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Cafe 9806 Toronto grounds. um. 436 passengers we'll get some lights set. up for now we can go nav and Logo we'll. do Beacon once we get our clearance in. our ready for pushback for now we'll. switch down to ground frequency which is. going to be one two one nine we'll call. that for clearance we're just wrapping. up some paperwork up front here and. waiting a few final numbers from the. ground I'll wait for my first officer to. shut up walk on board. nailed it comparison delivery good. afternoon Air Canada 914 heavy IFR Fort. Lauderdale with golf RCA 914 heavy K4. toradel Beat Street departure era. transition flight 10 Rounds DePaul 33. lines walk six two one five Air Canada. 914 cleared Fort Lauderdale Beach 3 ERA. flight plan route plan three three right. squawk 6215. Roger Ripa correct. apron one two two that's my seven five.

Uh clear enough we'll go and minimize. that altimeter is two nine or two eight. crazy low pressure in the area right now. some stormy weather in the vicinity I. shouldn't make for an interesting climb. out probably going to get pretty fun. I go outside and it's just very loud. dude I have five planes lined up very. tightly for some reason. I guess that's really right they're. literally sniffing acid behind me we got. JetBlue skidding on the brakes in the. background damn it is hopping out here. this is exciting hey Premier Canada 914. heavy ready for push Fox shot six seven. with golf yeah. it's proof tail North. well fuel pumps on all the way across. engine number two. actually he wanted our tail North here. so I'm gonna do a little uh unauthorized. procedure the 1980s pushback procedure. here to really make sure our tail gets.

North. take the right on to apron. have you turn right attacks the apron. Edge and then any gate on your left. okay hold on hold on let me get this. straight um counterclockwise or. clockwise. some Ram confusion taking place out here. paper Patrol good afternoon at the end. of the 61-3 shorter that kind of six. one three five each one apron taxi Lima. Lane eight and you get on your right. neighbor Canada 914 ready for taxi CAD. life 14 taxi Lane seven off Lima whole. shirt Alpha contact ground one two one. that's one line short of up let's have a. good flight taxi Lane seven alpha lima. left on Alpha and then uh hold short. what was the whole short Point sorry. yeah a whole short of alpha hold short. Alpha and then ground one two one nine. here Canada nine fourteen quick flight. control check before we begin taxi.

Ailerons and 175 elevator. and rudder flight control check is. complete we are using the Turtle Beach. velocity one flight stick by the way I. will talk more about that in flight but. for now we continue. check out the lineup on final at least. four planes visible out there. somewhat of a stare down about to happen. here with this 787 ground Air Canada 914. alpha lima short of alpha Air Canada. 914 Toronto ground Runway 33 right taxi. alpha lima Bravo Delta hold short Runway. 339 alpha lima Bravo Delta hold short. 333 right Air Canada 914. and as we. taxi out of the apron we will go ahead. and set our flashlights good after. traffic. yeah that'll have the traffic inside. down to 3688 follow that traffic to. Runway three three right follow the Air. Canada two three three right 36.88. Turkish 107.5 clear turn left alpha lima.

Contact paper and one two nice landing there but that triple seven Air Canada 914 holding short compact power 118 decimal seventh Thea Tower 118.7 once short Air Canada 914 see ya and we will hold short here behind American as the more traffic comes in Royal air maroc 787. absolute Beauty some real nice work taking place in Toronto today appears in Tower Canada 914 heavy short 33 right I got a knife 14 heavy powered good evening hold short three two right be ready to go though hold short three through right we'll be ready Air Canada 9 14. American 2116 to win 3-1-0 at 21 gusting 27th you're clear for takeoff right contact departure on 2881 fairborne check out the wind's not going crazy the Canada 914 lineup three three right one of three three radar Canada 9 14.

88 the wind now 360. 29 you're close to take off from 933. right server takeoff 33 right 28-8 once. Airborne Air Canada 914. we are clear. for takeoff 33 right here we go. thank you. and power is set. 100.. B1. rotate. and positive rate gear is coming up. traffic traffic traffic traffic traffic. traffic. she cast warning us of traffic off to. our left side that is amazing. we now have a procedure turned through. 2100 feet though we'll be ready for that. big four people. challenging us to a race I've turned the. fastest seat belt signed back on because. is about to get real. departure Air Canada 914 Henry three. thousand five hundred for five thousand. Air Canada 19 914 Toronto departure. you're identified seven thousand so I'm. seven thousand Air Canada 914. Air. Canada 914 left turn direct new backs. left turn direct new backs Air Canada.

