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Can you help me feed my cat hey who did. it's Antonia Batino you know the girl. who nearly attended her own funeral out. at PLO Bay oh how can I forget my. dad wanted to make sure you were looked. after now there's some money b y to your. account right now now I got to get off. the line thank thank you. again look at that. you look like you been working out sure. sure it's me dog where we at we're at. Enzo Benelli mafia guy turned real. estate developer he's bullied his way. onto half the building contracts in Los. Santos extortion murder labor. racketeering you name it there's not a. construction worker in town earning a. livable wage right now and Gold Coast. development is about to go under and let. me guess you got a personal interest in. Gold Coast right H anyone think you'd. done this before according to benelli's.

Cell phone he's at the construction site. downtown it's done one small problem my. source squealed Benelli is expecting a. hit watch yourself and go equipped. you'll have a lot of muscle. God in heaven. you mother. calm down there's a price on me. and you're telling me to calm down I'm. going to stay near the chopper you dumb. do your job. what are you doing you ain't allowed in. here you got to watch out. fool any more you want to get in. my way where's Enzo you shouldn't have. come. here where is that. down here right. now this is where it is. budy where the is y play all you. Foods if I have. to go to. hell out of here. you. crackhead shut up you B. what the [ __ ] am I. doing. keep my. I'm putting you out of business. I don't want to be. for for. you loser. sir come on we better move up you. crackhead take. cover you.

Penis you are. hit this. down. shut screw you. a get. down screw. you the. off get some of. there screw. you . you want to with me I'll lay all. y'all ass down. he's. here I ain't playing here where the . is banelli. do not let him through you hear me this. is a joke deal with them. damn how many of these are. there we need. backup head's going to have so much. confidence there he is drop. someone put a pull it's only one guy. yeah you're mine now oh there he is. stay on. Enzo you're got to get. yourself work for that. homie reloading. screw this. it's taken care of but man that . went South I know we better let this. simmer now way too much heat very nice. work Franklin. man that's dumb luck right there you've. reached the Dominator call back when I'm. not making history. what. hey buddy woo too close. screwed is. hello hey Luigi what's up buddy how you.

Been you still speak Spanish right. along holy [ __ ] come on move I'm. about to wash the ground with your face. now . man I'm so. Sor yeah Mr is in my. oh. hey there are you watching this is. safer. than . well unless people have. died doing this then crossing the street. how about. that they called me insane when I said. sell all your American equities and now. look at this . hole come on lady boy let's. go yeah his street coming at you. life aim for that flat bed truck down. there truck what truck the one. that's accelerating. duh boom SE cocktail with the twist. shaking not stirred drink it in big guy. yeah I see it okay whatever you say man. oh look who put on his big boy pant. morning look at. that what yeah that's what I'm talking. about Oh Captain conservative actually. jumped figured you'd take the elevator.

Dud that was insane hey Franklin it's me. Jeff I'm going to drop you at the garage. on Elgen okay. Dom gangster by Night parachuting . by day oh you should make that your log. line sales bro who's buying not me. overpriced hey we'll hook up over to the. landak reservoir and I might shift your. rating from s to a hold. done you look amazing let's hang out. soon. J holy . lame for. man oh . oh hey hey what you doing here I mean. I'm real glad you here come here I can't. stay what's up babe it's Lamar what that. fool want now it's your best friend he's. your best friend for real my. best friend my homeboy right my . man you I mean not like that man. but no he ain't he just another . from the hood him stretching all the. clowns all he want to do. is drag a down and live in. the past and this is the future a big. empty house with nobody who gives a.

About you oh it works for me it can. work for you babe I'm getting married. Franklin to a doctor not a murderer what. the you doing here Tanisha I'm. worried about Lamar you got to help him. Franklin man that is over oh I'm a. legitimate businessman now sister I'm a. CEO and investor I'm Illuminati I'm a. [ __ ] [ __ ] you a phony [ __ ]. what I ain't saying you got to marry the. fool. I'm saying he's about to get killed over. that deal you and him put on with. stretcher set him up man my whole. life I've been looking after. this paying a price. afterwards well at least do it one. more time Franklin for. me for you for you and your doctor I. love you and Lamar we grew up together. but this life ain't for me and you knew. that you ain't changing I don't care how. many cars you own how many apartments. you own I don't care how many diamonds.

