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Quickly I'm soon giving away $50 to. whoever makes a RIT account and goes to. their wallet and puts code runal along. in the affiliate Tab and you can claim. once you do that you're automatically. registered and I'm going to be giving. away $50 credit on rainb to whoever wins. that all I have to do is register and. that's it today we're back on sweet. bonanza with the $500 balance hopefully. today we can win something finally I'm. not sure how it's going to go but make. sure to join the Discord as well I'm. giving away tons of money on there every. video so do all that and let's just get. started with $100 Buy on sweet Bonanza. last video actually did really good for. me we got like a 500x a full screen of. like pinks I think and hards and we got. a good multi with that as well so. hopefully we can get the same thing here.

Haven't played Sweet in a while I. haven't uploaded that much recently. because I've just been busy with like. you know hitting the gym getting right. and this is a good sport Oh I thought. apples or watermelon that's still a good. hit for. $100 uh $59 okay $60 basically not off. to a bad start if we can just keep like. a clean B so they not get any zero xes. what the pink it bro I've never. gotten so luy on super Bonanza so fast. holy that's another huge hit. actually how much is that that's $100. okay it's almost a 200x this is probably. one of our like luckiest Stars so see. bananas usually drains us at the. beginning bananas okay I mean look at. all those mul if something else could. have hit there that would have been nice. I think it's going to be like a. 200x. okay no okay yeah looks like a 200x grip. cuz giv us like little tiny hits closer.

To 200x come on reing would have been. nice. okay yeah 200 XX okay we'll take that. we're at. $600 I think that let's up the bed here. to 120 that was a nice little juice. right there if we lose this we're. basically at starting balance but. hopefully just one of those days which. just keeps giving us like 200 X's not. like zero X's but yeah bro keeps bitting. us with two lollipops stop doing that. Hearts almost not almost I mean we need. four more but would have been. nice ah bro drop it in stop Banting us. to two bro okay this is looking like a. dead body would hurt it's. $120 okay pinks hit this could save us. anything come on bananas watermelons. bananas now drop a multi we need a good. multi f okay I mean we'll take a little. it's only $26 that's not good at. all but if you guys have any slot. suggestions in the comments let me know.

Cuz I'm down to play anything like I've. been playing the same games it's been. like Gates of Olympus sweet Bonanza and. um what is Sugar Rush sugar has been. like my best video like it got like 100k. views which is like insane so people. like okay finally got to re sugar nice. this could actually say I thought this a. dead bot but it's slowly giving us our. money back can get a huge like 100 deck. soon hard Hearts drop one heart nice. holy pck bro that could have tumbled way. more those two lollipops us but. that's a save and a half bro hard's. hit there nice bro that's. actually. huge I did not bro hard's been hitting. way more lately than ever man like in. the past two videos that's the only time. I've hidden Hearts that's crazy we just. got saved another profitable buy we're. going to go up we're just going to keep.

Upping it if we keep winning we're going. to keep upping it even if we lose. everything we're in profit 15. that was an insane heart tumble there. that could have went crazy too we got. Lo by two. lollipops I'm out 100 I just drops in. there that's. 1.3k come on. apples okay if this can pay like a 50x. I'm happy with that too even though. would be a big. loss okay nice anything else. no. um I'm just fast I know people don't. like when I fast it but I oh 50x right. there man that would have been nice on. the hearts if we got that 50x on the. hearts let me calculate this this would. be like I don't know $800 that. would have been insane look at that 50x. so juicy bro why am I getting. like turned on by this 50x okay it. 140 again that would been nice. bro was a dead buy though we're down. negative again it's $140 buy though this.

Could pay 200x we're happy I know I I. like I was saying people don't like when. I fast him but sometimes you can tell. it's just dead there's no point of. watching it peaches no even though it's. not true sometime the last SP saved but. that's really rare come. on that last been sa with those hearts. bro that was nice man it really was take. take me. back we can get another one of those to. 100x like I keep saying that but. like that's a bad mindset at least we. got that one hit good multis on this not. a good hit though damn that's another. rip I'mma up it it 160 we're down. to 300 basically I don't believe this. will flop there's no way. right let give us one nice win on this. big balance or big bom and we're good. okay. Blues 100 x nice bro holy damn bro. if those Blues hit two and then the 100x. that's still really good I'll take that.

