotten it faster but for now I'll see. you guys in the juicy up Discord we also. do VIP transfers in there I forgot to. mention so if you're a VIP on state.com. and you want to come compete in the BET. juicy.com leaderboards and try your luck. there just request a ticket and we can. transfer your status over to gamdom. anyways I got some videos on screen and.

how long it took for me to get the. withdrawal because cuz we're leaving. right now so I don't know I I'll. screenshot it when I get it but I love. you guys PE be safe be smart question. everything okay there's a lot of. Liars out here it's time. to speak up a little bit all right give. our life a little bit of purpose you. know keep the drama low but keep the. skepticism High I love you guys have a. great day great night whatever may be. your boy juice is loose I don't like I. don't I my is actually tight so. let me clarify I'll see you guys. tomorrow have a good one peace

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