You put in your it ain't for me not done. bad or done good babe look I'll change. no you won't and that's fair enough but. at least respect what you do who you are. if you let that idiot die you a bigger. than I. thought look he's going up to some. Sawmill n PLO Bay you do what you got to. do . Franklin what's up hey man a bad. situation my boy Lamar got set up I. think he up near pedo Bay has some saw. meal with some Ballers could you like do. some computer magic and look into it is. that possible at all should be I've got. a back door into the pedo Bay Police. Network left over from the score we did. up there and give me a second here uh. hold on uh yes so what it say huh uh. this must SP it there are older reports. of a weed operation being run by an. AfricanAmerican gang the files got. buried so I'm guessing they paid off the.

Cops they growing weed up there growing. it in the Hills most likely but they. might be packing and shipping it out of. this Sawmill I'd expect a fair few of. them up there and I'm going to need. some help can you tell Mike and Trevor. to meet me up there they still aren't. getting along that well tell them it's. for me and it's serious thanks man. that was your fault. Dam. gener Jee. keep a seal. man I'm sorry. fool what the hell. I'm getting you. hey hey heyy why'd you invite this stoie. huh we want Lamar to be rescued not sold. to the feds give it a rest man. with y two shut the up now let's. take a look at this place man Lester. said this was some type of big weed stor. spot. place is crawling with Ballers you know. now me and you we don't mind the old. dang Warfare but suede bucks over. there tell Trev I said bite me man I.

Said shut. up now I see the weed but where the . is. Lamar oh There He Go you know what. tell Trevor I'm going to be up on this. hill with my rifle I don't want to be. anywhere around him when he this. whole thing up classic classic huh he's. already planning his Escape oh . I'm going to find a way. in I saw a few possible injury points. when I got here screw it let's. him rise. Frank you found Lamar yet no dog just. more sniper. fire oh now you need. me hold there I'll take him. out smashed on the. there he is. LD hey Lamar let's go before they turn. you into wood chip oh crazy dude hey. homie yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah get up. let's go there's more of them coming a. lot more move it guys come on oh Frank's. here too hey Frank you thought TK byself. come on man I think I'm BR. real if we go out this way Mike will be.

Able to cover you got another guy hiding. up there hey dog I'm all right hey it's. a bunch of. fck. down move it quick. fin the herd already Cowboy Kut. you're flosses let us go you got to be. the hardest K in the S. that's all of the company I keep. we're walking all right. I'mma take Lam more hey I'm pulling. out don't that at. me hey we getting out of here man let's. go. see. R homie you all right I'm straight. homie got to jump on me though. how they get you to come all the way out. here man I ain't feeling let a little. Drive stand in the way of a moneymaking. opportunity or get killed. opportunity man you always a pesimist n. a realist cuz in reality all them. fools want to clap your ass man what a. trust that dog I peeped out that wood. chopping place when we was up this way. on that Deon Weston car L which I still.

Ain't been paid for incidentally all. secluded and stretch H me up I'm. like yeah that's the perfect place to. buy cush by the B perfect place to. clap some fool you beefing with man I. ain't even you know at the time I just. thought we was going to Parlay parlay. please every time you lead a house. fools try to clap you every meet you set. up homies there for the express purpose. of clapping your ass man you sure cuz. I'm sure there been a few times no I'm. completely 100% sure every time. where. do whether you buying drugs selling. drugs or are discussing drugs. talking about the weather or whatever. man these streets is hard dog this the. hood you talking about maybe you forgot. since you've been uh bettering yourself. sitting in that house on the hill. looking down on the animals in South. Central and man you know it ain't.