$300 100x actually comes in clutch there. holy. that's actually really. nice okay maybe it keeps going another. 100x oh that was a weird board but yeah. make sure you use code Rong on rain bent. and join the Discord follow my cake if. you want to in the description but damn. that was hard today and 100x I think I. know the thumbnail for this video. already I'm just going to put hearts in. 100x look hopefully you guys don't get. mad but wow dude okay we're back in. profit I'm going to tone it down a bit. to 100 cuz even if we lose everything. here we're down a break even this has. been a consistent sweet Bonanza. video man like hearts okay reig off the. bat we'll take it that's really. nice come. on. greens would have been. nice come on. dude $100 by. here Le hit. $50 you gave us a retre just to die on. every spin okay something here though.

Okay yeah. expected okay watermelons yep it's a. good board actually. actually nice we need multi there's no. multis drops in a three and a. 2X that's what $30 I mean we'll take it. okay. watermelons blackberries no okay I mean. we asked $50 at least they gave us 50. can't really. complain yeah. okay uh I'm going to do another one60. cuz that is really nice with the 100x. maybe could do it again if not we might. have to tow it back down but hopefully. this doesn't just dry spin here apples. hit. okay okay this could be good blues and. then multi ah one off blues and. blackberry or blueberries ah . what am I even saying. bro damn that a good to 25x anything. else pinks greens would nice I mean it's. $58 already you can't complain. I'm going stop fast spinning. it peaches it's a decent board it's a. really good board actually come.

On how do you die look at that board man. still a decent. hit pains are Blues anything. there Hearts somehow Hearts would been. insane heart's I don't even I don't know. heart's only hit when there's like on. the board and it can drop in one other. than that it's like pretty rare $100. back to break even I might I'mma do a. $200 buy and depending how this might. pay I might just end the video there. just to like get a good big closure for. the video our biggest buy of the video. it's been luck today if we lose. all of it I'm fine with walking with 300. but hope it gets another Hearts hit but. this time it drops 100x in with it come. on okay Apple's good start this a good. board too this is a great board holy. come on paints no how do you die. man. bro I thought I was about to get Juiced. up there that's still a decent hit.

$80 okay blueberries. no. NOP uh come on give me another hit got. to give me another. hit come on two more spins give me one. tumble at least no tumbles at all you. serious. I'm going to rerun that bro I was. thinking like it's going to it's going. to give me at least one more. hit uh this is why I just degenerate my. balance every time. bro never walk away with profit give me. just get me back to break even I'm happy. just pay 200. x come on. uh give me something here this a good. board okay come. on how do you. die a good board. too I mean 230 do I just go in 220 all. in it bro we were like we were up. good too not good like. $200 but um. we got a really like today and we just. blew it okay A little retre this could. actually save us here so our biggest by. we get a. retrig maybe we can make something. happen here you can't dead spin though.

No dead spinning. dude if it gives you a rri it might just. be full dead to be honest cuz that's how. it's looking like blackberries. no 200 x we happy all what we're asking. for how does that board go dead just. fast spinning. now um something nope. damn could have been a nice little hit. there wow that actually paid like. nothing are you. serious. my Turbo spin a little bit here nah . that bro okay wait get us in. Hearts oh that would been nice I'm just. going to call it there we're at $69. basically a rinse but I. mean it is unfortunate but we did get to. see like a 100x dropping with hearts bro. we should have called it there we should. have knew that our luck has worn down. there but anyways make sure to make a. RIT account use code run along on the. wallet uh and just they'll be entered. for a giveaway join the Discord thanks.

for watching hopefully next time we get. a good one like that again with a bigger. buy and then we just call we don't keep. going but thank you guys for watching. I'll see you guys in the next one

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