12.05.2024 FULL MATCH - Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show – World Title Triple Threat Match: WrestleMania XXV

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome General manager Vickie Guerrero. >> The following is a triple threat match and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship. >> Over 70,000 fans greeting Vickie Guerrero's husband, the World's Heavyweight Champion. Vickie did in a very good mood, did she? An entrance befitting a world champion. Eighttime world champion. His bride is still wearing her wedding ring, so does that mean anything anymore in this love triangle? >> Bottom line here is that the World's Heavyweight Championship's on the line. Three men will be in this match, all right? only one, only one man can leave with that gold.

Well, Triple Threat Match. Three men as you said battle at the same time, it can only be one winner. And the Champion, Edge is at a distinct disadvantage. I mean>> Well >> Holy Yeah. >> I don't. >> Without being pinned or submitting. >> Wow. >> I don't know really is gonna introduce the Big Show weighing in. But I'm hearing around 485. >> Yeah, we talked to Big Show last week before his big match John Cena he says he's winning 485 pounds. >> That's what he said but when he got on the scale the scale said. >> See, he's the general manager right now of both shows back down in Rome. JR mentioned that, that is her husband.

We found out that Big Show is her lover. >> That's, that's a big love, it happens. . >> He was in love with both of these men. >> Now you guys know one other thing about Vickie Guerrero we got to correct it. We got to remember that Vickie Guerrero was the acting General Manager of and that's the anatomically superior Big Show to you. >> What, then he said, how big? >> Whoa, and an entrance befitting a Big Show. >> There hasn't been a more dominant man in WWE over the past month than the Big Show. He's knocked out Edge and John Cena. >> And beat John Cena this past Monday night. See that look that Edge just threw at Vickie's way.

>> What about the look that Big Show just gave Vickie. That could be included in >> Hey, what in the world? What is this? >> We were only expecting one John Cena. It's an army. >> God, this is great. Look at this. We talked about it entrance, this is maybe the best I'd ever seen. [LAUGH] >> There's the real John Cena. There is no one in the WWE that evokes as much emotion out of the WWE fans as John Cena. Yeah, you can't see me, we saw a lot of Cena. >> Introducing the challengers first standing as seven feet tall, weighing at 441 pounds. The Big Show , next from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighed in at 240 pounds John Cena.

>> >> And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 241 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Edge. >> >> And, again, the rules of this Triple Threat Matchup, Edge is the champion who does not have to be involved in the decision to lose that title. First man to gain pinfall or submission will become World Heavyweight Champion. >> And we have WWE fans from all over the world here at At WrestleMania and what a contingency here from Canada obviously >> And also watching in 68 countries worldwide >> Wow. >> 15 different languages. Every live for the first time in Mexico in Israel tonight.

Let's not forget WrestleMania being broadcast to our armed forces in 176 countries and 280 >> JR strategy for this triple John. As you see the power dominant to the Big Show early. >> Well, that certainly is not the suggested strategy. Thing about it is the most impressive guy coming into this match momentumwise is the Big Show. You'd missin it earlier, a knockout victory over Edge, a knockout victory over Cena. >> But JR, maybe a little collusion going on here. >> Yeah, I mean I don't think there's any time for any negotiation. Because I think the Big Show remembers that Edge proposed that'll raise your voice a few octaves.

>> That will effect the love triangle without question and certainly this match as far as Cena, or excuse me, Edge the champion and the number one contender the Big Show's concerned are just partially about our general or acting General Manager Lisa Roth. Wait Cena and Big Show 22 five E. To be exact. This match could change so quickly Jr. Big Show fires that one quick right hand off. There it was, except it's to the mid section. He's knocked both Edge and Cena out in recent weeks. >> Yeah, that's what we documented in the fact that the Big Show change the whole complexion of the match with those right hands quite honestly.

>> Absolutely crushed the breath out of you by standing on you as he did there to John Cena. >> Vickie, the nephew Chavo, putting her hand up. She's being wheeled passed the>> She's looking at the carnage. >> Carnage yes. Hey, listen. I think you brought this on herself. Remember she named Big Show the number one contender first off against her husband Edge. And then John Cena got involved with the whole blackmail prank where they cut out. So, Vicky brought this on herself. I seen Vicky over there, rubbernecking. >> More power by the Big Sow. He just drove by a car wreck there. Looks like one.

>> Looking at her husband. The expression on the face of the Big Show hasn't changed since this match started. He did there. He has been dominant since the getgo. But this could be the opening for Cena. >> The big man eliminated. And what this does is buy Cena time with both his opponents outside the ring. >> Good grief! >> Well that was an innovative move. Edge drop kicking the ring steps right into the knees or the Big Show. Down here boy, and Cena dropping is this lamb off the top and Cena putting his own body at risk with that highrisk maneuver. >> Remember last week on monday night raw Edge implored Cena to join forces with them to take out the Big Show in this match.