Like that do I my because that's. the way it look to me I'm making the. best out of what I'm giving you know. what I'm talking about I ain't in some. type of mhip program the only Mentor I. got and we going to do something about. that dog trust me man I ain't got people. teaching me that white collar crime . ain't changed for me and you ain't. helping ain't helping what the you. call it me Michael Trevor we all came up. here to help the Unholy. [ __ ] Trinity bers beware when. these fools rolling together you jealous. of Michael and travor what happened to. me and you [ __ ] up form. gangsters so I shouldn't have. called him right man I was doing. everything in my power to make sure you. wasn't CLA I can make sure I ain't Clapp. clearly you can't next time homie don't. come and matter of fact if you do come.

Don't bring them dude man look let's not. talk next time next time don't get your. ass in the situation all right it's the. hood Frank that's what happens in the. hood no the it don't not for. everyone I'm one of them dudes that it. happens to man you going to tell me what. was going on back there hood homie. that's the that's different from. the country club your overpaid ass. is presently accustomed to man stress. put us on this man man man we going. to get on his ass man that homie. look like I give a [ __ ] I give a. stress do what he do [ __ ] want me. dead be dead themselves I ain't going to. overreact and overreact man that. stress tried to get you killed. [ __ ] that's the hood I'm still. here ain't I just you sure stress knew. they was going to book me yeah . stress knew everybody knew stress new.

Tenisha new stress new and she don't. even come around the Hood no. more damn that stress janky like. that man you don't see this Miss stress. been screwing us from the start like. from back in the day from like the other. day dog since after we went to the. recycling place and d and them Ballers. try to take us down but stretch put in. to work on D yeah man that's Survival. remember how angry his ass got. especially with you bringing them into. this all right all right but tell. me this though if stretch was . with your boy LD why you set us up with. the deal for the brick in the first. place he go off and make peace with the. Ballers come back and then put us on the. lick on grow Street man you remember. Grove Street that brick was drywall. ripping us off was probably stretch's. ideal anyway damn you think so it makes.

Sense don't it man I ain't knowing man. maybe man stret got in with the Ballers. when he was inside played us as marks. dog but a bunch of them got booked so. now they got to come back at us so. stress s you out there what they doing a. cush deal then you show up and save the. day yeah thankfully man it wouldn't even. be the same if. you well l d wasn't out here getting in. the n FC wasn't getting him out of. you know what I'm talking about man I. don't know man was fun [ __ ] don't. tell me you didn't enjoy scrapping like. we did back in the day it ain't back in. the day no more. dog and watch that homie. my go do one. but it felt like it was okay fool it was. fun saving your useless ass one more. time there you go that wasn't. too hard you should have seen your face. when I came in you was like [ __ ]. hey [ __ ] man oh bull [ __ ].

You better check them drawers. homie you probably shited yourself . you man I don't care if I die it's a. compliment if they sending an army after. a they only send like two of the. little homies to get. you so I guess I guess what we. learned is don't think it ain't no. fun to be half with the homies. you feel me my [ __ ] yeah I guess. you can look at it like that hey but on. some real my [ __ ] uh you know your. out here doing bad man why don't. you slide me a few dollars or something. you know what I'm talking about It's. Hard Out Here in a sec my [ __ ]. that's nothing I know you don't. went all the Luminati and you know. what I'm saying leaving the street. in the back. but damn man uh way to keep a down. my I mean thank you I guess it's. payment for all the work a put in. for you getting them cars and you.

Know what I'm talking about give a . just enough money to get them a little. 40 o in a bucket of chicken on the way. to the pole house huh man don't be like. that dog cuz number one I never got paid. for them calls number two. I saved your ass no matter. how many times you in that tiny. brain of yours to Tred to. get us killed I saved you dog are you. supposed to my I thought we was. homies for Life me too but I thought we. was trying to get out of this . you live in a fantasy homie the best. thing you can hope for is a big turnout. for your Funeral [ __ ]. ain't nobody coming to your funeral what. man what about all the . times I saved your life homie what about. that oh thank you homie thanks for. leaving your in the. backfield you know what my if your. ass can just act civilized you would get. some work but instead you want to be.

