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Today we're doing our biggest session. ever with. $22,000 on sweet Bonanza and if you guys. don't know how I got this balance check. out the video prior to this one on sugar. cuz that one absolutely insane and make. sure you're in the Discord description. cuz I'm running a lot of giveaways on. every single video and let's get right. into it we're going to start off with a. crazy buy of $200 already a 2K balance. this the biggest balance I ever had to. start on sweet Bonanza so hopefully we. get lucky hopefully don't get rinsed cuz. we just got a crazy hit on Su rush but. I'm Hing for the best here it's a $200. buy so I don't want to see any dead buys. and this is looking it's looking good if. it hits peaches. no I want to do like a crazy buy like a. $500 or ,000 buy but I want to be up a. little bit of profit if I'm going to do.

That so hopefully we can um we can. achieve that come. on I really want to do a $1,000 buy but. look how it's dead a $200 buy pays what. 20 bucks. okay I don't think we got a single multi. that whole uh time we're going. to do another 200 if we lose this. already down like what 25% of the. balance so I'm losing all the profit but. I'm really happy that we still got that. big win from the video prior quickly. before we get back to the video make. sure to click the link in the. description and use code Rong to sign up. on rainb it's really easy all you need. is an email and you can start playing. the site offers a lot of break back. features such such as chest 10% rate. back daily bonuses monthly bonuses and a. calendar where you can claim money every. single day so make sure you use code. runal and click the link in the.

Description and let's get back to the. video but yeah make sure to join the. Discord below uh I'm running a ton of. there so don't forget to do that. okay good watermelons this is a good. board bananas okay multis. 100x peaches nice holy this is good. peaches nice bananas again bananas and. then pinks would have been insane that's. still a really good hit how much is that. okay that's 270 already that's profit. can we get another hit like. that one more hit like that we break. even cuz that first spy was really bad. but so far the session is going. good come. on one more decent hit bro that was a. crazy tumble okay it's a good board. never mind $3 can't complain about. $3 come on right here okay that's. $100 profit we're basically back at 2K. here $70 down who we I don't want to up. the bet I want to stay at 200 and then.

Up it once we like get rinsed so we're. doing another 200 these are huge buys. like three 200 or yeah three $200 buys. already that's pretty insane so make. sure to like cuz I don't usually do this. I just got really lucky come on Blues. Blue pinks pinks nice holy that's a. we multis now bro hit Blues. there oh that's 200 again though bro we. should have up the bet if it hit Blues. there it would have been insane we need. more multiday like 100x would have been. like another 2K this session is going. really good we're in profit. now come on one more decent hit I don't. want to just get okay nice I don't want. just want to get one hit Hearts bro. imagine he hit one. off 45 bucks we'll take it okay. come. on. nothing okay give us ret. trick okay got now okay we'll take a. rrick five more spins come on we just. want 1,000 x on S Bonanza if it gives me.

1,000 x today cuz it usually rinses me. it's going to be the first time I give. you 1,000x and it'll be on huge Buys so. I'll take it I'll forgive swe bans for. everything it did. come. on okay. peaches okay like really good boarded. how does it die okay one more multi okay. or bananas now. multi holy this is huge that's a. huge hit I think that's another 200 I'm. pretty sure that's another 200. 330 holy we're at. $677 this is huge what the. what's going on guys like actually. look there's two lollipops blocking the. screen and still. tumbling could have done a little bit. better there with multis if it if these. two LOL pops weren't there that would. been like another 300 that would been a. 1K by or 1K win this is really this our. best banan this session yet and it's our. bigest session too we're. up50 uh let's up the.