Cena says I'm not doing it. But maybe the best course of action in strategy. The irony here is that Edge is back in the driver's seat. >> Watch this and, >> Golly. >> Amazing impact from, we've already seen. >> A dangerous height. We talked about Edge imploring Cena to take out the Big Show. We've already seen Edge implore the Big Show here tonight to take out Cena. >> You can't trust Edge. >> Every man for himself. Would you know this, would you know that Edge. Look at Cena go for the attitude adjustment. >> Edge, countered. >> Uhoh. >> To get the ultimate opportunist to take advantage. >> Cover, World Title on the line, and Cena kicks out in two.

Nice job by Edge getting that DDT and then hooking both legs. To try to keep the ultra powerful John Cena down. And the sun just got blocked out in front of us, Big Show's. >> Yeah, that wasn't half bad. That was not an eclipse, JR, that was the Big Show walking. >> >> Hard right hands by Cena. >> Who does not realize the Big Show's back in the ring. >> Aah! >> Well, they've just been reintroduced. >> Man. >> The side slam. >> Will Show be the champion? No. >> Remember, in the structure of the rules, Big Show beating John Cena is as good as Big Show beating the champion, Edge. And Big Show has singled out the ribcage and the back of John Cena throughout the early part of this matchup with the right and left hands.

And then putting the full force of his body on his hips, and that side slam there. >> Cena fight back, Cena can throw some body shots of his own. Nobody's right hand are as dehabilitating as the Big Show's. Wait, what the, who the ? >> Who is this? No. >> Vickie's nephew gets the attitude adjustment. >> Well that'll change the nephew's attitude all right. And maybe eliminating from the process>> Whoa, whoa, whoa. >> Uhoh, The World's Largest Athlete of 485 all tied up with nowhere to go. >> Yeah, the Big Show in big trouble now. It's turned this match in to a one on one affair. The big man's been taken out of the equation.

>> And John Cena is rolling. >> Cena has been offered to lift it here and now. Pull the trigger John. >> >> Big show is absolutely helpless, all he can do is yell. >> Or bellow >> Yeah remember when Cena was locked in the ropes like that and he had knocked out by the Big Show. >> >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Right in front of the Big Show. >> >> Cena may be about to knock out Big Show>> Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey! >> Vickie? >> come on >> into it>> Yes! >> My God, Edge speared Vickie>> >> Chavo broke the fall. >> Edge inadvertently speared his wife again. >> What'd you do? >> And watch out, cena wants to take advantage, new champion, no.

>> >> Big Show can't do anything but watch as the champion, Edge and John Cena collide. >> Big Show screaming at the referee to get him out of here. Watch out, Vicky. >> >> Well, there's no doubt that Edge was aiming for John Cena. John Cena smartly moving out of the way. Vickie Guerrero, her nephew Chavo taking the brunt of that spear. The problem here is edge and Cena are down and the Big Show is angry. And the Big Show is loose. >> There is no one more visibly imposing in the WWE, obviously, than the Big Show. >> Like a freight train coming at you. We're pain to the chest. >> Whoa! Oof. >> One of those hasty breakopens.

That's a big hand. >> Uhoh. >> A near 500 pounds. At the end just he may just be about 100 or two away from having a champion crowned, by the name of the Big show. >> Both challengers in trouble, but only one gets the choke slam. Cena countered, and John Cena Into the. >> 500 pound>> And there's a right hand. Cena is knocked out, literally. >> Cena caught right on the chin with a thunderous malignant right after picking up The Big Show. >> From outta nowhere the right hand drove Cena out of the ring. Cena may be out cold. And Big Show turns his focus to the champion, Edge. >> Get him back in the ring.

>> Still in shock and amazed that John Cena was able to pick up the Big Show. But didn't land it. >> Look out here, look out here. >> And Edge counters. >> Big Show glanced over at the Spanish announce table, famous last words, and in that instant he did, Edge was able to counter. The opportunistic Edge takes advantage yet again. And now its the champion who's in control. Edge has both of his opponents in really bad shape, maybe unconscious. But they're both outside the ring. >> Well Big Show did the damage to Cena. Cena's outof-picture for the moment. >> And just a reminder, in a Triple Threat match, there's >> No countouts.