914 direct new backs enter that as we. continue in the climb we will take flaps. out. climb fifteen thousand Air Canada 914.. just in time as we were blowing a seven. thousand feet altitude restriction we'll. set 15 000 feet in the Box Landing. lights can come off Air Canada 914 call. Toronto Center one two five seven seven. Senator one two five seven seven Air. Canada 914 see ya. 12577 for Center here we go. this is realism. terrorizing one acre United 44th and six. they're Canada 914 good afternoon fine. flight level two two zero good afternoon. flight level 220 or Canada 914. we will. set two two zero continue in the climb. this is one of the coolest climb outs. I've ever experienced. TWA 771 good afternoon proceed on course. 21 Juliet kilo turn right hitting three. six zero right three six zero eight. Twenty One Julia kilo.

As we continue in the climb I would like to thank Turtle Beach for sending me the velocity one flight stick to use for this video it is my favorite joystick right now at a very reasonable price point it has won the PC pilot Platinum award it is highly customizable with 27 programmable buttons a really good POV hat switch which is one of my favorite features of it you can check it out at the link in the description promo code afp10 for a discount at checkout thank you Turtle Beach now back to the video Toronto Center Canada 914 flight level 220. calling Toronto this is Cleveland all right Cleveland scenario Canada 914 with you 220.

Uh are you trying to call oh there we go. haircut 914 Cleveland Center climb and. maintain portable three breather level. three three zero on Canada 914. a lot of. international traffic in the air today. because of the cross the pond events all. of that International traffic that you. see by the way is real those guys. most likely from Europe take care of the. 914 cloud and maintains level three. eight zero is that level three eight. zero Canada 914.. two minutes uh. so we just hit some moderate turbulence. about uh four miles to our tail. Cleveland Center United 153 Scott. Cleveland Center United 163's got a. pirate. not today. and we have arrived at our cruising. altitude of 38 000 feet smooth air right. now where we'll go up top off the. fastest Air Canada 914 turn 10 degrees. left for traffic 10 degrees left for.

Traffic Air Canada 9 14.. that would be Air Lingus 538 on his way. to Chicago O'Hare from Dublin and for. America 914 traffic 11 10 to 11 o'clock. seven miles westbound they're about 220. a thousand feet below you Air Canada 914. we have the traffic in sight it's hard. to see but we got traffic immediately. off to our left side there almost a. direct Crossing thousand feet difference. thank you. some cool convective activity just off. the coast here as we continue where to. send through 10 000 feet we will turn. Landing lights on and uh we'll go ahead. and drop our first nacho flaps. of this. there is Fort Lauderdale Hollywood. International Airport just off to our 10. o'clock right now drop another notch of. Flaps in the meantime. never mind we won't do that I'll check. the traffic real quick just to see what. we're looking at in uh we got one.

Pending departure no one else arriving I'm gonna go ahead and take this in visual approach we have the field inside just off there to our eight o'clock now we'll go ahead and disengage autopilot I turn inbound now Fort Lauderdale traffic Canada 9 14 heavy on a base 10 left seven mile final traffic please advise Fort Lauderdale 2500 we'll go on drop landing gear now one thousand we do have a 11 knot Crossing directly from the right side another notch of flaps looks like we have traffic on the runway hopefully he is departing yes it looks like it not ideal for a short approach is not making traffic calls but that is okay he is on the roll it's our five year is down Runway two four three hundred two hundred 100 50 40 30.

20.. 10.. you. speed break is up. very quick stoppage no reversers needed. after landing checks on the roll go up. top turn off antiice pedo Heat at this. time uh Landing light can come off we'll. leave taxi light on strobe light off. right under the center pedestal will. bring flaps up. and speed break up as well. we're looking for Delta IV which is. right up here to the right. and Jet Bridge is connecting welcome to. Fort Lauderdale Time online three hours. 22 minutes late time was three hours one. minute Landing was not too bad a little. bit floaty made in pretty good time. considering the traffic volume on the. way down thank you Turtle Beach for. sending me the velocity one flight stick. to use for this video you can check this. out at the link in the description. that'll be it for me though thank you. guys for watching I really do appreciate.

it this is Air Force Pro 95 and I will. see you next time. so if I didn't just call your call sign. please stand by oh it's all fun and. games. thank you very much

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