BET okay here's what I'm going to do up. the BET to 240 no to two to two 300 bro. we have a balance for it after this I. might try something like insane. depending how this go maybe like2 $300. buys and then $1,000 buys but I want. these to at least to break even so we. can have enough balance to do so come on. this going to be my craziest video if if. we imagine 1,000x pays like like or. $1,000 buy pays 1,000x that would be. like what 10K that'd be my biggest win. like ever. come. on don't be our biggest B is going to be. the most dead by maybe is that I'm. seeing here okay re that saved. us ah that look like a good board for a. second okay come. on okay at least P 150 I'm happy give us. a decent hit here. I just want to do ah come on. 150 it give me [ __ ]. Pinky no I mean it's a decent hit. probably 100 78 okay we're basically at.

150 I I wasn't expecting this one to go. that. crazy okay something no oh yeah we get. we get about 150 I mean you can't. complain we're still up in. profit basically if we get a zerox on. this next $300 buy we end off with what. we end off with 2K and that's break even. for the video so I'm happy with that. considering the big BS you're doing but. this will pay also so . 25x look at all these blocking. lollipops and hearts dude okay. watermelons okay. apples two off apples. we'll take. $10 we really won't I won't take $10. apples apples. okay okay that's more that's what. 75. okay. Arts one not pinks we keep in get M on. this B but really bad. tumbos. apples. all right so I just Ved all my. money except $1,000 so we're going to do. one huge buy if we get the same. tumble we did on that one buy like it. was I think like 300X that's 3K we're a.

Huge profit if we lose it all I'm not. too sad cuz we did get a huge win and. we're up in profit a little bit from. today it was a great video this was like. exciting bro I haven't done a big S like. this in a while so wish me luck even if. this pays 50x I'm happy bro so please. $1,000 buy my biggest B sweet Banas ever. let's do this bro please bro reward. me for taking this risk like. actually just the re sugar amounts $32. let's do this bro. please okay dead. spin look at that just bananas are $2. bro it's going dead do not go dead. it's a $1,000 buy please do something. please bro it's not Hing. anything come on tumble bro no I just. want to see one good tumble please one. good. tumble don't do this are you. serious I know I said I was going to do. this but we're deposing another 1.1k. into a buy that just I know I said like.

I would be fine if even if we lose it. all but I was lying okay we need to win. something if I lose this I'm. still up from my win from last video but. this would really hurt if you lost all. of it just give me a 200x I'm happy I'm. leaving come on let me see something. good please re. trigger peaches anything bro that was an. $8 tumble please come. on you can't go dead on me so many. times come. on dude. I don't even want to fasten it but look. how come. on oh my. God I said I was going to be done at. Thousand cuz I was going to be fine with. it but I thought it's actually going to. pay at least half of my money maybe it's. a $900 Buy pay 300X I'm happy. please okay it's looking good finally. something good here but. blackberries peaches you got to hit. peaches there there's no multi on that. either that could have been so much.

Better come on okay nice Blues greens. somehow greens or multis multi give me. multis at least okay it's looking really. good now 300 it's looking way better. give me 300 every. hit. blackberries or blueberries I don't know. what they're called peaches. what are these multis bro it's G me good. tumbles really bad. multis I want to see 100x can I see 100x. once this video or no or a 50x. even I actually kind of feel it coming. up here give me a re. trigger. bro I actually can't today start. off so good I was up and then I just. blew it cuz I'm I should have. stopped at the first $1,000 buy but it. just gets you every single time so now. we're going $600 on black check if we. win this I'm calling it a day here. please why is it lagging five can okay. we'll take a. 10 they have a four if I win this black. check hand I'm probably done we have to.

stand both of this the dealer has to. bust please just bust and we're. good okay flip another 10. nice okay I'm calling it there we. 1.3k we just want some of our money back. this was my biggest session on sweet. Bonanza so hopefully you guys enjoyed. that I mean I enjoyed it but we still. lost so much money but we're still up so. I'm happy we just won that head and if. you guys are going to play on rain they. have so much uh rack featur so make sure. to sign up using the link in the. description and join my Discord probably. the next video is going to be a huge one. too so stay tuned

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