This gang banging Mad Dogging oh. my bad Mr Gold Card excuse me sir thank. you for helping out a post Street . like me sir you can go now sir thank you. thank you thank you who you think. I am [ __ ] you Lamar no [ __ ] you f. I thought we was homies [ __ ] but. that's some that just got past you. my you know what dog if something. good comes up I hit my dude man chill. out all right yeah whatever you. just hit me when you find out what the. true concept of friendship is we. came from the sandbox together I know. that I got you dog if something good. come up I got you yeah whatever . I'm in a Turf if you remember what. that. is oh what's up player hello Franklin. man I don't know y'all we done man hey. we ain't done yet homie not yet. nearly man what the y'all want me. to do kill the president his wife.

Or something or in some country. no no something more sensible something. that's got to be done hey when the. timing's right you're going to take old. Trevor and put him out the pasture oh me. Michael will be sensible but Trevor. Trevor won't be Trevor is a liability. that none of us can afford man Trevor. saved you he saved both y'all asses and. it's unfortunate hey when we give you. the word you're going to do this. thing man get Michael to do it me and. Trevor cool dog Michael can't do it. Trevor won't let him near that's why. it's up to you. homie oh hey who was that nobody. don't worry about it hey oh. flossing ass . I. couldn't they have popped. me in the suburbs. I like this. car I guess I'm not having a very good. day Jesus. Christ oh too. close man. the suspect hased. last four. door damn you. you dick the.

I mean. trying to start something man that felt. good if you can't find your size we'll. order it. I paid this guy to drive us get in the. back a stretch limma oh that's pure. class. Jim the Oriental Theater on Vinewood. Boulevard open that champagne Jimbo. woohoo me and the big. dog you know I'm really proud of you. even though you did make a pretty shitty. movie well thank you Jim where are the. girls uh they're at home you know. they'll uh Express their pride by. showing up really late uh of course they. they will and have you ever uh thought. maybe I shouldn't shoot sex scenes in a. green screen kind of environment yeah. yeah it's the thought is crossed my mind. thanks Antonio give me nice and tight. hey it's llo on the red carpet of. meltdown some big stars some beautiful. dresses we're going to see some side.

Boot tonight come on we did it Solomon. we did it. [ __ ] you fate I may be aerous. old husband but I'm a husband with a. Premiere at the Oriental Theater on. Vinewood Boulevard I see you in there. kid hey thanks enjoy the picture. everyone Mr Richards Mr Richards hi if I. can just bother you for a second um I'm. llo from fam or shame um but I do some. acting on the side I was wondering if uh. oh yeah of course you should come see me. kid I think I got a project that would. be perfect for you oh that's fantastic. it's called the closet really modern. stuff ah pervert come on no no no no. she's lying okay I never had surgery. come on Milton Milton hi sorry to bother. you quick question get in here tight um. love love loved the movie oh thank you. so much I appreciate it when when you. were that polar bear and you had to eat.

Your baby I mean that okay all right. Jesus Christ that was emotional s can I. just have a hug that really affected me. all right I got to go thank you so much. excuse me excuse me come on come on. let's get in there Ah that's low oh . come on . dick where the hell is she looks like. she stood you up hey hope I'm not too. late I wouldn't miss this for the world. Devin the are you doing here hey. what a movie huh meltdown. congratulations Mikey we did it hey. let's get a picture huh you me the proud. producer such a pleasure working with. you you see I was here unlike your wife. see seems to be stuck at. home you twisted you're a dead man. let's go Jim come. on hold on where's mom and Tracy come on. the girls might be in trouble at the. house what happened I don't know this. Rich is pissed off at me cuz I. didn't can the movie and then his.

Lawyer died and and he just told me he's. going to hurt your mom you killed his. lawyer and now he's going to kill mom. and Tracy he ain't going to do anything. if I got a say in it but you . killed his lawyer no I didn't it was an. accident I would never do anything to. put you in. danger all right okay they'll be. fine they're. this is just a movie guy right he he's. not a gangster or. anything no he's not a gangster he's. just extremely rich he says he's got all. these. connections I'm sure it's just. talk great. car if he's done anything to hurt. her what's that car all right Jimmy. you got to hide I'm going to find the. girls be. careful Daddy's home you you SC. one of them's in with Tracy we got to. get in there Michael he's in there with. our girl Mom Dad. that's. gross baby are you okay are you all. right. sweetie we're inside find them off.