>> No countouts or disqualifications. >> Pinfall or submission, only way to win it. >> I like this, there's gotta be a winner. >> Look at this, look at this. >> Nothing like this. >> Full double >> Good gosh, right through the security wall, right on the concrete. >> >> They didn't land in their lazy boy out there, these two men landed in concrete. >> Anybody out there hurt? Anybody other than Edge and Big Show? >> You can say what you want about Edge, about his tactics, but he has a wild side. He's got a mean streak. >> No kidding. And he shows it here. >> That's Edge, diving into the Big Show.

The body weight of the Big Show just takes an entire restraining wall out. >> Well Edge is a man who made a career in table, ladders, and chairs matches, the innovator. >> And we made it clear earlier tonight that The Big Show and Mr. 485. >> He made a bigger knockout earlier but a Big show. >> Did you notice JR, Edge was trying to drag? Big Show out of that area. He couldn't move the 500 pound frame so Edge's now turned his attention to the knockout Cena. >> That shows has lost all of his intelligence. >> Doesn't matter who you pin. No, absolutely not. Shoots the half, and it's going for the victory here.

Hooks the leg, Cena's out cold, and Cena, out of instinct, kicks out. >> That's just instincts, right there. >> >> Instincts, we talked about John Cena earlier, pulling the trigger when Big Show was tied up in the ropes. Here's the ultimate opportunity for the champion to end this here and there . >> Laying and wait. >> >> TLC fear. >> John Cena. >> Cena STF, STF. >> What is that? With the cross face, John Cena look at the return of the promise land at the tapped. Edge, who took the world title from John Cena, in an elimination chamber at No Way Out, may have no way out of the STF. >> Whoa, whoa, whoa, Edge just inches away from that bottom rope, and Cena pulls him back in.

>> >> Just when Edge thought he was out, Cena pulls him back in. Edge desperately clawing and scratching. >> Edge almost pulling>> Hey, Big Show. >> Big Show's back, uhoh. Well Big Show made sure Edge made it the ropes to save the match up for himself. >> Big Show with that massive hand, he wears a size 22 ring, ladies and gentlemen, does the Big Show, put that big hand right around Cena's throat. Didn't take long to get Cena where he wanted him. >> This is nearly a quarter a ton. >> He's gonna squash Edge! >> That's just a biscuit or two under 500 pounds almost mashing Edge into oblivion. >> Anybody's ball game.

In this Triple Threat match up with the World Heavyweight Championship. >> Seen in a front pace a bit so what are you gonna do? >> No way. No, no, you're strong but I don't think anybody is capable of suplexing. >> Whoa, look at this! >> Yeah, but if you want them in tandem, it can happen. >> A cooperative effort, believe it or not, inadvertently, perhaps, where Cena got some unexpected help from Edge. >> >> Cena. >> Don't appreciate it either. >> Well, he told Edge last week he doesn't trust him. >> Nor should Cena trust Edge. >> >> Wait a minute. >> But the smartness and the intelligence. >> Did you feel that? >> That's opportunity.

Opportunity knocked. >> It was the ultimate opportunity to take it, again, but no. >> It was smart for Cena and Edge to get on the same page to eliminate the Big Show. But Cena then blinked. >> Yeah, you got to immediately start watching your back. And here's the cooperation, watch the blink. Ends the separation. >> That was a quick divorce. >> >> Of the strength of John Cena. >> >> Cena with that blockbuster driving Edge's face right into the canvas. Again, our summary things that John Cena does is high velocity, high impact. >> He's just gritty and determined. John Cena >> Big Show from behind and Edge speared Cena in midair.

>> Big Show is to hit the spear. Whether he meant to or not seen a roll out of harm's way for the moment, but it only takes three seconds. Then this thing is what answers looking for. He's looking for three seconds . >> These guys go. Look at this, you're right. All Big Show was doing was trying to shove Cena off that top rope. Edge had somehow hit that spear. >> Yeah, you just can't let the Big Show Regain his physical dominance. Well, Big Show's out of the ring. It's anybody's ball game, when Big Show's in the ring, I think it's a big. >> But now their edge are Cena have been able to take advantage of those times Big Show has been out.

>> Edge with the sleeper, trying to get the sleeper lockin. >> >> This is one way to put Big Show out of it. >> Edge knows no size limits, get the my God. >> No, you got to be kidding me. >> Lord. John Cena have building it up and there's the out justice of Big Show. >> How is Cena? John Cena attitude to Justin. >> My God Cena, Cena, John Cena. >> John Cena's world champion. >> Here is your winner and the New World Heavy Weight Champion, John Cena. A stack up of Edge and Big Show. >> Wow. >> That example of brute strength is absolutely phenomenal. That real, that satin, the resolve the will of John Cena.

>> I'm gonna have to see that again to believe it.. >> John Cena is again World Champion.. Cena in the WWE Universe is. the heavy weight world.. >> >> Cena!. >>

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