Okay okay you just stay here keep your. heads down be safe baby don't you worry. about. me clear the. all occupant I told you to . off fire in the. hole my I. need them out not yet stay put we got. four I don't like this Michael neither. do I just keep calm. take him down. get out of my garden with bricks stay BR. me eat. you. I'm going to B are you in this. yard you're on my property. asshle Trace Amanda I think they're gone. don't come out here it's a kind of a. mess I got you you. dick all right no it's not what was that. someone. there I'm going to start. shooting [ __ ]. yeah you like that don't you huh take it. off get the off me I thought I was. on that guy so you sit on his face it's. called. teabagging I really him up good. though huh all right listen I'm going to. make a call it's all going to be okay. stay put.

They came to my house Lester my house so. I asked the man and the kids to move out. for a few days I hate to say it but. Merryweather isn't sure on excuses to. come and kill you nor is Devon Weston I. ain't looking for perspective Lester. they came after my family all right. right uh I don't know what to say does. this change where you stand on the union. depository hell no we move on that right. away before it gets any hotter that's. smart meet me at the strip joint I'll. get word to Frank and Trevor all right. I don't want to make. oh a damn. a sorry. Michael did you find them who the person. who sent the mercenaries to our house. I'm working on it are we safe you said. we would be safe he's not going to try. that again I'm on top of this Amanda. trust me really you're sure I'm positive. look I love you baby I'm going to take.

Care of this. my boy Mike good to see. you I rock any color I want yeah. dog can you ask the DJ to play some. hardcore Devils can't stop my. level hey sorry I'm late oh we were just. talking about you well don't worry. another few hours you never have to talk. about me again TR you're the one who. likes to talk watch your back you too. that's all I'm saying yall [ __ ] you. excuse me enough enough thank. you okay uh this is it we have two. options they're both little uh out there. but then again what do you expect okay. option one we hijack their Armored Cars. we take the crew's hostage and then we. Infiltrate The depository now once. you're in there and you've got the score. we send in a team of modded cars you. load up you get out we need to. infiltrate the transportation grid and. manipulate it to Aid our Escape but.

Option two we cause a distraction out. front make them think we're dumb well. we've never had a problem convincing. people of that have. we the other guys will be drilling. taking what they can you're going to be. the distraction always the attention. seeker you know for a guy who's always. stepping on his friends to get ahead he. has an unfortunately low sense of. selfworth okay okay let me show you the. board to uh. recap. oh oh you want him to give first gun oh. he's had. my okay we need those stingers and the. modified getaway card. I knew you'd like that sounds kind of. fruity if you ask me nobody asked you. look this is our only hope you control. traffic in this town you control the. streets I think it could work it will. work as long as we ready to move now. come on I'll take you to the. equipment . all right let's go.

I'm cool with all I don't know if it's. gay or not I don't even know what mark. it. is what the hell Daddy are you okay yeah. sure why not cuz some guys can't house. with automatic weapons martial. arts holy . he. yo watch out oh what the. for a couple hours let's see that. new one the one that just came out it's. about the finance guys what's it called. meltdown Anton bleir yeah lot of. Buzz what the . bring the. hey what's up man. Lester I got the spike strips we need. good now once we have all the modified. gauntlets we take the score. son ACH. that's . ass. someone he just stole my. bag help me you please help. me. sh. gotcha what's wrong with the world. that is. my hello . me here you go oh you are such a. sweetheart I'm not even from here thanks. so much. what the. [ __ ]. up hey's up it's just an online Persona. it was satire or parody or something I.

Didn't mean it Jim you're taking me up. bam Canyon in this charcoal color. landstalker to punish for trolling you. if only someone would save. me Stalin kid I'll be there soon you. know you you really are funny and. interesting guys I mean any attention is. a good attention right. wow . you idiot. so you're going to drive into me. somebody. help what does it take to get you. moving hey eyes front okay there's no. reason at all to be suspicious of anyone. behind us does and if there was he would. just be there to warn. you this isn't happening. why don't you blow me. that's got to be them. who is that animal come on please you. can. have Dad. Dad thank you [ __ ] there you think. you think it's over yeah yeah yeah he's. gone are you sure cuz dude holds like a. grudge and I'm like his Nemesis I. wouldn't go that far look he thought you.

Were a fat little nobody now he thinks. you're a fat little nobody with a badass. for a death he'll stay away but but I'm. like his Troll. Pop got away from. me call me an idiot but a troll J. what's a troll like a joker on the. internet what sort of jokes sort of mean. jokes like what like someone post. something and what the you're all. like that sucks you. suck like someone post something and. you're all like that sucks you suck dick. oh so jokes that aren't funny no you. don't get it the humor comes with. repetition like you say it once big deal. then you say it again and again and. again and again okay like the other day. he post this picture of his newborn and. I'm all like damn son that right there. is one ugly ass of a baby. and I'm all like my balls is prettier. than that baby and then I said what is. happening a picture of my balls I seen.

Rill prettier than that baby the hell is. wrong with your baby and he's all like. actually there's a problem with its. chromosomes or something and it's. actually a miracle it survived birth and. I'm all like it's actually a miracle I. survived seen a picture of it ugly. enough all right e enough I get. it maybe that one was a little OT but. it's generally really good times all. right the troll could come out of his. cage screw. you eat it . wow. right you're C. I. never I you. right hey. is. a. f. hey oh yeah I got a. was it. no. way my fine. like it never happened. you must be. kidding wow. got. hey Lester first gauntlets ready to go. all right that's good work. for. e. oh. hey watch. K oh. you still owe me a drink I'll call you. from the. office up. crazy no [ __ ]. way. hi hey hit me up myad. later I see some bad drivers but you w.

I totally need that. car man. hello you fool ass. hey hey see holy. suck my. this can't be. real the. hell there oh jeesus. hello there wa. serious. located. sir light blue Sports. police it's. over dispatch I have a suspect's. fny. man. lpop I'll shoot. they just. disappeared what the raise up now. no I can't hang. out crazy Jesus you're could have killed. me. what's wrong with her. now better than new. you better learn. hey that's a b wat here you got hey. BR . yeah hey. we holy . hey man. take it easy. is. have a good one. no. second gun let's go left. I'm. kiding. care come. on I. W look you got Lu lucky buddy. without. d. h my bad I. wasy you were supposed to be. Jak . Jesus . Jesus. what WR. there that looks better. easy. f for. third and final gauntlets primed and. ready excellent I'll let the others know. we have everything we need we'll meet at.

The strip club no. way holy . your car. immediately . I feel like I'm live in. paradise I'll. remember on man you got to be kidding. me what the . look. out my boy Mike good to see you. all right hurry up get changed all right. this is the biggest day of your sorry. little. life hey man so we really doing this. Frank come on next. door ah our Network hacker don't be. fooled by the CRT and the fax machine. the hardware here is stateof-the-art. cool Hey where's the rest of the crew. outside hey good luck homies I see y'all. missing row all right oh we'll see you. there with approximately 8 tons of gold. four tons not. eight all right people let's go get in. the car baby we are about to make. history all right people the. TRU trucks are on Route let's get to the. tunnel and. wait look at this we got the old crew. together some of it a third is on Ice in.

NY I mean the new old crew the old new. crew crew 2.0 I wouldn't be mad angry if. I didn't get to call on the ud homies. know what I'm saying yeah you know. Michael thought you'd be perfect for the. parts of Fall Guy 1 and two hey hey we. don't need talk like that not today they. need to know what who they're getting. into it with you want to be a get. out of the car you you want to do. this thing close your mouth and. save the for later oh I'm. saving something for later how vaguely. threatening all right the trucks aren't. here yet let's sit tight no need to. panic we weren't panicking something. wrong nothing's wrong we just got to. wait you saying don't panic makes me. want to panic all right here we go this. is it all right all right I see the Vans. rock and roll rock and roll seriously. let's go drop the.

Stinger now keep driving they should go. over. it out out H get out of the vehicle get. out of the vehicle let's go oh move. your ass you do not want to die for this. [ __ ] oh oh [ __ ] your move buddy no. no no no get a move on come on. move hurry up just hold on move let's go. get these ready let's go let's. go yeah we got a one minute window. before the GPS starts reading abnormal. then let the slaughter come in you like. this one no a hey please whatever. you need yeah no we need you no no. what's your name Casey Casey get in the. truck let's go go go go get in. let's go go come on go move your. welfare quit. whimpering next stop the union. depository [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]. relax man I'm the one who should be. crapping myself I'm about to rob the. biggest bank on the planet [ __ ]. look Casey I need you call you're no use.

To me when you're freaking the out. where you want to be right now is useful. yeah right cool cool as a cucumber your. cut R pit crew is a joke. M onion 86 in sight stand. by hey I was expecting you like half. minute. ago here you. go gets me every time onion 86 in the. building. eggplant 22 in sight. stand they're here don't do anything. stupid. let's go. pal. authorization. good. good good access is good courtesy escort. is go take us to it follow me. right behind you sir and I'm right. behind you yeah I can see you I got eyes. in the back of my head then you see me. aiming right between those eyes in the. back of your. head how's. things H good. yeah uh um uh. fine I bet the freeway is an absolute B. star star CH. today tell me when it isn't and you. gentlemen have to sit in those trucks. bored out of your mind staring at more.

Money than you know what to do with okay. let's go. collection team is here now that is some. kind of. door hey so you know what to do. uhhuh come. on okay. gentlemen. oh a job to do. absolutely boy oh. boy there is a lot of gold in here we're. just holding on to it for the Chinese no. you ever want to keep it in the United. States sure take what you can. carry that's good. stuff hey come on come on come on we got. a schedule. get these are heavy a little over 2 tons. of pallet yeah so what's that worth. Gold's trading at around 7 1,00 to 2,000. an ounce 35 o a kilo give or take 1,000. kilos a ton so that's $200 million or. thereabouts give me a sec yep that. sounds about right collection team has. the. cargo got many jobs after this no this. the last one he's. retiring exploring other opportunities. hey you know your chance of an early.

Death increase say dramatically when you. retire yeah I'll bear that in. mind ah my back this much metal ain't. normal is it quite IR regular order came. down this morning but the computer. cleared it well let's hope no one UNT. gets word that's what you and the rest. of the security gets paid for isn't it. cargo's in the loading Bay get her on. board all right come on let's not take. up any more of this gentleman's time. than we have. to that's it let's go hey I'm not. feeling so well and I thought maybe I. could just you know suck it up if you. can't handle the hangover case do not. overindulge that's right this man right. here will teach you a little something. about moderation. thanks no thank you. really cargo is. gone don't worry case we move this medal. at Mission Row and you're all done. troll pickup was good how's it looking.

Up there not good man Merryweather know. we took the ud they out there looking. for you you got a solution for this. problem we tapped into the traffic light. system I try to keep them away from. you I hope you got a solution for. this problem yeah dog we own it okay. okay okay the Le active now you can. control the traffic lights let's go good. luck hey we got it man this seemed. easy. enough here we go I got you a clean. connection shouldn't be any lag on. switches good work heading south I'm. across Maryweather coming from the East. dog we got to head east East at this. Junction green light. ahead hey man take a left. changed hey I picked up more. Merryweather Northwest of your. position there it is you locked me. out yeah uh make a right right. there hey both of us got to get through. here now I need you to keep going over.

There you. go. boom done this one looks. good change is in now you got to make a. right here Merryweather on the west. of the. grid. switched you're good now this is a right. okay more incoming from the south. we got a green. light change. they're waving us through oh look. out more merryweather's coming from the. north there it is this one's. clear there you. go yeah you nearly out of this. boom done. hustle up you guys redistribute the. weight here they are hey good work. F damn I can't believe we got the metal. damn right all without firing a bullet. oh don't forget all case here huh the. lead ain't going to be Wast please don't. no wait biggest score of Our Lives we. ain't taking any chances sor hurry P. well it ain't a chance he in on it huh. get up hey get up you tell them. something that ain't on the news already.

This whole thing was your. idea yeah yeah I I I understand not a. word exactly yeah I always jumped I I I. never saw a thing go you're . going as soft as that old blasted boy in. your pants this divorce couldn't come. soon enough a yeah come on man. work first pick or later man. die oh Maryweather mercenary. you keep loading we'll. deal with. this dog it's a good thing we paid. the 10 people. to get off. mercenaries we pun through we get clear. come on I'm loading these mothers I'm. moving them I'm moving. them the party boss is here watch the. last I'mma stay on the front man you. guys take the. flank come on you. there'll be more coming. we shooting our way out of here hey. Jack's no. good when you're dead you ass they. really coming at. me the I got this you should go watch. the. metal die you PRS. a close them.

Down F go. away hey they ain't going to cast the. whip ah it was going so sweet this is. someone's home. you animals I think that's it that's the. last of. them so much for the bulletless. revolution man we always getting . with you hold the perimeter everyone. else in your cars we leave while we can. hey what's stopping me from riding off. into the sunset huh with my saddle bags. of bulin Lester's the only guy who can. flip metal without making a noise. you want to try be my guest all. lead the. way on me. people calling mer weather PMC. report we're about to pull left let's. go stay with me we'll be. fine they're just cops we keep our cool. left up. here we're right up. here we all good back there got left. coming up oh I think we can manage. that oh the cops are getting fisky. police W block cutting through the. construction door.

Left turn ahead I got it this is a hard. right I'm on. you hold it together you're only sitting. on a ton of gold there's a gap in a. barrier go right through it there's no. way. out. okay let's hi. go straight. here let's do it don't let them push you. off the. road all right up ahead thanks for. keeping us in the. loop PD Chopper in the air don't let it. spook. you got coming up on the tunnel. better. work trucks up ahead first two take the. left one other two. dve to the right. truck I don't see the vehicles okay seal. the tunnel and get a ground team in. their stat. all right those guys will take care of. the. metal Lester's meeting us at my place. Hang on we're we're just leaving the. goal yep. hundreds of millions of dollars worth of. gold hey D have a little. faith faith in you buddy all right in. Lester in the process come on we've been.

Through it a million times any fool can. take a score it's getting away clean. that makes the difference between those. who walk free and those who do. not man I wouldn't know what to. do with that I'm guessing you. wouldn't either. man I'm sorry I I just have some. trusting issues right now Franklin if we. get away with this if and it's a big if. man then I could finally really retire. watch it Frank Michael likes to retire. with a very interesting exit strategy. come on man I mean we just took the. biggest score in the history of scores. and you just want to moan my. mama never Lov me my friends never love. me I'm mad because I'm rich I'm sad. because I'm successful man this is. pathetic oh I am so sorry hey we did it. we did it. chill the out. you. [ __ ] idiot. what's. up hey What's Going. oning. real hi Bo.

Her. was woo gentlemen Lester we have just. made history uh I don't want to ask a. dumb question here but where's the metal. I've got it on lock down for a few days. while I'm waiting for the goahead to. melt it and move it where where mhm. exactly where is just the point let's. say somebody gets pinched well then. where is the evidence or if anyone gets. any silly ideas and they'll just be. futile so we can take it easy knowing. that uh it's going to be a few days. before Judas here shows his true colors. really now yeah now sugar why don't you. take a moment while you're sitting on. that big fat pile of cash to chill the. out and realize what's done is done. whatever you say wa this is a good time. f you man hey hey hey hey hey. for a couple of Midwest stickup artists. you guys sure have become a pair of. whiny West Coast douchebags what the.

is wrong with the West Coast oh. nothing I love it here everyone's so. numbed by the Sun that if you use a. three syllable word they think you're a. professor man you yeah [ __ ] you you. high and mighty weasel and you don't. talk down them to these idiots. hey leave Lester alone oh oh you and. Lester together oh no that makes . sense oh for sake man you all the. man I got to go calm down homie. this was real Illuminating Franklin. I'm sorry come on back have a beer or. something oh my. God a crap that hurt. mother God

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